HIMYM Boss on Robin and Barney's (Happy?) Future, Ted's 'Regrets,' Season 9 and More

The Final Page, Part One And TwoOne couple finally got closer to wedded bliss on Monday night’s How I Met Your Mother when Robin accepted Barney’s extremely elaborate proposal. But have Barman and Robin put all of their issues behind them? How will Ted and the rest of the gang take the news? And will this May mark the end of HIMYM‘s journey? We took those burning questions and more to co-creator Carter Bays.

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TVLINE | Before we get to Monday’s romantic episode, the buzz is that you were hoping to get an answer to the looming renewal question by the end of this month so you can start planning for a season or series finale.
We’re right in the middle of it. If you had any idea the kind of white-knuckled, nail-biting going on… It’s very exciting. But we’re all very confident it will work out. We’re hoping to announce something at the TCAs [winter press tour in January]. Our goal is say one way or the other by then.

TVLINE | Is there an absolute drop-dead date by which you have to know?
We’d love to know today. We’d love to know tomorrow. But the drop-dead date for us is the TCAs in January, when we make that announcement.

TVLINE | By that point, what episode will you be working on?
We’ll be pretty far down the field, to be honest. We’ll be coming around to the point where we need to start changing our work, which we really don’t want to do. We don’t want to throw out ideas. By mid-January, if we haven’t announced, something is terribly, terribly wrong.

TVLINE | Is it true that the decision now rests with the actors?
It’s something that we’re all kind of deciding together. Some of it has to do with money, but a lot of it also has to do with the schedule. We want to make sure that our actors continue to be able to do all the fun,extracurricular stuff that they do. They all have really big careers outside of our show, and we respect that and want to make sure that we’re able to make a good product and that they’re still able to do all the things they want to do. More than anything, it’s that. It’s just figuring out if and how we can do another year. That’s the question.

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TVLINE | On that note, is a shortened ninth and final season a strong possibility versus a full season order?
I would rather not. I feel like if we’re going to spend a year of our life on it, I’d rather do the full 24 [episodes] to really do it right. That’s where I fall. It’s how [co-creator] Craig [Thomas] and I see it. We’d be open to other possibilities, but our dream would be to do another 24-episode season.

TVLINE | Switching gears to last night’s episode, since Barney and Robin haven’t been together in a while, what was the thinking behind not having them date for a little bit and then get engaged?
I feel like they’re past that as a couple. Dating is how you get to know someone and decide if they’re right for you. They’ve certainly gotten to know each other over the past eight years. As you get older, you start to realize that you don’t need that much time to figure out what’s right and what’s what. That’s why they’ve moved up the timeline.

TVLINE | Robin went really quickly from feeling manipulated by Barney’s master plan to accepting his proposal. What changed for her? What’s going through her head in that moment?
She loves Barney. She loves him. It’s a moment of realizing he’s going to be lacking in certain regards, and that’s just part of who Barney is. But what you get with the package more than makes up for it. She would love for Barney to be a guy who can just ask her out on a date and they have dinner a few times, but that’s just not his style. It’s sort of her realizing that he’s a bit of a nut, but she is too, so it works for the two of them.

TVLINE | Are they together for good now until the wedding? No more break-ups and make-ups?
I can’t tell you that one way or the other. I’m not going to say that the road from here to the wedding is completely smooth. This was a rash decision that Robin ran into, and [it was] somewhat rash on Barney’s part — even though it’s extremely calculated in other ways. There’s still going to be some bumps in the road, some things to hammer out. But we’ve known from the beginning that they’re headed to the altar. This is a big step towards that.

TVLINE | Where does the next episode pick up? Is there a time jump?
It’s going to be a couple days after the engagement. Everyone’s dealing with bigger questions of this big change – a big change that not only affects [Barney and Robin], but the whole gang.

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TVLINE | Marshall was really rooting for Ted and Robin, so how does he take this news?
He’s going to lose that bet with Lily. It’s not looking good for Marshall.

TVLINE | Will the engagement set Ted back on the path to finding the mom? It’s been a while since he dated.
He’s got some dating coming up. It hits him pretty hard, finding out that the girl that was once the girl of his dreams…. The fact that she’s engaged to his best friend, that’s potentially devastating. Ted’s a guy who always tries to do the right thing and can be generous to a fault sometimes, and this is a situation where maybe he was a little too generous and maybe he regrets his generosity a little bit in encouraging Robin to follow her heart. Because it’s going to be hard seeing her happy with his best friend. But that’s going to be his journey for the rest of the series, really.

TVLINE | And now that Barney and Robin are engaged, will we get more flashes forward to their wedding day and more hints about the mom?
Yes, we are. There’s some little tidbits coming up in the next few episodes. Some fun, little reveals. We’re getting close to the end, so we’re gearing to actually see that moment where they meet.

himym 300TVLINE | Rachel Bilson is coming back as Cindy. How will she guide Ted to the mom?
I don’t want to reveal too much about it. It’s still kind of a secret. But we are going to see that little connective tissue of how and why it was important that he met Cindy and dated her in the bigger story.

TVLINE | What’s the next challenge for Marshall and Lily as new parents?
Marshall is going to have some career stuff come up. He just had this big case in his work. They won, but they only won $25,000. It’s going to affect the firm that he’s working at it. It’s going to make things difficult. And Lily is going to have some career issues of her own. She’s been teaching for 12 years now, and now she’s got a baby, too. It’s all childcare, all the time. It’s going to start to get to her a little bit, and we’re going to start to see her try and re-energize her interest in art and her interest in maybe having a different career.

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  1. Emily says:


    • Alan says:

      while the quality of the jokes has gone down i think that a ninth season will be necessary to tell the story of the mother properly. as i see it if it ends with this season we might get a few minutes with the mother at the most and that to me isnt good enough after 8 years of watching ted wander aimlessly through life waiting for the perfect woman to cross his path, we need to see why she is the perfect woman for ted and a few minutes of screen time isnt enough to do that.
      if i was an executive producer on this show i would reveal the mother at barney and robin’s wedding (having cast her in secret and revealed nothing in the run up to that episode), then with the mother revealed i would add her to the main cast for a ninth and final season

      • Emily says:

        I agree that finding out the mother now would be a let down to the people who have watched from the beginning and would want to get to know and flesh out and like the character but it feels like they’ve done this on purpose just to get to the ninth season and the money and that sucks. I have watched HIMYM on and off and waited and waited and seen so many girls come and go and they have teased the mother so much and changed so much of the backstory that I am just done . .. I just will have to slap bet season 9 and all who participate.

      • Mikael says:

        Only getting a glimpse of the Mother would so be a slap in the face to the fans. I can’t stand how people are getting so obsessed and technical about show’s title, saying that the show can’t possibly show us Ted and the Mother because the title is how they MET. Who cares? We deserve to see Ted happy after 8 seasons and he was only happy for some of Season 2. I would be perfectly happy with a season 9 showing Ted getting to the altar. We all know Ted embellishes here and there while telling the story to his kids. So he could be like “Well, that’s how we met, but this is what happened next…”

    • JeniLee says:

      I think even IF we get a season 9 we won’t meet the mother until the final few minutes. They will drag that out no matter what!

  2. Midori004 says:

    Just say no to season 1-8.

    • Lauren says:

      Go away

    • Arthur says:

      Stop being so negative. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. It’s that simple. There are some of us who would happily watch a 9th, 10th, and 11th season..

      • George says:

        I couldn’t care less who the mother is or how Ted is going to meet her. As long as the show keeps on, I’m good. I like the show

      • TJ says:

        I couldn’t agree more with you. I’d love a few more seasons before I see this show to an end. HIMYM has changed a part of my life and has even become part of it. I’d cry my eyes out if this show ends too sudden although I totally respect the actors being very busy and keeping a tight schedule. I have very high hopes. Cheers!

    • Stash says:

      Argo fu-g yourself, Midorky!

      • NickC says:

        How can people still watch this show?
        Seasons one and two were great but it’s just pathetic now. The cast is so great but my god set these actors free.

        • Jo says:

          Then why do you watch or comment? I love this show and would happily watch another season. At this point, the season will be tarnished if they have to rush to have closure for everyone and to meet the mother. I would hate for the last scene ever to be Ted meeting the mother, and her being someone we’ve never seen before.. hopefully that won’t be the case.

  3. fiyero says:

    It’s obvious that the writers want the 9th season and the actors (aside from Jason Segal) are willing to do it for more money…so it’s probably going to happen and the writers are writing season 8 expecting that to happen. So, either we’ll get another season or we’ll get a few rushed final episodes.

    • Patrick says:

      What is JS thinking? If, and I think this is a high probability, THIS IS 40, “underperforms,” JS will be much more eager for season 9. The Appatow crew is starting to lose its luster. Segel is not being asked back to the Muppets’ franchise. 5 Year Engagement (which was pretty good) did not do well. JS simply isn’t a lead actor. Now, I think he will have a great career in ensemble and supporting roles, and certainly as a writer/script doctor. But I think that HE thinks he is a movie star. And he isn’t.

      But there are lots of variables at work here. Family lives, outside interests, etc. AH has tons of money and the ability to do more TV and supporting film roles. NPH has kids, tons of money, and a real interest in B-Way. Radnor may be a star director in the making. Cobie Smulders is married to a guy working in the NYC, she has superstar written all over, and has a kid.

      But, at the end of the day, the chance to make another 20 million for a single year’s work will probably be too much to pass up. It will set them up for life, letting them choose their projects, or not work at all. If season 9 doesn’t happen, it will be because of the family commitments. My fear is that this will be like the last season of Scrubs, where one or more of the big 6 will be absent for multiple episodes.

  4. J says:

    Whatever season 9 is or isn’t, please just introduce the mom at the end of this year! That way we can either properly say goodbye to the show OR enjoy something fun and a little different next year (and see Ted actually enjoy getting to know his soulmate).

    • Jerry says:

      Agreed. We have suffered through so many of Ted’s bad romances that we should be rewarded with seeing his good one.

    • Christine says:

      Yes, I agree I would really like to get to know the mom and how she became the one for Ted.

    • jenna says:

      Agreed! After all this time it would be such a let down if we only met the mother in the final scene s

    • Philipp says:

      What if the actress they choose for her and Josh will turn out to kinda have bad chemistry? Or what if it’s like a Zoey thing (whom I liked fine at first) and we’ll just start to hate her and then we have to watch a full season (I would, out of loyalty to the show) hating the person we were all so eager to see be revealed?

      • Ari says:

        Exactly! I always say, remember the goat? Remember how they made such a big deal out of the story of the goat and we all thought it was going to be this great story? Then it was totally lame. Ted’s taste in women is questionable. Aside from Robin, the women Ted has dated have been grating to say the least.

    • pilo says:

      I would like to where the 2 missed each other like in No Tomorrow or Definitions.

  5. babarsuhail says:

    Nice interview.

  6. tvlover says:

    Emily and midori your crazyyyy!!’ PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING ON SEASON 9!!!!!

  7. Michael says:

    The show is called How I MET your mother…not how I spent eight years chasing after your aunt and then met your mom and then we spent a year getting to know her…..They have said that they had all of these moments ready to show us on how people and things were critical for Ted on his path and that they would show them when he met the mom…now..we could have all of that and then come back for a season of what? Three’s a crowd? Real Estate? Joey? Barney and Robin? I have loved this show since ep one, but please just end it well and soon. They are out of ideas.

    • Patrick says:

      A great way to handle this is for Ted to meet 2 or 3 girls at the wedding and have one of them be the wife. Only, we the fans don’t know which one of the girls it is. That would give us next year of Ted dating both, and then choosing one.

      Or, there is some twist we don’t know of yet.

  8. Babybop says:

    I’ll watch the show whether this is the last season, or they tack on a season 9. If they do add another season, I hope they’ll go back to the way the show used to be. I want the show to go out as good as it started.

  9. Joni says:

    Loved this episode. I love Barney & Robyn, both actors have such great chemistry that it would have been wrong to see them with anyone else down the line. Great work!

  10. katrina says:

    Is it just me or has anyone else picked up on the fact that there have been flash forwards to 3 years from now that show Ted with his baby girl. He really needs to meet this mom soon in order for it to be plausible

  11. Britta Unfiltered says:

    That was a super cute episode last night.

  12. BrianR says:

    Please release Coby for the new Shield show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Courtney says:

    The shows been bad enough lately, I will be really upset if they do a ninth season without Jason (and I completely understand why he wouldn’t want to keep doing this).

  14. M. says:

    Season 9 is necessary. This story deserves to be told properly. If the writers have to turn the season finale into a series finale, it’s gonna feel rushed. It’s an ending that shouldn’t be done last minute. If they confirm a final S9,at least the writers will have time to plan a good way to end it and tie all the lose ends.

    • JeniLee says:

      This show is NOT rushed. Episodes keep going by with NOTHING happening. They could’ve wrapped this up already but they choose to keep dragging it out. If they have to wrap up the mother quickly that is their OWN fault for not writing season 8 as their last just in case like they said they would!

  15. Ace says:

    I love the show, but I’m anti-Season 9. It’s time for this story to end. And frankly, I *really* want Cobie Smulders to do SHIELD.

  16. lc says:

    I’ve watched since the beginning and if the series finale was Ted saying “hi” to the mother and that’s it, after throwing something at my tv, I would be ok with that because of the title of the show. The problem (one of them) I have is that there are stretches of eps that do not lead anywhere and seem like filler where they could have done something regarding the path to the mother. Like how nothing was gained from the first 30mins on Monday other than Robin had to let Patrice out of the “pit” and Barney told Ted, which could have been done if they took out much of Marshall/Lily in the second 30mins.. And if they went into this season without knowing the future of season 9, the second half of 8 should have been prepped for a series finale, because it sounds like they are pretty much done shooting. Doesn’t make sense.

  17. Mike says:

    I’m pro- season 9, only for the reason that I feel I final season of show should be planned from the beginning not have way through, I do not want te end to feel rushed, and if this is the final season, I fear it might feel rushed since only the last nine episodes will be written knowing its the final season.

  18. Sophie Cathe says:


  19. ian says:

    I would love a Season Nine. Maybe alter the title a little like maybe call it How I Met Your Mother: Life with your mom. Or something less corny then that. Have Season Nine pick up at the end of Barney and Robin’s wedding where Ted meets the mom at train station. Have us see who she is and have them meet and then next season would be them dating and the series finale be there wedding.

  20. Jo3y says:

    The thing is that the show has become a little bit lame and obvious (Lilly and Marshall storylines since their wedding were everything, but entertaining), so what I think about is that authors should introduce the mom around episode 14 and then 10 episodes to let us know her and then the wedding and other stuff. Instead, I’ll like to see the mother identity revealed in this season finale and then a full season (18 episodes probably could be the perfect fix) to get to Ted’s marriage and what come after that. These are my two cents ’bout it.

  21. elsol69 says:

    Season 9 needs to be about the journey of the mother… it’s the only thing I can find acceptable anymore. They’ve gotten too close; it feels like Barney and Robin were the last step along with Ted finally letting go of Robin. The show can’t end with ‘and that’s the mom, good night.” I want to see some of what happened to Ted through HER eyes…the party, the lecture, her roommate telling about this guy Ted that she dated, etc. There’s also been some GREAT Ted moments… like meeting Victoria, Stella’s two minute date, the blue instrument quintet in her apartment. I want to see what he does with the REAL ONE. They’ve also set up great issues between girlfriends and Robin… Victoria broke up with him because of her… I want to see how the ONE reacts to Robin. I want to see how the ONE fits in with the gang… etc. We need a season with the mom or end it now.

  22. moobear says:

    Newer HIMYM fan (thanks netflix), and I hate to say it, but the jokes are pretty bad now, yeah I can agree that we want to see Ted with the Mother, but where I use to really look forward to episodes, now I let weeks of episodes stack up.
    I can’t imagine people who have put in years and years into this show, though on the good news, you probably can’t tell how far it’s gone down hill. I don’t know if I really care enough to continue, I know the rest of my family gave up for no other reason that it’s just not as funny. Maybe I’ll just give up and keep an eye on articles and when the Mother finally makes a real appearance maybe I’ll watch that episode.

  23. Jane says:

    I’m just worried I won’t like the mother, when they eventually do reveal her. I hated Stella and Zoey, and at first I didn’t like Victoria all that much, either. The show has definitely gone downhill, but I’m willing to stay a loyal viewer as long as they do the mother justice. Marshall and Lily have been incredibly irritating since they had baby Marvin, the kind of freakishly-clingy, obsessed parents I can’t stand. And when did Robin become so annoying? She used to be my favorite character, and now its like all she can do is either scream at Patrice (which is, admittedly, pretty funny) or act completely out of character and way over the top. And ever since Quinn, Barney’s seemed less and less LOL-worthy like he used to be. . . *sigh* Hopefully, B and R’s engagement will get the show on track again *crosses fingers*

  24. justsomegirl says:

    I’ve been swinging back and forth with my interests in a season 9. At first I wanted it because I just started watching this series on Netflix and now that I’m so hooked on it, I don’t want it to leave. I don’t know why people say the last two seasons have been horrible, season 6 is one of my favorites and season 7 was pretty good imo, my only complaint was the overselling of Quinn and Barney being soooooooooo in love when in reality, they weren’t. Just exclude Quinn and the season would have been 10 times better. Anyways, I wasn’t ready to let go.

    Watching this season, I see all the loose ends coming together and realize, that maybe this is the end. What else can they do? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been loving this season so far, but they really are out of stories to tell and every character on the show has underwent character development and have changed so much since the earlier seasons. The only character who I have yet to see evolve is Ted. Sure he’s got his dream job and he built a skyscraper on the Manhattan skyline, but he is far from ready to meeting the mother. He still has some growing up to do, and I love that last night’s episode had Ted acknowledging that. And that is quite ironic given he is the main character and this is his life story that he’s narrating to his kids, but perhaps his story isn’t him evolving on his own, but actually, his own friends’ evolving helps him to evolve. I really don’t think this whole season has been filler, and watching the execution of the play, “The Robin” proves that. This was the journey to get Barney and Robin to the alter. Like them together or not, but their love story is what influences Ted’s own love story, because he meets the mother on the night of their wedding. And it all ties together in one neat little package. But again, it’s clear Ted has not stopped loving or really, obsessing over Robin being his “The One”. That look at the end was not one of letting go, it was one of regret, like he’s thinking, “Did I make a mistake? Should I have taken Marshall’s advice?” So no, he’s not ready to meet the mother and I’m curious to see what the writers will do next to completely close and lock the door on T/R forever and Ted is now in his right state of mind to meet the mother, fall in love with her, and she won’t just be some consolation prize.

    Unlike most people, I’m not interested in meeting the mother. In fact, that isn’t what hooked me in the first place. I was hooked not only because of the characters, but also the fact that future Ted said, “that’s how I met… your Aunt Robin.” Then I thought, “why start the story with Robin then? What’s the big secret?” I kept watching, and as I picked up on little hints of Barney and Robin throughout the first season, and then saw them kiss in the third, that’s when I realized of course it was important to start the story of Ted meeting Robin, because her love story with Barney is actually the central focus of the show, not Ted’s love story. And honestly, I never really cared about who the mother is. Obviously she’s a great match for Ted by all the things he’s told us about her and how he has two kids with her and he sounds really happy. Isn’t that enough? I think so. I don’t want another season of meeting the mother and see why she’s right for Ted, I would be totally ok if this series ends at B/R’s wedding and we get a glimpse of her.

    So, even though I’m pro- ending this series after this season, I would still be very very very happy at getting a season 9. But if this is the last, I will nod and say, “it’s all for the best.” then go in a corner and cry my eyes out lol. My only solace would be that at least the writers’ aren’t given a chance to screw over B/R’s relationship again.

  25. ashley says:

    This interview really ticks me off. Carter Bays needs a reality check.

    1) The quality of this show has been suffering for years. If they had another quality season up there sleeves they shouldn’t have been giving us this crap. They’re dragging out the story for money. Don’t blame the guy for wanting a pay check, but just say it instead of coming up with all these excuses.
    2) They have not known that Barney and Robin would get together from the beginning. They stopped calling her Aunt Robin while they toyed with the idea of Robin being the mother.
    3) If there is a shortened season next year, Mr. Bays will not have to give up another full year to work on it. Gossip girl wrapped their have season already and they are all free to move on. Fewer episodes means less work. Also, a full season is 22 episodes, not 24. Twenty-four episodes is a bloated season. There is no way in hell these guys need 24 more episodes to tell this story. Asking for 24 episodes is greedy and unnecessary. Extra episodes means extra money, just say it.

    Carter Bays can’t even sell me a compelling story in this interview, no way this show can come up with a quality season. I watch this show because I want to see it through to the end. I would be much happier if that end is this season rather than next. I don’t know if I can sit through another year. The producers should really take a hard look at why they want to come back. If they really think it’s for creative reasons, then they’re kidding themselves. Going out on top would be great, but we’re long past that point. Let’s just put HIMYM out of its misery before it becomes the worst sitcom on tv.

    • Taylor says:

      I agree 100%, those who claim that anyone who does not want a season 9 is does not enjoy the show has a very simplistic taste in plot and character. The show is already going downhill rapidly. Going back and forth with Robin— no matter the male involved. I agre that Robin and Barney are the central story and I would argue Robin has very much become THE main character (although I think they have been making her character more dispicably wishy washy and less likable as she becomes less of a kick ass cynical woman and more of a classic sitcom female). But please PLEASE don’t make this a soap opera with the triangle continuing, even on the weding day. I mean clearly they are setting up a big ol’ talk in Robin’s dressing room at the wedding in which TEd will have another long monologue and end it with love martyrdom and wistful looks. My guess, if they get their 9th season, there will be more back and forth questions amongst the 3 blah blah blah blah…. and I will watch and hate myself for doing so. I like the show I really do but the writers need to surprise us and wrap it up cleanly with some of the old cleverness and resist the temptation of greedy more more more.

      ps Robin and Ted are a fail, Barney’s hilarity, twisted, awesomeness needs its equal which is Robin and Ted’s whimsy goodness needs the same, I can’t believe they’ve drug out Ted and Robin so long.

      • tilly says:

        Because its central to the whole show. B/R didn’t start at the beginning like T/R.

        • fabrice says:

          no, i am completely agreed with ashley and taylor
          I don’t understand the journey of this serie.
          Ted was wonderful with Robin but Barney don’t give such emetion. He is void of sensibility.
          sorry for my english i am french

  26. Ian says:

    There have only been three seasons of How I Met Your Mother that were less then 24 episodes. Season One had 22 as did Season Two. Season Three had 20. But Season 4-7 had 24 episodes. This season also will have 24 episodes. Also HIMYM still has pretty good ratings. As long as the ratings are good CBS will bring it back at a good cost. I am a fan that likes every season of the show. I don’t get why fans complain. Carter is talking about the beginning of this season that they knew they would be getting together not the beginning of the series. I think having a shorted season would have them rushing the storyline. There is a lot more things to wrap up.

    • justsomegirl says:

      Thank you Ian, you sir rock!

      • Ian says:

        Thank You. Not sure why I rock but its nice to hear. I just don’t get why fans diss the show. If they were really fans they would love it even when it might not be that great. Yeah are there episodes of the show I don’t like yes but that doesn’t mean I am gonna hate a whole season of the show just cus an episode sucked. I think HIMYM is getting better as it goes on. Not sure if Carly is the mother. I know that all the signs point to her being the mother because it would make sense for Barney to be Uncle Barney because Ted marries his half sister. But I just think that the writers are gonna throw a curve ball and go in a different direction from what all of us fans are thinking. I just think that Ashley Benson is his sister and her episode airs before the wedding at the end of this season. So if she is playing his Half sister she can’t be the mom because Ted meets her after the wedding. My guess is that if Ashley is his sister in her episode all the gang would meet her at the bar or somewhere. Don’t you think that if Barney meets his half sister for the first time he would want all his friends and of course Fiance Robin there. Thats just my gut feeling that if we meet his sister before then she can’t be the mom.

    • Ari says:

      I kind of like the idea of a shortened 9th season. They will need 16 episodes to hit 200 at the end of the 8th season. I think it would be awesome if their 200th episode was also their series finale. Shows usually shell out a bigger budget for landmark episodes (100, 150, 200) so imagine how amazing an episode that is the 200th and the series finale could be! I still love HIMYM and would like it to keep going as long as they have story to tell but they really do seem to be wrapping things up here.

  27. Brittanni Gough says:

    All I hope for is the perfect ending. I would love them to show all the clues just before they show the moment that we get it meet the mother, so it makes compleat sence.

  28. cassidy says:

    I really want to know who the Mother is but if they’re still up for a 9th season then I am fine with it. Yes, I don’t get why people who call themselves fans complain about the show not wrapping up asap. I watch HIMYM not just because I want to know who Ted’s wife is going to be but because I pick up life lessons from the show. More so, the friendship that Ted, Robin, Barney, Marshall and Lily have is really inspiring. I love this show. I hate that it’s ending soon though I also want it to end. I have grown to love not just the 5 main characters but also the actors themselves who play them.

    HIMYM is awesome and perhaps the reason why people think that the show’s not that funny anymore is because it’s starting to head on a more serious path. The characters are growing up and are taking their lives more seriously. HIMYM shows more or less reality, how people have those finding-myself years, those moments when they fall short feeling the whole world on their shoulders, but then they come back up again and move forward. :)

    I think the creators and writers of this show, and the actors are all brilliant. So, may there or may there not be another season I am going to watch and support the show all the way.

  29. You knowit says:

    ted marries robin.

    • jhea says:

      you know what, me and my friend were sharing some thoughts about the show. and we just randomly thought that what if Ted didnt end up with the mom, and he will really end up with Robin. Because you know i really felt sad on the episode that Victoria broke up with Ted because of Robin. It’s all because of Robin.(there’s a part of me that I really want Robin for Ted, because Robin is the love of his life). I really felt bad for Ted. I hope that the writers will have a wonderful story or ending for Ted :)

    • Taylor says:

      and they adopt children… I would not be surprised if they stooped that low and cleaned up the 8 seasons’ worth of little clues and oddities with bizzare connections that stretch as far as the “filer” seasons. Don’t get me wrong, I like the show alot but like all good things it must come to an end…. or wait to become bad and never end

  30. jhea says:

    All i want is a perfect ending. I want that the ending will really put us on the closure that will made us think that “this is the finale. it’s over and it’s perfect and it’s epic, i wll never forget the show”. I’m really excited for the next episodes and i want more twists and more LOL moments. haha.

  31. Brosforlife says:

    I just want the T/R storyline to be over. Let’s set Ted free. Let B/R to be happy. I think they deserve to be happy together now after that crappy writing during season 5. I just want everybody to be happy. So I say BRING ON THE MOTHER! Because the more they prolong meeting the mother, the higher the expectations of the viewers go.

    • lol says:

      I agree. B/R has already gone through so much during the past seasons. Cheating, false pregnancies, getting shot down, having lingering hidden feelings, watching each other be with someone else. Just let them live in peace.

  32. I can’t wait for this season, I loved Robin and Barney as a couple and I neeeed to know who the mum is!!!!

  33. thoughneck says:

    Yes for season 9..
    And for these who says no.. Don’t watch it bittttches… Go and watch some Japanese anime

  34. shani says:

    it seems that its time 4 me to introduce my self to HIMUM directors as mom!
    i like himum :-D

  35. Swarlos Santana says:

    Its time to reveal the mom. I’ve been a fan for years and trust me, I love this show more than any one I know. I’ve gotten like 5 other people hooked on this show but it needs to end. Picture season 9. Lilly and marshall married with a kid. Boring! Barney and Robin married. BORING! Season 9 will just be Ted 5th wheeling all the time and bitching about being single. This has been my favorite show ever. And I grew up watching Friends and Seinfeld. But its time to end this. I must see who the dam mom is! They need to end the show now or it’ll turn into the last seasons of Friends… half the people I know, NEVER watched those episodes. Cuz they milked it. Don’t milk HIMYM any ore

  36. RC says:

    Some people are arguing that the title of the story is How I MET your Mother, which is true. But we have seen Ted date so many women who he thought would be the mother but in the end it wasn’t the right woman. I think to be true to the title the writers have to show us the process of how she actually became the mother to do the show justice. After all, we have seen how all the other relationships played out and how Ted dealt with falling in love and the inevitable break ups. It’s only fair to do the same with the woman who turned out to be the one, the mother.

    • justsomegirl says:

      Thing is though, we already know how Ted and the mother’s relationship plays out. We see in “No Pressure” that Ted tells the mother he loves her for the first time while standing outside in the pouring rain about to watch The Wedding Bride sequel. He obviously marries her and has kids with her. AND, based on Future Ted’s voice overs, we know Ted is happy. Isn’t that enough? I’m not saying I’ll be mad if they do show Ted dating the mother, but I personally feel that it is unnecessary.

      • Alan says:

        no it isnt enough. we’ve spent so long watching ted go through failed relationship after failed relationship and tons of stalling for time that it would be a disservice to the fans not to show ted’s happy ending, especially considering the rest of the gang already have theirs

        • justsomegirl says:

          We do see Ted’s happy ending though. He obviously marries the mother and has two kids with her, at least by 2015. They even showed us one of the most vital moments in a relationship, the first “I love you”. The reason we had to see his relationship with women fail throughout the series is because they were the wrong women, all of them, Robin, Victoria, Stella, Zoey, and who ever else he dated. But we know the mother is the one for him because he marries her and has two kids, and he sounds happy. Every time there’s a flash forward to the future with the mother, you can just see and hear how happy Ted is. That should be enough. It is for me.

          • Alan says:

            but for a far bigger group of fans (from what i can tell) dont see it as enough because while we have seen limited amounts of ted in the future we dont really see anything to indicate that he is having the perfect life which he deserves after all the crap he has gone through. im sick of watching ted’s doomed relationships because im sick of seeing him miserable and by showing us the mother we will see him happy. plus after spending so long getting to know all those various women who didnt work out i would like to see whats different about the mother and why she suits ted more than all the others did

  37. justsomegirl says:

    I can name a lot of times we’ve seen and heard about Ted being happy with the mother.

    1. “Girls vs Suits” He gives us a number of reasons why this girl was the perfect match for him, the robot painting which is currently hanging in the basement (somebody correct me if I’m wrong on that, haven’t seen the episode in a while), playing bass, the show tune melody that he says is still the most beautiful thing he’s ever heard. And when we see Ted dating Cindy and he tells her she’s awesome, FT says, “But not as awesome as your mother”

    2. “Garbage Island” where he’s about to tell Wendy the Waitress about he and the mother met at B/R’s wedding and if I recall correctly, I think that took place after 2030 which would imply that he and the mother are still happily married.

    3. “Trilogy Time” when he’s holding his baby girl in 2015 and Marshall says, “Wonder if things will be different in 2017.” And Ted replies with a huge smile, “Hope not.” That too should imply he’s very content with where his life is right now.

    4. “Lobster Crawl” when he’s giving his baby girl to Marshall and Lily and he’s hugging, kissing her, and saying, “Bye bye sweetie” you can just hear in his voice that he is absolutely happy with his life.

    5. “Last Cigarette Ever” So, I don’t smoke, but ppl in my family do so I understand that it is extremely hard for someone to quit. I imagine it takes something huge to go completely cold turkey and that’s what FT tells us. Lily stopped when she got pregnant, Marshall stopped when his son was born, Robin stopped in May 2013 (which we can assume is the date of her wedding to Barney), Barney stopped in 2017 (no idea why, maybe we’ll see a flash forward as to why he quit), and Ted stopped two weeks into dating the mother. She has to be someone very special to him for him to quit just like that.

    Now, as to why we had to see Ted’s relationship with each girl fail is because they are the wrong women. Let’s take each serious relationship and analyze them individually to see what sets these women apart from the mother.

    1. Victoria- As we’ve painfully discovered in season 8, she’s really messy and Ted is a neat freak. When we see the kids sitting on the couch, everything on the shelves behind them looks organized and clean. So I guess it’s safe to assume that the mother is a neat freak like Ted.

    2. Robin- She doesn’t want kids and we know now, she can never have kids of her own. Ted does want to have kids. He’s expressed his desire for children more times than I can count. Obviously, T/R’s relationship was doomed from the start because of that. Since he has two kids with the mother, that makes her better for him than Robin.

    3. Stella- She wanted him to move to New Jersey with her, a place he loathes with all of his might. However, when getting back together with Tony, she moves to New York to be with him. That shows right there that Stella was not the one for Ted, if she was, she wouldn’t have minded living in New York with him. The mother didn’t make him leave New York, in fact, she moved into the house he bought in “Home Wreckers”, and they made it their own, implying she would do anything for him because she loves him that much.

    4. Zoey- She wouldn’t let him have his dream of building the skyscraper in New York. He learned the hard way that it is exhausting to be consistently challenged by his girlfriend. He says in “The Exploding Meatball Sub”: “Kids, some couples support each other and some couples challenge each other, but is one really better than the other? Yes, support is better. Way better. But I learned that the hard way.” “The hard way” is him and Zoey having a horrible break up, which they did. But then, he found someone, the mother who doesn’t challenge him and she supports him in anything.

    It’s true that right now, Ted is a sad mess. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of depressed Ted when HIMYM returns on the 14th because B/R are engaged and in the midst of planning their wedding. And it’s only natural. Not only has Ted obsessed about Robin, but he’ll realize he’s the only one in his group of friends who’s single and still doesn’t have his life together. But, we know Ted gets his happy ending. We see it in flash forwards and hear it in his voice. It’s only the darkest before the dawn.

    • Alan says:

      thats exactly why i want to see him with the mother because he is always depressed and in horrible relationships, ted deserves to be happy in more than a flashforward

  38. Dean says:

    Ted and Robins story was central to the show. Sure they don’t end up together, but their story of love and friendship is a huge part of the show. So i hope they do them justice in season 9!

  39. Sarah says:

    I feel really sorry for Ted, like Bays said he is so generous. It proves how much he truly loved Robin, he just wanted her to be happy. But how hard would it be watching the woman you loved for so many years end up with your best friend.
    I hope Ted meets the mother soon because he deserves to be happy!

  40. Liam says:

    Cobie and Josh cried (unscripted) in the scene where ted finally let go of Robin. 8 years of love, its nice to see the actors invested in their characters and the story :)

  41. robyn says:

    The mother better be flipping awesome!! good luck making her better than Robin lol

  42. Dan says:

    My theory that no one shares haha —-he meets her in that st patricks day episode where he and barney “can do no wrong” at the end of the episode he says the mother was in the bar that night, and if she had seen him, she wouldn’t have liked him. But there is a very random moment after a commercial break where he “bumps” into a woman on the way to the bar, they take a moment, both apologize and move on with the funnyness. I get the feeling that chick could be her, its a random moment, the chick is brunette to, and we know they mocked stellar for being blonde and “how different things could have been” so she must be brunette in my opinion. that’s my random conspiracy anyway. I do not care if they develop/reveal the mother or not, just get back to being funny, but much like friends, they have run out of character plot and development, so I sense the time to end it is near. Dont do what lost did. Love the show.

  43. Whitney Sims says:

    Please somehow let Ted and Robin come together at the very end of the show. These two had such fantastic chemistry something Barney and Robin fail to imitate.

  44. sam says:

    S9 is gonna be legen.. wait for it. dary, yes u got it rite

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