TVLine's Holiday Gift Guide: Treat Friends to How I Met Your Mother Merri - Wait for It - Ment


Finding the perfect gift for your eclectic gang of friends and family is tough, you say?

Challenge accepted!

We know how much you love your favorite shows, so we’ve looked to them for some Christmas inspiration. And this edition of TVLine’s Holiday Gift Guide eyes CBS’ How I Met Your Mother which will air its hour-long holiday episode Monday (8/7c).

(And if you don’t like our choices, you’ve always got the show’s recently released How I Met Your Music and The Bro Code for Parents: What to Expect When You’re Awesome as a fallback.)

Read through our picks, and then hit the comments with some of your own – as well as your suggestions of other shows with swag you covet. Now let’s go to the mall!

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giftguide_himym_tedcollageHIT THE RIGHT NOTE LIKE TED | If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone who’s got everything – and with whom, perhaps, you are trying to score — how about a blue French horn? If you’ve got time and money to burn, feel free to drop thousands on the actual instrument and some paint. But it’s really the thought that counts at Christmas, so maybe this HIMYM-inspired wall art decal ($9.99, Etsy.com) is a better idea. But don’t be surprised if your giftee is less than excited about the present; the subjective nature of art means one person’s treasured masterpiece is another’s Smurf penis.

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giftguide_himym_marshallINTERVENE LIKE MARSHALL | So the Intervention Banner isn’t specifically Marshall’s, but it was used on him once – damn those charts and graphs! – so why not give your friends and loved ones one of their own? (Y’know, just in case you engage in habits life-threatening and/or super annoying?) Get the awkward party started with an extra large custom banner of your own design (Vistaprint, from $26.99).




giftguide_himym_robincollageGET SPIRITED LIKE ROBIN | Robin Scherbatsky Sr. may not have been the most emotionally available parent in Canadian history, but he taught his older daughter well: A fine single malt Scotch is a thing of beauty. So if you’re at a loss about what to get the former pop star/newswoman on the rise in your life, we suggest this sleek Pewter Decanter ($69, Pottery Barn)  — perfect to pass around during a rousing bout of the “but, um…” drinking game.



giftguide_himym_barneycollageBRACE YOURSELF LIKE BARNEY | When you’ve got several slaps coming, it’s best to accept the inevitable and prepare as best you can. (Doing anything else would be less than awesome.) Whether or not one of your bros has some slappy action on the horizon, a top-of-the-line shaving kit ($160, The Art of Shaving) is sure to steel his mug for whatever’s ahead. Plus, it comes with a “fine badger brush,” which sounds pretty legen – wait for it – dary to us.



giftguide_himym_lilyGET COMFY LIKE LILY | Missing a loved one who can’t make the trip this Christmas? Take a note from Ms. Aldrin and create your very own Marshpillow (or “insert-your-honey’s-name-here-pillow”) as a fluffy stand-in. We’ll get you started: A body cushion like this one ($9.99, Bed Bath & Beyond) should provide a comforting base; whether you choose to dress it or let it go au naturale is really your call.


giftguide_himym_mothercollageKEEP DRY LIKE THE MOTHER | We don’t know much about Ted’s future bride, but we do know she’s got good taste in umbrellas. If you’re at a loss for anyone on your list, how about a stylish yellow rainstopper ($20, Ella Umbrella) like hers? (Because a guitar and case aren’t the kind of thing you kick into an office grab-bag, you know?)