Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, Glee, Sons of Anarchy, NCIS, Suits and More!

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Question: Can it really be happening? Is Gossip Girl really coming to an end? Since I know it is, can you let me in on some series finale secrets — especially regarding the flash-forward? —John
Ausiello: Three future couplings will surprise you. Two won’t.

Question: Do you have one last Gossip Girl scoop for me? — Kayla
Ausiello: There’s a twist in the final 15 minutes that I dare say will prove more polarizing than the incendiary Dan-Blair-Chuck triangle.

Question: 666 Park Avenue is awesome. Any chance it will be picked up by another network? —J.R.
Ausiello: No.

Question: Do you know if Jimmy Smits will be returning to Sons of Anarchy next season? I hope so. I really like him and Katey Sagal together. —Beth
Ausiello: There’s no deal currently in place for Smits to appear in Season 6, but as series creator Kurt Sutter told Meg Masters last week, “Nothing would make me happier than to bring him back… but he’s a busy guy. We’ll probably get into that soon with Jimmy.” Should he return, Sutter has big plans for Nero/Gemma. “I dig [them],” says the boss. “In the finale, when he’s all twisted up about being back in the life, that’s the thing that makes Gemma the most comfortable. She knows what to do with those kinds of men; she knows how to be strong for those kinds of men. So, what does that look like? It’s a culture clash that we haven’t explored yet. To plug her into that world, which is traditionally somewhat misogynistic, could be interesting to see played out a little bit and to see what that looks like. I’d love to keep that going.”

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Question: Do you know why Jayma Mays has been MIA for so much of Glee this season? Anything coming up for her Emma?  —Megan
Ausiello: She’s a recurring player now, so she’ll continue to pop in and out as the storyline and her schedule allow. Meanwhile, I have a hunch “Wemma” fans will have some rather strong opinions about the alternate reality Artie envisions in this week’s It’s a Wonderful Life-themed episode.

girlsQuestion: Can’t wait for Season 2 of Girls. Any scooplets? —Jessica
Ausiello: Is Hannah’s former boyfriend and current roomie Elijah (The New Normal‘s Andrew Rannells) coming out as straight? Sure sounds that way based on the official description from Episode 2, which includes the provocative teases, “Elijah questions his sexuality” and (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT) “Elijah and Marnie harbor a secret.” If that means what I think it means… eww, gross.

Question: Help a fellow Trojan out. Any Beauty and the Beast spoilers? It’s my favorite show of the season along with Nashville. —Susan
Ausiello: Fight On! But first, listen up: Christian Keyes (BET’s Let’s Stay Together) is joining the CW freshman for a multi-episode arc as Lt. Bishop’s brother — and a potential love interest for Catherine’s sister Heather. Bonus Scoop: His arrival will also somehow complicate Vincent/Beast’s anonymity. You may resume fighting on, Sue.

Question: Do you have any Nashville scoop on Rayna and Deacon? —Maggie
Ausiello: The winter finale had them back on (somewhat) friendly terms — but will it last? “As much as they have a great relationship, once they start to deal with it, the relationship becomes really volatile again,” explains series creator Callie Khouri. “They’ve both disappointed each other tremendously and they’re both really frustrated with the life they’ve created.” And although Deacon remains in recovery for his substance abuse issues, Khouri notes that “his other addiction is Rayna — and that’s the one that might kill him.”

Question: Big Grey’s Anatomy fan. Tell me you have something good about Meredith and Derek. —Tia
Ausiello: First off, let me tell you something good about Grey’s Anatomy in general — I’ve seen Thursday’s episode and it’s really, really terrific. Best of the season by far. Some highlights: On the eve of her wedding, Bailey’s an emotional basket case — equal parts Tasmanian Devil and Bridezilla; Owen and Cristina face a turning point in their relationship, triggered in part by the arrival of their divorce papers; April and Jackson go to great (read: hilarious) lengths to avoid attending Bailey’s nuptials together; Neve Campbell continues to prove that she was perfectly cast as Derek’s sis; and getting back to your question, Derek and Meredith share one of my favorite scenes together ever — a wholly uneventful husband-and-wifey exchange at the hospital that will make you swoon.

VIDEO | Grey’s Anatomy First Look: Owen Drops the D-Bomb on Cristina!

Question: Got any scoop on Grey’s Anatomy, preferably something to do with Callie and Arizona?  —NG
Ausiello: I almost forgot! Callie brings Arizona’s 2012 Pity Party World Tour to an abrupt end on Thursday, in the episode’s most rousing moment. You’ll applaud, you’ll laugh, you’ll want to hand Sara Ramirez an Emmy yourself.

Question: Do you have any interesting info on Constance Zimmer’s role on Grey’s Anatomy? —Christina
Ausiello: The theory I put forth last month? Don’t think that’s going to happen.

ncisQuestion: Any NCIS news? —Robert
Ausiello: Yes! Among the returning faces on tap for the second half of Season 10 — besides Michael Nouri as Ziva’s father — show boss Gary Glasberg expects to have Matt Jones back as Probationary Agent Ned Dorneget. As for an encore from the enigmatic Miranda Pennebaker, Alex Kingston is currently busy across the pond with Doctor Who, Glasberg says, but he hopes to get her back soon. After all, he notes, “We’ve only scratched the surface with [Miranda] and what her relationship is with Gibbs.”

Question: Anything on Suits that we haven’t heard? —Sway
Ausiello: My colleague Vlada Gelman just screened the first two episodes back (airing Jan. 17 and Jan. 24) and promptly filed this exclusive report:  “Hardman may be gone, but all-out war is about to erupt in the office. Expect some big power plays directed at the firm and within the firm in the first two episodes. Meanwhile, Mike will feel the consequences of having slept with the married Tess, especially when it comes to his relationship with Rachel. Even a surprising confession from Rachel to Mike, which reveals that they have more in common than they thought, can’t undo the damage.”

Question: Please give more insight on The Good Wife with Alicia getting the “P-word” you teased/tortured us about. I’m really hoping it’s not that she’s pregnant. —Val
Ausiello: She’s not pregnant. Nor is she becoming a porn star.

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Question: Any word if Victoria Principal will return to Dallas for J.R.’s funeral? I would love to see her cause some serious trouble for Bobby and Ann. —BJ
Ausiello: I hear she’s among the names on producers’ wish list, but nothing’s official yet. I can tell you with absolute certainty that Pam’s presence will be felt in a huge way in the fantastic Season 2 premiere on Jan. 28 — so huge that her name is mentioned at least a dozen times. Bonus Scoop: Agent Skinner presents Mary Alice Young with quite the Sophie’s Choice.

Question: Longtime reader, first time asking a question. Should I be concerned about Happy Endings’ bad ratings? It’s my favorite show and I will lose it if ABC cancels it. —Mark
Ausiello: Frankly, I think you should be more concerned about this tease for Episode 15: Max starts dating a girl. (Anyone sensing a trend in this week’s AA?)

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman, Meg Masters and Kim Roots)

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  1. Julio P says:

    I really really love Happy Endings…like really. I quote the show often! “I’m invoking the code!” “P.S. Four balls isn’t just a walk, it’s a party! What?! DRAMA!” LMAO.

    • I agree I quote it all the time as well. I love everyone but Dave and Alex. I could take Alex if need be but I find Dave boring.

    • D'Arcy says:

      Michael I can only assume that based on your joke responding to the serious question about Happy Endings’ low ratings, that you think the show is safe. Please confirm this.

      I figure that it’s getting near syndication if they order season 4… So that’s pretty good…

      • Because the first season was only 13 episodes, it would probably need another season and a half to reach the traditional syndication threshold.

        • D'Arcy says:

          You’re right! Total at the end of season 3 will be 56, leaving 32 episodes to get to 88…
          Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised with a full renewal of season 4, and then an expected 12-episode season 5. I wonder how expensive the show is.

          • SweetD says:

            I would guess that it’s probably one of the cheaper shows ABC has, no big name cast, and ABC Studio’s produces it with Sony, so they would also benefit from syndication.

      • megs says:

        God, I hope so… It’s one of my faves too. I feel like it could go either way(renewal or not), but it’s been that way it’s entire existence so why not give it another season? Save the drama for Wilmer Valderama!!

  2. K says:

    I guess Alicia is becoming a partner at Lockhart Gardner?

  3. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I sorta hope they get Jimmy Smits back on SOA too. I really liked his character on that show. Which probably means they’re going to turn him into a cold-blooded murdering, women-beating rapist who doesn’t recycle, but I’ll deal with that when we get to that point. For now he is just a good, likable character.

  4. John says:

    Happy Endings is my favourite show right now. It feels so fresh and innovative. (of course after Community)

  5. Stash says:

    Are YOU coming out as straight, Ausie? Or has the psycho-b group One Million (divided by 100,000) Moron “Moms” buying up ad time all over the place?

  6. Becky says:

    Is Alicia getting a permanent tattoo?

  7. tejas says:

    Whoop! Love Matt Jones as Dorny! So glad we’re going to get to see him again!

  8. Mike says:

    So excited for Grey’s this week, and especially the Meredith / Derek pregnancy storyline :)

  9. Sarah says:

    doesnt everyone know the ending of gossip already? They filmed the weddings outdoors chair and ds marry.

  10. dragenphoto says:

    Not a single actual spoiler. Yet again. Remember back in the olden days when Ausiello would give spoilers in his coloumn, not guesswork, official plot outlines and what showrunners probably might maybe think might possibly happen?

    • Do it. says:

      I was just thinking the same thing. What a disappointing column. Oh well.

      Maybe nothing’s really going on at the moment.

  11. Angel says:

    “his other addiction is Rayna — and that’s the one that might kill him.” Okay now I’m dying… I want Deacon and Rayna together so badly *sobs*

    • !!!! we all do trust me. she has no chemistry with teddy

      • KC says:

        AGREE! The show could lose Teddy and it would not bother me. Love, love, love this show. I do hope we get to see Rayna and Deacon together. My two favorite shows on TV are Nashville and SOA.

        • i think we’ll see them get a lot closer and reconnect with this tour. i bet they’ll both have tours in the same city and so they’ll see each other and that flame will be rekindled… especially now that her marriage is a mess! i can’t wait til he finds outs about his daughter (maddie) lol

    • Maggie Ames says:

      OMG…if Charles Esten leaves the show, I don’t think I could watch it again. I LOVE that guy. He is truly a wonderful person. I like Rayna, but I LOVE Deacon. She’s got to tell him that her first child is his. I like Teddy, but not for Rayna. I want to see Rayna and Deacon together again. Why is she treating him so badly? She’s got to have a reason, but it’s beyond me what it is.

      • Angel says:

        agree, she has absolutely no chemistry with Teddy, and I don’t think love is there either…

        No, I don’t think Deacon will die I think he’s one of these characters who can’t die on this show (Rayna and Juliette included). I think Callie tried to say that Deacon loves Rayna so much that he might killed him (she said “might” and not “who will kill him”)
        Well, Deacon hurt her really badly because of his addictions so Rayna is still broken, Deacon is the love of her life and she probably wanted to spend the rest of her life with him (and raising their daughter Maddie together) but Deacon screw up everything and at the same time screw up Rayna because all she wanted was to be with him and finally she got Teddy…. his second choice.

        • i think she has love for him but not the kind of passionate, all consuming love she has for deacon. i think teddy represented stability and normalcy that she didn’t have with deacon because of his drug addiction.

  12. Jake says:

    Is Eric and Jenny are one of those couples in Gossip Girl ill be pissed. One last jab at the audience for being suckers

    • lcs85 says:

      I was thinking Jenny and Nate might be one of the final couples.

      Maybe Rufus and Vanessa as another couple, since we now know Rufus likes them young.

      And… Lily and Nate’s Dad? I can’t think of any other people to couple up since the two we know of are Dan and Serena and Blair and Chuck. Who else really is there that we would care to see in the flash forward?

      • aeg says:

        I was thinking about this… Lily/William (I think Billy Baldwin was seen filming in the flash forward but I might be wrong), Nate/Jenny (a girl can wish), Georgina/Jack (a match made in hell, but I would really like that)? The last two are more hopes than predictions though.

  13. maria says:

    so excited for gossip girl series finale but kind of sad at the same time!

  14. Jared says:

    Not sure about surprising couples… Serena/Dan and Chuck/Blair will be the unsurprising ones… what about Rufus/Lilly, Nate/?, Georgina/?.

    I would love if Katie Cassidy came back as Juliet to be with Nate!

  15. Dave says:

    not that i’d ever question your wisdom … but wasn’t Skinner an Assistant Director? :)

  16. O'Brien says:

    Very intrigued. What could be more polarizing than Dair v. Chair? I think we know for certain Chuck/Blair are good to go (unless they break them up, which would certainly piss off just about everyone, Dair, Chair, whatever have you, because if they put us through all of this – especially the past three seasons – just to get crazy at the end, I think we’ll all get insane about it). And I think that Dan and Serena are the other – no one’s going to be shocked by that if the wedding for them wasn’t just a dream sequence. So is a future couple Nate/Serena? Because no one’s talked about that. I wouldn’t be shocked if Rufus/Lily got back together…AGAIN, but who knows. Then there’s maybe Nate/Jenny? And maybe Nate/Gossip Girl (Juliet?) Or maybe Dan/Nelly?

    It would be polarizing if they killed one of them off, so there’s that. Maybe if Chuck died for real, and then Blair ended up with Nate in their greif and raised a Baby Bass? The whole thing sounds like it’s bad fanfiction, which I would almost take over the past few seasons (except for last week – that Thanksgiving was epic). I need the thing to just up and die for my sanity at this point. Ugh.

  17. Gem says:

    Ausiello, your calling Arizona’s depression and trauma in the wake of her amputation a “pity party” is incredibly insensitive to amputees watching and identifying with this storyline. Not to mention anyone else who has ever experienced a sudden and life altering disability. A little compassion for the thousands of people in her situation, many of whom are watching this show and reading your spoilers, would not go amiss.

    • Alex says:

      Shut up, loser. She’s whining and moaning and has been doing so for like 8 episodes so fans have a right to complain about it already. Just get over it already, geez. You know, it isn’t anyones job to go around and step over eggshells all the damn time and watch what they say just because some people could get offended. If you don’t like that fact, get off the internet.

      • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

        It’s funny, because you have lectured ME several times on here about my comments and offending people. Such a hypocrite lol. I always love people that try to “police” the comments for everyone else, yet they don’t have to abide by the same rules they attempt to force on others.

      • Jennifer says:

        How rude. Arizona was laughing at herself in episode 7 and didn’t even appear for a second in episode 5 and only 30 easy seconds in episode 8. So she was super angry in 2-3 episodes and beginning a recovery process for 2-3 episodes. She’s not fully healed and rah rah i don’t have a leg, but she’s getting there. To suggest that she’s been having a personal pity party seriously downplays an incredibly difficult time that hasn’t been one note but came with growth.

    • Jamie says:

      I’m sorry, but as someone who has has been dealing with clinical depression for the past few years, I agree that Arizona has been throwing a “pity party” this season. Callie’s best friend and father of her child died right in front of her, but she had to be the strong one and take care of Sofia by herself because Arizona was so caught up in her own situation. It got to the point where Callie had to sleep in Mark’s bed (which had to have been incredibly painful) so that Arizona could have her space to be angry. What Arizona went through was beyond horrible, and I am in no way minimizing how hard it must be to lose a limb, but it does not mean it’s okay for her to act the way she has been acting.

  18. JennR says:

    Really hate the reference to Arizona’s “Pity Party.” She showed serious anger in three episodes…after losing a freaking leg. Talk about complete insensitivity. I’m now worried that I’m going to HATE Callie’s speech because I just don’t feel sorry for Callie here. If Callie’s a brat, I’m going to pray that Constance Zimmer is in town to sweep ARIZONA off of her foot. Callie can continue searching for someone who’s as perfect as she is…not.

    • sunshine says:

      I hope Constance Zimmer is here to sweep Callie off her feet and Arizona can take the next bus out of Seattle Grace. I guess it’s okay to be emotional abusive if your Arizona but please don’t let Callie stand up for herself makes her selfish.

      • Tom says:

        First off, Arizona had an intense trauma and her relationship with Callie is rock solid. They’re married with a daughter. Second, Callie did stand up for herself as best she could but it’s hard considering her wife was in a plane crash and then lost her leg. Third, nothing is breaking up Callie and Arizona. They’re the second safest couple after Mer/Der in not breaking up.

      • Maura O'Henry says:

        AMEN! Never been a fan of Arizona and nothing this season has changed that. Callie has EVERY RIGHT to stand up for herself. Let’s think of all the crap she’s just been thru and is getting zero support/appreciation from Arizona. Arizona is a bitchy self centered cow. She should hop a plane and go back to Africa.

    • Jamie says:

      Why is Arizona allowed to crap on Callie, but then Callie isn’t allowed to say anything back to Arizona? Callie went through a lot as a result of the plane crash as well. You’re defending Arizona lashing out at Callie because she lost a limb, yet it isn’t okay for Callie to do the same even though she lost Mark and then had to not only deal with it all on her own, but also put up with all of Arizona’s anger?

      • Shuayb says:

        Arizona lost her leg, yes it was necessary but she lost her leg. Yes she also was very pitiful for a while but she lost a body part. Its hard to reconcile that fact and the anger she felt is understandable. I have worked with amputees being a physical therapist, the grief that they go through doesn’t make sense to people with all their limbs. I just have to give props to the writers for writing Arizona and Callie’s struggle so beautifully.
        Callie did loose Mark too and she was going through a lot but Callie has ALWAYS been a strong person and she realized that she just needed to be there and be strong so when Arizona came around, everything will be all right. She has been through the mill but she has this optimism in her that is bountiful and she can take it. Arizona has come around, we just need a Calzona episode like in season 6 and we’ll see how far they have come from the plane crash.

    • Ana says:

      Ok. What appear as a couple of episodes to us was actually a longer time span. From the accident to the first episode when she was angry it was already a month that she had had the surgery. And she was still angry. More time passed to the shower scene and the time when she decided to see the prosthetist, so, no. It hasn’t just been a couple of episodes. And based on the sneak peeks as of tomorrow, which is months after the crash, Arizona is still keeping Callie at arm’s length. And yes, what she went through was traumatic. But Callie’s decision saved her life which is something Arizona has yet to acknowledge.

    • CJ says:

      I just wish she’d cut off her Indian braids and take off her hobo shoes and rainbow shades.

  19. Denis says:

    Surprising couples: Jack/Georgina, Nate/Jenny, Lilly/William.
    The twist: it was all a book and K-Bell is a writer.

    • Alex says:

      LOVE that theory!

    • O'Brien says:

      You win all the points. If the writers actually make this so, then I’m giving them more credit than I actually thought they ever deserved.

    • Get It says:

      You should have been a writer for GG because of this one theory….nice job.

    • aeg says:

      I just saw this now, but I speculated those pairings in reply to another comment. Anyway, I hope you’re right. Jack/Georgina would be perfect in a ‘match made in hell’ type of way.

      The twist – I feel like finding out the whole series was a book might be a bit disappointing for some viewers, but having K-Bell as the writer would be a really good way of tying her in (I don’t know about the audience being polarized, I think individuals will be polarized – I feel like I’d simultaneously love and hate that twist).

    • Nora says:

      Oh my gosh I would love that. MAKE IT SO.

    • Alex says:

      It was all a book?!? Major PEE-YEW! That is such an awful idea. The surprise couples would be good, though.

  20. ashley says:

    I actually take offence to calling Arizona’s griefing process for the loss of her leg as a “pity party”. The woman lost her leg, she has the right to take her time in accepting that her life is never going to be the same anymore. What’s more, she really seems to have reached the acceptance stage. She even laughed about not having a left foot. A little sensitivity and understanding for amputees is all I’m asking for.

  21. LizRd says:

    How incredibly insensitive to call Arizona’s depression a ‘pity party.’ Not cool dude. Show some empathy.

  22. Gem says:

    Three questions for Grey’s Anatomy seems a bit excessive…

    • ben says:

      @Gem – don’t forget when reading AA, that Michael is far more likely to have his scoop and match it to questions, than to have the questions, and match it with scoop. If he has that amount of spoilarge for Grey’s, then thats the amount of questions he finds to fit it.

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      Compared to what? There are usually 3 or 4 Glee spoilers that no one cares about.

  23. Canadian-JBS says:

    At this point, I think that the only thing certain is that Chuck and Blair will get their wedding and their happy ending. To not go through with it now would probably ruin GG for a lot of people.
    That being said, I’m not convinced that Dan and Serena are endgame. It just doesn’t feel right, no matter the past history they have (and the writers probably don’t like Dan’s character.) Call me a traditionalist, but I think the best* ending would be to have Chair and Serenate be the true endgame (*and by best, I mean the ending that best pleases Savage and Schwartz). And call me crazy, but I see Elenaor Waldorf and Jack Bass together by the end of next week.
    As for Dan, this is how I see his story going down; he reveals to the world that he has been Gossip Girl this entire time and that his chapters on the UES/NJBC/whatever the hell they call themselves were part of a masterplan to take down Bart Bass once and for all. Now that he’s accomplished everything, he chooses to shut down the Gossip Girl site so that Chuck, Blair, Nate, and Serena can live in peace once and for all. He leaves America for a fresh start in Europe, but he dies (for real) in a plane crash over the Atlantic Ocean. The UES realizes that Dan truly was a good guy in the end.

    • gc says:

      good luck with that fantasy

    • Erin says:

      Yeah it’s pretty much been confirmed that Serena and Nate don’t end up together unfortunately…
      Although it may not feel right to a lot of the audience that Serena and Dan are endgame, the writers have pretty much given up on this show, I mean look at the writing for this last season. It’s all over the place.

  24. Annie says:

    What is wrong with shows having their characters constantly question their sexuality? Most heterosexuals never question their sexuality and most homosexuals never question theirs. It seems as though every show with a gay character at some point questions their homosexuality and the few gay characters on TV started on their series as a straight character! This is getting ridiculous.

  25. JD says:

    Ouch. That pity party comment was painful and a bit uncalled for.

  26. Renee says:

    That’s nice for Heather, but I want to know when Vincent and Catherine do more than look at each other. Kiss? Hug? Snuggle? Touch hands? Anything?

  27. AKel says:

    I realize that she’s a fictional character and all, but calling Arizona’s PTSD and depression a “pity party” is exactly why the culture needs an amputation storyline on a major network drama: So people can get their heads out of their asses (yeah, I said it), and develop some empathy and compassion.

    Does Callie deserve what Arizona’s been throwing at her? No, she doesn’t. But Arizona didn’t just have a bad day. She was in a plane crash that took the lives of two of her friends, one of whom was the father of her child, and resulted in the loss of a part of her body. She can’t get that back. Rehabilitation is certainly possible, but she’s suddenly at square one, having to relearn basic things like balance and how to, you know, walk. For such a fiercely independent character, this isn’t just a “Well, I lived, so I just get over it” kind of moment.

    “Pity party”? I can’t even.

  28. Tania says:

    Pity party? Not cool, Ausiello. I feel empathy for BOTH Callie and Arizona. Yeah, Arizona has been harsh.Neither woman is handling this super well. So far it’s been a well done story re: the way disability impacts both the person who is afflicted with the disability and the caregiver/partner. To try to reduce it to a ‘pity party’ is flippant to an extent that is unfair to the people who are working so hard to make this story realistic on all levels.

  29. Brandy says:

    Does the GG have to do with the reason Elanor retired and let Blair run WD?i hears this was supposed to be a sl.

  30. Ana says:

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! For a bit of hope concerning Calzona. It’s been troubling that Callie would just sit back and not have a real conversation with her wife out of fear. That elephant in the room had become a permanent fixture.

  31. Scott says:

    Really hope Victoria Principal and Pam return to Dallas, and as a regular! :)

  32. dude says:

    It seems more and more likely that Alex’s new love interest is Jo.

  33. Warren says:

    Yes, I’d love to see Jimmy Smits back. Her and Katey made some wonderful tv magic with that chemistry. One of the most underrated TV couples of the last season, to be frankly. Anyway, I want her to stick with Nero and pull away from Jax/Tara. Just let them breathe, Gemma!

  34. benadgatemusic says:

    Prediction: Alicia will be made a PARTNER at Lockhart/Gardner

  35. Zach says:

    Why are there always questions about Glee? The show has taken a horrible creative run this season and the ratings reflect it. Ask about a real drama Homeland…

  36. donna says:

    For GG;
    I think Jack&Gerogina , Nate&Jenny whom I am looking forward and Lily&William whom I don’t want are the surprising couples :)

    For last 15 minutes might be about reveal of GG. Or that everything was a book or we were in Dan’s stupid mind all these years. IF they don’t touch my Chuck&Blair’s happy ending I really don’t care what happens. I just want them to be a happy family finally

  37. Amaia says:

    Michael you write about Sara Ramírez “You’ll applaud, you’ll laugh, you’ll want to hand Sara Ramirez an Emmy yourself”. I think she deserves one!

  38. Leticia says:

    Thanks for the Suits scoop!

  39. Sara says:

    Is that Badger in the pic? What show is he on?

  40. Pil says:

    I want a meet between Tony’s father and Ziva’s father.

  41. b says:

    Since they filmed the scene on the tarmac between Blair and Chuck twice I’m thinking the ending twist will be Chuck really died and Dan wrote a story for Blair giving her and Chuck the happy ending they never got like the movie Atonement makes more sense then the producers stacking filming

  42. Jessica says:

    Can’t wait for the Meredith and Derek stuff! :D

  43. Annonymos says:

    I think the 2 not surprising couples are Chair and Rufus/Lily. The 3 surprising couples are Nate/Serena, Dan/Nelly and Jack/Georgina. Maybe. Really hoping that Nate/Serena are endgame. I don’t think that both Chair and Derena would be endgame. That would be too predictable.

    • John says:

      I like the way you think. I’m joining you in hoping this is how it turns out

    • M says:

      Ausiello already shot down Nate/Serena in this column. Twice. They’re not happening.

      • Canadian-JBS says:

        But he could be bluffing. My interpretation is that Ausiello shot it down so quickly because he can’t say that it might actually happen.
        Until it actually airs on December 17th, all speculation is plausible and legitamate.

        • Erin says:

          I think the reason why he shot it down so quickly is that he doesn’t want us to get our hopes up.

          A lot of people are hoping for Nate & Serena to be endgame (which would completely make sense, although everything is up to the writers) so it’s best to let them know earlier that they unfortunately don’t end up together rather than watching the finale and feeling majorly let down.

  44. Tanya says:

    Its ridiculous that everyone is so up in arms about the “pity party” comment. How do you live in the world everyday with such thin skin? Calm down. Geez. Im excited that Callie is going to put her in her place. Arizona has treated her horribly.

    • Katie says:

      I imagine you were saying the exact same thing when Callie treated Arizona like crap – and allowed Mark to treat her like crap – in season 7, of course.

    • Renee says:

      This is the political correctness world. Everyone must speak the same and think the same or risk being swarmed and flogged for not fitting the mold properly. It promotes being fake and a hypocrite over being genuine even if you’re genuinely an ass. Such is the world right now.

  45. Kat says:

    It’s got to be that Alisha is going to become a P-artner on The Good Wife…right?? Also, keep the Sons scoop coming please…and how about some Parenthood scoop too while we’re at it. Pretty please? Please tell me there is still hope for Mark and Sarah!!

  46. Bill says:

    Surprising couple Dan and Nate , Serena and Blair .
    Expected one Rufly and Cheath (death/chuck)

  47. helen says:

    what is this twist that could be more polarizing than the dan chuck blair triangle?i..i think the last minutes of the episode will be about the reveal of gossip girl..

  48. Jill says:

    Callie and Arizona are both selfish and damn annoying. Totally MFEO.

  49. DEAR GOD YOU SERENATE SHIPPERS ARE LITERALLY INSANE. You’re worse than the DAIR shippers! At least they came to terms and accepted it weeks ago. Ausiello put it down TWO WEEKS IN A ROW – Serenate isn’t happening! You guys sound like complete morons.