Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: Derek's Sis Rips Into Mer, Owen Drops the D-Bomb on Cristina

This Thursday on the Grey’s Anatomy fall finale, as Bailey is happily-slash-nervously heading for a wedding, other characters find their ties being put to the test.

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Meredith, for one — as seen in the first clip below — tries to play the “family” card with newly arrived sister-in-law Lizzie (Neve Campbell), only to have that approach struck down fast, thoroughly and hard. (Damn, it’s as bad as when Julia fought with Bailey over the spare bedroom!)

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Speaking of fast, Cristina apparently doesn’t remember agreeing with Owen to move forward quickly on their divorce proceedings, based on her reaction to a piece of news he drops in the second clip. Is there any chance that cooler heads and warm hearts will prevail for this estranged duo?

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