Grey's Anatomy Scoop: Neve Campbell Spills Some Secrets About Derek's Mystery Sis

Neve Campbell Previews Grey's AnatomyThe other other Dr. Shepherd is in.

Shedding a bit of light on her mysterious Grey’s Anatomy character aka Derek’s sister Liz, Neve Campbell confirms for TVLine that her character, debuting Dec. 6, is a doctor — just like her brother and their three other siblings — and that she and Derek “do get along… to an extent.”

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Speaking with us during a conference call to promote her upcoming Lifetime movie An Amish Murder, Campbell noted, “There’s not a great deal” she could reveal about Liz, though she did go on to say that she surfaces in Seattle as part of the storyline surrounding supersurgeon Derek’s damaged hand and his endeavor to have it repaired.

Dr. Liz Shepherd marks the third of Derek’s four sisters to appear on Grey’s; Caterina Scorsone plays black sheep Amelia over on Private Practice, while Embeth Davitz guested as Nancy during Season 3.

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Campbell shared that her multi-episode Grey’s visit marked the first time she had seen Patrick Dempsey — whom she hails as “a great guy” — since they filmed Scream 3 together in 1999. Surveying her stint on the long-running ABC drama, she reports, “They’ve been on that show for nine years and they definitely know what they’re doing, so it was fun to be around a group that had been working together so long.”

Campbell herself may return to series television if the aforementioned Amish Murder TV-movie — in which she stars as a woman who grew up Amish and returns to her small town as Chief of Police trying to solve a string of murders — looks lively come Jan. 6 and gets ordered to series a la fellow Party of Five alum Jennifer Love Hewitt’s The Client List.

“I’m having discussions with Lifetime about it,” she told us. “It’s an interesting character and an interesting concept, but I want to know that there’s somewhere to go with it… that we can tell a year’s worth of stories.”

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  1. april-ann says:

    Always liked Neve Campbell, but yet another sis for Derek? Just another sign of a tired, old show limping along…

    • Lambsilencer says:

      IIRC, they’ve established that Derek has four sisters back in season 3 when Embeth Davitz guest-starred, if not earlier. So it’s not something coming out of the blue. We don’t even know anything about the fourth sister, so there is still one they can introduce while “limping along”. :)

      • Dawn says:

        Derek mentioned in season one, the next to the last episode that he had four sisters, nine nieces and four nephews. That was when he finally showed Meredith the trailer and was telling her little tidbits about himself. I don’t understand why this has to be “lame and limping along”.

        • DarkDefender says:

          Actually, he told her in episode 3 when they were babysitting the patient who was beat up and raped (and wearing the same shoes as Meredith).. That he had 4 sisters, very girly, with lots of kids… And that they would be there in a second if he were in a coma..

    • Sue says:

      It’s been known for awhile that Derek has four sisters, what did you want them to do all of a sudden decide he has a brother?!

    • Anthony says:

      That is why researching before making a comment is always a good thing. Otherwise, you come tend to come off looking like an internet wise guy just for the sake of.

      And I’m not sure how introducing a sibling constitutes a show “limping along”. In fact, I’m sure there would still be bitching from some if they never showed any of Derek’s family.

      • april-ann says:

        What makes you think I didn’t know? So they’ve had to resort to dipping into their reserves. This is not just introducing A SIBLING, it’s introducing YET ANOTHER sibling. Just because it’s not straight out of the blue doesn’t mean it’s kind of tired and lame. Another doctor, how convenient. No, I do not want them to “all of a sudden decide he has a brother”. What kind of a comment is that? And just because I may have a differing view of this, I’m a troll? Grow up.

        • Leena says:

          I guess your point is unknown. Are they not supposed to introduce any new characters? Even characters that were established as existing several years ago? If that were the case people like you would complain that it was the same old thing, same old characters each week. And I believe you may have been referred to as a troll because you came onto this post specifically to make negative comments.

          • april-ann says:

            I don’t believe my point is unknown. And I’m sorry I missed the part on this website telling posters that if they don’t have only nice things to say about every article here, they mustn’t say anything at all, or they will be personally attacked and called names and considered trolls.

          • Leena says:

            Then what is your point? That because Greys is introducing a new character, one that has already been mentioned in previous seasons, it means the show is limping along? Maybe I should have said that your point doesn’t make sense. Is a show not supposed to introduce new characters? Because in case you haven’t noticed Greys actually introduces new characters almost every single episode since the pilot. Sometimes these are patients, sometimes they are family members of existing characters. Please see: Georges family, Izzie’s mom, Callie’s dad, Lexie Grey, Burkes mother, Cristina’s mother, Derek’s mother, Meredith’s father, stepmother and other half sister, etc. We know these people exist, some viewers (obviously not you) enjoy seeing these characters.

        • Molly says:

          You’re acting like nobody else than you can be right… troll :p

    • That’s actually one of the few characters that makes sense on the show. I mean, Derek’s in trouble. If your brother was going through a hard time, weren’t you going to go and visit him? What’s far-fetched about that? I’m the first to criticize Grey’s Anatomy and its implausible storylines. But this isn’t one of them.

  2. Carrie says:

    I am really excited to see Neve on Grey’s – I think its excellent casting and would love to see an episode where all 4 of his sisters are there showing him a little love or driving him up a wall. There is something to be said by a man raised around a lot of women – explains why his character has always been comfortable with the bond between Mer and Christina.

  3. Andreal says:

    We all learned that he had 4 sisters a long time ago. He also talked about a lot of nieces and nephews. Haven’t the sisters we met already been without kids? Where did all those kids go???

    • Jessica says:

      Well to be fair, a bunch of kids wouldn’t exactly be welcome in a hospital setting if they’re only visiting their uncle who’s a busy doctor. And there’s still one we haven’t met yet (Kathleen?), so all the kids could be hers

      • Amelia has no kids at all (except the one she had and died, but that doesn’t count, because it hadn’t been born in season 3). So, she’s out. It has to be spread out among the other three. Either that or Kathleen has nine kids o_O

  4. Tia says:

    So glad Neve is coming, great casting. It’s always nice to know more about Derek’s family. Can’t wait.

  5. sarah says:

    Looking forward to this! Love Neve!

  6. I wish she would have gone to Private Practice instead. That makes me SO sad the show is ending because it would have about KILLED me (in the best of ways) to see Caterina and Neve as sisters! :'(

  7. Shuayb says:

    Soooo looking forward to this! I’ve always wanted more of the Shepherd family on Grey’s. What I find so implausible is that Derek has been shot and was in a plane crash and they never thought of introducing his family then. That would have been nice. I can get why people are saying that at this point introducing a new character only seems to help what some consider an ailing show.

    Either way I am happy for Neve Campbell to be on my screen and for her character to hopefully recur at a later stage. I also hope that Shonda uses her brain and maybe sends Amelia to Seattle one last time as well.