Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: Who's Copping a Feel With Mer?! Plus: Owen Lays a Guilt Trip

Grey’s Anatomy’s Meredith is about to go to second base — and not in the on-call room, and not with her husband!

In the first of these two clips from this Thursday’s episode of the ABC drama, a male patient gets a bit handsy with the beautiful Dr. Grey, though things may not be as they seem. (That said, we’ll totally allow the assessment of “Nice”!)

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In the second clip, Owen advises his staff to try not to be distracted by the lawsuit brewing with the docs involved in the plane crash. But from the guilt-ridden looks on some faces, Dr. Hunt perhaps does not yet know he is now being hunted, by the crash victims’ lawyers, for sending his docs on the ill-fated trip.

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Elsewhere in the relationships-centric hour, Cristina and Owen continue to figure out their new sitch, and Bailey squabbles with Ben over their imminent nuptials and Jackson is preoccupied by a shocking situation with April that is, like, totally spoiled by the current promos.

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