Bones: 10 New Season 8 Spoilers, Including Finale Intel and a Near-Death Experience

Ballroom dancing, roller derby mayhem, unexpected house guests and near-death experiences — it’s all in a day’s work when Bones returns with fresh episodes on Monday, Nov. 5 (Fox, 8/7c). Executive producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan hopped on the phone with reporters Wednesday to chat about Pelant’s return, visiting family members, a possible new squintern and more. Below, we’ve compiled the 10 most scoopiest.

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TROUBLE IS COMING | “The Pelant story will reappear in January,” teases Nathan. The dastardly antagonist “is always going to be hanging over their heads in all of the episodes, but he comes back in earnest.” Adds Hanson: “It’s one of the biggest episodes we’ve ever shot.” And the criminal isn’t done with the Jeffersonian team after this visit. “We’re starting to talk about what our season-ender will look like. He may or may not be a part of that.”

A NEW SQUINTERN IS BORN | “We’re developing another intern now,” reveals Nathan. “That script is being written, so we have to see how that turns out. We definitely do want to add another face on the show.” What’s driving the addition of a new team member? “[With] our normal interns, we always have scheduling issues around pilot season,” explains Hanson. “So it behooves us to have one more in our quiver.”

MID-LIFE CRISIS | “This is [Angela’s] season to start to think that her life was meant to be bigger than just recreating crimes and living in a life of murder. She’s feeling antsy,” says Hanson, who is quick to add that  “we have no plans to diminish Michaela [Conlin’s] involvement in the show.” In the meantime, the artist will find an unlikely outlet…

LIFE IN THE FAST LANE | When there’s a murder involving a roller derby team, viewers will find out that “Angela’s been rollerskating a lot more than anybody knew,” previews Nathan. “So she’s helping out on a case in a way that she wouldn’t normally otherwise. And this is somebody who’s been a little frustrated with her job. She feels that she’s lived her life a little too safely lately, and she wants to break out a little bit. Getting slammed into a wall in roller derby seemed a good way to let that happen for her.”

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BonesHOUSE GUEST | A broken-hearted and apartment-less Sweets will move in with Booth and Brennan in the Nov. 5 episode, but it’s just temporary — or is it?! “If something’s fun, we’re going to stick there for a little while,” says Hanson. Adds Nathan: “It’s so rich because you have Sweets, who’s a psychologist, and Brennan, who disdains psychology, now in a house together where Brennan can use psychology against her guest. She keeps reading his books, which he leaves in the bathroom, and then comes out armed with all this new information, which drives him insane.”

SAVE THE LAST DANCE | “Our undercover episodes are gifts to the hardcore fans where we all get goofy,” says Nathan of an upcoming installment that finds Booth and Brennan infiltrating the world of competitive ballroom dancing. “David [Boreanaz] and Emily [Deschanel] just love doing them, and this one is no exception. … We find out that Booth actually taught ballroom dance when he was in college to make money. He thought he was doing that; Sweets points out that he was probably just a gigolo for old women. And from Brennan’s standpoint, because of her phenomenal knowledge of kinesiology and anatomy, she believes that as long as she can look at someone dance, she can replicate it exactly. I can just tell you that’s not true.”

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KNOCKING ON DEATH’S DOOR | “We have an episode coming up where Brennan has a near-death experience, which really causes her to reevaluate her life and see everything a little bit differently,” teases Nathan

IT’S ALL RELATIVE | While the EPs are still working out the details when it comes to introducing Booth’s mother, they admit that another relative will make their way onto the show. “We will see someone that we don’t expect to see – a family member of Brennan’s that we would never expect to see,” hints Nathan. “We saw her in passing in the past.”

ROMANCE REVEALS | How will the team react to the identity of Cam’s new (but familiar) love interest, who’ll be unmasked in the Nov. 19 hour? “There’s some surprise, and it’s not necessarily true that everybody knows,” is all Nathan would say.

WELCOME BACK | Recurring players making a return this season: Ryan O’Neal (Max), Billy Gibbons (Angela’s Dad), Reed Diamond (FBI Agent Flynn) and Cyndi Lauper (Avalon Harmonia).

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  1. madbengalsfan85 says:

    Can’t imagine how Booth is going to react when Brennan has her near-death experience…also, love it when Brennan and Sweets bicker, glad to see more of it

    • Amy says:

      I hope it causes her to realize she wants to marry Booth, and will probably ask him in the finale. They kinda hinted at that in last season’s opener, and in one of the episodes this season. I hope it’s true!

  2. cjeffery7 says:

    cant…. stop…. checking out sweet’s chest….

    • Curly Girly says:

      I know, right? Who knew what was hiding underneath those dress shirts??? RAWR!!!

      • marsha ward says:

        They forgot Sweet’s scars from childhood

        • Weren’t most – if not all – of those on his back? I’m guessing they thought that walking up the stairs, he’d be far enough away that we wouldn’t notice them (sadly, that’s the only scene where I remember his back being shown in the episode). So far this season, the Castle people seem to have thought the same thing about Beckett’s scar. Wrong on both accounts, folks.

  3. Reed’s Cam’s new boyfriend…

  4. Sara says:

    I love the Sweets/Bones/Boot dynamic. It’s so much fun. Also, it would be awesome to see Zooey Deschanel back…just throwing it out in the universe.

  5. Jennie says:

    When is Bones coming back to UK. Please!

  6. Sky Lark says:

    The spoilers were overall fun except more Sweets in the mighty hut, how can B & B have a normal domestic life with him there and even he getting on with his life with mommy & daddy there. Guess Angela was right, they are going to adopt him.

  7. SusN says:

    OMG how wil Booth react to the near-death experience? Perhaps Brennan wil want to marry Booth afterwards.

  8. Marcie says:

    Can’t wait for the ballroom dance episode. Sounds as fun as the bowling one.

  9. katy917 says:

    Anyone else think maybe the female relative will be a recurrance of Zooey’s weird cousin??

    • Amy says:

      I’m thinking Brennan’s mom. We saw her in a video in S1, and she might come to Brennan in a sense when Brennans in her near death experience.

  10. Lois says:

    I like most of this…..but I’m not a fan of Sweets living with B&B – that weirds me out. Has MA or anyone at TV Line seen the episode? Does it play out ok? Bones turning into the Sweets Show? Not a fan……I’m thinking they don’t have a real purpose for the character so they are looking for slapstick? He’s still the third wheel coming between B&B? I don’t like it.
    I’m not thinking Zoey – I’m thinking an Aunt. Max has mentioned her mother’s sisters I think.

  11. Lindsey Lyons (@lindseylyons) says:

    is Zooey Deschangel going to re-visit her “cousin” Tempe? That would be awesome.

  12. C says:

    I so think Brennen’s near death experience will make her want to marry Booth. Also so excited Avalon is coming back!

  13. Wendy says:

    I’m sick of Sweets. There, I said it and am not at all sorry. Bad enough he is now out in the field – which used to be Brennan’s domain with Booth – but now he is going to be *living* with them, likely “shrinking” every move they make? ENOUGH. If Hart Hanson/Stephen Nathan love the character so much, give *him* a spinoff.

  14. Liz says:

    I like Sweets. But there is maybe a little too much of him. Plus, with his in the house, no more romantic scenes between Booth & Brennan! Well, not that we had any anyway, they never do a love scene… But still, at least let them be alone in the house.
    And I loved Daisy & her Lancelot… They were perfect together.

  15. Mrs. Ben Covington says:

    Man, I can’t believe how in the minority I am with my love for Sweets! And I’m THRILLED that he and Daisy broke up. I’ve been dying for her to get outta there for a while now. Maybe he and that FBI agent can get together now ;)

  16. jr axdorff says:

    when are we going to see MORE of Mr. Fin Abernathy…the hot, bright intern?

  17. Lois says:

    I always thought Sweets had a thing for Brennan……wonder if HH/SN will go there? Perhaps DB is not going to renew his contract? Are they setting up other possibilities for Brennan?

    Sweets is way overused and gets old fast.

  18. Cyndie says:

    Brennan & Sweets?? Can’t see it. Also, can’t believe that Sweets dumped Daisy & his cluelessness on her feelings about moving in together. It seemed out of character to me. Guess they were just looking for a way to get Daisy off the show.

  19. Have watched years 1,2,3,4, and 5 and can’t find the darn car burried in the sand. Where is it???? Just looking at Hart and Hanson makes me laugh. Kooky- maybe beyond kooky – but funny and fun.You said you were going to show off the bodies of all the Bones men. So you’re doing Sweets (who knew?) but haven’t seen Hodgins bod in awhile. By the way while watching those earlier years B and B were more flirty and fun than they’ve been since they got married. Don’t need to see them rolling around in the sheets all the time but a little frivology playfulness would help us resolve all those frustrating
    years before the marriage