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Question: What’s going to happen with Auggie and Annie on Covert Affairs? —Alex
Ausiello: Chris Gorham recently told TVLine that Auggie and Annie are going to have that conversation — and now I can tell you when: the Nov. 20 season finale. It’s “a real game-changer” for the pair, Gorham teases, and “it changes everything.” And if you enjoyed the increase in serialized storylines this season, you’re in luck. “That’s definitely going to continue,” he promises. “This season, it ended up being a 11-episode arc, and then a five-episode arc. Next season, what they’re talking about is having one long arc for the entire season.”

Question: Supernatural scoop of any shape or form will be appreciated and endless gratitude will be given! —Lucy
Ausiello: Ty Olsson isn’t spilling about what, if any, role his character Benny played in Cas not getting out of purgatory, but viewers will “get a little bit of information” about their unique dynamic. “It’s a fun, little relationship,” he shares. “I think the audience will enjoy it. There’s a bit of a third wheel thing that happens between Castiel and Dean and Benny.”

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Question: Ben’s proposal to Leslie on Parks and Recreation were the greatest two minutes of my life! What’s next for the funniest couple in Pawnee?—Hilla
Ausiello: She’s gonna meet his (divorced) parents, played by Breaking Bad‘s Jonathan Banks and ER‘s Glenne Headly. “It’s a very contained episode,” previews exec producer Mike Schur of the outing, which will now air next Thursday. “We wanted to put them all in a pressure cooker and leave them there for 20 minutes — and it turned out really well!” Adds Adam Scott of TV dad Banks: “I love the idea of Ben’s father being a little terrifying. It fits in really well with the character of Ben. And Jonathan is hilarious.” (BTW, Hilla, I was about to tell you what a sad little existence you must have but then I realized they were the two greatest minutes of my life, too. Just kidding. My life isn’t that lame.)

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Question: Anything about Glee, please?! —Amanda
Ausiello: Stop me if you heard this one before: Finn is going to fill in for D.C.-bound Mr. Schue as choir director for a few episodes. “We sort of shake up the glee club a little bit,” teases exec producer Brad Falchuk. “What always works on this show is when people are the underdogs. So, how do we make [New Directions] underdogs again? Well, obviously, you clear out a lot of the people who were the top dogs. But also you have a new person coaching them going into Sectionals that doesn’t know what he’s doing. This is all new to him. It seemed like a way to freshen up things a little bit.”

Question: I mean, I love Happy Endings and all. It’s one of my favorite comedies right now. But I am really tired of you dispensing Happy Endings scoops instead of what people are actually looking for. First there was a question about Max Adler’s character on Glee, then the Doctor Who thing… I would have liked an answer for both of those questions instead of being teased. So, since it seems like you are just fishing for people to ask — got any scoop on Happy Endings? —Megan
Ausiello: If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you 6 million times — there are no plans for Max Adler to return to Glee at this time. But if it’s a Glee scoop you want, it’s a Glee scoop you’ll get: The show’s Thanksgiving episode finds much of the original crew getting together at BreadstiX for a reunion — but two notable alums are MIA: Kurt and Rachel. Will they put in an appearance? Will they blow them off? I can confirm that it’s either the first one or the second one.

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Question: Please share anything you can about what’s going on with Kurt and Blaine on Glee! —Joey
Ausiello: Blaine keeps texting him. Kurt keeps ignoring those texts. That’s about it.

Question: Quick — your three favorite shows and the three most disappointing shows this fall (doesn’t matter if they are new or returning). —JJ
Ausiello: Three faves: American Horror Story: Asylum, Homeland and The Walking Dead. Most disappointing: Saturday Night Live, RuPaul’s All-Stars Drag Race and Gossip Girl.

Question: Michael, help me. I am distressed. I do not believe that Etta is dead on Fringe. Is there any hope? Am I still in the denial stage of grief? —Jillian
Ausiello: I am also choosing to believe that she is not dead. But I have no evidence to back that up, sadly. And this doesn’t exactly fill me with hope.

Question: Is there going to be a Christmas episode of Bones this season, especially since Christine is now in the picture? —Matt
Ausiello: Negatory. Santa’s bypassing little Chrissy’s house, sadly. “Holiday episodes are difficult for us because our scheduling is always in flux,” explains exec producer Stephen Nathan before adding, “I might dress as Santa, but that’s about it.” Bah humbug. Bonus Scoop: Booth and Brennan’s newest houseguest, Sweets, starts feeling a little too at home in the Nov. 5 episode when Seeley catches him with a pair of his Incredible Hulk boxers. And on Nov. 19, the identity of Cam’s mysterious boyfriend is at long last revealed!

Question: I desperately need some Pretty Little Liars scoop! — Estée
Ausiello: Mona is freed from the sanitarium and “back amongst” the residents of Rosewood in the Jan. 8 season opener, exec producer Oliver Goldstick confirms. “She has most people fooled. She plays the part of the victim quite well when she returns, because remember, she was bullied. That’s why she had the breakdown — that’s the spin, at least.”

Question: Inquiring minds want to know — what are you dressing up as for Halloween? —James
Ausiello: That buzzkill Sandy put the kibosh on my original plan, which involved a lot of blue paint and a pair of white overalls. So I decided to just Photoshop some woolly compadres over my eyeballs and go as J.R. Ewing (see photo, right). Thoughts?

Question: I hope you stay safe from Hurricane Sandy! In the meantime, is there any juicy Delena scoop for The Vampire Diaries? —Amy
Ausiello: Someone is going to start haunting Elena from beyond the grave — and it’s going to Freak. Her. Out. It gets so bad that she nearly ******* ******e.

Question: Will Derek appear in next week’s Mer/Cristina-centric episode of Grey’s Anatomy at all? I’m hoping for at least one Meredith-and-Derek scene, especially since this is the ep where Mer finally breaks down about Lexie. —Tia
Ausiello: I can confirm that Patrick Dempsey will make an appearance in “Beautiful Doom,” but when and in what context I’m not saying (hint: because I don’t know myself).

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Question: Loved seeing Ethan Embry on Grey’s Anatomy as Arizona’s prosthetist. Will he be back? —Nina
Ausiello: I was under the impression the role was recurring, but I was wrong. As of now he’s not slated to return. The good news: In a few months you can catch him on Once Upon a Time!

Question: Got any 90210 spoilers? —Victoria
Ausiello: Here’s a piece of news that will shock no one — Arielle Kebel’s psycho bitch Vanessa isn’t dead. Look for her to resurface before the end of the year. In the meantime, her “death” will continue to haunt Liam, who begins to receive spooky I Know What You Did Last Summer-type messages from a person whose name will remain confidential (hint: because I don’t know myself).

Question: Anything on my new obsession, Elementary? —Dave
Ausiello: The upcoming two-part November sweeps episode I told you about last week will feature what showrunner Rob Doherty calls “a more proper story” for Aidan Quinn’s Captain Gregson. “We had an opportunity to pair Sherlock with Gregson in a really interesting way,” teases the EP. “It was a different kind of story for us.”

Question: With Private Practice coming to an end soon, anything we can look forward to in these final episodes? —Jarrod
Ausiello: How’s this? Former Veronica Mars teach Kari Coleman has been cast as Sheldon’s never-seen ex, with whom he’s been carrying on a no-strings semi-reconciliation. Look for their little arrangement to takes a surprising turn in this season’s ninth episode.

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Question: I heard a rumor we have not seen the last of Walton Goggins’ Venus on Sons of Anarchy. Please tell me the rumor is true. —Greg
Ausiello: Not only are we going to see the gender-bending dynamo again, SOA creator Kurt Sutter reveals, “I’m pitching a Venus spin-off to FX!” All kidding aside (and yes, he was kidding), Sutter hopes to have Venus back — possibly as early as next season. “My hope is to keep some of this Diosa world alive,” he says, “and there’s no reason why we can’t have him back, because it was pretty fantastic.”

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Question: Something’s been troubling me about Sons of Anarchy, and hopefully you can help. When Tara visited Otto in prison, were we supposed to infer that she ultimately gave him what he wanted (sex!) in exchange for the intel? I seriously hope not. The Tara I know would never go there. —Samantha
Ausiello: I had the same worry. Thankfully, Sutter — who plays the incarcerated SAMCRO member — put those fears to rest. The EP points out that viewers “saw Otto leave” at the end of the scene. Furthermore, “The reason Tara [later] lied [to Jax] is because she failed, and she doesn’t want to feel like she’s letting Jax down. She half-lied. She also knew that if she told Jax exactly what [Otto] said, Jax would say, ‘F–k it. You’re not going in there again.’ She didn’t want to reveal that because she wants another crack at Otto.” And she’ll get it. Sutter confirms that the Otto/Tara arc “will all play out” at season’s end.

Question: Anything on Boardwalk Empire? —Eric
Ausiello: This is going to sound like the world’s lamest spoiler but I promise you it isn’t: Van Alden is going to do some ironing in the near future. This next scoop, meanwhile, is going to sound like the world’s juiciest spoiler but I promise you it isn’t: There’s a funeral for a major character in this Sunday’s episode.

Question: Do you have any scoop on Gossip Girl? —Teresa
Ausiello: Last week, Matt Mitovich told you in Inside Line that the penultimate episode features a plane crash. Well, I’m here to tell you it also features a death! Oh, and did you see this?!?!

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