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Question: Grey’s Anatomy fan here looking for something, anything, on Meredith and Derek, please! —Jessica
Ausiello: For the most part, they’ll be shielded from all the sturm und drang unfolding around them at Seattle Grace when the season picks up this Thursday. “There are heavier storylines in other places so [the writers] have to create a delicate balance between the heavy storylines and the light storylines,” explained Mer’s portrayer, Ellen Pompeo, during my visit to the Grey’s set last week. “And I think Derek and Meredith are just dealing a little bit with his hand and whether he can do surgery or not, and what does that look like? But there’s not too much drama surrounding them because, the truth is, they’re happy to be alive and be parents for their daughter. So we can play the lightness and leave the heavy stuff to other people.” Patrick Dempsey, meanwhile, seemed a little surprised when I informed him that Shonda Rhimes was planning to put Derek and Mer’s sex life under a microscope this season. “I need to go to the gym more,” he deadpanned, before adding, “I hope so. They’ve been fighting enough over the last eight years. I don’t know how they stayed together… We’ll see how much sex they’re having. They should have it at least once a day. But I think the baby gets in the way.”

Question: Did Patrick Dempsey give you some good scoop when you were on the Grey’s set? —Tia
Ausiello: He explained to me why he decided to sign on for two more years of Grey’s last spring, “It was about job security,” he said, candidly. “You look at what’s going on in the world, how difficult it is to get a job. You see other actors who have been on other shows who aren’t working now. I’m like, ‘You know what? Why not?’ It’s here. It’s still going. Everybody’s working really well together. The scheduling is working out this year. And it’s still amazingly popular. I had a long time where I wasn’t working. I was struggling, so why not? And the money’s good, so I would be stupid to say no.”

Question: As the truest of Truebies, do you have any True Blood spoilers for next season? —Colleen
Ausiello: Wondering if Luna bit the dust in the finale? Well, prepare to continue wondering. “I may or may not be going back to work in January,” hedged the character’s portrayer, Janina Gavankar, at HBO’s post-Emmy soiree Sunday. “I’ll say this: We will answer any question marks that were caused in the finale.” In the meantime, the actress begins shooting an arc next week on Fox’s midseason comedy The Goodwin Games. As TVLine reported, she’ll play the ex-girlfriend and baby mama to TJ Miller’s character. “I’m so excited to meet TJ,” she enthused. “I’ve never seen his standup, but I’ve heard he is hilarious and he has so many fans and is loved by people I respect.”

Question: Please, please with a cherry on top, any Glee scoop on Artie? —Valentina
Ausiello: Kevin McHale let it slip, when I ran into him on the show’s set last Thursday, that Artie’s still experiencing something of a “Sugar rush” this season. “The Sugar-Artie thing may circle back around,” he shared. “I love Vanessa [Lengies], so I’m all for it. I wanted it to happen last season, but Rory won.” (Let’s all have a moment of silence for Pixie Boy.) Moving on, McHale also previewed this week’s “Makeover” episode, which finds Brittany and Artie battling Blaine and Sam for McKinley’s top office. “Sam and I get to debate each other before the [presidential candidates] debate each other. Of course, Artie does what Artie would do — he has great points. And then Sam resorts to doing what he knows how to do – stripping — which makes for a great debate.”

Question: Can you please tell me what is going on with Will and Emma on Glee? —Michael
Ausiello: I’ve got good news and bad news for you. The good news is they have some meaty stuff in this season’s fourth episode. The bad news is the title of that episode, as you know, is “The Break-Up.” Now, I’m not saying that they’re headed for a split. I’m merely reporting the facts.

Question: I’m  hoping we get to see Karofsky make an appearance in Season 4 of Glee. Are there any plans to bring him back next season? —Erik
Ausiello: Negatory. “I don’t have any plans,” confirms exec producer Brad Falchuk. “I’d never say never, but I thought we really finished that story nicely. It was very clear: He’s OK. He’s out now. In the future, there’s a possibility of him being really happy. You never know — he might come back. We might need him for something. You never know when you need someone to talk to Unique or something. But there’s no more story to tell with that character, as far as I’m concerned.”

Question: Based on the first two episodes, I’m cautiously optimistic about the new season of Glee. Any scoop? —Sandra
Ausiello: It sounds like the show is getting ready to introduce Season 4’s Big Bad. Ryan Murphy & Co. are on the prowl for an actor with impressive pipes to play an evil and dashing military-school grad who transfers to McKinley.

Question: Wow! I loved the Castle premiere! What a strong start to the season! Anything new you can share? —Cheryl
Ausiello: The top-secret “Caskett” coupling will start to come to light when a member of the team rings Beckett… and, well, she’s not the person who answers.

Question: What’s this I hear that Lena Dunham gave you a juicy scoop at the Emmys about Girls? Care to share? —Jacob
Ausiello: Can’t get anything past you, Jacob. It’s true — Ms. Dunham shared some NSFW news about the HBO hit’s upcoming second season. “You’re going to have the opportunity to see Patrick Wilson play ping-pong in a not-totally-dressed state,” she teased of the Gifted Man‘s guest appearance. “He’s hot as… I want to say something classy but all I can come up with is he’s hot as f—. And he’s a very nice person too. And a devoted father, which is such a sexy quality.”

Question: Any more details on Matthew Broderick’s Modern Family role? —Joanne
Ausiello: ABC’s press release simply mentioned that he’s playing a “neurotic friend” of Phil’s. Well, sources close to the show confirm to me exclusively that Broderick’s character is gay and thinks Phil is, too. And Phil being Phil, he’s completely unaware of the epic mistaken (sexual) identity farce that’s unfolding before his eyes.

Question: How about another clue on your X-rated blind item from earlier this month? —Georgia
Ausiello: Enough with the clues – you’re getting an answer in the next 24 hours. To ensure you don’t miss the big reveal, you can refresh your browser every five seconds or you can sign up for TVLine’s new, improved and customizable e-mail alert mailing list. (The blind item reveal will be going out to subscribers of the default “All Spoiler, Casting & Scoop News” category.) In the meantime, there’s still time to prove you knew the answer all along by posting your best guess in the comments below! THIS JUST IN: The secret’s out!

Question: Any intel on who dies tonight on Sons of Anarchy? —Jeff
Ausiello: No solid intel, but exec producer Paris Barclay said something at the show’s premiere earlier this month that has taken on a whole new dimension in the wake of the death buzz. Asked how much longer Clay and Jax’s cat-and-mouse game would go on, the writer/director responded, “It’s not going to go as long as fans of one of them would like. It’s going to end abruptly and quickly.” Hmm…

Question: Got a Happy Endings morsel you could throw my way? —Craig
Ausiello: How about I pass on to you the morsel that Damon Wayans, Jr. threw my way Sunday on the Emmy red carpet. Hint: It pertains to a new Season 3 cast member. Press PLAY below for the scoop.

Question: I saw that TVLine was quoted in an ABC commercial for Last Resort! As a reward for noticing and being excited, can you please give me some Big Bang Theory scoop? —Violet
Ausiello: Not only did you see it, but you were excited about it — and that’s why you’re getting this next scoop: Mayim Bialik reveals that there’s some “really, really funny Amy/Penny stuff” coming up, adding, “I don’t want to give away too much, but there’s an Amy-and-Penny-spying scene, where we’re spying on someone that I want to spy on, and I’m bringing her along with everything we need.” The CBS smash is also readying a Halloween episode that revolves a big party. “I think the notion of Amy and Sheldon in matching costumes is all that needs to be said,” previews the Emmy-nominated actress with a laugh. “It’s a ridiculous idea, it doesn’t really work out the way that it should — and that’s also funny — and it’s just sweet. There’s some really sweet stuff with me and Jim [Parsons].”

Question: I love Grimm! It is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me! It hurts to have to wait until Friday for new episodes, and I would be really, really, really happy if you could share a few scoops with me. —Oliver
Ausiello: Oliver, grab a paper bag and start blowing into it — your question has been selected for this week’s Ask Ausiello. The Event‘s First Lady ala Lisa Vidal has been tapped to guest-star in this season’s 11th episode as Lauren Castro, Portland’s ambitious DA who intends to run for mayor and won’t let anything — or anyone — get in her way. FYI: Vidal shows up in the same episode in which this happens.

Question: Any early scoop on the new season of Rookie Blue? I can’t wait until next summer! —Amy
Ausiello: Two new cops are coming to the precinct, including “a hilariously filter-less” rookie, previews executive producer Tassie Cameron. “She brings up a lot of stuff with the other characters because she’s one of those fun characters who says exactly what’s on her mind all the time.” The other, meanwhile, is a no nonsense senior officer who’s “weary” of the young officers at 15. “She’s tough. She’s nine years on the force, including a stint in SWAT as a negotiator,” shares Cameron. “So she’s a very experienced officer with some fast decision making skills that are in obvious contrast to the new rookie, for example. It’s fun always to bring somebody in to the series who’s not dying to make friends with people right away, who’s assessing our characters a little bit and not jumping in saying, ‘I want to be your best friend.'”

Question: Could you spare any intel on Justified — maybe something you found out at the Emmys? — Audrey
Ausiello: Production on Season 4 starts Oct. 3 and, according to co-star Joelle Carter (Ava), the action will pick up “a couple of weeks” after the Season 3 finale. “I visited the writers, and there’s some exciting new stuff [planned],” she told us at HBO’s post-Emmy bash. “I think it will be the best season ever. They’re going to stick [closer to] home a little bit more and work with already-developed storylines.”

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Question: I saw that Parks and Rec has an episode coming up called “Leslie vs. April.” Context, please? —Missi
Ausiello: A newly empowered April returns from D.C. determined to take on a more active role at work. There’s just one problem: The new initiative she pitches conflicts with an idea Leslie already has in the pipeline. Cue fireworks in Pawnee!

Question: Is this the season Parks and Rec will finally introduce Pawnee’s MIA mayor? —Jonathan
Ausiello: Exec producer Mike Schur remains very much on the fence about whether to introduce the man, the myth, the legend. “We’re of two minds about it; if we could find the right, perfect person and we could do a storyline that involved the mayor, we would be happy to do it,” he says. “But there’s also something to be said for never seeing the mayor. There’s something to be said for the mayor being our version of Norm’s wife on Cheers, and just saying that the mayor is just this funny figure, a shadowy person who we never really get to meet. If Bill Murray called us tomorrow and said, ‘Hey, can I do your show?’ We would write a very big, juicy episode for him to appear in. [Laughs] But we don’t want to do it just to do it… It’s just a completely accidental thing that we’ve referenced the mayor a number of times and never seen him, and now I weirdly kind of like that we’ve never seen him.”

Question: I’m ecstatic Lifetime has renewed Army Wives, but what’s going on with Kim Delaney? Will she be part of the new season? —Diana
Ausiello: If she is, I hear it will be an a limited capacity. The actress doesn’t have a Season 7 deal in place and word is, she’s unlikely to return as a series regular. A source close to the show, however, insists no final decisions have been made — and they most likely won’t be until closer to the start of production later this year.

Question: Anything on my favorite returning comedy, Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23? —Claudia
Ausiello: You’ll love this: After tuning in to a TV dating contest, Chloe and June decide to create their own reality series — with James as their version of Chris Harrison. Natch, things go haywire when the trio attempt to “workshop” the program without letting the bachelor over whom the girls are competing know what they are up to!

Question: Anything on Suits? —Jessica
Ausiello: Remember how exec producer Aaron Korsh told us that Hardman’s absence will “shift the perception” of the firm in the legal community and “possibly make them a little bit more vulnerable”? Well, I think the show is on the lookout for someone to capitalize on that vulnerability. Producers are searching for a Brit or Aussie actor to play the fortysomething head of a London-based international law firm on a recurring basis. “Avuncular, unassuming, likeable, you’d think he inherited his position — but he didn’t,” reads the casting notice. “He uses his simple-man charm to cover the fact that he’s deceptively smart.”

Question: Do you by any chance have any Dan and Serena scoop on Gossip Girl? I’ve seen those pictures of them on a Vespa (flashback to their first date, maybe?), but do you know if they really mean anything? — Jenny
Ausiello: I don’t have any info about a Vespa, but I can report that producers are planning a callback to the Season 2 episode “The Dark Night” and will once again trap Dan and Serena together in an elevator. Bonus Spoiler: Who’s the mystery person Ivy keeps taking calls from?

Question: Any idea what Chang will be up to this season on Community? Really curious considering at the end of last year he controlled a child army, kidnapped the Dean and nearly burned down the school. Thanks. — Leah
Ausiello: Let me answer your question this way, Leah: In Episode 6 — “Economics of Marine Biology” — a Greendale Community Collegian named Big Poppa (emphasis on the “big”) is put in an outfit that’s even farther out-there than some of the stuff the Dean wears while pledging the school’s new frat. (Who knew Greendale even had frats?) In other words, no, I have no idea what Chang will be up to.

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