Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Gossip Girl, Private Practice, Last Resort, Broke Girls and More

Gossip Girl, Last ResortIs Gossip Girl setting a course for a plane tragic ending? What’s the scooper on Private Practice‘s Cooper? Is the latest Last the best? When is Mad Men back? Read on for As to those Qs plus teases from other shows.

Gossip Girl | Spotted: A body bag on Gossip Girl?! Sources confirm that the CW soap’s penultimate episode will feature a plane crash! The flight manifesto is being kept under tight wraps, but the Inside Line is that at least one major character is on board. Who do you suspect/fret might buy it before GG says goodbye? Hit the comments with your predictions.

Private Practice | Previously on TVLine, KaDee Strickland used words such as “phenomenal” to describe the script for the Cooper-centric Episode 8. Now here she is (sorta) telling you what that hour is about. “It’s ‘Cooper All The Time’!” she laughs. “Everything you have fallen in love with about Cooper over the last six years, there’s a full hour of it. It’s ‘Cooper’s Greatest Hits,’ that’s what it is.” Which, given the news about the series’ end date, sets up a nice send-off for the character (as well as the others who each get a POV-centric episode before the Episode 13 finale). “After six years of doing these two [characters], it’s so great when you get in there and still enjoy working together,” Strickland says of scene partner Paul Adelstein. “I mean, we’ve been seeing each other at work on a daily basis for six years, and it’s wonderful how that can imbue the work. We had a lot of laughs and a lot of fun making that episode.”

Last Resort | ABC felt strongly enough about this Thursday’s episode of the freshman drama to issue a screener, and their instincts were right. Accurately pegged by series cocreators Shawn Ryan and Karl Gajdusek as the best episode since the premiere, the narrative is split between a face-to-face between Chaplin/Kendall and SecDef William Curry (who is even more sketchy in person than he is squawking over the Colorado‘s intercom) and a sub mission that Grace must command, when a chink in the perimeter materializes. The negotiations between Chaplin and Curry also brings Grace’s father to Sainte Marina, where he makes clear his own agenda (and might get to play hero, in a way). You’ll also gain more insight into why things are so wackadoodle back in D.C., and learn what ace-in-the-hole Chaplin has to play at the bargaining table. Meanwhile on the sub, Grace kicks much ass with a crafty trick that evokes Star Trek II, and in doing so kinda plays matchmaker for one couple. Oh, and one of the power players at the peace pow-wow shoots someone to death. Definitely a must-see hour if you’ve been or thought about climbing on board. As for the next episode (airing Nov. 8), there’s this morsel: “The crew is hit with an attack by an unknown force unlike anything they’ve seen before.”

2 Broke Girls | Nov. 5 marks the debut of Veronica Mars alum Ryan Hansen as “Candy Andy,” the proprietor of a local confectionery who is sweet on Caroline. Alas, Max’s partner in cupcaking shies away from TV’s erstwhile Dick Casablancas because “she definitely does not make the best first impression,” Beth Behrs teases. That said, the Broke Girl touts Andy’s introduction as “my favorite episode that we’ve shot so far” as well as “probably one of the most shocking.” As for Hansen’s performance, “He blows me away,” Behrs raves. “He is so funny and he fits so perfectly into that role and into our show. The studio audience went crazy for him.” Apparently so did the producers, as Andy will recur for at least four episodes. “There is ‘unfinished business,'” Behr teases.

I now close with a pair of reader questions….

Please tell me the likelihood of Alphas returning for Season 3 is high! After the Season 2 finale, I will WEEP if the show doesn’t return. –Juli
I wouldn’t go so far as to say the likelihood of renewal is “high,” but at the very least it shouldn’t be ruled out. Depending on how all the DVR playback data and such stacks up, I’m hearing the odds of getting Season 3 are no less than 50/50.

Can you find out a return date for Mad Men? Not looking for exact but if it will be winter, spring or summer. –Kimma
Well, it’s definitely not going to be as soon as winter. And while I thought the period drama might return to the summertime premiere pattern from Seasons 1 through 4, I am told that Season 6 will in fact arrive in the spring of 2013.

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