Exclusive Video: Bones 'Pulls Apart' Angela and Hodgins! Plus: Why Is Brennan Crying?!

The break-up frenzy that upended Glee earlier this month appears to be spreading to Bones.

On the heels of Sweets and Daisy’s sad split, fresh evidence has emerged that strongly suggests the long-running drama is about to drive a wedge between Angela and Hodgins too!

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“Everything that came together in Season 7 is going to fall apart in Season 8,” exec producer Stephen Nathan reveals in the latest installment of Fox’s “Breakfast with Bones” video series. Adds series creator Hart Hanson: “A good template for the [season is], ‘Let’s test everybody who’s in love.'”

That ominous discourse leads into a clip from the Nov. 26 episode that features Hodgins telling Angela, “If you ever leave me it’s gonna be for [spoiler].” (Nathan later confirms that they do indeed plan to “pull apart” the couple — could this guy be the trigger?)

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And what about Booth and Brennan? Hanson and Brennan drop a cryptic tease about them as well before cutting to a worrisome clip of Brennan sobbing from the Nov. 12 episode.

Press PLAY below and then share your varying levels of anxiety in the comments!