Fall TV Preview

Fall TV Preview: Bones Bosses Share 10 Season 8 Scoops, Including the Arrival of Booth's Mom!

Bones exec producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan — a.k.a. Team Hathan — took time away from plotting their next grisly death to chat with reporters about the show’s upcoming eighth season (premiering Monday, Sept. 17 at 8/7c).

Herewith are the 10 scoopiest highlights from the call.

1. Pelant is “going to be around all season,” confirmed Nathan of the Big Bad who is currently framing Brennan for murder. “We love this guy. He’s the most interesting multiple murderer that we’ve ever had on the show. He’s going to color Season 8 a bit. No one’s going to be able to rest easy in Season 8.”

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2. The twist at the end of the premiere will both temporarily conclude “the [Pelant] story” and “raise another question,” teased Nathan. “But Pelant is not going away.”

3. David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel “are currently negotiating through at least season 9,” says Nathan. “We’re pretty confident they will come to some agreement.”

4. The revolving “gang of interns” will continue to come in and out this season, said Nathan. Added Hanson: “Also, we will be meeting new interns this season, and revisiting interns we don’t see as much as we want to.”

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5. “We’re very interested in meeting Booth’s mom in the back [half of the season] and having Booth’s mom meet Brennan,” previewed Nathan. “It’s time to see Booth’s family a little bit.”

6. Cam’s mysterious new love interest will be unmasked in Episode 5, titled “Crime Scene Clean-Up.” “It’s someone fans will recognize,” said Nathan, confirming TVLine’s early scoop that her boyfriend will be a familiar face. “If we’re good, they didn’t see it coming.”

7. Episode 2 finds Booth and Brennan addressing the toll the three-month separation has taken on their relationship.

8. A never-before-seen sibling of Hodgins’ may put in an appearance later in the season.

9. “There might be [a Booth/Brennan wedding],” hedged Nathan, before adding with a laugh. “It’s only Season 8. We’re just beginning.”

10. This season’s landmark 150th episode is a “weird episode,” said Hanson. “It’s going to be an episode where we see everything from the POV of the victim. It’s been very tricky. We needed a very heart-tugging story, so the person whose death we are solving is an actual character. It’s a boy. It’s not a funny episode. It’s an oustsider’s view of our team at work.”