Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Pretty Little Liars, Grey's, Glee, Bones, Sons of Anarchy and More!

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Question: What’s going to happen with Auggie and Annie on Covert Affairs? —Alex
Ausiello: Chris Gorham recently told TVLine that Auggie and Annie are going to have that conversation — and now I can tell you when: the Nov. 20 season finale. It’s “a real game-changer” for the pair, Gorham teases, and “it changes everything.” And if you enjoyed the increase in serialized storylines this season, you’re in luck. “That’s definitely going to continue,” he promises. “This season, it ended up being a 11-episode arc, and then a five-episode arc. Next season, what they’re talking about is having one long arc for the entire season.”

Question: Supernatural scoop of any shape or form will be appreciated and endless gratitude will be given! —Lucy
Ausiello: Ty Olsson isn’t spilling about what, if any, role his character Benny played in Cas not getting out of purgatory, but viewers will “get a little bit of information” about their unique dynamic. “It’s a fun, little relationship,” he shares. “I think the audience will enjoy it. There’s a bit of a third wheel thing that happens between Castiel and Dean and Benny.”

Question: Ben’s proposal to Leslie on Parks and Recreation were the greatest two minutes of my life! What’s next for the funniest couple in Pawnee?—Hilla
Ausiello: She’s gonna meet his (divorced) parents, played by Breaking Bad‘s Jonathan Banks and ER‘s Glenne Headly. “It’s a very contained episode,” previews exec producer Mike Schur of the outing, which will now air next Thursday. “We wanted to put them all in a pressure cooker and leave them there for 20 minutes — and it turned out really well!” Adds Adam Scott of TV dad Banks: “I love the idea of Ben’s father being a little terrifying. It fits in really well with the character of Ben. And Jonathan is hilarious.” (BTW, Hilla, I was about to tell you what a sad little existence you must have but then I realized they were the two greatest minutes of my life, too. Just kidding. My life isn’t that lame.)

VIDEO | Watch Ben Propose to Leslie on Parks and Rec

Question: Anything about Glee, please?! —Amanda
Ausiello: Stop me if you heard this one before: Finn is going to fill in for D.C.-bound Mr. Schue as choir director for a few episodes. “We sort of shake up the glee club a little bit,” teases exec producer Brad Falchuk. “What always works on this show is when people are the underdogs. So, how do we make [New Directions] underdogs again? Well, obviously, you clear out a lot of the people who were the top dogs. But also you have a new person coaching them going into Sectionals that doesn’t know what he’s doing. This is all new to him. It seemed like a way to freshen up things a little bit.”

Question: I mean, I love Happy Endings and all. It’s one of my favorite comedies right now. But I am really tired of you dispensing Happy Endings scoops instead of what people are actually looking for. First there was a question about Max Adler’s character on Glee, then the Doctor Who thing… I would have liked an answer for both of those questions instead of being teased. So, since it seems like you are just fishing for people to ask — got any scoop on Happy Endings? —Megan
Ausiello: If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you 6 million times — there are no plans for Max Adler to return to Glee at this time. But if it’s a Glee scoop you want, it’s a Glee scoop you’ll get: The show’s Thanksgiving episode finds much of the original crew getting together at BreadstiX for a reunion — but two notable alums are MIA: Kurt and Rachel. Will they put in an appearance? Will they blow them off? I can confirm that it’s either the first one or the second one.

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Question: Please share anything you can about what’s going on with Kurt and Blaine on Glee! —Joey
Ausiello: Blaine keeps texting him. Kurt keeps ignoring those texts. That’s about it.

Question: Quick — your three favorite shows and the three most disappointing shows this fall (doesn’t matter if they are new or returning). —JJ
Ausiello: Three faves: American Horror Story: Asylum, Homeland and The Walking Dead. Most disappointing: Saturday Night Live, RuPaul’s All-Stars Drag Race and Gossip Girl.

Question: Michael, help me. I am distressed. I do not believe that Etta is dead on Fringe. Is there any hope? Am I still in the denial stage of grief? —Jillian
Ausiello: I am also choosing to believe that she is not dead. But I have no evidence to back that up, sadly. And this doesn’t exactly fill me with hope.

Question: Is there going to be a Christmas episode of Bones this season, especially since Christine is now in the picture? —Matt
Ausiello: Negatory. Santa’s bypassing little Chrissy’s house, sadly. “Holiday episodes are difficult for us because our scheduling is always in flux,” explains exec producer Stephen Nathan before adding, “I might dress as Santa, but that’s about it.” Bah humbug. Bonus Scoop: Booth and Brennan’s newest houseguest, Sweets, starts feeling a little too at home in the Nov. 5 episode when Seeley catches him with a pair of his Incredible Hulk boxers. And on Nov. 19, the identity of Cam’s mysterious boyfriend is at long last revealed!

Question: I desperately need some Pretty Little Liars scoop! — Estée
Ausiello: Mona is freed from the sanitarium and “back amongst” the residents of Rosewood in the Jan. 8 season opener, exec producer Oliver Goldstick confirms. “She has most people fooled. She plays the part of the victim quite well when she returns, because remember, she was bullied. That’s why she had the breakdown — that’s the spin, at least.”

Question: Inquiring minds want to know — what are you dressing up as for Halloween? —James
Ausiello: That buzzkill Sandy put the kibosh on my original plan, which involved a lot of blue paint and a pair of white overalls. So I decided to just Photoshop some woolly compadres over my eyeballs and go as J.R. Ewing (see photo, right). Thoughts?

Question: I hope you stay safe from Hurricane Sandy! In the meantime, is there any juicy Delena scoop for The Vampire Diaries? —Amy
Ausiello: Someone is going to start haunting Elena from beyond the grave — and it’s going to Freak. Her. Out. It gets so bad that she nearly ******* ******e.

Question: Will Derek appear in next week’s Mer/Cristina-centric episode of Grey’s Anatomy at all? I’m hoping for at least one Meredith-and-Derek scene, especially since this is the ep where Mer finally breaks down about Lexie. —Tia
Ausiello: I can confirm that Patrick Dempsey will make an appearance in “Beautiful Doom,” but when and in what context I’m not saying (hint: because I don’t know myself).

PHOTOS | Grey’s Anatomy First Look: The Mer and Cristina Hour!

Question: Loved seeing Ethan Embry on Grey’s Anatomy as Arizona’s prosthetist. Will he be back? —Nina
Ausiello: I was under the impression the role was recurring, but I was wrong. As of now he’s not slated to return. The good news: In a few months you can catch him on Once Upon a Time!

Question: Got any 90210 spoilers? —Victoria
Ausiello: Here’s a piece of news that will shock no one — Arielle Kebel’s psycho bitch Vanessa isn’t dead. Look for her to resurface before the end of the year. In the meantime, her “death” will continue to haunt Liam, who begins to receive spooky I Know What You Did Last Summer-type messages from a person whose name will remain confidential (hint: because I don’t know myself).

Question: Anything on my new obsession, Elementary? —Dave
Ausiello: The upcoming two-part November sweeps episode I told you about last week will feature what showrunner Rob Doherty calls “a more proper story” for Aidan Quinn’s Captain Gregson. “We had an opportunity to pair Sherlock with Gregson in a really interesting way,” teases the EP. “It was a different kind of story for us.”

Question: With Private Practice coming to an end soon, anything we can look forward to in these final episodes? —Jarrod
Ausiello: How’s this? Former Veronica Mars teach Kari Coleman has been cast as Sheldon’s never-seen ex, with whom he’s been carrying on a no-strings semi-reconciliation. Look for their little arrangement to takes a surprising turn in this season’s ninth episode.

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Question: I heard a rumor we have not seen the last of Walton Goggins’ Venus on Sons of Anarchy. Please tell me the rumor is true. —Greg
Ausiello: Not only are we going to see the gender-bending dynamo again, SOA creator Kurt Sutter reveals, “I’m pitching a Venus spin-off to FX!” All kidding aside (and yes, he was kidding), Sutter hopes to have Venus back — possibly as early as next season. “My hope is to keep some of this Diosa world alive,” he says, “and there’s no reason why we can’t have him back, because it was pretty fantastic.”

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Question: Something’s been troubling me about Sons of Anarchy, and hopefully you can help. When Tara visited Otto in prison, were we supposed to infer that she ultimately gave him what he wanted (sex!) in exchange for the intel? I seriously hope not. The Tara I know would never go there. —Samantha
Ausiello: I had the same worry. Thankfully, Sutter — who plays the incarcerated SAMCRO member — put those fears to rest. The EP points out that viewers “saw Otto leave” at the end of the scene. Furthermore, “The reason Tara [later] lied [to Jax] is because she failed, and she doesn’t want to feel like she’s letting Jax down. She half-lied. She also knew that if she told Jax exactly what [Otto] said, Jax would say, ‘F–k it. You’re not going in there again.’ She didn’t want to reveal that because she wants another crack at Otto.” And she’ll get it. Sutter confirms that the Otto/Tara arc “will all play out” at season’s end.

Question: Anything on Boardwalk Empire? —Eric
Ausiello: This is going to sound like the world’s lamest spoiler but I promise you it isn’t: Van Alden is going to do some ironing in the near future. This next scoop, meanwhile, is going to sound like the world’s juiciest spoiler but I promise you it isn’t: There’s a funeral for a major character in this Sunday’s episode.

Question: Do you have any scoop on Gossip Girl? —Teresa
Ausiello: Last week, Matt Mitovich told you in Inside Line that the penultimate episode features a plane crash. Well, I’m here to tell you it also features a death! Oh, and did you see this?!?!

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  1. Aiden says:

    lmao no one cares about max adler.

    • Mark says:

      People clearly do if E! and Tv Line have both answered questions about him this week. Nice try :)

    • Tomas says:

      The fact that Ausiello’s been asked about him enough times that he’s popped up this often in “Ask Ausiello” would indicate the opposite within literate crowds, but I digress.

    • Becky says:

      Yes, obviously all of the people asking about him don’t exist. Rme.

    • rowan77 says:

      And who made you everybody’s mouthpiece? I care about Max Adler. I think there was so much left unexplored about his character during his high school years. I think he should have an arc, rather than just being part of Kurt’s story.

      I stopped watching Glee, for the most part, last season, but when I hear Max Adler is on, I tune in.

  2. hmmm... says:

    curious to know how bad they make finn as the new directions director. i know he’s going to call santana. so lord knows…

    • Sara says:

      Not enough to destroy Mr.Shue, now they will do it with Finn. So, so sad.

      • SoUngleeful says:

        Thanks for your absolutely truthful comment. Mr Shue was a teacher in season 1 they looked up to and sung To Sir With Love, now he’s a joke. Finn in season 1 was the guy who brought them all together and who brought in a song for Sectionals when Mr Shue was banned from. Now he’ll become a joke again. I can’t stand these writers. They have ruined so many wonderful characters. Glee once was my favorite show. I cannot stand it this year.

        • sam says:

          Honestly, I would rather not watch than go through this with Finn. They have regressed his character already since that fantastic train/car scene at the end of season 3. I didn’t watch the first three episodes this season because Finn was absent, Now I don’t know I will return if it is just to see Finn the bag carrier for the newbies and the douche who ruins sectionals.

    • Ella says:

      Well, it depends what you think about Glee doing Gangnam style, cause that’s what they’re doing for Sectionals.

      • SoUngleeful says:

        You know, season 2 Barbravention for Rachel in a mall was fun and entertaining for a recent at the time youtube song. But this for a so-called Finn led Glee Club song for Sectionals is a mockery of what Glee once was. And for what the writers have so seems to have done is regressed Finn to a moron. After making Finn be a wise and thoughtful loving MAN in the finale season 3. A mockery of certain characters they like to debase.

      • Zoe says:

        This is what Glee has been reduced to. Gimmicks and so-called ‘twists’ that would make M. Night Shamalayan roll his eyes. -sigh- I want it to still be good. I really do. But it’s just unwatchably bad now. They should’ve ended it after last season.

    • E says:

      Santana & Finn ef it up & they loose Sectionals.

    • Bee says:

      Finn is my favorite character and I’m so sad now. Why do they make him fail at everything? He tries so hard but when the storyline ends, he’s always back at Square One. It’s so exhausting to watch.

  3. Alex says:

    I sent you an email about homeland scoop….

  4. hmmm... says:

    also, doesn’t the alums at breadstix talk about why kurt and rachel are missing?

  5. Emma says:

    Yes Bart Bass will die – we know that..

  6. Kelli says:

    Yes, Venus was amazing! So, if she is back, does that mean Nero will survive season 5 and come back for season 6, too? Gosh, I hope so.

  7. julia says:

    its funny to me how people keep asking for doctor who scoop when the episode already aired… 3 weeks ago…wow just wow

    • Alison says:

      I think this week’s request was something of a joke.

      That said… it’s possible there might be scoop on the upcoming Christmas special…

  8. slizabeth says:

    I do not like that those asterics fit the words ‘commits suicide.’ I’d love to see Elena own her new condition… and hook up with Damon… but that’s another story. :)

  9. Yeah, we already know Bart Bass bites the dust so…

  10. Joey says:

    You could, I don’t know, just ignore the repetitive Glee/Doctor Who questions?

  11. Baz says:

    the vampire diaries bit is it “nearly commit suicide” by chance?

  12. Sandi O says:

    Appreciative of and Supernatural scoop. Thanks.

  13. ash says:

    I guess that’s Why Ryder is Danny instead of Jake #GLEE

  14. sophie says:

    Just sharing my disappointment with GG. Why bother making a final season when it’s gonna be plain boring painful to watch..
    At least Bart is really going to die this time..

  15. Jack says:

    Man — I gotta move to Lima Ohio where the only credentials you need to be a teacher and lead a championship Glee club is be a former member! Who cares about that college degree….ya don’t need it at all!!

  16. Sky Lark says:

    OMFG, did I read that right? Sweets in Booth’s boxers, just ick, eww, barf, gag. Get your own life Sweets.

  17. Elyse says:

    pretty little liars <3 now I just need some lying game scoop!

  18. Jessie says:

    Oh joy. Jealous Cas. Supernatural is turning into a soap opera.

  19. Alison says:

    Don’t listen to Sandy – blue paint and white overalls FTW!!

  20. ady says:

    That’s obviously fake-Jimmy’s funeral in the next Boardwalk.

  21. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Hey, Aus, your 3 favorites right now are my same 3 favorites! I’m mostly disappointed by Boardwalk Empire this season though. It’s still a great show, it’s just…they’re not reaching their full potential, and they’re not using Jack Huston enough, and the stuff with Van Alden in Chicago doesn’t mesh with the rest of the show. They were off to such an incredible start, especially with Gyp Rossetti thrown in the mix, but they have kind of been very slowly down sliding since the premiere. I’m kind of interested to see Jimmy 2.0/Jimmy 1.0 get a funeral though. Freaking Gillian. What a nutjob.
    The eyebrows look great! Very J.R. All you need is the hat. I went with Evil Britta to my work party this year, just because I thought it would be hilarious to see everyone else put a lot of work into their costumes while I just spent $3 on a blue streak for my hair and showed up for the party. As I suspected, no one got the joke.

  22. Barbara says:

    Yes! Your SOA info on Venus, as played by the incomparable Walton Googins, made my day. No, week. No, month! And a new month starts tomorrow. WooHoo! Love me some Walton Goggins. Can’t wait for Justified to return.

  23. jj says:

    I am guessing Jimmy’s funeral on Boardwalk. And hopefully this will end one of the more disturbing sub plots I have ever seen on a TV show.

  24. K. says:

    I’d stop trying Adler stans. You know once they run out of Kurt storyline’s to rehash with Blaine they’ll have him attempt suicide and have Karofsky come back to stand in the background while Blaine sings moving solo #624.

    • ash says:

      No joke. Kurt barely even gets focus this season, Karofsky doesn’t stand a chance.

    • Matt says:

      Do you actually watch Glee? Karofsky would only really be brought back for Kurt. Blaine never figured into Karofsky’s stuff and they’re not about to start doing that now.

      • K. says:

        I do watch Glee, and considering Kurt doesn’t even get storylines about Kurt anymore (hell, Vogue has been little more than a stepping stone to Rachel’s makeover and setting up Blaine’s big cheating/regret storyline) I don’t share your optimism that they’d make Karofsky’s return about anything other than precious Blainers as well.

        • SoUngleeful says:

          Rib have really let the sails out of Glee this season so far. I was really looking forward to New York, especially, with Rachel and Kurt. But Kurt hasn’t even a story for himself just a lead into a Makeover for Rachel-a real lame episode. NY and Lima are really sagging in the interesting department. Music is subpar. Performances are subpar. Acting is well Glee type of acting as of late. IMO, Glee has not met its potential or its promise from the writers as being new and different. It is boring and totally predictable and lifeless.

    • jenn says:

      blaine really is insufferable this season

  25. rme says:

    Bitter Ausiello is bitter. Thanks for the non-Gossip Girl spoiler that we’ve known for weeks.

  26. just saying... says:

    doesn’t brad remember that finn “saved” the glee club during the first season? lol writers have forgotten or are they making finn choke.

  27. Lena says:

    Hi fellow TVLine junkies who watch and love TVD as much as me…any ideas what the *-ed out part of his scoop is? I’ve been trying to come up with ideas and none of them satisfy me. Y’all have any theories?

  28. Raquel says:

    Elena is gonna try to commit suicide?

  29. sarah says:

    loved ethan embry on greys wished it was a recurring role!!!

    • chris says:

      Agree – he was great and it was so nice to actually see Arizona have someone who recognized what she was going through, and supported/talked to her. Such a contrast to her wife who yells at her, throws her into a wall, is out flirting with Owen in a bar, and even though dead is still running to Mark/Marks bed every night. Callie has a long history of sleeping on couches, couldn’t she stay home and sleep on her own couch if her wife needed space? Seriously, if the show was going to cross the line into real physical consequences for its characters, (instead of miraculous recoveries) would it have killed this show to actually show AZ’s story from AZ’s POV instead of Callies?

      • rowan77 says:

        I love Ethan Embry, but the rest of your post shows you really missed the forest for the trees. Arizona has been belligerent, combative and has shown absolutely no affection for Callie since the operation. Callie has been there, supportive and loving, every stop of the way and finally Callie was at her wits end Arizona needed to see it. It made a difference.

        Callie sleeps in Mark’s bed because she misses her best friend and being there give her comfort and sanctuary from the cold shoulder she’s been getting for so long. and God forbid she smile and have a moment of lightheartedness with Owen. She didn’t hit on him. There was no sex.

        And maybe there will be an episode from Arizona’s perspective. We’re only a few episodes in and unless you work at Shondaland, you don’t know what they’re planning. But since we’re on the subject, why is Callie’s journey – losing her best friend and father of her child and, in effect, losing her wife because she made a difficult decision (although the right one) that altered their lives forever – less valid than seeing things only from the point of view of Arizona? It’s not.

        You may want to stop looking at things in such a linear fashion. It’s makes for boring storytelling.

        • chris says:

          um, I think I see whats on my screen. I saw Callie walk into the bedroom and yell at a despondant partner with no leg to get the hell out of bed. Then I saw her throw what mark would want in her wifes face a couple times, followed by throwing her into a wall and screaming at her. So where exactly was that support and love? Maybe if we had actually seen Callie telling AZ about why she had to cut off her leg and some kind of attempt on Callie’s part to reach out and comfort her after, instead of their first interaction this year being Callie telling her to get the hell out of bed, then maybe I could agree with you. But callie’s first words to AZ that we were privy to were harsh, she has a depressed wife who begged her to ‘not give up on her’/cut her leg off. Callie didn’t bring in experts to make a plan, didn’t find other ortho stars to help, didn’t build a team of infectious disease and ortho to help her wife. She made the decision to cut without even examing her. My uncle had sepsis so I know it has an 80% cure rate when caught early like AZs, so yah, she gave up on her. We need to see them discuss Callie breaking her promise to AZ (AZ talked of knowing her options and not giving consent so I can only believe she would have rather died than live without her leg). We need to see Callie showing some sympathy and care for the situation she put her wife in against her will before I will believe Callie is anything but selfish and maybe really not in love with AZ. What we saw in the third ep was Callie throwing AZ against a wall and crying because she/Callie was stuck in this situation now (it was her life too) so I didn’t walk away from that thinking anything but that Callie was just there out of guilt and not out of love and concern for AZ. Callie does what Callie always does, heads to a bar and drinks/flirts with a guy from work/Owen and runs to Mark/Marks bed to escape even if it gives her bad dreams. Because Callie has always run to Mark. Heck if 9×1 was the first ep of Greys I had ever watched I would have thought Callie married to Mark and Az her friend instead of other way round. Callie slept on Christina and Marks couches for months – she should be in her own apt with her wife and kid even if it means sleeping on her sofa. She made a decision for both of them and should have been well awares what the blowback would be, she is an ortho doc after all and must have dealt with amputees previous. The fact she wants to run off to Ders tailer just drives home to me the fact she is on a guilt trip and only there because she feels she has to, not because she wants to.

          • Temperence says:

            Yeah, I’m not agreeing at all with any of your interpretation of the Arizona/Callie issue. Of course, the situation is totally contrived – they’d have had Arizona in (physcological) therapy from minute one.

    • Cindy says:

      It was nice to see another medical professional other than a doctor on Grey’s. I get the support staff and doctors other than surgeons, are in the background but once in a while throw a line or two to them.

    • Temperence says:

      Embry deserves to get a LOT more work. Somebody give this guy his own show!

  30. Jon says:

    It’ll be nice to see Mercedes, Quinn, Santanna, Mike, Puck, and Finn all together again! Even if Rachel and Kurt don’t show up, it’ll hopefully be a very good episode. I just hope they stop neglecting Tina and give the other McKinley kids better storyarcs.

    • Lisa says:

      Tina’s going to be on the Cheerios in an upcoming episode but so is Blaine, so she’ll probably continue to be neglected in his favor.

      • Jon says:

        Really Tina is gonna be on the Cheerios? I didn’t know that! If it does happen that could be cool, I just hope they don’t completely neglect her if they make Blaine a Cheerio too though. I hope in the next episode when Mike comes back they have a couple of scenes between Mike and Tina.

        • Lisa says:

          I know Tina and Mike have a conversation in one of the Grease episodes, bt they don’t get back together.

          • Jon says:

            Yeah I’m not saying they should get together I just think it’s only fair that Tina and Mike get screentime to address their breakup atleast I mean the other main couples got an entire episode devoted to their relationships and it’s not really fair that Tina and Mike always get neglected.

  31. Lisa says:

    for AHS, Walking Dead, and Homeland being your favorite shows you didn’t exactly give us any info on them Ausiello!! They’re my three favorites too so I’m being b*itchy here but I’m constantly trying to find out whats coming up on AHS! Thanks

  32. megan marlowe says:

    I’m hoping Etta didn’t really bite it on last weeks Fringe, bit I expect that if she’s revealed to be alive it’ll be done a la Leonard Nemoy in the season 4 finale — rumor/hint/spoiler free.

  33. m says:

    “Murders someone”? I bet Elena will try to kill someone.

  34. gob says:

    Finn is the only one I really care about anymore so I want them to do him justice and not make a mockery. Fingers crossed. He’s perf.

  35. jojo says:

    Us fans of 90210 LOVE us some Liam..but this crazy bitch Vanessa storyline is SO unnecessary and corny.

  36. Janette says:

    How is this new to Finn? He has been in the club for 3 years, and during the time he was male lead they won nationals? I think he knows a thing or two about gleeclub. You’re acting like they just let a stranger from the streets take over. Such a biased dramaqueen as always.

    And wow the Boardwalk Empire spoiler is lame. Like that is hardly a spoiler now.

  37. Gary says:

    With every mention of Max Adler and Dave Karofsky, I hope it reinforces with the Glee writers that Dave can’t so easily be forgotten and his story is far from over. It’s NOT a happy ending when you leave Dave lying in a hospital bed after attempting suicide, losing his best friend and knowing his mom thinks he’s diseased. I know some people believe or hope that we’ll never see Dave again but I continue to hope that the Glee writers will realize that Max is an amazing actor and Dave’s story is inspiring to too many people to abandon it so quickly. Dave deserves his own storyline and Max deserves a song!

  38. CA says:

    I like “Delena” would like to see more of them. Do NOT like Annie and Auggie. They should be good friends and that is it.

  39. Ashley says:

    Aw, it’s too bad that Ethan Embry won’t be back as David. I really enjoyed his scenes with Jessica Capshaw and thought that we would get to see more of David helping Arizona with her rehab.

  40. Katy says:

    Can the glee writers just go watch pitch perfect and take some tips?

  41. Jen says:

    To the Glee writers: Give Finn a freaking break already. Can they stop regressing his character? He was the one who came up with the music in the first Sectionals (yeah with a little help from Will) and he has 3 years of doing show choir competition and came out as National Champions. I think he would know what he was doing. But noooo, in order to make the ND “underdogs” again, they have to make him into “dumb” Finn again. Please, the fans are tired of it. Why can’t they let Finn’s character go forward? Rachel and Kurt has.

  42. SL says:

    I don’t understand why the Glee writers don’t seem to get how much Karofsky is liked. Or if they do, why they intentionally choose to not listen to the people who like him. I also don’t understand why some viewers are so adamantly afraid for him to return. Oh, I get it. They’re afraid Kurt might fall for him. That’s it. That’s why they’re trying so hard to keep him off.

    • katie says:

      I’m gonna be blunt: Karofsky is one of the most polarizing characters on the show. He’s not like Rachel or Finn or Blaine or any of the other characters where they have their haters and they have their supporters. He’s a character that *most* fans have a very strong personal reaction to and that brings out a lot of strong emotions. I completely respect and understand that for a lot of fans he represents positive things like change and redemption but I feel like his supporters and fans completely ignore that for just as many of us Glee fans he’s a VERY triggering character and brings up a lot of negative feelings and emotions. I personally, have a very negative view and reaction to him. It’s not Max Adler’s fault; I think he’s lovely. But Dave as a character brings up a lot of bad memories and painful things for me…and I’m not the only one. I think don’t think one “side” is more valid than the other but the fact is they both DO exist and I think TPTB at Glee are very aware of that and kind of err on the side of caution. I don’t think Karofsky fans will ever get as much as they want and I don’t think Kurtofsky fans will ever see that ship go canon, but I also don’t think that Dave’s ever going to be completely written off either. I think RIB are doing the best they can to sort of split the difference and please everyone but tbh I don’t think it’s worked.

  43. I think Sheldon’s ex is going to turn up pregnant in Private Practice…

  44. Ben says:

    Why the crap didn’t the writers of Glee have Holly Holliday or Shelby Corcoran be Schuester’s replacement? Oh that’s right, because it’s actually a plausible scenario. (And yes, I realize these actresses may not have been available.)

    • A. says:

      I don’t understand Brad Falchuk’s quote. Finn was depicted as being not book smart but was always the one who knew how to “bring the music” to ND. He’s been doing it for 3 long years and brought home the National Championship trophy. So, Will taught him nothing? But I guess that’s how they’ve been writing the character for a long time now. The only way to freshen things up a bit and to make the show about the underdogs again is to regress your characterization of your male lead and turn him again into a blundering idiot? Again??? Where’s all the growth he gained in the previous episodes?

      • sg says:

        One of the greatest mistakes this show has made is not to have realise how important Finn, as the Everyman, is to the audience and the way it relates to Glee. They have under utilised him (and Cory Monteith’s subtle but vulnerable portrayal), especially season 3 (he appeared fleetingly in the first three episodes then). Now he seems dispensable again. Ryan Murphy has said he identifies most with Rachel and Kurt, but both those characters work so much better when in Finn’s orbit rather than each others. By the time they do give Finn a plan or reunite Finn with Rachel, if that is their plan, I hope both the Finn and Finchel fandoms aren’t be too depleted or exhausted.

  45. Lexie says:

    Oh, I’d say Gossipgirl is about a million times better this year than last year. Last year was terrible

  46. PFitzDC says:

    Maybe it IS denial, but I also am suspicious about Etta’s death on Fringe, despite the actress’ comments. There were two very pointed incidents of Peter blacking out and waking up after being unconscious. In a show that doesn’t tend to waste scenes, what WAS the point of those? I can’t help feeling that the writers are putting something in motion for things not being as we see them…. On IMDB, Haig is listed in being in this Friday’s episode; granted it may be a flashback scene, but it belies comments she made about only doing 4 episodes….So have faith, Fringe fans!

  47. Ella says:

    “I think the audience will enjoy it. There’s a bit of a third wheel thing that happens between Castiel and Dean and Benny.”
    – Seriously, the slash just writes itself…

  48. billie says:

    I ship Chuck and Death , Cheath FTW . come on get in the plane Charles please pretty please . UES hates you !

  49. Eric says:

    Mike, you are crazy. RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race is great. I do wish that it was going to last longer than 6 episodes, but I think two queens getting eliminated per episode really ups the stakes. They should be high in an all stars competition. Are you bitter that Pandora Boxx was eliminated first? Team Rujubee all the way!!

  50. TJCrinc says:

    The vampire diares hidden words, seems like “Murders Someone”