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Question: If you could find some Fringe spoilers to ease the sadness of this being the last season, that would be awesome. —Jess
Ausiello: This week’s episode — the fourth out of the final 13 — is titled “The Bullet That Saved the World” and as such — no surprise — features an emotionally moving moment surrounding the necklace Etta had been wearing. You can also count on a creepy callback to an episode from the middle of Season 1 and insight on a nifty skill that Future Broyles has acquired. Oh, and there’s a death.

Question: Can I have some Once Upon A Time scoop, please? – Angie
Ausiello: Someone gets punched out this Sunday — and I can already hear viewers cheering.

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Question: Do you have any idea which Glee members are playing which characters in the Grease musical? —Megan
Ausiello: I’ve got more than an idea — I’ve got the freakin’ cast list right in front of me. Alas, I’ve been sworn to secrecy. I will say that one casting decision will raise eyebrows (not to mention Sue’s hackles).

Question: Is there any hope for Brittana on Glee? Or has that ship sunk? —Ashley B.
Ausiello: What if I told you that there’s an episode coming up during November sweeps where all of the couples that broke up in “The Break-Up” reunite? What if I also told you that there was a twist? Hmm?

Question: The Walking Dead reminded me on Sunday why it is my favorite show. Any scoop would be great! —Heather
Ausiello: This week’s Woodbury-set hour features one of the show’s most iconic images ever — and one fans of the comics will surely recognize.

Question: Anything on Parenthood? —Megan
Ausiello: Jason Katims will be gifting viewers with an epic blubberfest this holiday season. Think: Hospital. Christmas Eve. And 14 Bravermans.

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Question: Can I get some scoop about what might be my new favorite show, Arrow?  —Katy
Ausiello: This week, of course, marks the debut of DC Comics baddie Deadshot. But it’s Episode 4 (airing Halloween night) that promises to be the show’s first game-changer when, well, let’s just say that someone spies Oliver slipping into his “costume.” And that lookie-loo might not be the only person who gets wise to Arrow’s true identity that episode!

Question: What does Nikita‘s horrible ratings mean for Season 4? —Jarrod
Ausiello: Relax. Breathe. Chill. Pop a Xanax. Let’s get a little deeper into Season 3 before we start worrying about a fourth season, k? Besides, there’s something more pressing you should be freaking out about. Like, what exec producer Craig Silverstein meant when he told my colleague Megan Masters that “no one on the show is safe,” adding, “There’s going to be some direct changes and threats to people in the core group and how you define the core group.”

Question: Any Alex-related Nikita teases you can share? —Jill
Ausiello: Hope you’re patient, because “The bigger Alex stuff is planned for a bit further down the line,” shares Silverstein. “One thing I can tell you is that she starts to flirt with a darker path starting around Episode 4.”

Question: Um, holy Switched at Birth finale bombshell! Any Season 2 scoop? —Lisa
Ausiello: Series creator Lizzy Weiss tells TVLine that the Angelo’s alleged baby mama “will be a huge part of Season 2 in terms of everyone’s responses to her, and what it means for each character to have this potential half-sibling out there.” Bonus Scoop: Next January’s season premiere will also feature a new character, Teo, played by Stephen Lunsford, who is part of “a big new story for Bay that will shake up her world. There will be a new friendship for [her].”

Question: Any word on who the mystery person is that helps Arizona learn to accept her situation on Grey’s Anatomy? —Diana
Ausiello: No, but I have information about another Grey’s mystery man: Now that it’s been revealed on air that Derek, Meredith and the rest of the survivors of the plane crash will be filing suit against the airline, I can confirm that Bones‘ baddie Andrew Leeds — whose top-secret casting I reported last month — will be playing one of the lawyers assigned to the case.

VIDEO | Grey’s Anatomy First Look: Mer’s Keeping a Secret From Derek!

Question: Last week you were asked a Doctor Who question, but you gave a Happy Endings answer. Could you answer the Doctor Who question? Otherwise, I will assume you, Ausiello, have been replaced by a word recognition IBM supercomputer aka Watson! —Eric Fitch
Ausiello: LOL. I promise you I read every question throroughly. I’m what you would call a very hands-on investigative journalist. Now, getting to your request — yes, I’ve got a Happy Endings scoop but I’m phrasing it in the form of a question: Why exactly is Penny in a wedding dress in this season’s 11th episode?

Question: Is this Michael I’m talking to? —Aleksander
Ausiello: That depends. Are you looking for Doctor Who scoop?

Question: I’m ecstatic about the full-season pickup for my favorite new fall drama, Elementary. Any prattle on upcoming episodes? —Josh
Ausiello: The show is planning something resembling a two-part episode next month. “Each of the two episodes has its own case, but there’s some connective tissue in the B-story [involving] Joan and her curiosity about Sherlock’s past,” explains exec producer Rob Doherty. “She’s always pressing him for more information in the hopes that it will help her be a better companion to him. But Sherlock is in so many ways a locked vault inside another locked vault. We get into the mythology a little bit more.” And when we come out the other end, their “relationship changes a little in a nice way,” adds the EP. “We deliver them to a new place.”

Question: Loved seeing Yvonne Strahovski back on my TV on Dexter. How close are Hannah and Dexter going to get? —Heather
Ausiello: I imagine they’re going to get a lot closer after Dex discovers in Sunday’s episode that they share something pretty major in common. (Hint: If you’d prefer not to know what the twist is, do not watch this video.) Bonus Spoiler: Deb will learn that LaGuerta has secretly re-opened the Bay Harbor Butcher case and will offer her “assistance.”

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Question: This Psych-O needs to know. — when is Season 7 starting? —Samantha
Ausiello: Someone (read: Samantha!) didn’t get the memo: Shawn and Gus are back on the case Wednesday, Feb. 27. And I can confirm exclusively that Full House and 90210 vet Lori Loughlin has just signed on to guest star as a gifted plastic surgeon who rekindles a past relationship with a major character whose identity will not be revealed here. Guesses? Hit the comments!

Question: Pretty please could we get some Grimm scoop? —Stacie
Ausiello: The beautiful and oh-so-beastly Adalind (Claire Coffee) resurfaces in the Nov. 16 episode and promptly makes life miserable for Nick, Juliette, Renard and Hank. Bonus Scoop: A surprising spice shop patron will leave Monroe in a state of shock and awkwardness.

Question: After Sunday’s beyond intense and fantastic episode of Homeland, I marvel at the fact that we’re only four episodes into the season. Is Episode 5 another game-changer? —Jorge
Ausiello: You. Have. No. Idea. Brace yourself for another rollercoaster ride. There’s a 15-minute, uninterrupted scene between Claire Danes and Damian Lewis that packs in more plot development than whole seasons of other shows. Bonus Scoop: Dana’s romance with the veep’s son is going to take a literal and figurative turn for the worse.

Question: I’m a big Vampire Diaries fan. Scoop? —Chloe
Ausiello: The CW’s November sweeps release is surprisingly generous with the VD spoilage. Herewith are the official teasers, copied and pasted verbatim:
10/25: While Connor continues his search to uncover the secrets of Mystic Falls, Stefan takes Elena on a thrilling motorcycle ride in an effort to show her that life can still be fun.
11/1: At a fraternity costume party, Damon takes advantage of the wild scene to give Elena a lesson in choosing a victim. Meanwhile, Klaus tells Stefan about an encounter with a powerful group of vampire hunters in the 12th century.
11/8: When Connor takes Jeremy, Matt and April hostage at the Grill, Stefan and Damon have a serious disagreement about the best course of action, and Elena again caught between the two brothers.
11:15: Terrifying hallucinations leave Elena shaken and confused, causing her to make a dangerous mistake.

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  1. George says:

    I think the Nikita question is off a season ;)

  2. Renee says:

    Nobody gives a crap about Happy Endings.

  3. Allan says:

    What does “Let’s get a little deeper into Season 2 before we start worrying about a third season, k?” mean about Nikita ? The show started its third season last Friday, I dont get it, Ausiello…

  4. annoying says:

    Can you stop using Finchel photos for Glee spoilers? Specially when there’s nothing about them. It’s off-putting, makes me want to close the page again without reading anything

  5. Nac says:

    Everytime a new Brittana spoiler comes out, I don’t know what to think about it… I need them to get back together, but I don’t know what Ryan thinks.

    • Stacie says:

      So they reunite, meaning what? Reunite could mean they get back together as in a relationship or they reunite as in they physically see each other and are in the same room. My opinion, at least with Brittana, is that maybe they get back together and then Santana goes to NY. That’s my guess on the twist. Maybe. I don’t know this show is crazy. I hate it, then I like it, then I want to kick it in the face, and then I watch the shows and buy the music. It’s just indescribable.

    • Jack says:

      General feeling on other boards is that Ryan Murphy was not a fan of any of the couples with the exception of Rachel and Finn but thought their break up would have the greatest shock value to the fans to get them to come back to see if that couple will eventually get back together. He really disliked Klaine, as did the actors, and only got them together because he caved to fans wishes. And he seems ambivalent to Brittana. Let’s face it — season 3 was an unmitigated hot mess. Here’s hoping season 4 can redeem with solid couple storylines as well as good plots.

    • Liz says:

      I thought Ausiello might mean that there are flashbacks in the episode….reunite might mean that they are just seen as a couple together from before they broke up.

      • Stacie says:

        Thinking now, I think reunite is like some fantasy sequence. I didn’t really think about the twist part. I think maybe all the couples are together again in a fantasy, kinda like what we saw when they all broke up Episode 4. It’s a total cop out if it’s a fantasy though. It just means you are teasing the fans with what they really want and then take it away just as quick.

    • Ella says:

      The Glee spoilers isn’t news-all the couples who broke-up reunite for Grease. It was already spoiled in the promo.

    • They just broke up. Obviously they’re not getting back together any time soon.

      • Kay says:

        Right. it will be a fantasy sequence. Probably the only couple to actually end up together will be Finn and Rachel. The other two couples are probably done (although Klaine is still in the air because Blaine told Finn he didn’t know if they were broken up or not because Kurt wasn’t talking to him – but I think Kurt will make the decision soon to end it).

  6. Rrrrrr says:

    Um, Nikita IS in its third season. Fans have been afraid that The CW might cancel it halfway through. That’s the question.

  7. Lara Riley says:

    A twist? Aahh I just want Brittany and Santana on my screen, together. You know getting all those conversations and private scenes they never got before, together as a couple.

    • tw says:

      Please, I can only hope so. I miss Brittany and Santana together so badly. They were sweet, and funny and sexy and had real chemistry together.

      And while I’m wishing, can we please NEVER have to endure Finn and Rachel together again? That ship has sailed and Rachel deserves SO much better. Maybe not Brody but someone with more talent, charisma and less bland, boring awkwardness than Finn. After living in NYC and going to NYADA, she’s really outgrown him.

  8. Robby says:

    Spoiler alert: the couples reunite during You’re The One That I Want, but it’s a dream sequence type of thing so nothing of value happens. Scooped.

  9. soxfan says:

    @ Diana – could the “mystery man” coming to help Arizona be Jerry, the pilot? We don’t know if he survived the crash as there has been no mention of him since we last saw him sitting in the downed plane & he couldn’t feel his legs. He spoke mainly with Arizona but also with Derek & Cristina.

    • CT says:

      Supposedly this person is not a new character, just someone who is “new” to Arizona. “New to her circle” I think were the exact words used to describe this mystery person. So who has Arizona barely interacted with? April? Jackson? Meredith? Chistina?

  10. Brittany says:

    And once again, Ausiello becomes Trollsiello. Nice job turning the Doctor Who question into a Happy Endings question again. This is why I no longer send in questions.

  11. madhatter360 says:

    While I love that people are asking for scoop on Doctor Who (best show ever!), the question last week was about an episode that already aired, and the next episode doesn’t air until Christmas (and who knows when the episodes after that will air?).

    Even spoiler websites devoted just to Doctor Who don’t know much about the upcoming episodes.Given that the show is filmed in a whole different continent it isn’t really fair to keep bugging him for scoop at the moment.

    When we get closer to new episodes, then I wholeheartedly support demanding Doctor Who scoop. :)

  12. okay .. in between my reading all the way to the end and posting my comment, the Nikita Q&A was updated. :-)

  13. TIMMY says:

    The twist is all the couples reunited in a fantasy number of You’re the one that I want. Cast list Rdyer Linn gets Danny Marley Sandy Unique Rizzo Sam Kenickie Sugar Frenchy Blaine Teen Angel etc I’m bored

  14. Joe says:

    Why to series creators and producers, in this case Nikita’s, need to consider a shocking killing of a main character in order to show that “no one is safe”. It just irritates the fans.

  15. Jess says:

    Ugh. I hope they keep all the Glee couples apart, at least for awhile. They ALL need to mature an grow before reuniting. I just REALLY hope they don’t throw new love interests in there, especially for Finchel considering it’s been shown that they think they are it for each other. Also, Klaine. Blaine obviously needs to work on himself a tad too, like Finn. And Kurt is way too busy for a boyfriend so no new love interests. Brittana… well I’ve always imagined Santana with another Head Bitch in Charge, so if they get a bad ass girl who ISN’T a bitch (seriously, can’t anyone be badass without a bitch like Quinn or Kitty?!?) then I might be interested in seeing her explore that.

    • Jack says:

      Ausiello’s tease has been spoiled elsewhere — it’s just a fantasy sequence…none of the couples that have broken up will be getting back together anytime soon.

  16. Holly says:

    Let me guess… all the broken couples reunite for “You’re The One I Want?” SHOCKER. We’ve already seen Finchel, Klaine AND Brittana dancing and singing to that in the promo and the twist?! It’s a fantasy sequence while the newbies are really doing it. This has ALREADY been spoiled. You suck.

    • Jen says:

      It should probably be mentioned that the original stage version of Grease didn’t include the song You’re the One That I Want…that was written specifically for the movie version. As was Hopelessly Devoted to You and Stranded at the Drive In. In the stage version there are different songs in several parts of the script. I know this because when we did Grease when I was in High School, we did the actual stage version and not some ridiculous combination of stage and movie just to please the crowd. But Glee is rarely realistic, so I guess I’m not surprised (and I believe some of these songs may have been included in the stage version of the revival in the 90’s, but I don’t remember exactly. The revival also included a bunch of random popular 50’s songs for some reason).

  17. Tracey says:

    Oh Aussie,your ONCE scoop is cruel, not funny at all, sorry

  18. Kes says:

    I hope Brittany and Santana are done FOR GOOD. That relationship has always felt SO forced to me. Terrible. I hope Kurt and Blaine work it out soon!

    • Robby says:

      I mean, if you prefer a toxic relationship where one of them cheated after 2 or 3 weeks apart and forced himself on his boyfriend while drunk, then be my guest.

    • demi says:

      you think brittana is forced? LMAO

      • Kes says:

        Yes. Forced. Santana TRICKED Brittany into being with her while Brittany was with Artie. She PREYED on her stupidity saying it wasn’t cheating if “it was the same parts.” And don’t get me started on Brittany’s character. It’s gross they over-sexual a character that they portray as having the mental capacity as a child.

        • demi says:

          ok, but as someone who doesn’t care about brittana or klaine just based on chemistry brittana is much less forced than klaine. and klaine is awful. if you’re going to hold that stuff against them then you should probably try holding stuff like the car scene in the first time and blaine’s cheating against blaine.

          • Kes says:

            Apples and Oranges. At least one of Klaine didn’t trick someone into being with them. Brittana IS forced because they were background characters that the writers threw together to appaise fans. That’s why you get no real story line and a 4 min break up scene after no interaction for a whole season. The writers don’t care about them. So… keep on shipping them but don’t be surprised when they don’t get back together. They are done done done.

          • C. says:

            Again, enjoy your cheating and rape attempts :)

          • Tim says:

            enjoy having scenes with guy who outed you

          • demi says:

            brittana was thrown together because of the chemistry the actresses had, which defeats your entire comment. klaine was thrown together because darren had one song that sold well. enjoy attempted rape and cheating.

        • Nac says:

          Brittany knows what cheating is, she told Santana she would never cheat on her, and why do you think Artie never knew earlier about them?
          And Santana didn’t trick Britt into anything, since in Duets you can see that Brittany is the first one to show she wants more of their relationship.

        • C. says:

          The only argument of Brittana haters: Santana tricking Brittany, when Brittany perfectly knows what she was doing, and it’s been perfectly explained in several scenes and episodes (Rumours, the latest episode) but it’s conveniently ignored. Enjoy your cheating :)

          • Tim says:

            Enjoy Brittany and Sam

          • Kes says:

            Enjoy your “energy exchange” which FYI in lesbian term IS what happens right before you cheat. Look it up. It was Santana saying she is about to sex up ALL of Kentucky but broke up with Brittany first. She doesn’t even love her enough to TRY long distance. Great relationship.

          • C. says:

            Not happening. It’s already been spoiled :)

          • Lauren says:

            Sam and Brittany FTW!!!!!!!!! They are TOO cute!

          • Wes says:

            What Brittany and Sam? It’s not happening, been spoiled today.

          • Tim says:

            lol at the delusion Sam/Brittany is not happening because they are focusing the musical/sectionals.

          • Wes says:

            Keep posting with several names, you’re entertaining.

          • Tim says:

            Nope go back to the LC

          • Sara says:

            I’m not a Brittana hater, and I certainly never felt that either one of them was tricked into a relationship. I just feel that they don’t have a lasting relationship. They never seemed to mesh together to me as more than friends who explore their sexual identities. That isn’t to say that they don’t love each other greatly, but perhaps their relationship is one of the more true representations of real life. I never saw them going the distance. It isn’t fair to the actress and their characters to keep them together because the fans want them to be together.

          • Brett says:

            The same could be said for every couple tbh.

          • Mickey says:

            It’s all about personal tastes. For example, I feel that Klaine isn’t a good match (even though Kurt is my favorite male character). But that’s what I feel. Even as a gay guy, I can’t feel connected to their story and for example I prefer Brittana as a couple.

  19. Tricia says:

    I TOLD you guys that Unique is Sandy! Can’t wait to see it!

  20. ady says:

    I hope that Walking Dead scoop refers to the Gov watching his heads.

  21. Alice says:

    Don’t hate on the Doctor Who fans Ausiello, that’s just mean.

    • ben says:

      He has been doing it to a different show every week. Suddenly when the scoop was about Doctor Who, the comments section was full of people saying that it was rude and disrespectful. Even though the question was about an episode that had already aired and even though anyone reading the column religiously would already have picked up on the running gag. Ausiello didn’t make this about Doctor Who fans, but last weeks comments from some fans certainly earned this weeks follow up. And yeah, I’m a Doctor Who fan, but come on! MA has the scoop that he has. He could either use a question about Happy Endings, or be a bit more fun and keep his running gag going. I’m not sure why people keep getting so precious about it.

  22. mst3k says:

    So are you just taunting us by twice now saying you will reveal some Doctor Who scoop and instead telling us about Happy Endings (A show I could not care less about) What’s the deal?

  23. Brad says:

    I really hope Santana on Glee moves to NYC soon and finds herself some hot from Rachel’s dance class. Those girls are smoking! I need some Santana comedy in the Rachel/Kurt household.

  24. Emily says:

    A teaser for Fringe aired during FOX’s NLCS coverage saying “last 10 episodes” and I almost started crying right then and there.

  25. Katie says:

    Do you know how Elementary is going to get around the ‘6 week’ companionship deal for Watson now that its gotten a full season pickup? (yay! XD) How is Sherlock going to get her to stick around?

  26. Timmy says:

    Haha. Glee and it’s shippers are pathetic. All I see is whining about this “Brittana”…. if you have any intelligence and have watched any other show, you have to expect couples to break up. Are you serious?!

    • Lara Riley says:

      The problem with that isn’t as simple as a “break up”. It’s the fact that the ONLY meaningful ON SCREEN conversation they were given WAS the break up. It’s the fact that we didn’t get to watch them be a couple and have scenes together. Brittany was rendered mute 90% of time while they were a couple. That is the problem.

      • Josh says:

        That’s always been Glee’s problem. And yet you keep going back. So it’s your fault if you keep getting frustrated.

  27. Wes says:

    Sexing up a stranger met after two weeks with a stranger. No room to talk here.

  28. Jess says:

    Thank for the Fringe scope, I may have squealed bit that my question got answered.

  29. Blake says:

    Psych scoop. This isn’t Glee, so we know that they aren’t bringing in a new character just to give trouble to an existing couple. Lori isn’t going to be there for Shawn or Lassie (or the chief). Gus is already having two girls this next season, and one of them is going to be around for quite a while. So When Henry Met Lori.

    • Yeah, Henry makes a ton of sense. He’ll be in the hospital in the premiere anyway so what better place to meet a hot doctor?

    • Patti says:

      henry is my guess too

    • Winnie says:

      I know Lassie loved/loves his ex-wife quite a bit, and then there’s the awesome Kristi Swanson relationship, but I am still rooting for Lori Laughlin to be some childhood crush Lassie had. …or Shawn’s Mom. I miss my psych, but the great news about having to wait until February is that a friend of mine who’s been deployed should be back in time for it (yes, I know said friend has “more important things” to think about, but said friend is a big psych-o and that would be a nice treat to come back to).

  30. Iya says:

    Why do you have to bring one couple down in order to make your favorite couple look better??? Lol I can’t

  31. Rj says:

    SPOILER: the Glee couples reunite in the Glease (wtf) episode.

  32. Bonnie says:

    Here’s hoping Aurora gets punched.

  33. Brett says:

    Glee couples reunite in a fantasy sequence in the Grease episode. Welp, I’ll take my Brittana.

  34. Linderella says:

    Parenthood blubberfest? That sounds rather ominous. Here’s hoping the cause of tears is Zeke and not Christina.

    • Emma says:

      I agree. But he said 14 Bravermans. So, who’s not there? There’s 21 Bravermans… Unless their kids aren’t being counted, because there are 7 of them. Still, I’m not looking forward to it. Of course, every week is a blubberfest for me.

  35. Mickey says:

    Big shocker, the couples of Glee get reunited in a fantasy sequence in the “Grease” episode. Of the three I only care about Brittany and Santana but from the promo the number looks fun.

  36. Jon says:

    Nikita- I’m ok with Alex having her own storyline later since right now they need to focus on the whole New Division vs the Dirty Thirty storyline. I just hope they don’t make it be a whole Alex/Sean/Owen love triangle.
    Arrow- hmm there’s alot of possibilities of who finds out Arrow’s identity. Digg could find out and help him; Tommy could find out and later on become the villain Merlyn; Laurel can find out and begin to become Black Canary; Thea could find out bringing the two of them closer and leading to her becoming Speedy(although I think they mentioned in an interview that if she does become Speedy it’ll be later on) wow lots of possibilities to go with.
    OUAT- I wonder who’ll get punched? Aurora? Hook? Rumple? Dr. Whale maybe?
    Glee- It sounds like the couples will be together in like a dream sequence or something which is fine w me. I’d rather they focus less on the relationship dramas and more on the individual characters(especially the ND characters like Tina, Sam, Marley, Artie, and Ryder)

  37. We’ve known for two months now that Dr. Whale gets punched in the face by David in 2×05…

  38. Cassie says:

    The most obvious connection would be Henry but I don’t think it said romantic, just rekindling a past relationship. Maybe she’s Juliet’s sister/mom/aunt/cousin?

  39. Hojana says:

    @Eric Fitch They get a happy ending depending on how you look at it.

  40. Patti says:

    thanks for the psych scoop.

  41. Courtney says:

    I think I’m one of the few who find this whole Doctor Who/Happy Endings thing funny. Because Doctor Who aired Three Weeks Ago!

    • Alice says:

      And no one else has ever asked for scoop on a show while it was on its break? It’s coming back at Christmas, I don’t think asking if there is any scoop in October about the new episodes is so unreasonable. Other people have certainly asked for scoop on other shows WAY before they were due to come back. But now he’s just being an Aushole making fun of people for having the cheek to ask a TV show blog for scoop on a TV show.

      • Theresa says:

        Yes, but the “scoop” that the person asked for wasn’t about the NEW episode(s) coming up, it was about something that had already happened on TV several weeks ago. He wasn’t being an Aushole; why would he “spoil” something that isn’t a spoiler anymore?

  42. Tanya says:

    The thing is Steven Moffat is not much forthcoming when it comes to spoilers. That might also create a bit of a problem when trying to get Sherlock scoop. That being said, Whovians are nice, intelligent, somewhat enthusiastic people when it comes to sonic screwdrivers and bow ties. And fezes. Not nice to jerk them around.

    • TheDoctorDonna says:

      also roman centurians, fob watches, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stuart (and his daughter), and the Face of Boe.
      Alons-y, Alonso!

  43. Megan says:

    If Christina dies in Parenthood I will stop watching. Poor family-

  44. Tom Hunter says:

    I want some L&O:SVU scoop!! Will we get to see Alex Eames back on the SVU canvas this season??

  45. hello says:

    I fear friday is the end of Etta on Fringe. I love her

  46. Kim says:

    I wonder if he will ever do an AA session where there are no glee scoops? That way I can actually read the comments with out having to sift through all the bickering of the fangirls and boys, and get to the actual comments about the shows mentioned.

  47. Kim says:

    Oh I can only hope the Psych scoop is about Henry, only because that means he didn’t die there on the beach! Cause I dont know if my little Psych-O heart could take it if he really does die.

  48. j says:

    I love Grease and Glee

  49. Fen says:

    Thanks for the Psych scoop, Aus! As for Laurie Laughlin….I’m thinking she’ll either have a connection with Henry or Lassie. Lassiter does need a woman in his life!

    • suzi says:

      He does-she just happens to be in prison. I love his relationship with Marlowe Viccellio, and I hope we see Kristy Swanson again this season.

  50. Kelly says:

    No offense, because I like the show, but could we please have a situation with Stefan and Damon that isn’t about Elena!! For crying out loud! This whole show doesn’t have to revolve around saving Elena or fighting over Elena.

    • Leslie says:

      I don’t believe the Stefan/Damon fight has anything to do with Elena this time. I’m pretty sure it’s all about how best to deal with Conner after he takes hostages at the Grill, not saving Elena or fighting over her. She probably just winds up getting in the middle to stop them from fighting about it. Though, I do wish she’d stop interfering with and getting caught between them all the time. That is getting old.