Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: Mer Keeps a Secret from Derek, and Arizona Is Not Amused

This Thursday on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, Mer will seek the counsel of her person Cristina as she resolves to shield Derek from her tales of surgical stardom. Meanwhile, Arizona braces to take the first step in her new life as an amputee.

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In this first clip below, Meredith (played by Ellen Pompeo) apparently is in line to become “Mrs. Impossible Tumor” with a wowsers bit of surgical derring-do, yet when Derek comes home she keeps it on the QT, all while trying to bolster his enthusiasm for teaching. Also: Zola and the carrots!

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Elsewhere in the episode, Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) continues to struggle to accept her fate. The first step, as it were, involves meeting the physical therapist (Brotherhood’s Ethan Embry) who will be with her “until one of us dies, or your leg grows back” — a joke that does not go over well with the new amputee.

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