Exclusive Video: Bones 'Pulls Apart' Angela and Hodgins! Plus: Why Is Brennan Crying?!

The break-up frenzy that upended Glee earlier this month appears to be spreading to Bones.

On the heels of Sweets and Daisy’s sad split, fresh evidence has emerged that strongly suggests the long-running drama is about to drive a wedge between Angela and Hodgins too!

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“Everything that came together in Season 7 is going to fall apart in Season 8,” exec producer Stephen Nathan reveals in the latest installment of Fox’s “Breakfast with Bones” video series. Adds series creator Hart Hanson: “A good template for the [season is], ‘Let’s test everybody who’s in love.'”

That ominous discourse leads into a clip from the Nov. 26 episode that features Hodgins telling Angela, “If you ever leave me it’s gonna be for [spoiler].” (Nathan later confirms that they do indeed plan to “pull apart” the couple — could this guy be the trigger?)

VIDEO | Wedding Bells For Booth and Brennan?

And what about Booth and Brennan? Hanson and Brennan drop a cryptic tease about them as well before cutting to a worrisome clip of Brennan sobbing from the Nov. 12 episode.

Press PLAY below and then share your varying levels of anxiety in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. laura says:

    aahhh…. good idea ! now, I’m interested to watch ! if only they could break up for real…

    • laura says:

      and by separate them, I mean them ALL… Hodgins/Angela and Booth/Brennan… give us the angst back,

      • Lynn says:

        The angst never left, for you to say that, clearly you haven’t been watching

        • laura says:

          where did you see angst last season Lynn, except in the season finale? where did you see angst since the beginning of the season? clearly you’re blind, and you fooled by the happy crap …

          • Rita says:

            Happy crap is not really crap if it’s handled well. On the other hand, if the angst is excessive, THAT becomes unrealistic crap.

      • nadine boerner says:

        I love Booth and Bones being together so leave them alone

      • Steve Wilson says:

        NO NO NO!!!! Then you might as well kill off the characters and cancel the show. I hated it when Zack was eliminated. The other people who make up the show are good for it such as Angela’s Dad, Parker and his mother, Booth’s grandpa, Brennan’s dad and brother, Cam’s daughter and sister, some of the lady FBI agents who worked in some of the episodes. No Sully–never did like him. I liked shows where they traveled to other states/cities to solve crimes; i.e. where they performed in the circus and the Las Vegas trip. Just passing on my 2 cents worth.

        • Alice Cleary says:

          I agree, bring back Zack. He was a great part of the show. Bring him back even if its for one show to let us know how hes doing. That would be great.

    • sharon says:

      Leave thing a lone. I love the show the away it is. Don”t mess it up. sharon

  2. Mikaylah says:

    This is one of the reasons I haven’t been watching this season. Honestly, I was so happy when Booth and Brennan got together romantically, but ever since it has been unnecessary drama. I can’t get over Brennan taking off with Christine. I love Hodgins and Angela, and we’ve already seen their relationship tested, so I wished TPTB would leave them alone.

    • Amanda says:

      I agree. i love Angela and Hodgins. i hope if they pull them apart, they bounce right back!

      • Sarah says:

        I agree completely. They were already tested. How many tests do these two have to pass before they can just be happy together?

        • Nichola says:

          Yes, this 100%!

        • Deb says:

          Any more testing and you might as well turn the afternoon soap operas on. Love Angela and Hodgins as a couple. I wish the new angst would be another baby for them!! Booth and Brennan are fabulous together. Glad Sweet broke up with Daisy. Let him be the angst part for this season.

          • Amber says:

            I completely agree! I love Bones & Booth together. I especially love Higgins & Angela together!!! I think the angst should be a new baby, not them breaking apart. If they break up & don’t get right back together, I know a lot of ppl including my self who won’t be as anxious to watch the show.

          • Marg says:

            Yes – let’s have them have another kid – twins maybe – and maybe move to another country to get away from everything. If you break up Angela and Hodgins, I will stop watching the show. I’ve rooted for them from the beginning to get together, hated it when you broke them up the first time, and cheered when they got back together. There are couples that stay together, you know. Why not write that in?

    • diantha says:

      I miss liking this show. It used to be my never miss it, watch as it aired show. I was thrilled when they got Booth and Brennan together, but just like you’ve said, it got so batsh*t that I couldn’t watch it anymore. i know there has to be drama and no couple can remain happy all the time, but couldn’t there be a little happy? just a smidge? Guess I’ll continue to read the recaps until it sounds bearable again.

      • sladewilson says:

        Me too. I can’t with this show right now. And come on – leave Angela and Hodgins alone – have them be the one couple of stability – but noooooooooo….. ugh…

      • susan f. says:

        Please can’t there be a couple on television that last forever! Leave Bones alone but please let them at least act happy! Their televeion relationship is so fake. Do they like each other in real life. They don’t seem to have any real like for each other. Yet, I don’t want to see the relationship stop. To much “here today and gone tomorrow” crap on tv. Let’s let our kids see relationships that last even when things aren’t going well.

      • Jess says:

        Me too. I was an international viewer and used to dl the links as soon as they appeared. I haven’t watched since season 6 but thought i would pop on over and see if the show had improved. By the looks of things i am glad for my sake that i stopped watching. I switched to Castle instead, even though heaps say it copied Bones, it is doing its r/s WAY better than Bones after reading these spoilers. I miss the awesomeness that was season 1 2 3 Bones :(

    • Dee says:

      Pls dont’ pull Angela and Hodgins apart. I love them being together.. and Booth and Brennan too! i have been waiting and waiting for years for these four to become couples! i have been a loyal viewer but I will quit watching if you drive them apart!!

    • Steve Wilson says:

      I totally agree!!!!! Please leave things as they are–it is great show the way the characters are and I enjoy them. I am fans to all of them which makes the show

  3. Hannah says:

    If they make Angela and Hodgins split up for good I’m done with the show.

  4. Mariel says:

    Please don’t break up bones and booth! Took forever to get them together. Don’t do it don’t do it! Please

    • Kirstin says:

      I agree. Thats all i was waiting for throughout the seasons. It would be terrible to end it now. The whole thing is about Brennan being able to trust and move on

      • m. LEE HILL says:

        Let Brennan and Booth finally trust and finally down the road get married add another child I don’t care just let it be and be a little like a happy life. too much sadness in this world.

    • Dawanna says:

      I totally agree. Just leave the be, and let them work out the problem out that they have already. Bones just came back.

  5. TJ Draper says:

    If they split Angela and Hodgins up, I’m done. This show should have ended with a decent finale last season. This is what happens when a show lives too long. The irritating thing is there are ways to keep the show interesting without going for the low hanging fruit like this.

    Let us like and love the characters, and let them have lasting relationships!

    • Lynn says:

      no it happens when they had a shorter season and it had a decent finale. Seriously what are you people watching, it’s clearly not Bones…..

      • Rita says:

        I know exactly what you mean. I just love those people who are just waiting for it to be cancelled but no. It still comes back every year BECAUSE IT’S GOOD and the ratings are good even with the strong (very strong) competiton at that particular time slot.
        They don’t even know yet how’s the angst is going to be handled and they’re already finding excuses to stop watching.

        • Alice says:

          Hi all from small Czech Republic,even here we love Bones,even our small dog is calling Tempy coz she is so smart and sometimes really funny….all our family loves this series and we all hope tht booth and brennan will be together and also angela and hodgins…..and now when they went thru the hard times u dont let them have some air…..u should kidding us right :)

    • carol lewis says:

      Well put!!

  6. Rita says:

    What the hell is wrong with brennan? I’m freaking out for my babies…

  7. I hate these two so much right now. why can’t they just leave the relationships alone and concentrate on character development and delivering compelling mystery every week. That should be more than enough of a challenge. This isn’t Glee for god’s sake. Why are they yanking around the couples like this is a freaking day time soap?! Grr…..

    • John says:

      Too yes.
      Hate it when the writers etc. get bored and start “stretching” in ways not at all organic to the show (IMHO).

    • Dottie Refder says:

      I agree. Enough with the personal relationship crap. Get on with the stories of the dead bodies. That’s what the show is supposed to be about. Not some afternoon soap opera!

    • rjones says:

      Yeah…what she said

    • Cherie says:

      Please leave them alone, challenges 2 relationships is one thing, but why do tv shows always think that’s “breaking up”. I hate that! So many ppl don’t realize how challenging keeping a relationship growing is n that’s why so many shows get canceled right after the”fighting”/ “angst” couple get 2gether, cuz they don’t know how 2 enjoy the development of the relationship.

      • Reba says:

        I think you should leave the relationships alone. I have been married for forty years and there have been many bad times. But there have been more good times, enough to make us realize that being together is better than being apart. Let them solve their issues with compromise. Splitting up is too easy. Staying through thick and thin is better! Don’t mess with the show!

        • susanb says:

          WELL SAID !

        • marge says:

          I have been married–to the same man— for 58 years. I agree with Reba. Disagreements can be worked out and they can still be together. I would like to see this show go back to more concentration on the crimes that they should be solving. Lots of personal stuff yes but worked into the days work, not a full 30 minutes of angst. I have watched this show from its beginning and have thoroughly enjoyed each season. I am looking forward to many more !

        • Marg says:

          Well said, Reba!

    • carol lewis says:

      AGREE, AGREE, AGREE!!!!!

    • Karen Jenkins says:

      I want the old Bones back,solving crimes.I love the couples being together so let it be that way,why does there have to be things breaking everyone apart all the time.

  8. AngelMoon Girl says:

    Don’t really care about what happens in other relationships so long as Booth and Brennan stay together! SO excited by that little clip of Brennan crying and Booth hugging her; I wonder why? POOR BABY :'( Anyways, I’m glad this is a slightly darker season! I love good drama!

    • Honestly, I just hope everything is okay with Max. As long as no one died, I’m game.

    • Sarah says:

      I think it’s from the 150th episode and the victim is a child. But I could be wrong.

    • rjones says:

      I would be happy if 90% of every episode is about the crime solving and less about the back story. Some of that drama is good to make you like the characters but too much and you lose the foundation of the series. OHH..and if they break up Booth and Brennan I am going to stop watching. I can’t think of one good reason to play forbidden love for 6 seasons and then yank it out from under the viewer. Not to mention the chemistry will never be believable after that.

  9. Kristen says:

    I’m pretty sure Hodgins and Angela have been through enough over the past seven years. I don’t understand the need to mess with them. They’re married, and have a kid together. WTH?

  10. Lynn says:

    Tread carefully Hart & Stephen, you just might drive people away for good……

    • elr says:

      Hear! Hear! I couldn’t have said it better. They better not break up Booth and Brennan or Angela and Hopkins.

    • carol lewis says:

      Yep, if they keep messing with the characters people have invested time and emotion in, they could be “writing” themselves out of a really nice gig…

  11. Sky Lark says:

    Hodgins and Angela were much more interesting apart than together. Then after 1-2 years apart, a hurried up, jail house marriage, wth? A brief time apart might do them good and as HH has always said, “Hodgela belong together,” so its just unnecessary angst.

  12. Karen says:

    OMG I hate these two right next to Booth and Brennan Hodgins and Angela are my 2nd fave couple on this show WHY WHY Why and I want to know why brennan is sobbong

  13. madbengalsfan85 says:

    The problem with Hodgela (based on the last episode) is that Angela seems to be lacking contentment with her job (This goes way back to s1). I could see that creating tension in their marriage. And who would Cam be dating that could cause Brennan to break down? Early consensus was Clark, but I can’t see that sort of collateral dmg from Clark/Cam…perhaps she’s hooked a bigger fish?

    • Jailyn says:

      Good catch on that! At first I didn’t realize that the two (Cam and Booth/Brennan) were connected. But he did say that “Cam’s relationship will pull apart Booth and Brennan to a certain extent,” didn’t he? That doesn’t exactly mean that’s what Brennan was crying over in that clip, but that’s interesting…

      Although, I never did believe that Cam was going to date Clark…I am curious to find out who it’ll be though!

      • Sara says:

        No, I really don’t think it’s about Clark. He said “We’ll pull part Hodgins and Angela, Cam’s relationship. We’ll pull apart Booth and Brennan to a certain extent” Betting on Christine though… I don’t see why else she would break down like that.

  14. Rita says:

    Look at that… the first comments are all about bashing. What are you doing here if you don’t like the show anymore people?

    • tjdraper says:

      I think the point is we do love the show, hence the reason we are here. We don’t want to see it messed up. We are voicing our opinion as viewers of the show.

    • laura says:

      as you, I’m entilted to have an opinion about what I watch and share it . nothing else nothing more. there is no bashing there. I guess you are one of those fans who think that only their views matter….

      • Rita says:

        Not really. I’m just “voicing my opinion”. Do you really want them to break up so that they can get back together again? The unique thing about this show is how they handle relationships. Realistic is the key word. You can have the unecessary couple drama in ALL the other shows. And you know why the writers give you that? So that all you can think about while watching is them getting back together and forgetting how unstable and dysfunctional the relationship really is. When you’re an adult, that never happens. Except in the movies. And tv shows. And that’s exaclty why the producers are never going to take that road.

    • See, the disconnect here is, you associate the relationships with the core of the show. Most of the people on here that are upset about them spending air time on the couples don’t. This is a procedural about how a forensic scientist and her FBI partner use their very different skill sets and perspectives to solve crimes. Everything else is just background and filler story to humanize the characters. There are people who are passionate about Booth and Bones and Hodgins and Angela being together but there are even more people that think that writing trite story lines about romances takes away from what the show is about and that is pointless and distracting. I really love both of these couples together but what I really care about on the show is them focusing more on interesting crimes, workplace politics and the different ways there are to solve crimes. In earlier seasons the two were much more balanced (character story vs crime story) but they seem to be shifting focus more to the characters and I personally think that is a mistake. There has to be a balance in the episodes. These characters are a team and throwing soap opera drama in there for no reason but to “shake things up” is a waste of valuable screen time. It’s Zach’s write off all over again. What is the freaking point! I really like this show but I don’t want to watch Grey’s Anatomy Crime Solving Edition. I want Bones.

      • Rita says:

        Every procedural needs to start neutral. What we saw in the first season was about finding its place between all the procedurals out there (and god knows there were/are many…) The core of the show hasn’t changed a bit. FBI guy and forensic anthropologist solving grisly crimes. But there’s a thing called character development that has to happen at some point. Otherwise it would just be a lighter version of CSI and would not exist on its own.
        Now think about how upset people were after Zach’s departure, how angry they were. Do you think that would happen if they didn’t focus on the characters? And that was way back in season 3. In CSI, I watch it quite often and I don’t even remember the character’s names, and you know what I don’t care. Because it’s not the kind of show that people get passionate about, that actors get feedback from, that producers get yelled at like they got yelled at after the Zach arc. IMO, it was a great exit since Eric Millegan wanted to quit the show to follow his Broadway dream.
        Anyway, my point is that I understand that some people watch it for the crimes but that’s not what sells after 8 years. There’s still great cases coming up, like the one you just saw in this video, And the serial killer will be back soon enough. But how could you expect them to come up with 140 unique ways to kills someone? Then every “special” case would just be… meh.

        • I can easily expect them to come up with that many interesting cases. That is the expectation when you have a procedural about solving unconventional murders then that is what you need to provide. I understand that they need character development. I said that the reason I like this show because it has a good balance between character and crime but every now and then they get a wild hair up their butts and decide that things are getting “boring” and they screw with the characters just to screw with them and it bugs me. It upsets the balance of the show and it rarely means something good for the characters. Which I don’t like.

        • carol lewis says:

          Rita , you are so right! The only way I can remember all the names is that I’ve learned these characters inside and out. The whole crime solving is made more interesting because you have the character’s background, strengths, and weaknesses. It makes it seem more real…not just procedural.

  15. Karen says:

    Just a thoughts people this could also be one of the bonus eps just a though

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      Think the Hodgela episode might be

    • Rita says:

      It is one of the bonus episodes. At least the scene with Booth and Brennan is a bonus episode. It’s probably (surely) the 150th episode.

      • Staci says:

        The Booth/Brennan scene might be a bonus episode, but it’s not the 150th because this episode says it airs November 12th and that will only be the 148th.

        • PKJ says:

          At the end of season 7 143 episodes had aired so the 7th episode to air in season 8 will be the 150th episode to air. And it was anounced that the 150th episode would be one of the bonus ep. The sceene with H & A is from the episode to air Nov 12th & the sceene with B&B is from the episode to air Nov 26th.
          Bones returns Nov 5th with the 5th episode of season 8. I am guessing that there will not be an episode airing on Nov 19(Thanksgiving day will disrupt The Xfactor, which will disrupt all the other shows.)
          I do not see any of the couples breaking up. They will be tested,but I don’t see any of them ending for good. Though Sweets & Daisy can stay apart.

  16. violet hour says:

    WTF if they so much as touch angela and hodgins , i’m done for good with this show! and to think i just caught up on this show after taking a hiatus on it at beginning of season 6 when booth was so in love with that awwful journalist blondie, and seriously they just had a kid why would you do that to them?
    angela and hodgins have been my rock on this show when shizz was up and down with booth and brennan ughhhh

  17. Linda says:

    I would rather have them breakup Booth and Bones than Angela and Hodgins.

  18. Gina says:

    The Angela episode is a bonus one.

    Looks good. Love the drama. Can’t wait for November.

  19. EveatEden says:

    No NO NO NO NO… Angela and Hodgins soooo cannot be broke up! ARG!!

  20. SusN says:

    Strange. I thought ep 6 (12-11) would be the one about ballroom dancing. So why is Brennan crying? I don’t think they wil break Booth and Brennan up. Maybe it’s the bonus ep about a murdered child. That would make Brennan cry.

  21. Midori004 says:

    Not needed. Last week’s split made me happy, they were not right for each other, but everyone else should move the hell on, and that includes the writers.

  22. J says:


  23. Gina says:


    This is a bonus episode. When they posted something about this episode last season, they casted a fellow artist that was going to help Angela return to her roots. The article specifically said nothing romantic would happen.

    I think this is more about Angela feeling like she gave up her true passion.

    Sounds pretty interesting.

    I’m not even a little worried about BB.

    Bones has been so good this season. Just enjoying the ride.

  24. chantell says:

    What an absolute tradgedy if they break up hodg n ang…i agree I would rather booth n bones break up..ang n hodg already been through enough, thats just messin for t sake of ratings…what a mistake!

  25. A. Adams says:

    There are probably a whole boatload of possibilities regarding who Cam’s new relationship might be with: 1) the FBI agent who was after Brennan in the season opener. (That’s horrible…can’t even remember his name!) Either Booth or Brennan might have some deep feelings about that which might put them at odds with each other. 2) Max? Yeah, it would be a little odd, but who knows? I doubt that it would set well with Brennan. 3) Sweets? Hmm. He’s a free agent now. Again, who knows? 4) Did anyone say it was a man? Maybe this is where Angela and Jack’s problems come into play…After all, Angela had a girlfriend once. But I think we should all remember where this info in the video is coming from. Out of the mouths of two people who are adept at misleading Bones followers. What is said often doesn’t come to fruition in the way its put out there. That’s why its best just to either disregard anything they say, or don’t watch or read it to begin with.

  26. murley says:

    bones has always approached the relationship aspect of the show in an interesting and unique way. there is no reason to beleive that this will be any different. breaking up sweets and daisy was the right thing to do and testing angela and hodgins in a way that relates to her being dissatisfied with her job and the feeling that she has abandoned her art would be interesting as well. this darker season makes me nervous but also excited because as much as dark storylines break my heart they are just SO GOOD!

  27. Sarah says:

    Please don’t break up Angela & Hodgins! Why can’t they leave them as a happily married couple with their kid?! It’s a good relationship and they should leave it that way!!

    • Judi says:

      Your the very first person that has mentioned their kid. What happen to the kid? No one seems to know of even mention it. Thank you so much

  28. Del says:

    It’s hilarious how irrational people can be. Judging something they haven’t seen yet, you don’t even know what this is about and what’s gonna happen, promos are always misleading, but whatever. It’s OK, have fun with that, guys!

    Can’t wait for the show to get back. First week without it since S8 started and I already miss it! I could have new episodes every day :D Excited about the new stories, this season has been really great so far.

  29. Liz says:

    I give up. Can no one be happy on Bones? Is this some sort of rule that no one has told the fans? I watched one episode this season and it just pissed me off. All these writers want to do is keep the couples apart. In attempting to avoid the Moonlighting Curse, they’re killing the show.

    • Gina says:


      What are you talking about? I give up on you.

      One episode?

      It’s called drama. And they’ve been happy this season. Hodgins and Angela have been happy since the end of season 5. A little drama isn’t going to hurt them.

      And I think it’s safe to say they’ve already tackled the moonlighting curse…

      Try another argument besides moonlighting curse. It gets old.

      Season 7 was fluffy roses for BB until the finale. They were nothing but happy.

      This season has Nena welcomed change. Great balance.

  30. LC says:

    Sweets and Daisy’s split was not sad. She is annoying past the point of it being funny.

    • JS says:

      I agree. My daughter & I were discussing the potential of Sweets & Daisy having kids together and decided right off the bat that it would be a horrible idea! Those two would produce some neurotic little tykes!

    • c says:

      Totally agree w/ you LC! She’s so flipping annoying!

  31. Jules says:

    What’s wrong with you people?? … If you don’t like the way a show is going .. get off the ride!. Just turn over to another show and whine about that. I suspect that the biggest whingers and bashers are probably Castle fans. And I love Hart and Stephen in these things. Hart blushing about the cakes was so cute !! HaHaHa!!! Roll on boys (and by boys I mean Shirley&Laverne). I love Bones, you’ve still got me on the ride and I’m not getting off for anything.

  32. Alanna says:

    How about, instead of throwing around, “If they do this, I’m done!” comments, we all wait until the episode airs before freaking out? Just an idea.

  33. Maria says:

    This article reminded me of why I switched from Bones to Castle (and I couldn’t be happier about it!!)

    • Mikaylah says:

      The way Castle is handling Beckett and Castle getting together is perfect. This season of Castle has been amazing so far.

      • madbengalsfan85 says:

        This made me squirt milk out of my nose…you like it because Marlowe keeps throwing them in bed together. Castle and Beckett have become Huddy 2.0, and I for one have given up on the show

    • Staci says:

      People need to stop bringing Castle into this! Good for you, you switched to Castle, don’t worry about Bones then! Bones is still doing amazing on their 8th season, which can be pretty hard for shows. Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan are doing a fantastic job!!!!

  34. Susan Krisha says:

    Very excited that it took 3 hours and 33 minutes for someone to mention Castle.

  35. Patricia says:

    This ep is from the Bonus Ep S7!I think Brennan cry about the case or Angie&Hodgins and Booth comforts her!B&B never break up,we wait soo long time to see B&B togehter!!

  36. Okay we have put up with losing Zack, bringing in Hannah, etc. But I will not put up with them breaking Angela and Hodgins apart. I am frustrated and angered by this storyline.

  37. Davidski says:

    Bring back Zach! Also please have them come back together. Let love live.

  38. If they break up Angela and Hodgins, I’m done. If they break up Booth and Brennan, I’m done. If they don’t quit with the crap and focus on what makes the show great, I’m done. CATCH THE FREAKING MURDERERS, GUYS! Oh, and what about PELANT??? Focus on finding out how he weaseled his way out of the first episode and knock it off with testing the relationships. If it works, don’t break it up!!!

  39. T AE says:

    Life is sucky and hard for many now. Lets let Brennan & Booth have their nice life and pretty house. And Angela & Hodgins too. Lets solve some crimes and stop torturing our favorites.

  40. Dee says:

    Come on guys, don’t you think Hodgins needs a new tat?

  41. Annie says:

    Y’know, I’m not a huge Bones fan, but I’m even less of a Hanson fan. What the Hades happened to that guy to turn him so squarely off of any happy, fulfilled relationship? The way he’s tweaked the fans’ noses with the Booth/Bones relationship all along, now this … just shut up and get some therapy, already, dude.

  42. Please leave the relationships alone. They are all suppose to be mature intelligent adults. Every relationship has ups and downs. That doesn’t mean it has to tear it apart. Glad to see Daisy out of Sweets life. They didn’t have a lot of chemistry.

  43. Katye says:

    Omg! I’m so sick of hearing how they are gonna destroy the relationships this season. If they do break up Angela and Hodgins then it jut makes them look incompetent. A and H characters have developed greatly together and honestly no matter what the writers do we know they would make it unless they totally try to change who they are as people cause after us all watching for so long we know these characters. Why can’t we get a good decent story going?? Like the gravedigger, the widows son serial killer, I mean they have Pelant, why not develop it and actually do some creative writing?!

  44. i dont want bones or booth to break apart n if u split angela n hodgins im gonna cry they make such cute couples!!!!!! i dont think the show would be the same…. n i prob wont watch ne more!!! we have all watched both couples come together after many seasons and heartaches… dont do it, bad idea

  45. Julia says:

    i really love this show. I mean, not as much as i used to for sure, but even with the big, probably-for-the-worse changes, It’s STILL my favorite show. But if they break Bones and Booth apart, then I’ve really lost all hope.
    I mean, what happened with Bones being so fragile and unstable with relationships? I know she’s gotten better, but if they were to break them up then I’d be expecting her to never love again, and certainly never try again with booth, at least not for YEARS. If they had them break up and just get back together again, I’d honestly never go for it. And I wouldn’t think Booth actually has the heart to do that to her. I just wouldn’t believe it’s the same characters that we know and love.
    Really though I don’t think that’s what’s happening. I am pretty pissed about Hodgins and Angela, but with the lack of…SOMETHING in this show, maybe it’s necessary. Just keep in mind that these characters AREN’T real, ;)

  46. Chuck says:

    Why test everyone at the same time? And why are there so many comments about how interesting that will be? Has this become the generation that isn’t interested in love or happy ever after? What’s wrong with you people? First, just write interesting episodes that involve the job itself. BONES!! That’s what I find interesting. The plot, not the sub-plot. There are other events that happen to people on a day to day basis that are interesting enough. I don’t think we have to have love tested all around. Leaving Sweets without his sex partner is bad enough. Don’t break up Angela and Hodgins. I agree with Katye on this. A and H have developed a great relationship. If I wanted to watch partners break up and get back together, I’d watch the daytime soaps.

  47. Dawanna says:

    Please leave the couples alone. Hodgins and Angela are great together, they have been through so much. And Booth an Brennan too!

  48. someone says:

    If you split them up I will never watch the show again until you bring them together again

  49. Bethany says:

    i have been loyal to this show i love it so much. but the whole point of Brennen loving Booth was to show she had finally been able to trust someone with her love. when bones started Brennen had no emotions she has gone so far in so little time. i hope they never get rid of bones.but if they make Booth break Brennen’s heart she will never trust anyone ever again and that will ruin the whole show :( . Same for if Brennen breaks up with booth. These people are so real to me it hurt when they got rid of Zach. do what you need to for the show but please don’t ruin it.

  50. Elle says:

    Is the restaurant they are eating in the one that SN family owns. Nice advertising.

    Even if the show is not as good as it was once to me, I am happy they are adding drama back to the show. The dance episode looks over the top silly so they need drama as well