Post Mortem: Vampire Diaries Boss on Explosive Premiere Cliffhanger, Klaus' New Role and More!

Vampire Diaries Nina DobrevIf you have yet to watch Thursday’s season premiere of The Vampire Diaries, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed…

The Vampire Diaries returned for Season 4 on Thursday night with the town council rounding up all of Mystic Falls’ vampires — including Elena (once they caught on to her transformation). But with a little help from Stefan and, surprisingly, Rebekah, she was able to complete her transition into a vampire. Meanwhile, Bonnie’s attempts to stop the inevitable had dire consequences on the other side for — unexpected guest star alert! — Grams, and Klaus got his own body back, but alienated both his sister and Caroline. Oh, and the Pastor blew up himself — and the rest of the council, to boot.

Below, executive producer Julie Plec talks about the season premiere’s big transformations and teases the major challenges still ahead for the newbie vamp, Damon, Klaus & Co.

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TVLINE | How are we to take the Pastor’s last words, “We are the beginning”?
[Laughs] We are to wonder what the hell he was talking about — triple question mark. And we’re going to keep wondering what the hell he’s talking about for several, if not more than several, episodes to come. What happened there, why it happened, what it all means — those are big questions that we’ll keep asking in the first part of the season.

TVLINE | On the surface, it seems weird to blow yourself up and eliminate yourself from stopping the vampires. Is this part of a larger plan?
It’s definitely say to safe that something strange is afoot at the Circle-K.

TVLINE | Does this eliminate the Council as a threat to Elena and the gang? Are there any other members out there aside from Liz and Carol?
Fortunately for Elena and her friends, there’s been a little bit of a reset button on the risk being presented to them by the humans in the town. It did, in fact, wipe out anybody who was ready to make their move against the vampires. Now we’re back to the friendly mayor and the friendly sheriff protecting their kids at all costs. That being said, peace does not last long when a new vampire hunter arrives in town in the next episode.

TVLINE | Is Connor’s arrival connected to the explosion?
It’s very well possible that it is.

TVLINE | Moving on to Elena’s transition, we saw her take a little taste of blood, but next week is the real test for her in terms of feeding. How will she deal with that?
That is the big struggle that’s driving her for the first part of the season. She’s terrified of hurting someone. She’s terrified [of] that great fear — “What if I’m a ripper just like Stefan is?” She’s definitely not comfortable with that part of being a vampire, and she’s getting conflicting advice about how she should handle it. It doesn’t come easily to her, and she’s not quite sure what kind of vampire she’s supposed to be. So probably I would say the first four episodes really focus on getting her to a place where she can at least try to be comfortable with it and [exploring] what that does in the meantime to her friendships and her relationships.

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TVLINE | What can you tease about what resources and unexpected helpers will guide her on that journey?
It’s centered around Stefan’s point of view versus Damon’s point of view. Both of them are seasoned and experienced vampires who had very different experiences and who have very aggressive opinions about the right way to do it. Elena’s going to have to wade through the push and pull between the brothers and their conflict and try to come out the other side of it with a point of view of her own, which is going to take some time.

Vampire Diairies Paul WesleyTVLINE | Elena and Stefan are on pretty solid ground right now. What’s the biggest upcoming challenge to their relationship?
Without a doubt, the biggest threat to their relationship is, in fact, that she is a vampire. [Laughs] She’s going through things that she never expected to go through and feeling emotions that she never expected to feel. And things are heightened – not just her love for him, but the residual feelings that she had for Damon. There’s a lot of things that are changing inside of her that are going to impact the strength of her relationship [with Stefan]. They love each other as deeply as two people can love each other, but that doesn’t mean that their relationship is infallible.

TVLINE | Damon’s confessions were exposed, but it didn’t make a difference. Where does that leave him? Is he moving on? Is he pining?
Damon’s in this glorious place of, “You know what? I am who I am. Deal with it or get out of my way.” What that does is free him from the active need to be sad or to pine for the relationship that he didn’t get. It’s made him realize, “I don’t have to change my behavior. I am who I am. I can be who I am and do what I do. And if you don’t like it, you can go to hell.” So it allows us to get back to the fun of the early-series Damon where he had a devil-may-care, “you don’t like me, go screw yourself” attitude, which of course is always delicious and delightful for Ian [Somerhalder] to be able to play.

TVLINE | In the beginning of the series, he was also a bit of a playboy. Will we see him juggling girls again?
The playboy angle might have to wait just a little bit. He’s got his hands very full with a newbie vampire that he needs to help take care of. [Laughs] He doesn’t have as much time for playboy hijinks as one would think.

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TVLINE | Rebekah and Klaus had a falling out. Will the two siblings be playing on opposite sides?
Yes. They are not in a good place by the end of this first episode, and they will not be in a good place for quite some time. It will be a conflict that is both delicious and terribly heartbreaking throughout a good run of the season. Two people who need family more than anything wind up estranged from each other: That’s an interesting dynamic.

TVLINE | Was that the last of Klaus’ blood supply for creating hybrids?
Yes, it was, and he is not going to be forgiving any time soon.

TVLINE | Where did he go? And when can we expect to see him back?
He was just licking his wounds and packing his bags, intent on heading out of Mystic Falls as promised at the end of last season. Only the incident of Episode 2 brings him back around when he realizes that Tyler, one of his small group of remaining hybrids, has been put in danger. So suddenly, he’s the world’s most irritating bodyguard.

Vampire Diairies Candice Accola Michael TrevinoTVLINE | Does the fact that he came back and tried to save Caroline count for anything?
That’s the thing with Caroline – as much as she hates him, she also can’t shake him. Hopefully [Elena and Caroline] will realize for each other that in a strange way, it’s incredibly similar to the early Damon/Elena relationship. I’m not saying that it’s going down the same road, by any means. I’m just saying that Caroline, for all her judgement directed at Elena about having any kind of feelings in the past for Damon, may find herself surprised to be struggling with a similar, dangerous attraction to Klaus.

TVLINE | Will Bonnie continue to suffer consequences for what she did?
Bonnie will, hopefully, not be suffering at all past a certain point because she’s got to meet a new mentor in the form of the professor who took over her grandmother’s old job. She’s finally got someone who can look at her and see who she is and what her worth is. This is someone who’ll try to inspire her to tap back into her magic in a way that makes her comfortable and makes her come alive again with her powers.

Vampire Diaries fans, what are you most looking forward to seeing this season? And did the premiere live up to your expectations? Grade the episode below and then hit the comments to justify your pick!

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  1. Lois says:

    That was certainly a dramatic opening for the season. The end left me quite confused and stunned. Elena’s transition was obvious, but god did they make her work for it, I’ve never seen a more inconveniently placed dead body before! Loved both Damon and Matt in this episode. Part of me can’t help but want the show to go back to Matt/Caroline still.

    • Ann says:

      I believe that Stefan and Rebekah killed the guard so that Elena can get some blood.

    • Leo says:

      I used to love this show with a passion. Now I hate it with a passion. I’m still hate-watching it though but boy, this show has really gone downhill.
      Damon lashing out on Matt is really really pathetic and weird. Aren’t Stefan, Elena or Meredith the more guilty party here?
      Caroline, suddenly a sex addict? And humping ‘Kyler’ the first minute she knew her boyfriend was alive? Is it just sex sex sex and not make sure you’re safe first? So out of character.
      Bonnie visited the other world by dying temporarily? Dead Grams died again? Is there the other “other” world out there? What is the writer smoking?
      The only good thing from the premiere is Stefan and Elena’s barn scene, Stefan telling Matt to earn his life and Elena’s “one day at a time” speech.

  2. s says:

    Elena really annoys me and watching Stelena made me wanna get sick. Seriously, I hope Elena gets better because right now she’s still the same old boring, whiny Elena. I just want Damon to move on already cause its just ridiculous

    • Fran says:

      Well to be fair, I would be whiny too if I woke up as a vampire.

    • leigha19 says:

      please just cause u delena couple aren’t getting what you want Elena’s whiny? People in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks you’re currently whining.

    • Ann says:

      The love triangle is probably the last of all my reasons for watching this show. I don’t know why you shippers make it all about that. There are some great characters and some amazing stories that really have nothing to do with who Elena will choose!

    • CHEVELL says:


  3. mila says:

    Flop episode. All of the characters were insufferable.

    I was really hoping the premiere would redeem the fluster cluck of season 3; but, it’s the same crap

    • Brooke says:

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Drew says:

      You’d think that I would be rooting for the main characters, but all I saw were some guys who wanted to kill the monsters, and the monsters who proved those people right by killing them and drinking their blood. 15 years ago, we were cheering for the vampire slayer and now we’re supposed to feel something for these vampires who say they’re good but never really act like it (unless you ignore the rape, murders, etc.)

      I am starting to think that they should all be killed. If her tasting the blood was supposed to be a good moment, it really wasn’t, in my opinion.

      • Shaun says:

        So you’re blaming them for fighting back against their captors?

        • Drew says:

          I’m blaming them for being rapists and murderers. Damon kept Andi around for how long with his mind tricks, raping her until Stefan killed her? Damon has killed how many people on the show? Stefan has killed how many people? We’re not talking about innocents here, or even people who haven’t killed in a long time. We’re talking about people who were/are actively killing recently. So, sorry, but I’m kinda on the side of the people who took them. The only thing I’m wondering is why they would lock them up instead of just killing them.

          • tripoli says:

            You do realize you are watching a fictional show about vampires?

          • Drew says:

            So? What’s your point? If you don’t want to discuss, I highly recommend that you don’t participate in a discussion about the show.

            In fiction, you’re supposed to get involved with the stories and the characters. You’re not only supposed to be able to enjoy something by completely turning off your sense of reason.

            If the writers are trying to make me believe that these are the good guys, they’re doing a horrible job. Now, if the show is supposed to be about the bad guys (like Dexter) I guess it’s a mission accomplished, though I’m not saying that it’s as well written as Dexter.

  4. Sarah says:

    looooved the premiere!!

  5. J says:

    Pretty satisfied with the premiere! After the boring and predictable Season 3, it is nice to not know what is going to happen next. I’m actually hoping they cool it with the Stelena/Delena crap this season. I would rather have an actual storyline that doesn’t ignore the rest of the characters than a love triangle that goes nowhere.

    • Elle says:

      I agree with you J. I’m sick of the love triangle.

      • gossip2010 says:

        yeah me too , that’s why i got a little bit fed up with season 3, it was always about the love triangle
        Now that she’s chosen, I hope that she’ll stick to it and move on

    • CHEVELL says:


  6. Di says:

    I loved all the action in the first episode. I will take all that excitement any day, but what I can do without is Stelena. And it looks like another season where Damon doesn’t get the girl. Can’t Julie ever cut the guy a break. Poor Damon, his character can never win.

  7. s says:

    Yeah Damon can never win at all and its so annoying. What kind of triangle do you call this? but you know its fine she chose Stefan but why must they always have to have her hate on Damon? why can’t she accept him for who he is? So over this crap. I’m with J do something else when we know this so called triangle isn’t going anywhere.

  8. Julie says:

    Damon didn’t exactly make it easy on himself to get the girl though. The triangle was way too much last year and they need to lay off it some. Damon should be with someone other than Elena, and I’m glad to hear he’ll be more of himself again. I want more of the other characters and for goodness sake, bring back Katherine already!! Overall I liked the premiere and can’t wait to see where it goes.

  9. Cortney says:

    As a fan of Damon and Elena (and please keep in mind, I did not “ship” them until the first time we saw him compel her…until then, I shipped NO ONE on that show, I just thought it was full of really good storytelling), I’m upset. ALL of season 3 was building up that bond between Damon and Elena, and now we’re back to this Stefan and Elena “I love you” crap from what, the show’s FIFTH episode? I just feel cheated.

    Also, Klaus has never been more dickish. And I want Rebekah to both get her ass kicked and find someone who loves her.

    • Jane says:

      I have a feeling we shouldn’t sign of on Damon and Elena yet. I agree, they’re the more compelling couple, and the show did build them up for a while, which is why I think they’re FAR from over.

      • Ace says:

        She flubbed the quote a bit, but I was so happy to see a Bill & Ted reference that I didn’t even care. Strange things are afoot at the Circle K, indeed!

      • Luz says:

        I agree and actually I think Julie is hinting that Damon won’t have time to be the playboy because he is too busy tending the newbie vamp. This will open the way for Damon and Elena because he’ll be her mentor maybe and they will grow closer….just my two cents

  10. s says:

    Damon will never be good enough for Elena and we are reminded of that in almost every single episode. Elena is the worst character on the show. I had very little hope that her becoming a vampire would change her but so far nothing…

    • Michelle says:

      Right now I think it’s the other way around. Elena isn’t good enough for Damon!

      • Ava says:

        Agreed. I’ve thought it for a long time (since Damon compelled her to forget he told her he loves her). Damon may be a bit overbearing about how he shows his love but his love has been true and he’s been more than willing to sacrifice for her, at great personal cost. Damon, you’re too good for her, find someone better. Trust me, you won’t have to spend eternity listening to Elena whine.

  11. jjovana3 says:


    What is air?

  12. jjovana3 says:

    Plus I think Damon should get a sexy girl of his own who will love his selfish bad boy ways :) call me Damon wink wink ;)

    • Johnna says:

      I know it’s not the popular opinion, but I think Damon and Rebekkah together would be hot. They just seem to fit each others personalities so well.

      • Ace says:

        I would flip-switch the too similar, a bit too obvious couplings of Damon/Rebekah and Stefan/Elena for Damon/Elena and Stefan/Rebekah. That brings some fun to our stick-in-the-mud goody-goodies (Stefan, Elena) and some temperance to our wild child vamps (Damon, Rebekah).

      • Ava says:

        I like the pairing of Damon and Rebekah! I think they’d be great together long term.

      • Elyse says:

        i agree!! Damon needs someone more like Rebekah.

      • Pessimist says:

        I agree! And seeing them both getting their hearts ripped out by the people they love in this and previous episode makes me want them to find their way back to each other. Neither would have to change for the other, they could go on hot benders and find that one person to love them… :(

  13. teambuckner says:

    Best show EVER! Awesome characters, great writing. I keep reading complaints about season 3, but I thought it was bad ass & season 4 is off to another great start!

  14. Julie says:

    I’m honestly asking here- why do people hate Elena so much? I think her character is great. I know people say she’s whiny or boring or whatever… but I just don’t get that. With all the crap she’s dealt with in 3 seasons I’m surprised she’s standing at all. I don’t know, it just seems like Damon fans are the main ones who dislike Elena. But I could be wrong, so no one jump all over me :)

    • Gina says:

      I so agree with you Julie..thumbs up for dat, n for u. :)

    • teambuckner says:

      I don’t get it either, Elena is a great character.

    • jjovana3 says:

      You are NOT wrong. Butthurt Damon fans hate Elena irrationally. Is it her fault Damon lingers around like a sick puppy waiting for her to throw him a bone? No. They blame Elena for Damon’s unhappiness like he is ENTITLED to be happy with ONLY Elena. It bothers me. I love Elena and whomever she is with, its her choice. Both brothers are a good match. This damon obsession stops too many people from actually enjoying the show. I honestly dont care because Im all about Caroline…and Klaus :)

      • Luz says:

        And throw him bones she does, “where were you Damon?” (puppy eyes) who could blame him for getting some whiplash with her reactions to him. I don’t hate Elena feel pretty neutral about her actually.

      • Wooah dont lump us all in one box, I am not a Damon or Elena fan, infact last season i found myself rolling my eyes through any of their scenes. the supporting characters are way more compelling and interesting and frankly better actors. My reasoning for not liking Elena is because the actress plays Elena with the same voice and mannerisms as Katherine, the only difference between the two are the hairstyles and the script, and she is so bloody boring, and why does everyone only want to save her all the time how has no one gone sod this everyone dies around her i aint being her friend!

    • Ava says:

      Honestly, Elena has gone through a lot but so has every else. She’s ungrateful which is the thing that really gets me. Bonnie has lost SO much to help Elena. She lost her grams, lost her mom, nearly lost her life last night and Elena only seems to talk to her when she needs something. Caroline DIED, she DIED, as collatoral damage in Katherine’s war against Stefan. Matt lost his sister, Jeremy has been through just as much as Elena but we don’t see him playing the victim all the time. Instead Elena just storms around blustering about how she is having Jeremy compelled for his own good. I don’t see many good qualities in Elena. She’s a very selfish character who plays a martyr when it is convenient. She makes terrible decisions and Stefan just lets her! She is just so grating. I think both Stefan and Damon are too good for her.

      • Julie says:

        I like your points about everyone else losing a lot too. And I can understand that she comes across as ungrateful and I think she does too. I still like her though. Makes me wonder why though seeing your list :)

      • Line says:

        I agree completly, but the thing is, she needs to be this way! She is the doppelganger. And I know they say in the show that its only the looks, but no, I dont think so. I dont believe they got the same personality, but I think they got A LOT in common. I do believe that if Elena were put in Katherines situation 500 years earlier, she would have done the exact same thing. Why? Because Elena IS shelfish, she just shows it off totally different. I dont think she actually understands how selfish she even is. And because of that I prefeer Kathering, at least she knows where she stands..

    • Brandy says:

      I like Elena too & don’t get all the “she’s whiny,selfish” stuff.I mean she’s lot Alaric,Aunt Jenna,her parents all within a couple years, nows she’s a vampire going through the horrible transition.Her lifes always in danger and she’s died twice and had a guy sacrifice/kill her& drink her blood.Its amazing shes stayed so brave and strong through all that.

    • Kari says:

      The premiere just opens the door for assumptions and I personally am interested in how Elena sees what the vampire side is really like. All she knows is what she is told, she is strong but still naive, now she can get her hands dirty and doesn’t need the body guards like she had with the Salvatore brothers. She will need the guidance from the experiences that Stefan, Damon, and Caroline have in store, but they also can learn from her as well once she matures into this new way of life. I’m ready for the next episode, just saying :)

  15. Zak says:

    So anyone catch the name of the song playing during the promo for episode two

  16. Brooke says:

    This show SUCKS. What was up with that uber sappy ending tonight, oh we will get through this one day at a time crap? I am done TVD needs to end while it is a head.

  17. s says:

    I hate Elena because she’s Elena not because I’m a Damon fan. I really don’t get what he sees in her? I mean she wants him to change and won’t accept him for who he is.

    • Johnna says:

      Isn’t that what Julie said though? It comes down to Damon. You don’t like Elena because she wants Damon to change?

      • Johnna says:

        And really, I don’t mean that’s the only reason. But in some way, her treatment of Damon causes a lot of Elena hate.

  18. Josh says:

    Why the hell would Elena want someone who killed her brother and why would Caroline have any kind of a attraction to POS who tried to kill her friends her boyfriend its sick not to mention Klaus killed Elena’s aunt!

    • Camilla says:

      Thank you! That’s exactly why I think they should have gotten rid of Klaus last season, instead of creating another pointless triangle. It doesn’t even make sense.

    • Johnna says:

      I agree with you, I just can’t get past Elena with someone who killed her brother. And before Damon fans say it, yes I know Jeremy was wearing the ring and is just fine, but Damon didn’t know that at the time. It just doesn’t make sense.

      • Aubrie says:

        Well the next question is why is she with someone who threatened to kill her not too long ago. People can just be mad at her for having feelings for Damon when Stefan has caused just as much damage.

        • sara says:

          But Damon didn’t just kill her brother, he abused and used Caroline in the first season, wanted to kill Caroline when she became a vampire, he almost killed bonnie, he killed his uncle, killed the football coach to make a point, wanted to unleash the tomb vampires so they could kill everyone, killed Lexus for his own sake, killed the bartender witch bree for no real reason, fed elena blood threatening to turn her over Emily’s grimroire,the list goes on and on with most of this just from the first half of season 1! Yes stefan used elena as a pawn in his fight with Klaus, but I really think he knew Klaus would back down and he wouldn’t have to really kill elena.
          I just don’t get how anyone could ever truly want these two together based on all that he has done to those she loves…plus she doesn’t really love him, she always is pushing him to be ore like stefan, its only when he does this that she likes him…so why should Damon want to be with someone who doesn’t love him for him? Let elena have stefan, he is who she really and truly loves and let’s get Damon a hot, badass chick who will like him for all that he is….it will be so much better than watching him pine for elena!

  19. Will says:

    Ugh, I’m so tired of all the nonsense surrounding Klaus. The fact that he even went there with Caroline disgusts me. It isn’t fair how the writers bend over backwards to keep him around when they previously hacked off characters who still had story left to tell. Klaus’ time on the show should’ve expired a long time ago. His antics have become so repetitive. It’s time to let it go…

    • Shona says:

      You make a REALLY good point about letting Klaus hang around when so many other more deserving characters should have lived instead.

    • TK says:

      Odd one out here…but i loooooove Klaus! he makes me smile, he is just Klaus! you piss him off he doesn’t think twice about snapping your neck or whatever….that is what i love about Klaus! or how he says something so evil so sweetly…guess I have a thing for a primitive animalistic man!

  20. WTactualF says:

    Elena is whiny and boring. That’s a fact but then again so is Stefan. The most interesting thing about Elena is that Damon found something worthy enough about her to love.

    I’m over the romantic pairings in this show and I think JP is a GIGANTIC narcissist.

  21. smthkly says:

    Good ep but cannot wait for next week to see why Elena is drinking from Damon-I’m hoping that is the non-sex, sexy moment that has been teased. Didn’t care for the Stelena moments (as I’m a Delena fan), confused as to how they escaped simply because Elena transitioned and why the preacher killed the council (wonder if Damon compelled him??). I want vampire Elena to get a little more of a sassy attitude…speaking of …..I really hope we have an Elena/Katherine confrontation soon.

  22. s says:

    Yeah I really hope Elena gets better since she’s a vampire because if not then what was the point? …

  23. M says:

    All Julie Plec cares about is self-inserting into the storyline. That’s why she can’t drop this insane Klaroline crap and why nothing really happens in the main triangle. It’s just so ridiculous!

    I also feel so bad for Michael Trevino being stuck on a show where his character will be assassinated just so Caroline can go screw Klaus. *rolleyes* Free Trevino!

    Finally, Klaus should have died last season..All he does is drag down the show.

  24. dude says:

    That is one bloated cast. My only wish is: For the love of God don’t kill Rebekah!

    • Ava says:

      I love all of the originals. If they were to kill off the rest of the characters and just keep the Originals, I’d watch that. I think they are all wonderful but Elijah is always #1. :)

  25. Omg I’m getting tired of this I’m starting 2 hate Elena She keeps saying I don’t wanna hurt anyone but wait SHE HURTS DAMON EVERY SINGLE TIME! Damon was right! Like always if he is selfish 4 wanting the best possible life 4 her then I don’t really know what selfish is anymore?! Damon is the best 4 her he was always there 4 even when Stefan wasn’t & unlike Stefan he doesn’t sugarcoat things he keeps her reality in check. His love is pure, it consumes her , it is filled with passion & a little danger WHO DOESNT WANT THAT? IF I WAS ELENA I WOULD HAVE CHOSEN DAMON IN A HEARTBEAT!!! just like how he he chose to SAVE HER instantly Even if she didn’t want it!! To me that is love! to sacrifice your position with the person u love if its better 4 them. If DAMON WAS THERE HE WOULD HAVE SAVED ELENA ERGO ELENA WOULD HAVE PROB HATED HIM BUT SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN ALIVE!!!! That’s a risk DAMON was willing to take 4 her!!!! It shows the depth of his love how he is willing to sacrifice what she thinks/feels 4 him if it saves her!!! I JUST FEEL SO BAD FOR DAMON POOR BABY ALWAYS GETS HURT :(( I WANT DELENA 2 HAPPEN BC DAMON DESERVES TO BE LOVED BY THE PERSON He loves but seriously ELENA Is becoming more & more like KATHERINE they both used Damon. Team DAMON.

    • Brandy says:

      I agree. Elena was angry and horrified when he said he’d have saved her but if it had Damon rescuing her,she wouldntve had died,wouldn’t be a vampire which she didn’t want and it’s cause he loves her & dosent want anything bad to happen her.

      • I know right this is what I’m saying while all the stelena fans say he is selfish 4 not respecting her choice. That’s not true he is not selfish 4 wanting the best 4 her. Stefan just keeps doing what she asks cuz he wants to please her not that it’s the right thing to do 4 her. Elena gives up too much and Damon fights 4 her to not give up but Stefan always agrees with her therefore helping her to give up pretty much. Damon was also like never bad ppl also say he doesn’t deserve to be with her bc he has done so much to hurt her. I’m shocked bc Stefan has done a lot worst for god’s sake there is a reason he is called “THE RIPPER”. They both have done many wrong things and that’s in their nature they are vampires so its not fair for ELENA and stelena fans to forgive Stefan and not Damon esp knowing how much pain Damon has. Damon did all that to mask his emotions he was hurt too many times he even said “how much hurt can a man take” it just shows that yeah he snaps but its all because he is hurt, and misunderstood. Everyone needs to stop judging Damon bc he is worthy of her, he does deserve her and when they are together he is so selfless no wonder why he made her forget their moments b4 just so he wouldn’t make her feel guilty knowing how Damon feels 4 her. I’m sure they will get together in the end & then they will be endgame 4sure. Stefan won’t be enough for her she will realize that.

  26. tvaddict says:

    I was going to give it a B but the explosive ending bumped it up to an A!

  27. JamieB says:

    I love this show but I will never understand why Elena choose Stefan over Damon?!? On one level I understand the whole “respect my chooses” thing but I always get this feeling the Stefan has to hold a part of himself back because he is always holding back so he doesn’t go down the ripper path. There just doesn’t seem to be the same spark between Stefan/Elena that there is between Damon/Elena, maybe that is just me projecting because I LOVE DAMON! Also I like Elena and I love the actress and think she is fantastic, in how she can create the little nuances that make the differences between Elena and Katherine, It think it is going to be interesting how she plays that they are both vampires.

  28. Julia says:

    A little humor here… if Damon and Elena were to be together, everyone Elena knows and half of Mystic Falls would probably be dead as a result of Damons tantrums lol (Vicki… Jeremy.. Matt.. )

  29. Babybop says:

    Can’t wait for Damon to be back to first season Damon! He was annoying last season.

  30. cb says:

    sounds like you like whining yourself s.

    I didn’t see any whining from her unless you count the part where she got up damon for going after matt.

    I didn’t like how they just showed the one memory but she apparently remembered everything. They should have either shown none or shown it all.

  31. Delena fan says:

    I can’t stand when writers insult viewer’s intelligence and time by taking you down a path with 2 characters, ie: Delena, and then we are supposed to forget it ever happened and never see it come to fruition. It’s a waste of our time. Stephan and Elena are terribly boring- I am sitting this season out. We at the very least needed Elena to stop being her whiny annoying self. The only thing that made me not wish they’d kill her character was the Delena storyline.

  32. Gem says:

    For me this episode was really lack luster. Remember when in a season premiere episode of TVD Damon killed Jeremy? THAT is the kind of action packed awesomeness they need to bring back to this series. Instead we got the entire council, and major obstacle in the premiere, being blown up(btw who cares) so that the TVD writers didn’t have to deal with how obvious it is that their characters should have relocated out of Mystic Falls long ago. This premiere was soooo boring. Will Elena be a vampire or won’t she? Please, we all know what’s going to happen but we still had a 2 minutes drama sequence of whether or not she’d reach the blood in time! Ugh. I used to really love this show but this premiere and ending of Season 3 have made me reconsider if it’s worth my time to keep up with it anymore. This reminds me of how much I loved Grey’s Anatomy in the beginning and then watched it unravel into mellow dramatic blah. Sad day for this TVD fan.

    • tripoli says:

      Agreed. It was such a boring episode. Just a bunch of useless filler since, yes, we all knew what was going to happen to Elena. I too am wondering why I continue to watch. Not coming up with any logical reasons for that.

  33. luli says:

    claire holt needs to become a regular!!! i really loved rebekah in this episode, and her last scene with klaus killed me! hope she finds someone who truly cares about her…

  34. Sparky says:

    While it wasn’t what I would have hoped for as a season premiere – they are usually better; it didn’t suck but for the love of God what the hell does Damon need to do to be with Elena?? I can’t help but compare the triangle in Dawsons Creek to TVD. The storyline was built up in such a good way in DC and when Joey and Pacey got together it was the right time, their story and chemistry was in the right place. Damon was an ass he did what he could to redeem himself but time after time he gets knocked back. Before anyone says he has killed everyone and their mother on this show lets get some perspective and realize that this is just a TV show. There are 2 brothers in this show to act as rivals for Elenas affections. If there wouldn’t this would be a very boring show. So it begs the question have they written themselves into a hole? Elena is expected to be with Damon at some point so what the hell is he expected to do to win her affections? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again put Kevin Williamson back in charge for a while, he would sort this mess out…

    • Stephanie says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I too was a big fan of Dawson’s Creek and the way in which the love triangle was built up and executed. The problem with the Stefan, Elena and Damon triangle is that it is never fully executed. In order for it to truely be a “Triangle” there has to be equality within the two relationships. At least at some point. We the fans are now into the forth year of this thing and we still aren’t seeing the other side of Elena’s heart. We see her love for Stefan very clearly but with Damon all we really see is attraction and intrigue. She’s taken with him to a degree, but is never willing to go beyond that. In my opinion, the exact right time for her to have chosen Damon would have been at the end of season three. There was a really good build up for that to have happened. It made sense in terms of storyline. Now if it happens it will almost be like too little too late. Who really cares anymore?

    • Nope nope nope nope! LOVE Dawson’s Creek, LOVE Pacey & Joey but what an insult to compare them to Damon and Elena, to compare the awesome loveable, goes out of his way for everyone else and doesnt have selfish tantrums Pacey, and Joey being compared to Elena! I will never see why TVD fans must relate all couples to Dawson’s Creek, love both shows but characters and couples are so so so very different! If anything the closest to Pacey/Joey/Dawson was the Tyler/Caroline/Matt storyline!

  35. CCarolinee says:

    Klaroline all the way, Caroline&”Tyler” was good but JM is the best, Im soo happy I saw him ;) <33333

  36. Lindsey says:

    I love the show, and I enjoyed that action and… plot wise they do mostly still keep me on my toes, but I am a tad hurt that the writers want us to just forget last season, I could understand Elena choosing Stefan, but going from “choosing” to “we are forever” felt a little rushed…It sorta made me think that maybe we’re not supposed to actually want Delena.

    • Lola says:

      Am i the only one who caught the caveat included with that “…forever” line?? She said “We can be together forever… if I want”

      And my Stelena heart broke :(

      No, but really. I think people are reading too much into the fact that Elena and Stefan are together right now. In my mind, as much as I want them to be endgame, I feel like Elena JUST became a vamp. She’s still herself. She’s still the girl who chose Stefan because he’s the one she loved first. And now she’s inserting the fact that he saved Matt at her request into that equation, and it’s validating her decision. She hasn’t really had a chance to BE a vampire yet, and deal with the heightened emotions, internal conflict, etc. And i think when she does, she will re-evaluate all her decisions – including being with Stefan vs Damon.

      I think her saying “we can be together forever…” was just her way of finding a silver lining in this whole becoming a vampire thing – trying to make both herself and Stefan feel better. But even still, the writers made sure to include the “…if I want” so we don’t get the wrong idea lol

  37. Melody Paris says:

    I can’t get over the season 3 finale, if I could then maybe I would have enjoyed this more, but I hated that finale so much that it is clouding everything to with The Vampire Diaries. You would think that 4 months was enough to get over it, but nope, still hate it. With that said, I liked the twist with the council I didn’t see it coming. It was also impressive to see just how strong they can be when they are in the know.

    • sara says:

      What bothered me about the third season finale is that all along we have witnessed the super human strength vampires have but when it came to saving two people we are supposed to believe stefan couldn’t rip elena’s seatbelt free, and grab both her and Matt?! I mean come on…I get that in saving Matt first we are to have him struggle with listening to elena and have Damon be all mad cuz he would’ve saved elena and let Matt die…but i just didn’t buy the fact that he had to choose one over the other because carrying them both would have been super easy for stefan to do.

  38. I think it was a good premiere overall, very exciting but Julie Plec makes the show sound terribly boring the way she describes it. She makes it sound like it’s going to be the same old crud, so I’m hoping that she is just being general. Because if I have to sit through another season of Klaus, the supervillain with a heart of gold, I’m gonna puke. Also, talk about killing the suspense over the Bonnie storyline, the premiere made it seem like scary things were going to happen to her and then she basically says, “no, not really, girl power, Bonnie comes into her own, rah rah”. As far as I’m concerned, Bonnie already came into her own and did the girl power thing, she needs her storyline to go in a different direction. Sometimes I think Julie Plec is a moron and that all the other writers must do the heavy lifting.

    • Mikael says:

      I think she hates Bonnie. They always set her up to have a good storyline, and then they abandon it and bring her back when they need magic to solve their problems. The whole Stefan/Elena/Damon triangle + Klaus overload is getting on my nerves. Give Bonnie a fleshed out plot.

  39. meah says:

    Am a stelena fan,am sure julie would soon break them up. am over the dead love triangle.hookup stefan and rebekkah.give damon a new and hot gf.let elena be single for a while..and pls we need Beremy.klaus /caroline is the shows worst pairing.a 28 year old powerful dude falling for an 18year old girl???

  40. Patricia says:

    I love this show it’s one of my favorites but this one didn’t do it for me. Usually I have no problem with the acting and I like Nina but she didn’t convince me come on show some emotion you have so much going on. Tyler was another one thank god Klauss is back already because M

  41. aunt_deen says:


  42. Elyse says:

    Stelena :)

  43. The premiere was good & that end Wow… I can’t wait to see what’s going on! Trevino’s acting was amazingly good. He really proved he can deal w. anything. I love klaus but I don’t want klaroline I really love Tyler&Caroline better.♥ I’m hating that TVD is becoming a war between Delena/Stelena. C’mon guys you can’t hate Elena cuz she choose Stefan over Damon, but I do agree that Elena should change his personality now tha she is a vampire. I used to be Stelena but then all those little details of Damon make me be Delena, but that is no reason for me to hate Elena Stefan or who ever is Stelena or don’t agree w. me, in fact I think Stelena moments in the premiere were cute and they also have good chemistry [not as much as Delena] in my opinion, but everyone has an opinion & no one can change your way of thinking I respect that.

    Let’s just enjoy the show,

  44. wilogden says:

    Elena and Damon were meant for each other, plain and simple. There is no doubt that, in the end, they will end up together. The story of how they get there is every show between now and the end of the series. Stephen is nothing more than an obstacle to eventually overcome.

    • JR says:

      Totally agree! In the end Elena will end up with Damon. It started with him and it will end with him. I think at some point at the end of the series they will need to kill of Stefan because if not there will always be that push and pull between the two brother for Elena, no matter who she chooses.

      • Sarah says:

        How did it start with Damon? Because they threw in some scene in the season 3 finale to keep the triangle going? Damon “met” her first but didn’t question that she looked exactly like Katherine? When he was obsessed with Katherine at that time? The scene made no sense and it was obviously done to give hope to Damon and Elena fans. If anything, I think Damon is the obstacle in the way of Stefan and Elena’s relationship.

  45. Billie says:

    Damn it , can you please give us some fresh thing ? I don’t care if Elena chooses S or D just made her make THE final choice so that damn triangle will be done and buried. The way Elena was remembering the interaction she had with Damon while compelled was so obvious. Please just make the move to D and E and let’s put an end to the soapy plot.
    Although I’m still waiting for a gay character to crosses the door of the “grill”.Williamson said once that he was welling to add one .-perhaps out someone of the regulars ?-
    Let’s just hope it’s Jeremy or Matt or both.
    Hopefully the -Bon Bon’s magic can fix everything- plot didn’t worked out otherwise it would be such a big joke. Still wondering howcome a dead person dies twice -weird-

  46. Brandy says:

    I’m also sick of Klaus & don’t want Klarolinr

  47. Bring back the kat says:

    Great season premiere. I just hope that they get on the season one and two’s pacing train. That I loved about Tvd. And…………(check out my name ;)

  48. team SE says:

    HELLO did you Delena Fans forgot the reason Damon even showed up in Mistic Falls. Stefan’s misery forever. I hope writers will give Elena another flashback from day she met Damon, that He was the reason her parents crashed, and that should put a stop to the triangle.

  49. Corey says:

    I miss they better end the Forwood vs Klaroline soon.especially since it’s gotten worse than Stelena vs Delena due to some fans having Trevcola vs Jodice which is bring Katherine back making Stelena vs Delena into Stelena vs Delena vs Steferine vs Datherine and and have Caroline pick Tyler and move on to having a triangle with his friend Hayley

  50. K says:

    All I can say is … wow!