Revolution Boss Talks Maggie's Death, Blackout Answers and Neville's 'Lady MacBeth'

RevolutionMaggie’s death on this Monday’s Revolution dealt the post-blackout gang a one-two blow: Not only did the stabbing strip Charlie of her surrogate mother, it robbed the band of survivors of its only trained doctor.

Cruel? Sure – after all, with her dad murdered, her real mom “dead” and her brother kidnapped, Charlie now feels truly alone. But the move was also a necessary storytelling decision, insists creator Eric Kripke.

“We decided, internally, very early on to show that this world had very real stakes and that it was truly dangerous,” he said during a conference call with reporters. While the doc could have been saved in the days before the power outage, the major artery-nicking cut proved fatal because “you’re not close to hospitals, you’re not close to paramedics, you’re not close to help.”

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If you already miss Maggie, Kripke is with you. “Anna Lise [Phillips] is a wonderful actress, and I love that character. I sort of have a bad habit in the shows that I run of killing off the people that I love, and Maggie was one of those,” he said.

But to really drive home how perilous and unpredictable the survivors’ reality is, Kripke and his team “very quickly realized the scariest thing we could do was kill the doctor among them,” leaving them helpless, he continued. “It was purely a creative decision about giving the world a real charge of danger. As we move forward in the series, we want the audience to really understand that nobody is safe, including the main characters, and bring that suspense because we think that’s honest to the world we’re trying to create here.”

Meanwhile, the fallout from the loss will force Charlie to ponder “how much duress and hardship can she face before she loses what’s truly special about her, which is this belief in mankind and this belief that things can get better,” previewed Kripke. “Because if she doesn’t have that, then she’s lost. And, in a way, we’re all lost.”

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More scoop from the call:

The answer to what made the lights go out may be coming – and not in the series finale! “We’re talking dangerously about revealing that secret before the end of the first season,” shared Kripke. “It’s part of my philosophy about not being too precious with anything. We may reveal the secret sooner than later.”

Revolution Giancarlo Esposito Kim Raver Next Monday’s episode will delve into Captain Neville’s backstory and “how [did] his character, who before the blackout was pretty mild-mannered and maybe a little submissive, transform into the violent psychopath that he is today,” Kripke said, laughing. The introduction of Kim Raver (Grey’s Anatomy) as his wife should give viewers some insight into that. “We’re planting Kim now, and then we’re going to meet her in the present day and really explore her character a couple episodes down the line. We’re going to see how [someone who was ] a very normal suburban wife before the blackout post-blackout transformed into Lady MacBeth.” Along those lines, “everything changes” for Rachel when Danny finally arrives in Philadelphia, leading her to reveal some of the secrets that she’s been holding onto.

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Episode 10 sounds like one not to be missed. Not only will Charlie & Co. catch up to her brother during the hour, but Miles and Monroe — who share “a very tragic, emotional, Cain-and-Abel kind of” history — will come face-to-face, as well. “They still really love each other. When they see each other, they’re not really sure if they’re going to kill each other or hug each other,” previewed Kripke.

Grace will reappear in Episode 7. Teased Kripke: “We see who Randall is, this person who kidnapped her in Episode 2, and we get to learn more about him. We start to expand it because she is under duress with this character, Randall. She’s in a dangerous position right now… In the second of the half the season, Grace and Randall and what’s happening with their storyline begins to play a huge, huge part in the main storyline of the show.”

Charlie will learn what happened between her mother and Miles this season, Kripke said, and it’ll be “pretty explosive.”

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  1. Duh says:

    Way to put a giant spoiler in the title, dicks.

  2. D'Arcy says:

    Wow, over at EW I avoided the article because of the death spoiler and over here it’s right in the title! Awesome job guys!

  3. Christina says:

    Great job – just started watching it and you ruin the show. Brilliant. Back to EW online I go.

  4. Person not returning to this site says:

    Huge spoiler in the title jackass…thanks…..

  5. Andrew says:

    Spoiler to something that already happened? Maggie’s death?? If you haven’t watched the last episode or episodes, maybe you shouldn’t be browsing sites like this one!

    • Girl in MD says:

      I come on this site often and this is just a blatant spoiler its right in the headline I have not watched the episode yet either and nt come on here expecting the person’s name who dies to be right in the headline! atleast on other sites they say spoiler in the head line and then name the character in the article after you click on it now it is ruined for me when I watch it tonight.

    • Curly Girly says:

      I haven’t watched yet either (will watch this weekend). So far, I’ve been able to avoid this spoiler all week because I have purposely avoided reading any stories/posts about Revolution. But it’s kind of hard to avoid when you put it IN THE HEADLINE. So THANKS TVLINE!!!

  6. Iron Ice says:

    Chill, It’s Thursday. You should have watched it by now if you plan to keep up.

    Anyway, I’m very glad that Kripke is keeping his philosophies he had over at Supernatural and bringing them to Revolution. What we don’t need is another Flash Forward, that feels it has to hold back it’s main mystery for later seasons. And I truly hope that NBC doesn’t try to mold it to Heroes where every arc has to drag out or go in a completely opposite direction.

    Save the Cheerleader, Save the World.

  7. Jss0058 says:

    So how long is someone supposed to wait before it is no longer a spoiler?!

    I mean I agree it probably shouldn’t have been in the title, but still the reactions are a bit much considering the episode aired 3 days ago

    • Edmalex says:

      Some of us have intense work weeks where we can peruse the net for a bit but don’t have time to sit and watch the shows until the weekend. We generally skip the articles about shows we haven’t seen, perhaps either bookmarking or remembering them for later reading. That’s why a spoiler warning is appropriate and an actual spoiler in the title isn’t appropriate.

      • Andrew says:

        So you miss the shows you can’t watch because you don’t have the time…and so you peruse a website that talks about said shows…makes sense!

      • Curly Girly says:

        I agree with you Edmalex. I have a busy work week and often spend the weekend catching up on my favorite shows….so I usually try avoiding any spoilers until then….

    • Alice says:

      Seriously! Grow up. Don’t browse TVline if you aren’t up to date on episodes from 3 days ago. By this point, ACTUAL fans, who WATCH the show, have processed Maggie’s death and are interested in what will happen next, hence this article.

      In other news, soylent green is people. Dil is a man. And the psychiatrist was dead the WHOLE time!

  8. ninamags says:

    Yeah, the show aired 3 days ago. If you don’t have time to watch……
    Eh, its a spoiler to a tv show not missile codes.


    Love that Kripke is having success with this show as well :)

  9. Dean says:

    I trust Kripke. The portrayal of Maggie’s life was brilliant. Really liking the show and it keeps improving every episode. The best new show this fall. Can’t wait for Neville’s story! He is quite an intriguing character and Giancarlo Esposito is awesome!

  10. Ana says:

    Ok. In all fairness, there should have been a spoiler warning. I saw the headline before I watched the episode so I didn’t read the article until now. But it did affect the way I watched because I kept wondering who was going to die. Although it really didn’t take long to figure out who it would be. Still, I would have preferred not to be spoiled. Now, about Kim Raver…I’ve been a huge fan since Lipstick Jungle and I was very upset when she was let go from Grey’s so I’m rooting for her. As soon as I found out she was going to be on this show I started watching. But Iam kind of disappointed she’s going to be on the wrong side. :-( I thought she would be some kind of bada** rebel or something. Still, I hope she gets a chance to really shine. Looking forward to it.

    • Lilly says:

      I actually think she’ll get some great, meaty stuff to do as Lady Macbeth. Her storylines on Grey’s weren’t the best (sad. sad. SADDER!) . This is a better opportunity. I might start rooting for the psychopathic Alliance (I’m sorry, Militia) if she does the world a favor and kills that annoying boy.

  11. Magically Suspicious says:

    Yay! Hadn’t had time to watch yet, so thanks for that!

  12. Tiffany says:

    I think after 24 hours its on you to watch the episode. I mean really…you care enough about the show to read a blog about it, but not to watch the dern thing for a week? Come on guys. Lets keep it in a reality check please. Its not like the “whole entire show is ruined” and you’ll stop watching…drama…get over it.

  13. ExBFF says:

    Cannot stand the Charlie character (or maybe it’s just the actress is playing her poorly). But I keep hoping she dies off quickly. Doesn’t seem likely…and, sadly, it’s probably enough to turn me off of the show.

    • Guy says:

      Actually, it’s neither Charlie or the actress who plays her (and plays her well, I might add). It’s just you. Charlie is not going to die so you might as well stop deluding yourself by wishing for it to happen. If it’s what causes you to stop watching the show, then oh well. Your loss.

    • Dean says:

      Good bye, jerk. We can enjoy the awesome show with or without you.

  14. Ace says:

    I’m not a huge fan of Kim Raver’s acting style, but I really like this show so far, so it certainly won’t keep me from watching. Also, I’m fond of the theory that “Nate” is Neville’s son, and the casting of Kim Raver as Lady Neville seems to support that, in terms of resemblance of the parent actors to the guy who plays not-Nate. (Can we find out that guy’s real name soon, please, Kripke?)

  15. Grisell says:

    I was disappointed with Maggies death. Her story, being away from her kids before the blackout really made me feel for her character. It made me think about what I would do in her situation. With that being said, I really hope we get some answers soon so viewers don’t lose interest.

    • cjeffery7 says:

      i agree! though i’m gonna be one of those crazies who wishes they didn’t kill her off BECAUSE of her really cool backstory. she walked across the ENTIRE UNITED STATES only to have her dreams shattered and then just wandered around, ending up in Wisconsin. like, imagine all the possible allies she’s made in that time? all the knowledge she acquired about the state of the country… i’d like to learn more about that, and get some sweet sweet baby/mama tear-jerking drama along the way.

    • Lilly says:

      I still do not buy that there was a conflict in a post-blackout era that managed to eliminate all lumber everywhere. People have been sailing for thousands of years. Someone, on some side of the Atlantic would have re-discovered BOATS by now.

      • D says:

        Good luck trying to sail across the ocean on a boat. We’ve come a long way since learning to sail ships on the open water. Reverting back is far more difficult than you can imagine.

  16. Charlotte says:

    Wow. Great job on the spoiler! That was really pathetic TV writing.

  17. mia says:

    Putting the spoiler in the title wasn’t cool. I try and stay up-to-date with all my shows, but with my hectic schedule its just not always a reality. I can come on here and read articles about the shows I have watched and then come back and read the rest once I’ve caught up.
    I knew Maggie died before I watched the episode (thanks) and so I really didn’t get to feel it.

  18. Dieu says:

    real stakes my a**. it was a nyew from the upfronts that they’ll write out the english chick.

    • Dean says:

      Well since most of the fans aren’t crazy enough to spoil themselves, it was truly a shocker (for me as well). Really liked her and the episode was very well done.

  19. Jay Shock says:

    If you really like your shows, watch em when they are on. :) i somehow find time.

  20. PG says:

    Love the baground story in Revolution. Hate, hate, hate the writing. Charlie is so annoying. They should have killed her instead of Maggie. The lines she speaks and how she acts are so hypocritical and stupid.. One moment she kills to survive with no regrets and on the second moment she is ” lets save everyone, because its bad to kill, no matter what threat they are”. She can’t be both and when writers try to make her both the character comes out as unbelievable.

    • Guy says:

      Nobody said she killed without regrets. Just because she doesn’t voice them doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel it. Your ignorant observations of her character speak volumes about how little you really understand her. So you just jump on the Charlie-bashing bandwagon like a good little sheep. She’s lived a very sheltered life and now she’s been thrust into situations where she has no choice but to kill. Of course she’s gonna be conflicted about it. But she grows and learns. Which is more than I can say about your uneducated observations and criticisms. The writing on this show is top-notch and I would go so far as to say this show is better than ANYTHING on TV right now or in the past 2 decades. With all the pseudo-reality shows, stale sitcoms, formulaic courtroom/police and medical dramas, this show stands head and shoulders above the rest with the greatest of ease.