Revolution Recap: It's Lights Out for [Spoiler] -- Plus, a (Coal-)Burning Question Answered?

Warning: The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains spoilers from NBC’s Revolution.

NBC’s Revolution, in its fourth outing, busted out one of the oldest tricks in the book: inviting us to care, more than we had done to date, about a major-ish character, before killing that person off.

In this case, it was Maggie, the steely British doctor who had been Ben Matheson’s “lady friend” and joined Charlie in the mission to find Danny after Ben was killed by the militia.

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In flashback, we saw that Maggie had been working here in the States and was Skyping with her two rugrats at home across the pond at the time the blackout hit. The tragedy of her tale then become apparent, as the mother truly labored, trekking vast expanses of land, trying to get to a point from which she could embark for home. But when she arrived where she had been told might get her to the Atlantic Ocean, her sliver of hope was dashed. Tall ships and steamboats* had been destroyed in the post-apocalyptic war (along with all the good lumber to rebuild), and there was simply no way for one to get from the US of A to Europe.

Distraught by the futility of her situation — and without even a way to make contact with her kids, if they themselves were even still alive — Maggie decided to poison herself… but was interrupted by Ben, who found her by a lake and invited her to break bread (or the like) with him and his family.

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In the here and now (meaning 15 years from now), Maggie, Charlie, Miles and Aaron’s latest travels ran them afoul of a very nasty pack of dogs, and in the course of escaping, Maggie shot her crossbow at one. The dogs’ mad (and I mean mad) owner later exacted vengeance by running a knife into Maggie, slicing an artery, before he took Charlie prisoner and lassoed her to a booby trap. Miles, with help from “Nate,” managed to kill the dogs’ owner and save Charlie, and despite Aaron’s best efforts as a surgeon/suturer, Maggie bled out, but not before imagining one last glance at her iPhone photos of her kiddies.

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Also in the episode: A nasty storm trapped “weather whisperer” Danny, who had been caught (again) in the midst of (another) escape, with Capt. Neville, until a roof nearly caved in on both of them. Danny made the difficult decision to save a pinned-down Neville, only to have the militia boss promptly overpower him and take the “important” lad back into custody. Elsewhere, Monroe questioned Rachel, for what apparently was the bazillionth time, about what Ben did for the DOD prior to the blackout, but she kept mum — even when Strausser the Inquisitor was brought in. Monroe warned that Danny will be here soon enough, and he might not put up such a good fight.

The hour closed with Rachel flashing back to when she parted ways with her family to “fetch supplies” and subsequently vanished, and we realized that it was planned and yet against her will — as fulfillment of some sort of a bargain she made with militia meanie…. Miles, who cuffed his sis-in-law immediately upon her surrender.

*Returning to the topic of otherwise-powered thingamabobs, the previews for next week show Miles & Co. aiming to blow up a working locomotive. Who’s curious to hear the story on that one? Is this the show finally getting around to nipping in the bud that nitpick?

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