Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on The Mentalist, Once, Good Wife, Revolution, True Blood and More!

Will The Mentalist‘s Rigsby be father dazed? What does Once Upon a Time‘s Evil Queen not have in common with Pinocchio? Does a Revolution-ary baddie have a good side? Who’s locking lips on Good Wife? Who’s the new True Blood charmer? Read on for answers to those questions plus other teases from hot shows.

The Mentalist | Dipping into the mailbag, Laura asks: “Can I have a scoop about other characters from The Mentalist, like Van Pelt and Rigsby?” I relayed your request to EP Tom Szentgyorgyi, who for starters promised we’ll meet “someone new in Van Pelt’s future.” As for Rigsby, “He will cross paths with his father again, and continue to cope with his new life as a single dad.” (As show boss Bruno Heller previously teased, the Rigsby men’s “very conflicted and difficult relationship… comes to an epic head in Episode 4.”) As an added bonus, Szentgyorgyi shared that “Cho will start moonlighting with a second CBI unit, which leads him to a surprising encounter with someone from his past.” Scoop need sated?

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The Good Wife | As well-cast and audacious as this Sunday’s Good Wife is (Maura Tierney guest-stars and yes, it’s also that episode), next week’s hour is perhaps the most all-around entertaining thus far. For one, the Case of the Week is plenty engaging (in an Engadget kind of way) and features The Sopranos‘ Dominic Chianese as who may become your most favorite judge ever. On the sexier side of things, Jill Flint is back as Lana and boy, does she make an entrance — let’s just say she’s actually in the scene before you realize it. You also get Alicia and Will needing to talk about the “thing” they once had, and a kinda-surprising kiss at the end of the episode. Do not miss.

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Once Upon a Time | Speaking with Jennifer Morrison about the season opener’s big twists and what comes next (stay tuned for that video Q&A), I also sought clarification on Regina’s “amnesia” when it came to the Mad Hatter’s alter ego. Or as TVLine reader Jennifer put it: “Was Regina faking it or messing with Emma when she said ‘Who’s Jefferson?'” The answer is: both. “She was saying she didn’t recognize his name, but she obviously knew who he was,” Morrison confirms. “She was just lying — the same way that she did in the jail cell, when she said to Rumplestiltskin, “Oh, [Belle]’s alive?’ And he was like, ‘Bulls–t, you knew she was alive.'” Such fleeting fibs are part of Regina’s bid to “cover her tracks a bit,” says Morrison, now that the mayor’s evil ways are exposed. “She doesn’t want to reveal anymore of herself than she has to.”

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Revolution | Thus far on NBC’s post-apocalyptic drama, which already has earned a full-season ride, the backstories of Ben Matheson’s brood – as well as his brother Miles and Sebastian Monroe – have been illuminated. But what about the militia’s Capt. Neville? Has he always been so fierce? “You’ll learn that he had a very different personality before,” Giancarlo Esposito tells us. “You’ll learn that he has a little bit of compassion.” What you won’t learn, though: that he once owned a fast-food franchise and meth superlab.

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True Blood | Rutger Hauer won’t be the only new face surfacing during Season 6 of HBO’s supernatural drama. The show is also casting the series regular role of Ben, an “ultra charming, ultra handsome” fella in his late 20s/early 30s who is magnetic to women and menfolk alike, all while using his Southern gentility to mask a dark, dark, darrrrrk side. Watch for Ben to cross paths with Sookie soon after his arrival. Until then, hit Comments with your casting ideas!

Sitcom Quickies | Speaking of casting calls, Modern Family is in the process of populating pregnant Gloria’s family. There’s Sonia, her 30something sister who on the surface is meek but deep down has bursting to bust out, and Pilar, a family matriarch who is described as old-school, religious and stubborn. Oh, and both actresses should be ready to let loose with a Gloria-esque accent…. Parks and Recreation meanwhile is seeking a wholesome model-gorgeous blonde in her 50s to play… Jerry’s wife Gayle! Christie Brinkley, call your agent.

And out we go with a rat-a-tat-tat of reader Qs….

Now that the episode has aired, what was the scene cut out of Castle 501 ? — @vikimousse
Ah, yes. The scene I saw them film during my set visit had Espo storming out of Beckett’s apartment when Ryan showed up to help with the Cole Maddox case, and Kate then reeling him back in. It’s a shame it got cut since it took many takes to get Esposito’s angry door-slam just right, but in hindsight the sequence probably made the character look too petty.

Who was that playing Congressman Shaw in last week’s Scandal premiere? –Lori
That was Jackson Hurst aka Drop Dead Diva‘s Grayson. You may have also seen him in a handful of Unforgettable episodes.

Why is Leverage the last TNT show left to be renewed this year? It makes no sense. –Marisa
True, Leverage traditionally gets the high-sign by now, but any number of factors can create a hold-up. Maybe TNT is on the fence and wants to see how the winter run fares? Or maybe the cabler has a strong crop of pilots banging at the door. (Similarly, to Lola: It’s too soon for The CW to make a call on The L.A. Complex Season 3. And to Karen, there’s no news on Fairly Legal since this reporting from last month.)

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