Exclusive Video: How Revolution Makes Swords and Crossbows Cool -- and Super Lethal!

NBC’s Revolution takes an old school — but effective — approach to fighting. After all, when the world is unplugged and a militia’s hoarding guns, swords and crossbows are your best bet for survival. And in the exclusive behind-the-scenes video below, stunt coordinator Jeff Wolfe reveals how, in the pilot, Miles is able to take out dozens of militia men with just a blade.

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“I did pretty much all of that, except for one thing, and I’m not going to tell you what it was,” adds star Billy Burke.

Helping him defeat the bad guys are little innovations that Wolfe, who appears in some of the show’s fight sequences, has added to ancient weapons. For example, Miles’ sword includes brass knuckles that proved useful in knocking out Mark Pellegrino’s soldier Jeremy.

But with all the swashbuckling fun comes an aspect of stunt work Burke isn’t too keen on. “My favorite stuff to do is stuff that doesn’t involve running,” he admits.

Press PLAY to see what it takes to pull off the Revolutionary thrills.