Did HIMYM Give Goosebumps? Does Brody Bring You Glee? Poehler as Emmy Host? And More Qs!

EmmysWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including How I Met Your Mother, Sons of Anarchy, Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy!

1 | Why did Doctor Who spend most of an episode effectively setting up the Ponds’ inevitable exit, only to pull them back in, quite abruptly (and a bit clumsily), in the final scene?

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2 | As much as we think Saturday Night Live‘s Nasim Pedrad is an underused gem, why is her Kelly Ripa impression still falling way short? And will Kate McKinnon’s absurdist turn as Ann Romney go down in SNL history as the moment when she broke out from anonymous background player to potential star?

3 | Could the fact that Amy Poehler was pretty much the funniest part of both the 2011 and 2012 Emmy telecasts be a signal to the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences that she’s ready to host the whole shebang in 2013 (airing, natch, on NBC)? And in the wake of all the blogoshphere bitterness over Modern Family‘s 2012 Emmy cleanup, who’s ready to start a backlash to the backlash?

4 | Dear L.A. Complex: Why does Will Arnett’s sketch show shoot in New Orleans of all places? That quibble aside, this show is getting renewed, right?!

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5 | Are you as proud of Brennan’s pop culture reference to Wile E. Coyote as Bones’ Angela was? It’s no Game of Thrones shout-out — that happened on this week’s New Girl — but it’s a step in the right direction.

HIMYM6 | Show of hands: Who got goosebumps when the woman with the yellow umbrella appeared at the train station in the final seconds of How I Met Your Mother‘s season premiere? But should the show have bitten the bullet and shown us the mom’s face? That would have been a truly shocking “Wow” moment.

| Does it disorient you that Revolution‘s Charlie and Danny are now teenagers, but their parents look like they haven’t aged a day since the blackout 15 years ago?

| Why does every pilot have to turn historical figures into crime solvers? Why can’t Thomas Edison just be an inventor?

| Who can’t unsee the resemblance between Matthew Perry and Rachel Maddow after Tuesday’s Go On?

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10 | Ladies, who’s up for making “boob jail” — coined by New Girl‘s Jess — the new slang for “bra”? And his Creed-loving aside, David Walton was pretty perfect as Jess/Kate’s new bed buddy, right?

11 | Having now seen most of the new season’s offerings — several of which feature young kids — can we all agree that Ben and Kate nabbed the most adorable and comedically blessed of the bunch?

12 | Was NCIS‘ Harper Dearing wrong to bring a gun to a knife fight?

Parenthood Monica Potter Peter Krause13 | Can the Emmys really keep ignoring Monica Potter after this week’s Parenthood?

14 | How much do we love that Sons of Anarchy‘s Tara spotted Gemma’s fingerprints all over Wendy’s impromptu visit? And how priceless was the look on Gemma’s face when Tara floated the idea to her stepmom that, push come to shove, Jax would kill her?

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15 In the wake of widespread outrage over the Voice coaches not selecting the exquisite but clearly over-40 Yolanda Barber during Tuesday’s Blind Auditions, wouldn’t it be great PR for The X Factor to give her an automatic pass to Boot Camp for Season 3 in 2013?

16 | Did we hear a different version of “Without You” than the one Tara Simon sang for the X Factor judges? Because that was terrible, especially compared to The Voice contestant Avery Wilson’s far superior take. And yet Tara got four yeses.

17 | How nifty was Modern Family‘s time-passage trick? (And how awful was Phil’s last stab at facial hair?) Do you suspect Gloria will carry very, very small, driving Claire bonkers? Also, how much prop wrangling went into making sure the giant stuffed animals atop Cam and Mitchell’s car would look as naughty as possible during the kitten-adoption scene?

18 | Is there any single Weird Alien Trick or Wacky E.T. Tic that The Neighbors did not bust out in its very first episode? Were they worried there would be no Week 2? (Are you worried there will be a Week 2?)

19 | Whose idea was it to have Gabriel Mann narrate the Revenge recap special as Nolan? Because we want to say, “Thank you!”

20 | Did Glee‘s Brody only endear you with that Ace of Base confession? (Their music totally holds up!) But does the blind vitriol of Finchel “stans” ever sap the joy out of reading about and/or watching the show?

Last Resort Jessy Schram Scott Speedman21 | Doesn’t Jessy Schram look like Scott Speedman’s little sister, not his wife, on Last Resort? Speedman, though…. The hottest thing to happen to a submarine since [insert name in comments]? (Our pick: Denzel Washington in Crimson Tide.) And what’s sexier about Autumn Reeser’s character — her ability to rattle off two minutes’ worth of submarine tech or… you know, that other stuff?

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22 | We “get” that Cristina is Meredith’s person on Grey’s Anatomy, but how could Mer leave Derek — without even saying goodbye! — while he was grieving Mark? Speaking of objectionable behavior, anyone else having trouble buying this new sex-crazed Bailey? Mark is hours away from death and she’s humping Ben in every corner of the hospital?

23 | If Scandal‘s Huck looked all fine and dandy, employed and shaven, during the Lindsay Dwyer/Quinn flashback, what the hell later happened that, come Fitz’s White House run, he was homeless and bedraggled? Also: Do you think the Argo movie runs ads during Scandal simply because they share shredded-paper logos?

24 | Is it safe to assume Parks and Recreation‘s Ann has given up her career as a nurse to hang around the Parks department and assist Leslie full time?

25 | How refreshing is it to see a show like CBS’ Elementary not play the will-they-or-won’t-they card?

26 | While understanding that Heidi Klum needs to promote her Babies “R” Us clothing line, wasn’t it a little ridiculous to see a Project Runway designer go home this week for failure to make a chic toddler outfit (while taking care of crying baby doll!)? And did Dmitry’s outfit make his baby look more like a cult member or a garden gnome?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Katie says:

    Yes! Amy Poehler hosting the 2013 Emmys would be *amazing*!! Love that idea.

    • Karen says:

      I am in love with this idea as well…. Amy Poehler + Emmy’s can only end in brilliance :)

    • lucg19 says:

      Just an FYI Ann hasn’t left her career as a nurse. She became the town hall’s (or whatever the building they’re in) nurse. So she basically works in the same place.

      • lara says:

        thank you for saying it before me! Do people not remember her water fountain project? And, i thought it was pretty obvious she was a worker considering she was sitting on the table with the councilwoman during the meeting?

        • ohlala says:

          she’s not the town hall nurse, she’s the like health czar of pawnee.

          • Mal says:

            Correct- she’s like the head of the city’s health department (because the old guy’s wife was a whore and he freaked out!)- but she still is a nurse at the hospital two days a week or something like that.

    • Angela says:

      Yep. I too would be more than okay with this idea.

  2. Benny says:

    “Did Glee‘s Brody only endear you with that Ace of Base confession? (Their music totally holds up!) But does the blind vitriol of Finchel “stans” ever sap the joy out of reading about and/or watching the show?”

    I was charmed by him last night. He’s great for Rachel. But seriously, the way the Finchel stans mobilize on Tumblr to spam websites and anyone expressing a positive opinion on Brody is horrifying.

    • Mafer says:

      In what world Brody is a goody guy or even more fitting for Rachel than Finn? he’s basically stalking her and lets remember she wouldn’t even be in NY if Finn hadn’t sacrifice his own happiness so she could have her brroadway dream and Brody knowing that she has a boyfriend keeps persuing her!

    • Maggie says:

      I am pretty sure I have seen multiple Faberry & Klaine spams. This is just ridculous. I love how fans of every other ship are completely justified in their actions but as soon as Finchel fans dare say anything we get criticized.

      • confused says:

        how about instead of being a finchel fan, be a glee fan? why can’t people just watch the show and let the creators and writers do what they want? they’re working their asses off to deliver a good show.

        • karinne says:

          well, the showrunners are partly to blame for pitting fans against each other. we’re being played like puppets yet we keep dancing to the tune they keep on playing. i look forward to the day when the music stops and they find themselves with an empty dance floor and they will rue the day they’ve tempted the heavens while we will have the last laugh.

          • confused says:

            how will you have the last laugh? they’ll be making millions of dollars off of glee for years after the show ends. lol

        • lol Glee says:

          “working their asses off to deliver a good show” LOL
          “working their asses off to deliver a good POOP” ;) it fits better XD

    • danielle says:

      you can’t fault finchel fans for being passionate about finn and rachel’s love story and how protective they are of the pair; in as much as you have the right to express your own opinion about this brody guy. let’s just agree to disagree, ok? if obama can mobilize his supporters on social media and everyone does not have a problem with it, why can’t finchel fans do the same for their favorite couple?

    • Cy says:

      Well Ryan Murphy told fans to show their passion and fight for what they believe in. And he also told the fans to RIOT. So they’re just following the man’s orders. lol

    • JR says:

      I don’t think my opinions of S4 Glee are blind. or cynical. or toxic. I just really don’t like the 3rd party storyline. I’m also not sure I like the direction they’re taking “new Rachel”. Yes, Finn and Rachel need to grow up. And Finn needs to find his dream. But ultimately Glee isn’t very gleeful without Finchel and I hope the writers recognize that sooner than later.

  3. Jenn says:

    I definitely freaked out when the mother walked up and as they panned up, I thought for sure they would show her face. I was a little disappointed they didn’t, but the moment was still exciting!

  4. V says:

    14 – I think if push comes to shove Jax would choose is mother…..but I also hate Tara this past 2 seasons…maybe thats it.

    • Kelli says:

      Naw, I think Jax would pick Tara over Gemma. I’ve never been a huge Tara fan but at least I used to respect her. What they’ve been doing to her character since last season seems forced, contrived, and over the top ridiculous. Hate her now. And Gemma has become obnoxious but at least I can see Gemma’s motivations behind her actions. Tara is just being an overdramatic bitch by not letting Gemma visit the kids so she pushed Gemma to go to Wendy. Ugh, they’re both hot messes. I hope Sutter fixes this because it’s sad that he has to put the ONLY two female characters on this show in petty catfights. I like them better when they’re kicking ass together. However, I have to say Katey is playing the defeated and vulnerable card awesome as usual and Maggie has some great crazy eyes. Ha!

  5. Eileen says:

    Um 12: Dearing brought a Gun, Gibbs brought a knife. Dearing knew Gibbs would kill him and gave him the opportunity by going for the gun

  6. Fernanda says:

    Brody is creepy guy who is taking advantage that rachel is alone in a new place, he’s a jerk with a hiden agenda (Cassandra’s comment in 4×2) and he’s just stalling the inevitability that is Finchel!

  7. Eli says:

    TV Line That’s below the belt. I’m a “Finchel stan” but I don’t think I’ve written a “blind vitriolic” comment on this site. And please, if you don’t want the “Finchel stans” to give you hits on your site, just say so.

    • Anna says:

      I have never left a nasty comment on any of these articles and I am a Finchel stan. I think that is really unfair that a whole fandom is regarded in that way. I have read nasty, cruel, and bitter comments from multiple Glee ships and don’t base the fandom on those. Thought TVLine was better then this.

    • Nikki says:

      Exactly. Insulting and making generalizations about those who visit your site is not exactly good business acumen there, TV Line.

    • Toni says:

      Congratulations on not leaving a bad comment then, it means you’re NOT the ones they’re complaining about and this shouldn’t matter to you as it has nothing to do with you.

  8. gem says:

    my thouhts exactly about mer/cris/derek i thought it was poor writing to have mer run away when derek needed her and i felt it wasnt a true reflection of how far mer has come… i think ellen pompeo and patrick dempsey agree with the fans, enough with the cris friendshp pushed down out throats… marriage comes first surely in this situation? x

  9. LOL says:

    Dear tvline.com. Wait until next week when the blind vitriol of the Klaine and Brittana stans flood your Glee articles.

  10. megshells says:

    No love for the brilliant handling of not only Castle & Beckett’s relationship, but on the semi-resolution of her mother’s murder case? Sooooo disappointed in you, TV Line.

  11. Gil says:

    About the Glee question, the latest Rachel/Brody duet from Glee’s last episode didn’t even reach iTunes Top 100, a rare occurrence for a Lea Michele song, so I think the music downloading fans have answered your question.

    • Mafer says:

      for some people truth hurts! the fact that without Finn and Finchel the ratings have go down talks VOLUMES

      • Katie says:

        lol without finn and finchel the numbers they got last night are comparable to last season when finchel were engaged so you don’t really have an argument there. How well did the finn/rachel songs do last year? Dismal if I remember correctly, so the ratings and song downloads started seriously dropping last season, when Finn and Finchel were very present. Hmm I wonder what that implies… seriously you can’t say without them we’re seeing a ratings drop when there are several other factors (the split storyline format change and Thursday night air time especially) that impact the ratings a lot more than one crappy couple.

        • Ariana says:

          this is the 1st time in 4 years that a lea michele hasn’t even reach top 100 on iTunes it’s saying that the new guy isn’t giving the results that the writters want it

        • Jess says:

          You are completely talking out of your butt here. Glee ratings is easily accessible so you just look like a moron. Yes/No episode (where they got engaged): 7.5 mil rating. Last night: 4.1 mil rating.

          • Katie says:

            I know the ratings are accessible, look there’s no reason to call anyone a moron. Do you get what blind vitrol means calling someone a moron because they don’t agree with your opinion doesn’t exactly help your case here. I am not talking about one episode as you are with Yes/No I am talking about the whole of season 3, after Yes/No the ratings did not improve overall the trend was a decline (and yes I know the mj tribute was the next episode but look at all the episodes ratings to the finale) if you look at the trend you will see the numbers are decreasing, falling, declining. If you do the math last season there was a 30% drop in viewers, in overall viewers and in the 18-49 demo. Now we saw plenty of episodes that got around 6 million viewers overall (close to last night’s 5.9 million) and episodes where the demo was 2.5, the demo is the number that translates into advertiser $$$, the number most important to the network. The ratings already suck, they sucked last season the absence of a couple or character are not the cause I was just pointing out it’s silly to say that it is because the ship and character aren’t present, we already saw the signs of poor performance last year unless they can do something amazing with the show to draw viewers back in (spoiler alert: they can’t) the ratings are going to keep declining

        • flutiefan says:

          bless you!

        • Mafer says:

          If you alienate the chord fandom they eventually stop watching and that’s whats happening right now with ratings! The lowest rating tha show has ever HAD

        • Lynn says:

          This comment is talking about iTunes, not the Billboard chart. You know they’re completely different, don’t you? They always charted on iTunes. For example, We Are Young, a Rachel and Finn led group song from last season reached #1 the next day. Without You, a song sung by Rachel to Finn also reached iTunes #1. A Lea Michele song, especially a duet with a hot young guy who may be her potential love interest not even reaching iTunes Top 100? This is not good news.

          • Katie says:

            I know the difference between the itunes and billboard charts and I know which you were talking about. They’re also having trouble charting because they’re being released so early in the week. A Rachel and Finn led group song is not a Rachel and Finn only song, Without You is a song sung by Rachel. I was talking about Rachel/Finn duets to compare to this Rachel/Brody duet. Look at all the song sales, from this season and the end of last season (I’m talking the Saturday Night Fever episode on), dismal. This is not a Finn/Rachel or Brody/Rachel thing this is the show has lost its novelty thing, people don’t care to buy the songs at all.

          • Sarah says:

            You can’t compare a group number like We Are Young from early s3 when the Glee ratings were sill doing okay to now when Glee can’t even reach 6 million viewers. The ratings have been going down since Yes/NO and havent recovered since then. And NEWSFLASH: None of the songs this year are doing good. Fox would call it a win if a song reached top 50 on the itune charts this year. Even Blaine who is a big seller with the tweens is not pulling in the cash. So please spare me it’s because she had a duet with Brody.

            Finchel doesn’t bring in the viewers. Finn doesn’t. Not ONE single individual does. What made this show work from the beginning was the dark humor, the storylines and continuity. Glee doesn’t have that anymore. So people are tuning out.

        • karinne says:

          well then, if we follow your argument, if finn and rachel being together is the reason for the ratings drop, how come the ratings dropped so badly last night when they are supposed to be broken up and rachel was seen flirting and making out with the new guy? hmm, i wonder what that implies….

          • Katie says:

            I didn’t say the ratings dropped last season because of finn and rachel, I was just pointing out these numbers are similar to numbers we saw last year (especially the 2.5 in the demo) but I think implying one character or ship is the reason the ratings dropped is nonsensical. I stated why I think the ratings are doing and going to do poorly this season, it doesn’t help they’re coming off a season where we saw a huge drop (over 30%) in viewers. If you read my comment I said there are several other factors to consider before we start looking at what characters are present or absent

        • karinne says:

          now you’re backtracking; in your own words, and I quote: the numbers they got last night are comparable to last season when finchel were engaged…. how did the finn/rachel songs do last year? dismal if i remember correctly, so the ratings and song downloads started seriously dropping last season, when Finn and Finchel were very present. Hmm I wonder what that implies…’ can you be anymore obvious? just don’t hide behind generalities when others find holes in your argument.

          • Katie says:

            I said that the ratings went down with Finchel when they had a storyline through out the season with the engagement stuff what does that imply? That the ratings sucked when Finchel were there and had a major storyline about there relationship through out the season. So that means that finchel being gone isn’t going to impact the ratings in a negative way because they didn’t do anything to improve the ratings last season when they had their engagement storyline being pushed. I don’t need to hide behind generalities I’m saying I think it is silly to say no finchel = crap ratings when they had poor ratings last season, I also think it’s silly to lump the blame on one character or relationship. So now the ratings are dropping even more (which isn’t surprising considering the format change and thursday night timeslot) what is finchel going to do, draw in the viewers they failed to draw in last season?

          • lara says:

            Dear Katie, may I also remind you that Finn and Rachel were at the front and center of this show when it catapulted into a “massive cultural phenomenon”. As you said, the fall of ratings cannot be attributed to a few characters or relationships. I’d rather point out the massive failings in writing, the pointless songs, absent continuity, overpopulation of characters and whiplash plotlines as some of the reasons.

  12. Kaitlyn says:

    Brody brings nothing to the show, and this season is horrible so far. And I’m not saying this because I’m a finchel shipper either.

    • danielle says:

      bless this post; nothing but the truth.

    • a says:

      Is better to realize that the characters mean nothing to RIB, sadly… they don’t care about feelings nor emotional growth (the whole Brody thing is the ultimate “sexy” cliche: girl finds hot guy naked at the bathroom… oh yeah, so original).
      As Finn is now in the military, they have an excuse to fill this whole season with the Finn/Rachel/Brody love triangle, “will they/won’t they”, just to make Finchel return as a couple in the last few episodes…

  13. Nicole says:

    20 — Brody is a poorly conceived character with no backstory, no ties to the existing canvas (outside of Rachel) and he’s played by an actor with limited acting chops. Even if I wasn’t a, how did you put it? Vitriol spewing Finchel stan? I wouldn’t care for Brody. Puckleberry, I could dig. St. Berry? Cool. And I love Finchel unapologetically. But Brody is a useless character that can’t stand on it’s own. His love for Ace of Base doesn’t make him any more interesting.

    • a says:

      Brody is pretty much the straight Blaine, another poorly acted Gary Stu… a walking/dancing jukebox, cute and metrosexual; yet RIB loves that… they don’t know what to do with characters who are “too real and human” for them to handle like puppets: Finn was pretty much wasted last season, when pretty boy Blaine took the lead… that was just the prelude to this.

  14. Amanda says:

    Great way to talk bad about finchel fans. Brody is bland and dull kick him off

  15. Meg says:

    I’m really hoping The L.A. Complex is renewed for a third season and The CW continues to air it.

  16. 1 says:

    The New York side of Glee is terrible. Might as well just stop now before they ruin all the characters and bring boring people in to “spice” it up with boring love triangles. Oh and thanks Glee for ruining Rachel Berry. Add some heavy eyeliner go-go boots and some wavy hair and you have a totally new person. Glee is going to tank and I does not deserve a 5th season if season 4 is going to be this crappy. It makes season 3 look like a joke.

  17. dan says:

    God I hope The Neighbors dies a quick death!
    Frankly, at this point, I don’t even care who the mother is on HIMYM!

  18. dan says:

    Are people still watching Glee?

  19. Tamara says:

    So Finchel fans aren’t allowed to have an opinion? Every single other shipper can say what they dislike or like about the show, but as soon as it’s the Finchel fans, we get called out? If the writers want to endear us to Brody, they should have gone about this storyline a different way. Brody has never really respected Rachel and, while I know that Rachel was the aggressor last night and that it was her choice to hang out with him even knowing that
    “he wants to kiss her” and “thinks she’s sexy”, those statements alone make him seem shady and creepy. I’m allowed to voice that opinion, just as others are allowed to disagree with it. But I do have that right. And right now, I’m voicing that I find Brody smarmy and not at all charming. Jesse at least had chemistry with Rachel and Puck was at least hilarious. I cannot wait for Brody to be off the show.

    • Debra says:

      Thank you, I couldn’t have said it any better. Finchel Forever.

    • Fernanda says:

      thank you! I even could see the chemistry when Puckleberry and St.Berry and they had at least one cute or sweet moment but this guy ughhh I just feel like he’s a sexual predator and even his “chemistry” with rachel feels fake

    • Josie says:

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. Why should the Finchel fans not voice an opinion, just like every other fandom out there does. I could handle Puckleberry and St. Berry because the characters and story lines were interesting. Brody is so bland that it’s hard watching his scenes because he puts me to sleep. I am so glad that Finn is back so that the real story can begin now.

    • danielle says:

      MTE; it’s just annoying to hear Finchel fans being called out for expressing their opinions, which for the record, not even remotely vitriolic compared to what other fandoms have been posting, while other fandom get a pass for being offensive and truly vitriolic. what utter rubbish!

    • Nancy says:

      I maybe one of those Finchel fans who you think may be blindly spewing vitriol but I love PUCK, I was so glad to see his face when he appeared for 20 seconds last episode and loved Rachel with Jesse St James. And I certainly know Jonathan Groff is a far better singer and dancer than Cory (although I love Cory). But Brody? He’s not endearing to me at all.

    • fiona says:

      It’s not that finchel fans cannot have an opinion but it’s the fact that many of the finchel stans that comment on message boards such as these repeat a variation of the form “Eww brody is a stalker, horrible, go away brody. Finchel Forever!” EVEN BEFORE the season got started. And the message boards become flooded with these comments over and over and over and over and over and over again. And this is not to say finchel lovers are the only ones at fault but rather that they are the most prominent presence in the last month on these message boards and I can only stand reading this so much. Many (not all mind you) of those people who hate brody had a vendetta against him before episode one so TVLine is not at fault for stating that Finchel stans (they did not say every single one of them) spew out blind vitrol.

      You can have your opinion but it would be nice for them to have like buttons so people can like instead of saying the exact same thing rather than having the board be 90% finchel’s #goawaybrody #finchelforever. And by the way this is a message board not twitter

  20. ciffer says:

    yeah Cinderella from Once Upon a Time and Scott Speedman look totally awkward together. she looks like shes 16 regardless of how old she is. I guess its a good thing it seems like we won’t have to see much of them together?

  21. nLs says:

    “Blind vitriol of Finchel stans?” Gimme a break. Brody is a flat, one-note character who doesn’t function to stretch or cause growth for Rachel at all. So far he’s done nothing but encourage her to change her spots in order to fit in. Not exactly the message Glee typically promotes. Belittling fans of a show when your livelihood depends on those fans is pretty uncool.

    • Ariana says:

      its if like they want this to be the last season! breaking everybody up (not even Finchel, hello Tike!) and putting new characters that don’t bring nothing new is a recipe for disaster

  22. Abigail says:

    the Glee I feel in love with does not longer exist! destroying Rachel Berry for this new sex charged NY Rachel makes me tune off and the raitings are speaking for a large number of us!

  23. tvaddict says:

    The flashback in this week’s Scandal happened 2 years ago and Fitz became president around 2 years ago as well so I assumed this was right after he started working for Olivia.

  24. ggny says:

    Something about Brody is just really Creepy. I think something bad is gonna come out about him

  25. Alan says:

    after a fairly boring and unfunny how i met your mother where i started to lose focus near the end i suddenly sat up and took notice when the mother appeared, then it was a massive load of nothing. this would have been the perfect time to reveal her, shock people into taking notice again since the majority seem to be losing faith rapidly, myself included.
    the writers dropped the ball on a chance to really reinvgorate what has become a tired formula

    • tripoli says:

      Exactly. It was a pretty disappointing episode as it was and it seemed obvious that there would be a shot of that damn umbrella, but of course, without the reveal of a face. Again. So tired and played out. Get on with it already.

  26. Nicole says:

    Brody made me puke ! I am team finchel ! They are forever

  27. Anna says:

    19 – YES, THANK YOU INDEED! Also, can I have Gabriel Mann narrate all the episodes (as Nolan, of course) from now on? Pretty please?

  28. Patti says:

    Wow! What a way to generalize a large group of fans. Bordy isn’t even a character at this point and by the ratings last night not many have latched onto the idea of Rachel/Brody.

  29. Ben says:

    You should call out the persecuted Blaine stans as well. They’re definitely on Finchel-levels of insanity.

  30. My big question is…..how did NCIS’ McGee manage to escape from the explosion pretty much unscathed? He should have been more seriously injured. Just saying.

  31. Heather says:

    I really wish you didn’t feel the need to tear down fans of a show. We all know that the majority of Team TVLine doesn’t care for Finchel.

  32. f says:

    brody is nice in theory but execution is all wrong. idk how tvline thinks he’s a viable suitor for rachel. hump and dump written all over this guy.

  33. Babybop says:

    I agree, they should have shown the mother’s face! I mean… It’s been what, 8 seasons? Ha ha.

  34. Sierra says:

    5) yes, very happy that she at least knows Wile E Coyote. And in few years she’ll know who the powerpuff girls are too.
    6) dont care who the mother is anymore. They completely ruined HIMYM for me after I saw season 7. If robin and barney were gonna end up together then why have a whole season of them with seperate people? Waste of air time.
    20) would prefer to watch the rest of the original glee group instead of Brody. But I think in the next week episode, Klaine will break up sadly :/ just hope that all the previous couples dont break up. Also, WHY cant Rachel just be single for at least 3 episodes? Do they ALWAYS have to show guys falling for her?

  35. Marcela says:

    Y’know, back when Jesse St. James came on the scene in season one, I admit that I defended him to my fellow Finchel friends. I really like him. He’s male Rachel (minus the heart and soul, that is haha) and he added a really great layer to the Finchel angst of seasons one and two. So I was ready to give Brody a chance, but the whole time I saw him interacting with Rachel, all his presence did was remind me of Finn, and it’s not because he resembles Finn in any way, but because Rachel was constantly thinking of Finn and wondering about him and missing him and just longing to be with him. And there was all this understanding on her part; knowing that what Finn did was because he wanted what was best for her. She was self-aware and rational, but lonely. All Brody’s presence did was reinforce that, so I never got the chance to really like him or what his presence in her life meant. He was always just a plot point and he continues to be a plot point even now because all he’s doing is stalling Finn and Rachel. I probably won’t ever like Brody, but it’s not because of my blind vitriol… it’s because he’s a bland character with no real ties to Glee (at least Jesse was from New Directions’ main competition).

  36. JBS says:

    -Regarding question 6 (HIMYM), I think they had to use the umbrella for this scene because they haven’t casted the mother yet. If they don’t have an actress to play her, it wouldn’t be right to show some stunt face. I don’t agree with it, but I understand it if this is the case.
    -Regarding question 20 (Glee), I don’t have any problems with Brody. He obviously likes Rachel, and is at least attempting (albeit poorly) to respect her relationship with Finn. And as shown last night, Rachel has at least some feelings for Brody. I would bet that if Finn was written out of Glee, there would be less backlash from this turn of events.
    (And yes, “Finchel” shippers do suck the life out of reading any Glee-related articles.)

    • danielle says:

      Finn is one of the most popular characters in Glee; remember the ruckus over the summer prior to season 3 when there were rumors about Cory, Chris and Lea not coming back? Fox will keep three on the show because they are the biggest draw. It’s highly unlikely anytime now that Finn’s storyline will be abandoned over some new beefcake who is no more than a prop to move along the Finchel storyline, and providing the tweens with some eyecandy to fangirl on at the same time.

      • Reality Check/ Come on. Are you serious? says:

        Your comment is exactly what JBS is talking about. Nothing bad was said about Finn. What JBS said was that Finchel shippers, for some reason, feel obligated to comment on everything that is related to Glee in any way, shape, or form and spam with barely related (sometimes unrelated) Finchel freak-outs. The rest of people who watch Glee respect your right to ship whomever you want, but the Finchel shippers are rude as well. There is absolutely no need to trash another ship. Your opinion is your opinion and that’s fine. You don’t, however, need to be hypocritical and comment on other people’s comments and become hostile just because you believe in “Finchel Forever.” Furthermore, Glee is just a television show and for you to become this outraged over those who support Brochel or Faberry or any other ship is mind-boggling. Glee is supposed to be a fun show and it would be nice to not be exposed to this level of crazy in every Glee post. Get over yourself. Finchel is not the end of the earth.

        In regards to your argument, Finn may be one of the most popular characters on Glee, but there are other popular characters as well. No one is suggesting that they write him off and certainly not JBS. JBS is simply commenting on what the reactions of normal fans could possibly be should teh writers write Finn off and is suggesting that Finchel stans tone down the crazy. Also, the “ruckus” Cory, Chris, and Lea not coming back was not because Finn is the end-all-be-all of Glee, but rather because the fans were upset by how the news was delivered to both the cast. Furthermore, your comments about Brody are not only rude, but unwarranted. How come every time someone says they like Brody Finchel fans go crazy, but whenever a less-than-perfect comment about Finn makes it’s way into the comment section, Finchel Fans go crazy and attack. Why is it okay for you to attack a ship, but not for anyone else to even support a ship? Please stop with the double-standards and hypocrisy. You make it difficult for Glee fans who are actually a fan of the show, not just the Finchel ship.

        Notice how I didn’t make any comments about the Finchel ship itself? Notice how I RESPECTED the fact that FInchel is a ship? Maybe you’ll do the same when commenting in the future. All ships need to be respected, no matter what they are. These are people’s opinions and people shouldn’t be attacked for not shipping Finchel. Before you decide to comment on this post, I hope you think of a RELEVANT comment and formulate your argument in a way that does not paint your opinion as the absolute truth. That’s the whole point of this. REAL Glee fan, out.

  37. flutiefan says:

    way to open the floodgates with that comment, Matt!
    (personally, i agree with you)

  38. Sierra says:

    I agree, i liked Jesse St James character. He was a good singer and dancer. Maybe they could bring him back or something…

  39. whatever says:

    I can’t wait to watch Jessica Capshaw and what she does with Arizona’s storyline this season in Grey’s. I admit I was deeply affected by the turn of events – I admit amputation is one of my biggest fears.

    Anything Finchel ALWAYS ruins my Glee experience. Finn’s overall screen time presence bothers me but his stans (those few that ship Finchel and insult and attack and harrass other fans of the show that don’t like the pairing) do make me sick.

  40. Helen says:

    This is so ridiculous. All this is pointing to Finchel fans is generate buzz for this article. Say what you what about us it doesn’t matter. Nothing anyone says here will make one iota of difference.

  41. Thea says:

    “But does the blind vitriol of Finchel “stans” ever sap the joy out of reading about and/or watching the show?”

    It sometimes embarasses me to admit I’m a fan of the show. Not all of us rage at anyone who’ll let us when our favorite characters don’t follow the path we’ve mapped out for them in fanfiction.

  42. Holly says:

    Every other Finchel fan I’ve come across seems to be a complete jerk and it makes me ashamed to be a part of their fandom. The second something happens that they don’t like, they start throwing out insults at the writers, the other characters and the other actors such as Mark, Dean, Dianna, etc, when they haven’t done anything other than their jobs. I feel like an adult stuck amongst a group of whining children who spit the dummy, fall to the floor screaming, and start throwing tantrums because they can’t get exactly what they want right now. I’m more than happy to keep my Finchel shipping to myself if it means that I don’t have to be associated with these embarrassing idiots.

    • Sarah says:

      Bless you, Holly. One of the main reasons why I don’t even remotely like Finchel anymore is because of their fans. I know all fanbases have their bad apples, but I can’t tell you how many times I was sent death threats or whatever because I respectfully disagreed with their opinion. They even brought Dianna into and started trashing her when I didn’t even mention her name once. I wish you the best in your shipping! I don’t think Finchel is done one bit – so enjoy the (bumpy) ride!

      • Angel says:

        Well I feel that way about Faberry, Klaine, and Brittana. The shippers ruined the pairing, sending death threats to actors and writers and belittling Finchel fans all of the time. But then they get praised for being passionate. Finchel fans are the most respectful and we have gone through the most pain. It’s really hard to be a Finchel shipper. I hate Brody and Deans terrible acting. I want the Rachel I fell in love with back. And he heart and metaphor of glee, Finchel, to be back. I’m happy to be a Finchel shipper. Have never sent any hate to any actor or writer. Faberry fans send Cory greats daily. Every fandom has bad apples. And finally Finchel fans aren’t spamming anything. We all leave one comment. That is not spamming. We are bigger than you think.

        • Alex says:

          “Finchel fans are the most respectful and we have gone through the most pain. It’s really hard to be a Finchel shipper.”

          Lol… you have no shame, do you?

    • It's the Glee Fandom says:

      You can replace Finchel with any other Glee fandom and your post will be correct.

      • Holly says:

        No, I’ve never had this sort of trouble with any of my other ships. They have their problems and their idiots, but they don’t act like the awful Finchel fans do. And Sarah, thank you. Unlike my fellow shippers, I’m smart enough to understand that this break up is temporary and I should try to enjoy the characters individual storylines until they get together again,

        • You haven't met the Glee Fandom yet says:

          There are crazies and immature dumbasses in every fandom. Including Finchel, Klaine, Brittana, Faberry etc.

      • Nikki says:

        This is it, exactly. I hate that certain members of the Glee fandom act like idiots, but pointing fingers at one sector is ridiculous as is making gross generalizations.

    • karinne says:

      i’m a Finchel fan and I never leave ‘blind vitriol’ for anybody, nor do I send death threats to anyone who had a differing opinion than mine. i am reminded of the comment made by this Brody guy about receiving death threats from Finchel fans, giving the impression that a brigade of Finchel fans were out to crush him to death with their tweets. Lo and behold, there was not even an iota of truth to that; only one tweet from a misguided shipper and he generalizes that all Finchel fans want him death. Who among the fandoms can claim that no one among their peers have uttered anything offensive out of anger or frustration? I rest my case.

      • Andy says:

        When did Dean say that he got threats from a number of fans? He said one sent him a threat with a pic of a cartoon gun and then he said the fandom was serious. He didn’t say they were all sending him death threats.

  43. Amanda says:

    20 – One of the main reasons I stopped watching glee is how rude the canon shippers are in entirety. I’m a Fritters shipper since season 1 (Finn/Brittany if you’re not apart of Tumblr) and have been treated horrendously by Finchel and Brittana shippers even though I’ve been vocal in how I know my personal ship will never happen. I’ll stick to my corner of the world and not watch Glee.

  44. Janis says:

    And so begins the Finchel shipper witch hunt. Give me a break. All canon shippers are the same. To single out one particular group is hypocritical and biased. Maybe if they’d given Rachel a better romantic interest and hadn’t made her betray the person she was in love with for three consecutive seasons, we wouldn’t be as unhappy. We can still voice our opinions in America, right?

  45. Kelli says:

    I’m not liking Gemma or Tara this season at all. But man, they’re fantastic actresses. Katey’s face says a million words and I loved how she pulled off Gemma’s realization that Tara is right, that Jax would kill her. Great scene and great one-liners there. “My pretty little Frankenstein.” Hahaha.

  46. Lo says:

    I love that TVLine called out Finchel ships, and they’re proving everybody’s point right now with half the comments are of them complaining.

    • Kels says:

      This. It’s actually hilarious. I’m wondering if they’re all underage or just uneducated.

    • Nikki says:

      I haven’t really seen any examples of blind vitriol in any of the pro-Finchel comments I’ve read. Complaints about below-the-belt insults is to be expected when one is on the receiving end of said insults. Generalizations about large groups of people also tend to rile people up a bit.

      • Brandon says:

        Anything that even threatens to come between finn and rachel tends to rile you lot a bit. You keep trying to present a mature front but when it comes to how you and your fellow fans react to even the slightest hint of trouble in finchel paradise, its like seeing a toddler throw a tantrum over his fav toy being taken away. This much attachment to a frictional couple doesn’t reflect well for on your emotional maturity or even mental status and saps the joy out for casual fans who are just trying to enjoy a singing and dancing show.

    • lol says:

      I think this is probably what tvline targeted. Every website wants their posts to get hits.

  47. madbengalsfan85 says:

    5) Extremely proud…love it when Brennan correctly uses pop culture references

  48. Erin says:

    Usually don’t comment but as for #8, the entire idea disgusts me, anyone who knows much about Edison knows what a lying, cheating, conniving, possibly violent D*^k he really was….I apologize-rant complete.

  49. Gretch says:

    If anyone has a problem with blind Finchel stans then they need to stop watching Glee. Finchel is the most popular couple on this show. Cory and Lea are the stars (including Chris). People can debate it all they want. It’s the truth. Finchel is the most interesting story on Glee. They wouldn’t be so dramatic if they didn’t bring in the ratings. Brody was not charming. He can’t ever be charming because he’s a prop that’s only meant to get in the way of Finchel. I couldn’t focus on their conversation because the entire time I was thinking, “Wow, Rachel’s acting totally out of character right now. Where is the girl who was in love with Finn last week?” I’m over third parties. Dean needs to find another Fox show to jump on. Glee is a party in progress that he has no place in. HIs character comes on way too strong, and honestly come off really creepy by following Rachel around the city.

    • Mandy says:

      When was he following her around? When she walked up to him in the park or when they see each other in school. I couldn’t care less about Brody but you have to understand that not everyone ships Finchel. Finchel is only the most interesting storyline on Glee to the Finchel shippers. A lot of us want them to just go away so we can see more of OUR favorite characters. And quite frankly, if all the people sick of Finchel stopped watching, the ratings wouldn’t be good enough to keep the show running and your ship wouldn’t be there anymore. Telling people to stop watching is very counterproductive.

      • jessie says:

        well, perhaps you’re going to get your wish soon enough if glee continues in this trajectory of a broken up finchel and rachel acting ooc and finn being kicked in the gut several times over. let’s see how glee can survive when the ‘annoying, vitriolic’ finchel fans go on exodus to find their finchel forever somewhere else.

    • “Where is the girl who was in love with Finn last week?” SHE GOT OVER HIM HONEY. Things change, get used to it! She’s not gonna be lovesick for Finn all her life.

  50. Stephanie says:

    You don’t have to be on either side of a ship war to be bored to tears by Brody and Dean Geyer’s acting. I’m sorry, but the entire storyline is so forced and contrived. Lea and Dean have absolutely no chemistry and there’s this undeniable creep factor to Brody. I don’t care WHO Rachel ends up with, as long as it isn’t Brody. Their “romance” is a real waste of time.