Grey's Anatomy's Jessica Capshaw on Arizona's Loss and Blaming Callie: 'She's Steamin' Mad'

Never let it be said that Jessica Capshaw can’t keep a secret. For months, she’s remained mum about whether her Grey’s Anatomy character would live or die post-plane crash. But, with the revelation in this week’s season premiere that Arizona survived — and her injured leg had been amputated! — at last she can break her silence. Here, she opens up to TVLine about how she learned of her alter ego’s fate, why the doc seemed to be blaming wife Callie, and what impact the loss will have on “Calzona” down the line.

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TVLINE | What was your first reaction when you heard what was going to happen to Arizona?
I was nine months pregnant when we shot the plane crash. Then we went on hiatus and I was like, “Phew, now I just have to be a baby mama.” And right before I had our daughter, Shonda called and said, “We’re gearing up for next season and this is what I’m thinking… ” Again, I’m like 10 months pregnant and I’m like, “Huh? What do you mean?” [Laughs] “What do you mean she’s losing her leg?! What?!” It was completely shocking to me. And then I had a chance to metabolize the information and think about the possibilities. And then when we got back to work I was really like, “This is crazy. This is such an insane responsibility.” There are so many different levels to it, and there were certainly levels that had not happened or been around for Arizona in this particular story.” So it was shocking, but once I kind of leaned into it [I realized it] was rife with possibility. This was like a wallop of a new dimension to play.

TVLINE | Were you relieved that at least they didn’t kill you off?
[Laughs] I was very happy to stay.

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TVLINE | Was it hard keeping the secret?
Yes it was. Shonda had asked me to [not discuss it publicly]. I was laughing because one of the reasons I went on Twitter at all was because you could hear from people who were watching the show and answer questions, and all of a sudden I was left with nothing to talk about. So I was pretty much the most boring tweeter ever. I was boring myself. [Laughs] It’s been a couple of days since I tweeted so maybe I should tweet my breakfast?

TVLINE | In Thursday’s premiere, Arizona seemed to blame Callie for her lost limb. Why?
You saw in the preview for the next episode that Arizona says to Callie, “Just don’t let them take my leg.” There’s almost an implicit, “I’d rather not be here then lose my leg.” That’s how desperate she is about not wanting to lose her leg. But, ultimately, she does. And she has to blame someone. In the coming episodes you will see who was responsible — not necessarily who was to blame. An amputation is not taken lightly, so obviously it had to be amputated. But how that decision came to pass is going to be something she has to have a very strong reckoning with.

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TVLINE | Has it been a challenge to shoot your scenes this season?
These special effects guys are amazing. I don’t know how they do what they do. Because, obviously, we’re filming the scenes with my leg there, and then they have this whole process by which they digitally remove my own leg and then they create something — and that’s what the residual limb you saw was.

TVLINE | How dark does it get for Callie and Arizona?
I think as dark as [it can] get. Listen, the obvious thing to remember is without dark there is no light and without light there is no dark. You have to show the differences between things. And right now it’s really dark. She’s so steamin’ mad. We’re not aiming to tell a story of defeat, so what goes up must come down, but she is steamin‘ mad and looking for anyone and everyone else to blame but herself… Ever since she got back from Africa everything has happened to her. She found out that her girlfriend got pregnant, then she took on being a mom, then she got in a car accident… there’s so much that’s been happening to her and she’s always risen to be the good man in the storm. And I think that this is her time to finally be, “What? Stop already. I have no part in this. It’s all just happening to me. And now I have to figure out how to survive this.”

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  1. It was a great twist. I really am surprised they were able to keep it all a secret. I can’t wait to see how dark this story actually gets.

    • meem says:

      It wasn’t a great, or even ORIGINAL, twist for anyone who ever watched HOUSE.

      • Joni says:

        Yeah but house sucked.

      • Temperence says:

        well, House went off the raisl so early that a lot of people bailed. Plus, it’s not like House was on any level original, or even the hundredth, to do this plotline on TV.

      • simma down says:

        House never lost his leg. He started out with a bum leg, he finished with a bum leg. And it was never about the leg, it was about the pain. And no matter how unoriginal it is or isn’t to have a character lose a leg in a tv show – it is the pinnacle of originality compared to interwhiners going on about how unoriginal a plot twist is on the tv show they watch and complain about.

        • justjack says:

          Yes… but… Think back to the episode “Three Stories”. In this episode it’s revealed that House made Stacy promise that she wouldn’t let them take his leg or do any surgery on it whatsoever. And after he’s asleep, Stacy authorizes the surgery. So yeah, it’s not a perfect analogy, but there are parallels – you blame the person you think is responsible, even if it isn’t really their fault.

      • Heidi says:

        I can’t corny on House, but, hello – ER anyone? Remember a certain Ray Barnett?

    • Arizona says:

      Ohhh mann ive just realised…. All this time i was hoping for more steam from calzona (more shower scenes anyone?) but now ive realised it probably wont happen! Omg damn u shonda why do this to my favourite character and the most perky, happy one JUST WHY watching her last night broke my heart. Now when i watch her treating kids shes never going to be this full ray of sunshine because the fact that she has one leg will always be foreshadowing evenif i dnt want it to. just great.I knew she wasnt dead of course and i kept on thinking shes probably lying in bed with some broken bones (maybe some temporary paralysation?) because i thought no way would they chop up her leg thats jst too extreme and how are they gonna cover jessicas real legs i thought cgi was like too expensive for tv shows SO when i saw half the leg i was just so shocked but in a wierd way i laughed thinking how could i not have seen this with the casting call for an amputee and all. But now im just so sad for arizona omg no more heelys no more baseball no more dancing her perkiness was what attracted me to her in the first place now shes just so depressed whyyyyyyyyyyyyy i just wanna kiss arizonas leg and tell her shes beautiful no matter what oh and give dalzona a big group hug! Props to jessica (and sara) for being able to keep it a secret though, unlike ellen who basically ruined merediths storyline in the first ep for me. Ok enough of my rant LONG LIVE ARIZONA

      • H.Houston says:

        Why would you think that all of those things would be out for her? Do you know any amputees in real life? I do, some of them children —- they are alive, beautiful, and can dance long past the time when I am exhausted. Don’t discount the power of television to bring awareness to a real situation. Look at home many of our soliders are coming home with missing limbs…. would you care to tell them that they will never dance again, never play sports….. or would you like to tell that to Oscar Pistorius (he would be the Olympiad who just ran with blades for legs/feet in London)?

      • janet bratter says:

        The reference to ER reminded me of the character played by Laura Innes who was that show’s token lesbian and who also walked with a crutch due to some kind of leg issue that was never revealed. Wonder if they’ll just have Arizona fitted with a prosthesis. Then (as usual) she’ll always be in pants…So she’ll limp for awhile and never do the heelies bit again. But as for dancing, well, I remember only one scene at the beginning of their relationship where they danced. So not much to be missed there.

        I’m also concerned for how Callie will react to being blamed for the amputation, at least at first, and how she will cope with loosing Sofia’s father, her best friend, and now Arizona’s anger. She’s going to have to turn down the hot Latina libido too while Arizona comes to terms with whatever self-image issues the writers have in store for her.

        Sara really did look like hell in this scene. You have to admire her for going totally off the usual glam look for the sake of authenticity. Did anyone else notice on the talk show she was on after the premiere episode that she was wearing the Callie/Arizona heart necklace? But of course the hosts had to go on and on about her New York wedding and the romance of the Paris engagement. Seems whenever her lesbian acting gig returns to the screen, her publicists want the audience reminded that in real life she is straight. The exact same thing happened after the big Callie-Arizona wedding too, with a photo spread in Parade Magazine right after the wedding episode. I don’t think I’m the only person to wonder if this isn’t one of those, “thou dost protest too much” scenarios where the actor gets married in “real life” to cover up actually being gay or bisexual . (Think of Rock Hudson and many others whose careers would’ve been damaged if they had not accepted being paired with the opposite sex by the studios…I know that was then and this is now but there is still a core conservativism on many social issues and the actors know it.) Of course all this could just be wishful thinking on my part!

      • Liz says:

        Another thing you gave to realize is that arizona witnessed callie saving many peoples limbs without amputation, even when it seemed as if that was the only option. For her wife, this superstar ortho sugeon with a reputation of doing the impossible, to not be able to save her leg, she must feel as if callie didnt try hard enough….. so naturally she is pullong away (or “bailing”, as arizona usually does)

      • Mark Farrell says:

        Really, you feel bad for an actor pretending to be an amputee? She has no clue what it is to walk with an AK prosthesis. If the producers really wanted to promote amputees they would have found an actor with a real AK amputation. While l understand their motivation, having a real live amputee play the role would be honest with their audience and help people with disabilities by not pretending a character is an amputee. This is from a real AK Amputee .

    • joe says:

      Worst kept secret on TV btw. J-Cap kept it a secret but if you follow around, you would’ve known.

  2. ABC says:

    I read a spoiler about the amputation a couple of weeks ago. I am curious to see how it plays out on the show though.

  3. Roni says:

    Oh Jessica Capshaw! You are truly amazing. Im just glad that your not dead. It certainly is going to be an interesting storyline going further. I just hope that Calzona works through all this together and they can be a family again especially for Sophia now that she has lost Mark.

  4. Lauren says:

    I’m annoyed by her reaction in the previews. I know she has to go through a mourning period, but her character is not someone I expect to sit around for a month because she lost a limb. She has a go-get-em temperment. If one of her peds patients had to lose a limb, I think she’d be the first to say “this is going to be fine, you’ll get a prostethic, you’ll be running marathons if you want.” So for her to sit around defeated, I’m just not buying it.

    • KSM says:

      I dont’ know, I totally buy it. Of course you can be like that with your patients because you learn how to be. But you never think it will happen to you. I don’t think anyone reacts in a normal way when something like that happens to you.

    • Ethan says:

      Well, to be fair, it’s always easy to tell someone “you’ll be’ll get through this” when it’s not YOU that has to go through with it. It’s just not the same when it happens to you, especially when it’s something this big like losing your legs.

    • H.Houston says:

      Sorry but I think you are wrong there. No matter how strong a person is there will come a time when the bad has piled up so high that they simply cannot keep that sunny smile on their face. Look at everything they have all gone through in the past few years. It wasn’t like they stubbed their toe, these have been major things. I think next week will clear up some of the motivation behind where we landed in the premiere. But Arizona’s reaction is completely understandable. On the realness scale, it is completely in keeping with someone who has just lost a limb.

    • stine says:

      people seem to forget that she just lost Nick. someone who was like family to her. that plus the ordeal in the woods and losing her leg, i can see why she would be depressed. and i don’t think arizona handles her emotions extremely well. it was said in season 7 that when things get tough, she bails.

      • H.Houston says:

        I agree with the analysis. This isn’t like she broke a finger or dislocated a shoulder. This is a huge thing for her. And truly before she has any chance to process Nick, or Alex heading for Hopkins… this happens… and then add in Mark dying – that is alot

        • janetbratter says:

          Arizona is also at some level of consciousness aware that Callie almost died and went through a lot of suffering because she took her eyes off the road (though they kind of fast-forwarded through her recovery to get to the big wedding). She also has to be aware that the only reason she was on the plane was that she lost her temper with Alex. The way she handled the prospect of loosing her best friend Nick foreshadowed the way her emotional issues. Plus she was coming to terms with a new and caring relationship with Mark. So she has a lot to process in addition to loosing her leg. Both Christina and Alex concluded that SGMW was somehow jinxed. But the message beneath all of these tragic situations keeps repeating. And it’s the old story that “blood is thicker than water” and “love conquers all”. We all live and die. What we do in between is what builds our character. And the honesty we put into the way we live and how we treat each other makes all the difference.

    • Ana says:

      But that’s the point that JCap is making here. That Arizona has always been the ‘good man in the storm’ and this thing just brings it all to a halt and she finds herself in a dark place unable to be that optimistic person anymore because of all the things that have been happening to her starting with her trip to Africa. JCap could not have been clearer. Arizona is not herself anymore. This has changed her. Who she ends up being we’ve yet to see, but that’s the journey that she’s going to go through. She has to find out who she is now when everything has changed for her. It’s like she’s been good and supportive and the universe just said, ‘screw you’ and it makes her bitter. So, this is a completely new Arizona that will be emerging. Don’t expect her to be IN character. She won’t be. The Arizona that she used to be is no longer.

    • Machila says:

      I don’t agree with you. Arizona has known loss (her brother, brother’s friend) and she is strong. But nothing compares to something happening to your own body. Think about would you feel if you lost a limb? It had only been 30 days since the amputation (going off of Mark’s DNR). She is normally the cheerleader but now she needs that. She’s at her breaking point and she’ll come back stronger. I think fighting for her kiddos will give her strength.

    • Dewsterling says:

      My mother killed herself and, like Arizona losing her leg, it’s like the person you were before has died and you have to learn to live a new life in a new reality – except that you still have all your old memories of how your life used to be. It’s a torment.

      • susan says:

        i agree with you dewsterling…i was in my second week of basic training and fell and broke my femur and my tibia and destroyed everything in my knee….and i can agree with some of you on here…but intil your in this a place like that you dont know…i know i dont have it as bad as the soliders comming back today because i still my leg….but it took almost two years to learn to walk again…and now i have to have a wheelchair because i cant walk for long or stand on my leg….i cant wait to see how shonda deals with arizonas feelings because today i deal with ptsd, depression, anxiety attacks…its sucks because everyday i look at others and see how they walk and know that i will never be the same way so i cant wait to see how jessica plays this out….

      • chris says:

        sorry to hear of your mum, that must have been really hard on you. I hope you had family and friends to help you heal from the loss.

    • Katrena says:

      I believe it’s different when its a person’s own limb as oppose to a patients. Things are different for a person when it’s happening yo them. Plus I believe losing a limb is like a person dying. She needs time to mourn her lose and come to terms with that lose.

    • Amber says:

      Yah she would give a child the positive outlook of a prosthetic leg if that had to happen. But until you lose a limb, don’t go assuming someone in that field would just automatically be upbeat about losing one of there own limbs. It’s psychologically hard for anyone to lose a limb no matter who you are or what u do for a living.

  5. Saint Alicia says:

    So sad she lost her leg. I was actually getting House deja vu when she was pleading with Callie not to let them take it. Hope she doesn’t experience some irrevocable personality downturn over the loss.

  6. Goku says:

    Oh come on, it was really bad twist. I still love Grey’s Anatomy, but it became so awful after it had jumped the shark in last season finale(and no, I’m not mad about Lexie’s death, they could kill her off in some different way, plane crash was just the stupidest idea ever and I’m tired of Shonda trying to overdramatize this show).

    • H.Houston says:

      There is this thing called a remote control… by all means change the channel. The true fans of the show that understand it at it’s core will still be watching and enjoying the ride.

      • annie says:

        Who says Goku isn’t a “true fan” of the show? Being a true fan doesn’t mean you adore it indiscriminantly. If it disappoints you, it disappoints you. That’s valid.

  7. Jessica says:

    Great interview, Michael! I love Arizona and Jessica Capshaw. I don’t know how I feel yet about her losing her leg. It will probably take a few episodes for me to see what Shonda does with this story. It has the potential of being amazing. I just don’t want Callie and Arizona to break up! I know they’ll have their problems, but I want them to work through it as a MARRIED couple!

  8. cas says:

    How do people think this was a good twist? Seriously I have been reading about her losing her leg for months now.

    • Kem says:

      Not everyone reads spoilers about the show. It’s definitely possible to not have known about this twist.

      • H.Houston says:

        I didn’t read spoilers. Was it possible that she could lose it with the level of trauma – yes. But we didn’t know during the season finale how long they were going to be out there. We now know they were out there for a week. So yet, her losing her leg and Mark not getting the medical attention he needed would do what it did. I didn’t read the spoilers and the impact of the reveal hit me the way that it should have.

        I think there is a certain amount of secrecy that should be kept with shows. I don’t think we should know everything. Now I don’t mind the way that the Matt gives us information, because he never truly finishes the thought, we just know the jist of what is going to happen. But I hate the sites that spill all the secrets and take all of the enjoyment or suspense out of the show for the audience. (My biggest pet peeve is when they do this to reality shows that tape and then air later… drives me nuts)

  9. mcyummy says:

    Jessica (Jcap) Capshaw is a doll. I can’t wait to see her act this out, this season.

  10. Martin says:

    Reminds me a bit of Laura Innes character in E.R., can’t remember how and what exactly happened to her leg but she always walked around with a crutch.

    She’ll never be able to wear dresses or shorts in the show again though, this is a really interesting storyline.

    • Paloma says:

      And why won’t she be able to wear a dress or shorts? At some point she is going to own her amputation or her prosthesis and move on. Why should she hide who she is or what has happened to her leg. There is no shame here.

      • Sarah says:

        I think what Martin means is that there would be a lot of CGI work to be done if she walks around with short dresses or shorts.

        • twilight123 says:

          This! The only reason I was truly surprised about the Arizona storyline (even though I had also read the spoilers about an amputee body double and the physical therapist) is it seems like it would expensive to CGI her legs for at least the next 2 years. The original cast just signed on through season 10, and unless the ratings take a major nose dive- I would say it’s a safe bet they will finish out the 10th season and then take a final bow. That is 2+ years of expensive digital editing for the Arizona character! How big is the grey’s anatomy budget?

          • Clearly not that big if she cut Mark off due to budget cuts. Lexie and Teddy possibly fell under that too, but Shonda managed to keep it under the rug. Rehearsed speeches and silence.

          • chris says:

            Yep – cgi is amazingly expensive and also slows down production while they have to edit the tapes. so from a biz pov – given you just had to cut 3 people to reduce costs, cutting off your characters leg forcing expensive cgi is just dumb. unless she is going to write AZ off too.

  11. Martin says:

    Also, am I the only one who thinks Jessica Capshaw is an exact double of TvLines own Meg Masters.

  12. so what says:

    I like this storyline, Shonda’s good. We finally get to see a differet side of Arizona, one that no one(not even the viewers) are prepared for. Some are saying her being this down and out about losing a limb is unrealistic but I totally buy it. It’s her leg. She got on a plane to go make someone’s life better and ends up in a hospital bed with just one leg. Of course Callie and Arizona will make it through his but right now she’s coping the best way she knows how. She’s definitely bailing, pushing everyone away from her. Callie didnt cut off her leg pesonally, but I think she played a huge part in making the decision after promising Arizona she wouldn’t. Cant wait to see thier journey to being happy again.

    • chris says:

      honestly. I wish they didn’t make it through this. Couples are always fighting and tearing each other down and then magically getting back together on this show. Der calling Mer a whore? No way a woman would forgive that. Owen cheating on the wife he tried to strangle previous, and then called out as a baby killer in public – what makes anyone think those two should be together? for once if they are going to put a couple like C/A under this kind of duress and hating on each other – then be honest about it writers and finally show a couple that walks away from each other.

  13. yeppp says:

    We saw jcap 2 seconds!! It is little to say although it is! We knew for a long time that she lost her leg
    However I congratulate Sarah on her performance! She is … Whouaouw
    Callie is going to have a great deal of things to be managed

  14. bob says:

    I thought she was dead most of the episode while thinking that maybe she got her leg amputated and was at home. Either way I was bawling.

  15. Tina says:

    Not the biggest fan of Arizona but jeez did you have to chop off a leg? Perky and sweet and nice is going to be gone for a long time. Lots of drama for Calzona fans. Congrats JCap on maintaining silence all summer and congrats on your new baby.

  16. Kirty says:

    Why do hospital dramas always have to get so wacky – with the helicopter landing on and killing Dr. Romano on ER and now all the wacky stuff on this show. It always shows a hospital drams is WAY past its prime when they do this stuff.

    • H.Houston says:

      The key word you skimmed over is DRAMA. Definition of drama: any situation or series of events having vivid, emotional, conflicting, or striking interest or results…. holding that in mind that is exactly what this show does.

  17. Kelli says:

    I’m so glad that Arizona is alive & relieved to hear that Jessica Capshaw was happy to stay on the show.

  18. ronni says:

    When someone loses a limb its a hard thing to process. My grandma lost both her legs when i was young, not being able to do things for herself was depreasing for her, but she didn let it get her down she got her prostiths an she was out an about… arizona will be depressed n angry for awhile n so thats where the blame of callie comes in but their love is strong n she will have support, i believe they will get thru this.. at tinea like these it always gets dark b4 anything gets brighter…

  19. ronni says:

    Regardless of what happens callie n arizona will b togethr thyr in love, love is strong i know as a fan of calazon ill b watching tobsee whr the story line goes n cant wait to see wht happens with my favorite greys couple this is honestly the dark b4 the dawn<3 jessica capshaw aka arizona robbins n sara remirez aka callie torres let the story begin!!!!!

  20. Cathy says:

    She’s also going to have to confront her feelings about what has happened, because she kicked Alex off the plane and took his spot. He’s dealing with survivor’s guilt, and that will come to a head at some point.

  21. LORENZIA says:

    So I watched Grey’s Anatomy Thursday night…

    Wow, seriously, the season premiere couldn’t have been more shocking! They killed Lexie last season, now they killed Mark and let us believe Arizona died too. She didn’t die, they just amputated her leg. Great. You destroyed Callie’s whole life, her best friend died and her wife nearly died too. Please let Arizona “snap out of this”, I want to see her and Callie happy again, Arizona isn’t Arizona when she’s not smiling and happy. And Derek. He can’t operate anymore. And you separated the twisted sisters, and Christina is forced to be human. Meredith becomes Medusa and Bailey, our former “Nazi” becomes “BCB”, seriously? Oh, and they got rid of Teddy, and they separated Christina and Owen… We don’t even know if they’re still married. And April… She’s on a farm, seriously? Hopefully she comes back, she’s not my favorite characters, but she’s a part of Grey’s…

    How many of the original characters are still there? 5. I only came up with 5. Meredith, Derek, Richard, Bailey & Alex. But no one is really the same. Meredith is still screwed, but in a whole different way, and Derek, he can’t operate anymore, so he kinda isn’t the person he was anymore. Richard… Well, he changed over the time, and the biggest change probably is that he isn’t chief anymore. Bailey… Well, she changed a lot. I mean, seriously, “Bootie Call Bailey”!? And Alex, he’s been through a lot, and he isn’t who he used to be anymore. Now you may wonder why I just don’t stop watching Grey’s Anatomy. Good question. They’re just the characters I’ve come to love over the years, I still want to know what’s going even though I don’t agree with everything that’s going on. Just please, don’t kill anyone else that soon, nearly nobody of the original characters is left… I know its “Seattle Grace, Mercy Death”, but please let our characters live…

    And tell us what happened after the plane crash, I can’t wait for the new episode!!!

  22. chris says:

    I’m sorry but this show has totally jumped the shark. I loved it when it was doctors having sex and using scalpels on patients whose stories informed and advanced the docs journeys. But now it’s always the docs being killed off in gross gross ways, or being shot/thrown thru windshields/dodging cars/suffering PTSD/having brain cancer/hand injuries/crashing in planes….I mean really why would anyone work at this hospital? Its cursed! This is worse than living on the hell mouth.

    But at least the docs who survived came back to work in one piece. Obviously these hack writers are out of gas if they have now taken to hacking off their docs limbs to “shock” their audience into watching. Where is the balance? Where is the fun? Mark was comic relief and he’s gone. Az was the light to all the dark and now she is punished with amputation? By her wife? Way to sadistically cruel writing.

    Look people like me watch for entertainment. Hot docs in on call rooms, or two hot chick docs in a shower, bring viewers. Sure people deal with amputations and overcome, but those are stories for the patients not the docs. In the end if you want an audience you keep the docs whole, hot, and in shower scenes to keep people watching.

    When you end season 8 with callie in their bedroom in lingerie waiting for AZ for sexie times and then have their first scene together in season 9 be AZ in that bed with her leg cut off – that wreaks of “punish the lesbians.” JCap may act the heck out of this SL for a few eps but then what? You have a one legged doc and her partner who have fought and done so much damage to their relationship in the process that any reconciliation will seem unbelievable – and hey – she still has one leg – and sorry but that’s not hot/not going to bring in viewers for the long haul.

    When writers have to hack off the one adult lesbian in primetimes leg to keep people coming to watch a spectacle – rather than drawing them in with good stories that progress the characters while keeping their integrity and body’s whole — it’s time to put the show to rest. This show not only jumped the shark – if fed it a leg – enough aleady, I’ll be voting with the remote.

  23. Beetle says:

    You know, I watch this purely for Calzona. I love angst I just really want to know that there is a happy ending. That being said I’ve thought about this season’s opening really hard.

    I’ve read somewhere that Shonda has stated that this season will be a season of romance and after the first episode I can actually believe that. Noone is happy! Well, maybe Bailey.. But I thinkt this season is about finding oneself and appreciate life and to just accept and enjoy the hand you’ve been dealt.

    So, Derek can’t operate right now, Grey is mad about basically everything and acting out, Christina is learning to be a human and Arizona is finally showing some emotions and not just keeping it all inside. Hunt and Alex is guiltridden and Callie, really being the only one on the outside of the plane crash ( Hunt delayed a potential rescue misson, Alex should have been on that plane instead of Arizona but Callie really didn’t have anything to do with the plane) has to carry the burden of death of her best friend, being basically a single parent and having a wife that resents her. So, everybody is miserable and therein lies the light.

    It’s not going to go back to what it was but, what doesn’t kill you… I hope and think our doctors will come out of this stronger and more surer of themselves. There will be a catalyst that will get them to think about the value of life.

    However, since I really only watch this for Calzona I’m glad that Arizona has been given a storyline since she hasn’t really had one yet. I just hope that they don’t do it with a drug addiction but since she has been the really happy one all the time this might be the thing for her. Lets just hope that in the end Calzona is stronger than ever before.

  24. Sarabi says:

    That was one fine leg. RIP.

  25. Brett says:

    Of course, Calzona are going to go through some major problems. They are a favorite couple…happy, sexy, break-up, get back together, have a baby, get married, have different opinions, make-up, truly LOVE each other just like normal couples do. So happy that Callie & Arizona are going to show us & teach new side of life. They are like a new twist of Derek & Meredith. They have been together for a long time, considering how long most characters get and stay together. Shonda has to change things & make-up for us losing Lexie, Mark (loved them both) & Teddy. Shonda did say that they will be back to Calzona around Valentine’s Day. So that makes me think…uuhhmmm. So for now, sure show us a dark side to the always perky Arizona & poor Callie (a hard battle ahead), but how do they get through it? Grey’s is know for all of the organs, limbs, face, penis..transplants. What about Arizona getting a leg transplant? What happens with Sofia? How will the new interns play in the show? What happens with April & Jackson? Can they be the new Mark & Lexie? Just some ideas…thoughts. I know that I will be watching to find out!!!!!

  26. Charis says:

    Just read all the comments. Why is it that almost everyone is saying that Callie life is ruined. Lets recap Mark is her best friend (yes it is hard to lose your friend I ahve experience there), Arizona lsot her leg, but is alive. I fanythign most of the comments have made Arizona’s story about Callie. After watching teh frist 2 episodes this season I can honestly say that Shonda did her job well if we were all to think tha Callie was more worried.concerned/cares more about Mark casue we barely see Callie and Arizona interact, and when we do a sceen is about Callie telling Arizona that Mark is still doing fine. Can we focus the character the story is about which is Arizona and HER journey

  27. Roselle says:

    I personally, can’t wait to see how Arizona’s story line plays out. I can only imagine the anger she is feeling right now. She is directing all of that anger at Callie because she thinks Callie amputated the leg. Once she finds out it was really Alex, that will throw her for a loop, for sure. There will be a lot of readjustments to make and her stand in will have a lot of fun learning to use those wheelie shoes. I do expect to see Dr. Robbins back on the wheelies.

  28. kabunda kampengele says:

    No one should hate on house that character was original… greys anatomy is still da eish

  29. scottie australia says:

    great storyline for jcap. dont forget arizona is a dr she knows that drs cant operate on family. so on some level she knows callie didnt do the amputation. iue been thru some major medical issues and you just lash out at those closest to you. thats what arizona has done. this is her way of bailing as she cant physically walk away. they will work things out theyre calzona after all.

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  32. Megan Zed says:

    Arizona it was me about lost your leg I m so sorry I did act so mean tou thought way I am so sorry about that tell callie I hate her I did about plane crash so sorry I didn’t help