Exclusive: Grey's Anatomy to Air Standalone Meredith and Cristina-Centric Episode

Grey's Anatomy Meredith CristinaIn the grand tradition of Season 7’s musical detour and Season 8’s alternate reality head trip, Grey’s Anatomy is planning another out-there hour in Season 9 — although this one will focus on only one of the ABC drama’s core dynamics.

“It’s just the story of Meredith and Cristina,” shares series creator Shonda Rhimes. “It’s really going to be original. I don’t think we’ve ever told a story the way we’re telling a story in this episode.”

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Rhimes declines to specify what genre the standalone installment will fall into, hinting only that, “It’s not a regular episode. I won’t be able to explain what the gimmick is until I’ve seen it shot and we’ve decided on the visual style of it. But it is going to be fairly different.”

What do you think Rhimes has up her sleeve for Mer and “Her Person?” Hit the comments with your predictions. And remember, Season 9 of Grey’s Anatomy premieres Thursday, Sept. 27 at 9/8c.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. English says:

    Hooray for twisted sisters. I hope it’s dramatic!

  2. Jarrod says:

    Knowing Shonda, she’ll probably do an alternative universe where Cristina and Meredith are a lesbian couple, who do nothing but sing and dance around the hospital being nothing but happy people.

  3. Rock Golf says:

    I’d bet it’s the story of how they met and became each other’s “person”.

  4. Amanda says:

    I liked Grey’s better when Shonda wasn’t talking about her episodes in terms of “gimmicks”.

  5. shuayb says:

    AwesomeS! Can’t wait!

  6. MD4ever says:

    Ughh so this toxic friendship continues :(

    • Hali says:

      Please. *eye roll*. They’re anything but.

    • Cassidy says:

      toxic friendship? hope you meant that sarcastically otherwise i would have to infer tjay you know nothing about greys anatomy considering meredith and christina have been best friends who depend on each other since season 1. other than meredith and derrick, meredith and christina’s relationship is one of the foundations of the show..toxic. ha.

  7. faye says:

    probably gonna be a freaky friday type deal. meredith will see what christina sees in owen; christina will see why meredith is happy with her new family life

  8. marge says:

    I’m all about it. Love the Twisted Sisters :)

  9. lemicha says:

    Every single episode focuses on what in Shonda’s mind is the greatest relationship in the show. Why do we need an entire episode dedicated to it? What about the million other storylines and characters that barely get enough screentime as it is? Guess I can skip that episode.

    • Laura says:

      Every single episode? How about none of them? There are like one or two scenes with them in each epsiode, if we are lucky… sometimes there is not even one..

  10. Isaac says:

    LOVE THIS IDEA! Meredith and Cristina are the core couple of the show, and I’ve LOVED the ‘my person’ concept since they first declared it in season 1. However, I am a bit skeptical about the ‘standalone’ part. I hope it’ll move the storyline for season nine along instead of a filler, like the ‘alternate reality’.

    • Isaac says:

      I did, however, like the ‘alternate reality’ and liked how they incorporated everything, the Owen/Cristina ‘meant-for-each-other’, how Lexie ended up in Jackson and Mark’s arms, how it foreshadowed April losing her virginity, and ALL the callbacks to the first three seasons.

      • twilight123 says:

        Yes Issac, I think that rewatching the alternative reality episode shows how detailed the writing was. It not only had so many callbacks from the first 3 seasons, but MANY instances of foreshadowing for what was to come in the 2nd half of season 9. April losing her virginity, Lexi’s death (the biggest one of all- if you ask me), even the possibility of Owen cheating (because Alternative Callie didn’t know that Teddy was a woman- though admittedly, this might be a stretch). I wonder if there are other “flash forwards” built into that episode that I didn’t notice at the time….

        • Ana says:

          I have to admit I missed the obvious foreshadowing. How did I not see it? Especially with Lexie? I must watch again…

        • Isaac says:

          one of the reasons why I loved the episode is because one of the main elements to the show was Ellis’s alzheimers (in the brackets is the season of the story).
          In the beginning it was a secret of Mere’s (1), then we found out that the chief had an affair with Ellis and why Mere’s parents split up (2), Ellis’s death (3), Meredith getting over her mommy issues (4) and becoming ‘extraordinary’ [which also popped up in the alt. episode], Season five didn’t have much or anything to do with Ellis only the Chief’s relationship with Mere. We learn that the Chief is drinking and how he started drinking because of Ellis (6), Derek tries to find a cure for alzheimers, and the Chief’s wife develops it (7), and now we see what it would be like if she never had alzheimers (8). And that is what Shonda was thinking for the alt. reality. What would be the butterfly effect if Ellis never got sick then Mere would be bright and bubbly and the ripple effect continues. Kind of ‘standalone’-ish, however the writers brought in tiny elements of the eight season and where the characters were/were going.
          I hope they do this for this upcoming Mere/Cristina episode.

  11. Samantha says:

    I’ll pass. I’m sick of these two and their unhealthy codependent relationship.

    • I like Meredith as a person, I think she has grown a lot as a character. But Cristina brings her down and makes her a worse person!

      • Jessica says:

        I agree. I am a huge Mer fan, but I ff the Mer/Cris scenes cause Cristina is really bad for Meredith.

        • guest says:

          Meredith is really bad for Cristina, too and her relationship with Owen. She’s always been way too jealous.

          • Lea says:

            Oh, jealous? Watch Cristina in past seasons and her hate of Derek, she was even jealous of Sadie. And Cristina was the one who interrupts MerDer everytime, get in their bedroom without even knocking and get in bed with them. Meredith never done any of that. Imagine if she did, all the hate she would get. She was never like that with Burke, but she hates Owen and has every reason to after what he done to Cristina.

        • Laura says:

          You guys are kidding, right? Cristina is the best thing that ever happened to Meredith. She always supports her, she saved her life and her husband’s life! And jealous?? Meredith is the one who is always in the middle of Cristina and Owen’s relationship, not the other way around…. You guys are blind or must be watching a different show.

          • Ninna says:

            I agree that if Mer interferes in C/O marriage is bc the blonde sniffer gives her constantly reasons for that. He’s always stepping out of the line since S6. She has every right to be pissed off with that jerk after everything he has done to her friend and call him out for that. She arrived first to Cris’s life and to see someone new arriving and not treat her like it should be , must be disturbing for Mer.

    • Cassidy says:

      then it’d probably be easier if you just skip season 9 in general. most of us love them and cant wait to see more.

    • Ninna says:

      ” unhealthy codependent relationship.” Someone is talking about Cris and McCheater.

  12. fvl says:

    …No thanks. Sick of that toxic relationship and the show’s insistence on pushing it down our throats instead of making the friendship more adult as their lives change. And it’s ALWAYS the story of Meredith and Cristina so why do they need a standalone?

    • Bob says:

      Considering the past three seasons have been the Calzona show, I don’t see your point at all. Yeah for going back to the basics.

      • Ana says:

        A little FYI, with the exception of 7 episodes during season 7, Callie and Arizona COMBINED average about 5 minutes of airtime an episode. Mer is on about 20 minutes, so, you want to try that argument again? Only a person who has a problem with the nature of their relationship can make such a baseless and unqualifiable statement. You don’t have to like the lesbians but you sure as hell don’t have to use them as scapegoats either.

      • fvl says:

        Yeah, I don’t see your point either. Pretty sure I didn’t mention Calzona or any other pairing or character. I just have no interest in seeing yet another episode focusing on a friendship that hasn’t grown or changed in 9 seasons.

    • Ninna says:

      For Cris changed for better! For sure. Having a husband that doesn’t understand or accept her for what she is and when she doesn’t permit he twist her for the satisfaction of his own needs, go to the sluts to punish her, is the change in one woman’s life that everyone of us dream of.

  13. Elyse says:

    I was hoping Meredith would cling onto April and Cristina would be free of her for a few episodes. Unfortunately never will happen.

  14. Fiona says:

    Gross. I am so over this toxic relationship! Cristina treats Meredith like crap (just like Cristina treats Owen) and Meredith keeps running after her like a little lost puppy dog. I hate this relationship. Pathetic that Shonda keeps ramming it down our throats. We get it Shonda, you’ve no clue about how an actual marriage works w/ a 2 partner relationship. All you know is juvenile, middle school, drama. Count me out. I wish Shonda could stop with the gimmicks and write something mature and intelligent about the couples on this show.
    Too much to ask for apparently.

    • Jessica says:

      So much word! I hate this ”friendship” with passion. Cristina is not a good wife, let alone a good friend. I was hoping Meredith was going to be free from her.

      • Fiona says:

        Exactly. I so hoped when we heard Cristina was going to her new hospital we’d free of all the toxic twisted sister crap. I hate it. I don’t get why Shonda is so obsessed with them. Cristina is horrible. Owen has ruined her. I can’t stand anything about her anymore. I don’t even like Meredith when she’s chasing after Cris. Cris is selfish and cares only about Cris. Meredith needs to leave her alone. She deserves better friends.

        • Jessica says:

          I agree. That’s why the Meredith and Alex friendship works so much IMO. It’s a two way friendship, always there for each other and not too clingy and shoved down our throats.

          • Ninna says:

            Cris put her life in the gun for Mer, to save her more than everything in life.
            Alex reported Mer the only one that open her house’s door, to take advantage on her. Yes, always there for each other, for sure!

      • BIA says:

        Being a good wife it’s her abdicating of her own life to live husband’s dreams. For in the end when it comes something he doesn’t like he’ll run to the next whore in a bar. And as a good wife close the eyes to that. What a bitch this Cristina is!!!

    • fvl says:

      Meredith treats Cristina like crap too. I don’t like the relationship either but it’s not all because of Cristina.

  15. Smriti says:

    ewwwwwwww all my excitement for the season goes crashing down I am sick totally SICK of their friendship, its one sided and toxic…I do not want to see Mer leaving her husband and child and again and again and again like a broken record running to Cristina even after Cristina made it pretty plane and clear last season that her person is Owen….!!!!!

  16. Sarabi says:

    Every episode should be centered on these two, they hold the whole show together!

  17. mwgrl says:

    Why does she imagine this will entice viewers to watch this show? Here I was hoping between Cristina saying out loud and proud that Owen is her person and that Meredith finally seems to somewhat be settling into her life as a wife and a mom that there might be a friendship for these two women that would move beyond middle-school bff’s. Too much to ask? Perhaps.

    • chloe says:

      Unfortunately, it probably is too much to ask. Watching two women in their 40’s playing two women in their 30’s having a BFF relationship that would seem immature in middle school is really, really getting old. I’m not looking forward to this. At all.

  18. Sturla says:

    This is torture!

  19. Saint Alicia says:

    Sounds great; I adore their friendship and love that they are each others’ “person.” It’s a sad state of affairs when two women (or even men) can’t have a strong, platonic bond where they can always count on the other. Guess if it’s not a romantic relationship that makes it ~weird. *eyeroll*

    • chloe says:

      What makes it “weird” is not the lack of romance between them, it’s the complete lack of maturity and balance. That’s the problem; that’s what seems “weird” when the two women involved are married, adult, professionals rather than high school students.

      • Saint Alicia says:

        So if I’m understanding you correctly, women literally cannot be “best friends forever” because they need to drop that sh-t once they hit a certain age/get married?
        Like I said, that’s sad.
        What does “maturity and balance” have to do with it? Individuals (married, adult, professional women) can get emotional support/advice/camaraderie etc from people aside from their spouse. If your significant other is the end all be all for everything in your life then THAT is unhealthy and unbalanced.

        • fvl says:

          Women can be best friends forever. The problem is Meredith and Cristina’s friendship is co-dependent and toxic. They shove aside their spouses in favor of one another and no, it’s not mature, balanced, or healthy. It’s about making room for others in their lives and the way Shonda writes them, they will never actually do it.

          • Ninna says:

            ” They shove aside their spouses in favor of one another”

            And finally I recognize Mer and Cris were right all this time about that. How many times Der and Owen let them down?
            They are total right to not trust their men completely. They are not trustful and that is what is required to be a best friend.
            A best friend doesn’t do what the McCheater did to Cris in S6 and now this past season.
            If she had done what he wanted and remove Mer from her life, now she would be all alone.

        • Lily says:

          You call unhealthy and unbalanced when your spouse is your best friend, the person you seek emotional support and understanding? I don’t know who is in the wrongs here. What you didn’t get is that it is not wrong to have friends in your life, it becomes unhealthy and unbalanced when that friend takes decisions in your life and how you should live your life – decision that one should normally make with their spouse/life parterner. That’s what Meredith has been doing for the past couple of season, taking decisions for Cristina and getting into her life in problems that do not concern her. The key word here is “support”, that’s what a good friends does not meddling into your friend’s life. This is not how two mature women, married behave. The whole concept of ‘my person’ is immature and silly.

          • Saint Alicia says:

            “You call unhealthy and unbalanced when your spouse is your best friend, the person you seek emotional support and understanding?” Not what I said, and clearly Meredith and Derek/Cristina and Owen are not best friends, and still if they were it would be hard to seek support/understanding (not talking about therapy) from your best friend when he’s the one who cheated on you. Ideally everyone could/would be best friends with their spouse, but it doesn’t necessarily work out that way.
            Meredith and Cristina have known each other for as long as they’ve known their husbands (longer with Owen), but that energy/time/emotional investment is supposed to be inconsequential? As previously stated, women (people in general, really) can get “support” “aside” from their spouse, which is what Meredith and Cristina are doing. Of course they still have problems/make mistakes like everybody, but just because you are married to someone doesn’t automatically make their opinions/ideas the holy grail. Marriages aren’t perfect, nor are the people in them.

        • Ninna says:

          Couldn’t agree more.

      • Ninna says:

        Chloe, ‘ lack of maturity and balance’ is someone in her 30’s don’t be able to balance husband and a bff. Is to move away friends of their life only bc hubby can’t seem to have the ability of live with the fact that is wife is not only his. Just bc he needs to isolate her for him. Just bc he doesn’t have the ability of stealing Mer’s place in Cris life. That inability of Owen says everything about the relationship of the 3.
        If he was truly her person that transition would had been done naturally. It’s not only her fault, it’s his fault too, that wants his wife consider him her person and then doesn’t make a real effort to understand her or accept her for what she is. And only see her as a way to reach is aims not considering her needs exactly as he screams she doesn’t considers his.

        Maturity and balance it’s not to make evaporate our friends of our life just because our husband demands. We can have them both and our life will be richer. You need the right partner for that. And remember when a husband go to the skanks our bff will be there to support us. If Cris had done what McCheater wanted, she would be by herself by now.

    • Dee says:

      You can have them. The two of them are nauseating.

  20. Ana says:

    I agree with an earlier poster. Every. Single. Episode is focused on Meredith and Cristina. After losing 3 regulars I thought there was an actual chance to see more balance in the show. Although with most of my favorites gone I don’t have much to look forward to. I just hope that at least Callie doesn’t get relegated to third stringer again. She’s been on the show since S2 and deserves better than that. When can we see her back story? Can we get a visit to Miami? Can we finally meet the infamous sister Aria who was mentioned once and never again? What about Alex? Can we finally meet the sister he has risked so much to help out? I would live to see him in the role of big brother. If this particular episode is anything like S7 ‘Golden Hour’, we can expect another dip in ratings and people tuning out.

    • Dude, we lost three regulars so we can get like 3 more and a bunch of recurring. Obviously, Shonda’s BS of focusing om the actors she already did was just to calm down the angry fans!

    • Dasha says:

      Check your facts. Golden Hour was nowhere near the dip in ratings as other S7 epis. White Wedding with Callie and Arizona was lower than Golden Hour and Golden Hour also had more than 10 million viewers. Lowest epis of the season were in the 9’s.

      • Ana says:

        I suggest you check your facts. If you look at the entire history of Season 7, Golden Hour brought the show to the lowest ratings up to that point. After that, the ratings slide continued. The wedding episode was not the highest, but it was not the lowest. The lowest one of the season was the also Meredith-centric, ‘Not Responsible’. As a matter of fact, after the Calzona story ‘wrapped up’ with the wedding, the season ended in the 9 million viewer range. You can’t just arbitrarily pull numbers and ignore context. Another bit of trivia: the first episode to go below 10 million viewers was the Alex-centric episode “Sympathy for the Parents” back in Season 6. It was the only episode that season to go that low. The second lowest rated episode that season? Time-Warp. The gimmicky retrospective. Which shows that viewers don’t particularly care for character-centric episodes or gimmicks. We can do this all day…

  21. Amy says:

    Thank you for the Grey’s scoop Ausiello! :) I love the characters Meredith and Cristina and think Pompeo/Oh are superb at their craft, but the whole “my person” thing and Shonda’s obsession with it weighs on me a little. I like they are there for each other, but when it comes to Meredith’s “friendships” I’m a little more into her friendship with Karev simply because it is not overdone, overplayed and overused. We don’t have to see it EVERY episode, but when we do see Alex/Mer moments, they are always fantastic. For me, Mer getting away from Cristina and vise-versa this season is welcomed. Mer once told Derek that Cristina was there for her when he wasn’t. Now we’ll get to see that it’s her husband and father of her daughter who will be there when Cristina leaves her and works out of state and I hope that stands for something became even though I do love Mer/Cris, I’m a little worn out on the dropping of their primary relationships and using this friendship like it’s a crutch in just about every episode since season one. Would lvoe to see a little less of the co–dependency now.

  22. mullen33 says:

    Seriously? Lexie died, Arizona loses a leg, mark dies/leaves, derrek loses a hand, teddy peaces out, and kepner gets fired all so Meredith and Christina can get their own episode?? Seriously?? Ridiculous.

  23. glfogle says:

    Can we just watch the first episode before everyone declares I ‘m not watching if x y or z happens or doesn’t its a Tv show enjoy it

  24. Shonda's PR says:

    LMAO at all the moany little b*tch shippers.

    Mer and Cristina are the CORE COUPLE on this show and ALWAYS WILL BE.

    So suck it up!

    It’s one episode let the toxic twins shine!

    btw I hope in this episode Owen is murdered and Cristina calls Meredith to help her move his dead body (S3 reference)

  25. Shonda after a few drinks says:

    Derek is a douche and Owen is a ginger cheat that chokes women.

    • Ninna says:

      NO Shonda, Owen from now on as new nicknames. ‘blondes sniffer’ or ‘McCheater’. You didn’t know? It was you who made him so…So!

  26. Hurley says:

    I personally think that these two have the best relationship in the show, and I love them together and thir friendship, but just to know, why does everyone hate it and think that it is toxic?

    • Shonda's weave says:

      Because the shippers just loveeeeee Derek and Owen and want the girls to be with them and them alone so they get more sex scenes they can rewatch on youtube and pretend it’s them.

    • Ninna says:

      Because no one wants to see SO or EP shirtless, but the hell they sure want to see PD and KMK shirtless and preferably pantless. If producers invest in Mer/Cris bond we’ll never see those muscules.

      Besides, now that Owen showed he is a stallion, he has more supporters than ever. You know, nothing like a man to be made a cheater for the society come to the rescue of the poor who had to do that because he had no other choice. After all he had the old excuse of having a bad woman that urgently needed to be put in her place. (eye roll)

  27. I’m thinking this will probably be a reunion of some sort. I guess it’s fair to assume that the people who will be moving from Seattle Grace are Meredith and Derek to Mass Gen. (Now with Lexie gone — she wanted to stay because her sister lived there), and even with his hand, he was going to do research on Alzheimer’s, so, he can still do that. So, I’m hoping, despite this one centric episode, they’ll be apart most of the season! Which is awesome! Because Meredith has grown into an amazing character, but Crisina remains the same depressive, whiny bitch, and brings out the worst in her. Maybe they’ll meet halfway?

  28. Juan says:

    I love this, my favorite relationship on Grey’s, the are the best

  29. Walter says:

    Grey’s is becoming so gimmicky. It’s like the writers room is JUST focusing on how each episode will be so entirely different from the last, and it just feels like filler (i.e., the musical, the alternate reality, the documentary episode, the “men only” episode.) It is obvious they don’t have enough story left for 24 episodes every year. If they went down to just 9 or 10 episodes a year (like season 1) and had to cut out all that filler, the show would be much more watchable.

  30. Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres says:

    Wonder if Callie/Arizona are the ones having a rewedding get this okay consider it


    Arizona- “Don;t ever leave.”

    Callie- “What?”

    Arizona- “Don’t ever leave,promise me that right now.”

    Callie- “I’m not going anywhere, I promise.”

    Plane Crash

    Callie finds out hops a plane to Boise.

    Boise Memorial

    Callie-“Hi yes I’m looking for my wife.”

    Boise Memorial “okay well, what’s ur wife’s name?”

    Callie-“Arizona..Arizona Robbins damn it do you really wanna go through all this with me We are looking for our plane crash survivors from Seattle now just step aside!”

    Boise Memorial “I’m sorry Mam you cannot see them!”

    Callie-“I am her wife damn it and she needs me if she is hurt I am the best damn orthopedic surgeon in the west coast and probably the country

    “I’m sorry Mam we cannot let you go back there!”

    Callie rolls her eyes “That is my Wife!”

    Boise Memorial “Do you have proof?”

    Callie “No,..well uh,yes,..rings..and uh neck,,necklaces.”

    Boise Memorial “I’m sorry Mam that’s not enough proof.” They get security to hold Callie back

    Callie- “If you guys don;t let me see her I will sue this hospital if they do anything to my wife before I see her My Mother is the best damn laywer in Miami!” Goes to whip out her cell phone realizing she has nothing but her white scrubs and goes to a phone somewhere to call her parents in Miami to tell them what happenes

    Callie thinks about it and tries to contact city hall or something to get papers brought to Boise so she can marry Arizona in the emergency room or something so they can finally have it legalized so she is recognized as Arizona’s wife and shows up Boise Memorial that they are wrong for keeping her away from Arizona?

    • JKR says:

      Cute fan fiction. However, same sex marriage is up for vote in Washington state, and I’m not even sure if Idaho recognizes same sex marriage from a different state…

  31. Katie says:

    I think I’ll hold off judgement until it airs. Nothing but a speck in Rhimes mind at this point. Maybe one will run to the other and they both realize their husbands should come first. Hopefully it will be a reunion where they talk about all the stuff that happened off screen with flash backs. Anyone else remember the episode they did with the flash forward of them old in Meredith’s kitchen and Cristina has to cut up the chicken?

  32. Merder says:

    I don’t like to be negative about things i’m not sure how they’ll end up but just the idea of an epi about Mer/Cris relation makes me not want to watch it. I just can’t stand this toxic, co-dependent and unhealthy relation, they’re two grown up womans who act like teenagers. When i read Cris was leaving i was happy because finally they’ll get a chance to have a normal friendship but guess i’m wrong. Shonda concept of friendship is really messed up and it’s one of the things that makes me almost give up on this show.

    • Patricia says:

      Agree with you completely. Shonda’s concept of BFF’s between two grown women is lame, not that I don’t like the 2 characters. Enough is enough. The “you’re my person” schtick has gotten old. I’m glad I’ve been warned about this episode so I can watch Person of Interest live on that night.

      • Ninna says:

        Noooooo, what’s healthy is: ‘ my husband who cheated on me bc I didn’t make his wish is my soulmate’

        Or Shonda is kidding us or Cris smartness is all fleeing for her asshole.

  33. Jennifer says:

    While I enjoy Meredith and Cristina’s friendship, I got super tired of the Meredith Grey show last season. I liked the show better in the beginning when there was more balance between Meredith/Cristina/Alex/George/Izzy. Last season I enjoyed Cristina’s arc, but I found myself bored by Meredith’s. Alex, as per course, didn’t have much of an arc. I was really hoping that this season, with fewer characters and renegotiated contracts, that Ellen would have reduced her on set commitment in the same fashion Patrick appears to have done. Frankly, I find it insulting if this hasn’t occurred since the two appear to be making the exact same wage.

  34. Denise says:

    How much more of this do we need to see? It is toxic but way more from Meredith’s side. Cristina is able to move in with a man without stalking her BFF to get her blessing first. Cristina doesn’t dump a boyfriend because of Meredith’s relationship problems. Cristina doesn’t tap the bed to have Meredith hop in with she and her husband. Cristina has at least attempted to see that her spouse deserves at least as much importance in her life as her friend. And Cristina has never called Meredith her soulmate.

    • Hurley says:

      She has been calling Meredith her person/soulmate for almost 8 seasons.

    • Katerina says:

      Do you watch invisible episodes in your head where Meredith programs b!tchy, selfish, hateful robot Cristina so that Cristina mindlessly enters Meredith’s house OVER AND OVER, barges into Mer’s room, and jumps in their bed? Could you please record that so we can see how Cristina has no free will & is forced to CONSTANTLY enter Meredith and Derek’s room? I’d love to see that! Cristina sure didn’t bother to give her spouse importance when it came to her one sided terminating her pregnancy. Your precious Cristina only cares about HERSELF. Owen and Meredith both deserve better.

  35. DAS says:

    I’m so sick of the incestuousness of these characters. Some how this show hasn’t been canceled yet, so you’d think they would make it better?! Alex is such an untapped character…the show began with 5 main ‘friends’ & it’s been M & C for 3 or 4 years straight now. The new doctors introduced were all horrible except for April. Really, was the hulking strange-looking guy a producers cousin or something? Let’s see some GOOD TV from this show & see it before the show ends & not just fades with a horrible new timeslot disaster.

  36. Why do shippers on this show moan so bloody much? says:

    Some of you are so over the top. It’s just one bloody episode! What is the big fuss about? Anyone would think it was for several episodes or something.

    Moan. moan moan.

    Yes they cling to each other but that how damaged people are. Do you think they fix by magic as soon as they find a man or have a baby?

    It’s an aging TV show so Shonda can do something different for ONE EPISODE and the same bunch of people on here (same merder fans using different log in names) will watch anyway.

    Fact is Derek and Owen have at some point let the girls down and the girls have had a few bumps but have ALWAYS been there for each other without question.

    That should be celebrated. For all we know Shonda has some changes planned for this friendship.

    Why not watch and then moan?

    • Hurley says:


    • AMEN! is just one episode UGH seriously this show has allot of crazy mean fans.. if you dont like the concept then don’t watch the episode ;) and please STOP complaining like that would change the direction of the show or like Shonda actually gives a f*ck about your opinions lol XD

      • Maizie says:

        Merderjunkie who made YOU in charge of GA? Who do you think you are to tell people how to feel? Just because you accept the sh!t shonda shovels doesn’t mean anyone else has to. As fans, we all have a right to voice our opinions. Just because YOU don’t agree with them doesn’t mean you are right. I will complain and I WON’T watch. I could care less that Shonda doesn’t like my opinions. That isn’t the point. I also don’t give a f*uck about your opinion. Get over yourself. Go be a cheerleader for Shonda all you want but there are people who don’t like what she does and we all have the right to voice it whether or not your a$$-kissing self approves or not.

      • Ninna says:

        She does much more she admits. Do you think the direction of this M/C centric episode is already taken before she read what we write here and other similar sites? Don’t full yourself. She’s arrogant but not stupid.

  37. Lil says:

    I think this sounds great! Can’t wait to see how it turns out :)

  38. Leese says:

    I have read every comment onthis article twice through… I find it very interesting.. Like everyone here I’ve been a fan since day 1.. But unlike the majority (apparently), I happen to luvvvv Mer/Christina’s friendship. With the amount of crap that both women have been through over the years, their friendship is what eventually gets them back up on their feet. Yes they both have partners now, but when did that mean you could no longer turn to your best friend for comfort and/or support?… I’ll be the first to admit that I was gutted when Christina threw the “Owen is my person” line out there…but u know sometimes that happens, friendships can sometimes be a little more one sided, doesn’t take away from the bond, but sometimes one person needs the other more…

    Overall, I’m soo interested to see an episode that really focusses, explains, tests and explores the foundation of a friendship that is strong and amazing!!