The Grey's Anatomy Musical Event: Was It Perfect Harmony, Or a Bit Off-Key?

[The following story contains spoilers from this Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy.]

Can Chyler Leigh sing every week?

That was one of my main takeaways from the Grey’s Anatomy Music Event, which sought to merge medical drama with (spoiler alert!) music.

The hour picked up instantly with the car crash that closed last week’s episode, deployed airbags and all. While Arizona summoned help, we saw Callie (bear with me here) “exist outside of her injured self” to survey the damage and then segue into the night’s first song, Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars.” That number was delivered as the distraught Seattle Grace team greeted the ambulance carrying Callie and (relatively unscathed) Arizona, with characters taking turns with the tune.

By and large, that was the pattern for the episode. Set up a sequence of drama, introduce a song, then let the doctors have at sections of lyrics — not actually singing there in the OR, mind you, but setting a mood and at times underscoring a theme with the sung words.

I’m not here to detail the song list, or who sang what. In addition to Leigh, Kevin McKidd, no surprise, reminded us of his dulcet tones. Ellen Pompeo’s pipes were pleasant enough. Kim Raver… listened well to Scott Foley.

Filed under Whoa!: Justin Chambers’ rockin’ style seemed short-changed, time-wise. (Rachael Taylor, meanwhile, made for a fine music video-caliber writher.)

Sara Ramirez’s vocal stylings were, of course, stellar and on par with what we want from a Tony winner. I want to think that her closing number — a performance of “The Story” that started slow and built into a robust, plaintive and melodious bid for mercy — somehow qualifies for a Grammy and Emmy in one fell swoop. (Someone check the rule book on that.)

When all was sung and done, here are the story points that were covered:

* Mark and Arizona made peace, with him recanting a very angry and pointed outburst lobbed at his baby mama’s lady love upon her arrival at the hospital. “You’re not nothing,” he mea culpa’d. “We have a kid together. You’re a mom; I’m a dad.”

* Jackson tried to cut bait and get out of his “thing” with Lexie while the gettin’ was good, having seen her react to Mark throughout the drama: “I’m not the sort of guy who waits around for a girl still in love with someone else.” Lexie, though, waved him back to her side, saying, “Let’s go home.” Aww.

* Teddy severed her teacher-student relationship with Cristina — zzzzz. Cristina and Owen, like, totally went at it – !!!!!!!

But beyond Callie’s “wake-up” song at the end there, the most moving moment had Meredith breaking down (as Shonda Rhimes previewed for us) as she admitted to being “jealous of Callie, because she got pregnant without trying. And we try. The universe says, ‘Screw you, Meredith,’ and gives Callie a kid… and then puts her through a windshield. What the hell is going on?!”

Derek sought to soothe his Post-It wife with the words, “I will make sure we have a baby, one way or another.” And you believed him.


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  1. kyle says:

    Not. Good.

    Let Glee stick to singing in TV shows… In my opinion, had the singing not been there, or maybe just once or twice, this episode had the potential to be really good. But, it was SOOOOOO cheesy!

    & everytime Owen sang, I wanted to punch myself. He was way too intense in his singing, that it just came across laughable.

    Don’t do this again, Grey’s. Just don’t.

    • xav says:

      Well, Glee is copying a show that did it better anyway.

      • Jane says:

        what is Glee copying?

        • xav says:

          Buffy, Scrubs, Eli Stone (which was the most clever use of singing and dancing in a show AND had continuity), take your pick.

          • Daniel says:

            And Cop Rock!

          • Ashley says:

            Completely agree. All of those shows you mentioned actually figured out how to blend it in with continuity. Another key element of those shows were that there was comedy and fantasy in abundance. This show has done little bits of singing, and it made sense. When Bailey sang that one time, and when Callie sang to the kids last year. That’s when it made sense. This was so off balance.

          • Jennifer says:

            Oh, how I miss Eli Stone!

            (And I wouldn’t say Glee is copying Buffy & Scrubs. They each had a single musical episode, which is nothing like Glee. Glee is more like musical theater, thrown onto stage, with inconsistent plots and 20-year-olds playing teenagers. That doesn’t stop me from watching it every week, however…)

          • Jacob says:

            Regardless of the fact that I watch Buffy almost-literally daily, I hardly would say Glee is copying Buffy for !!!one whole episode!!!. I may be a huge fan but even I know when somethings clearly not a good comparison.

          • Megalion says:

            Xena had musical episodes first before Buffy… ;)

          • Silly B says:

            LOL…they are not! The WHOLE premise of Glee is a showchoir! Buffy, Scrubbs, and Eli Stone, had different premises and did the Musical Episode once!

          • Michael says:

            Buffy wasn’t a musical show. It was a Sci-Fi show that did a musical episode. The same applies to Scrubs and Eli Stone. There’s no comparison. Try again.

          • lorna says:

            Buffy is the only show with a musical that was well written. GA was terrible, but I was pleasantly surprised with Owen and Lexie’s voices. Maybe this is bc I hate Callie and Arizona? Callie was laughable just standing around [out of body experience] and looking moronic while singing.

      • Beck says:

        So what. Grey’s is just copying a dozen other medical shows that did it better. Every show out there is similar in some way, shape, or form to some other show that came before it.

      • Kris says:

        Glee isn’t copying anything. Those shows didn’t invent musicals hun. Even High School Musical existed before Glee, doesn’t mean it was copying that Disney dreck. I would hardly say Ryan Murphy watched the musical episode of Buffy and said “Hey, I should do a musical teen drama about a Glee club!”

        • xav says:

          Actually, it kind of is copying high school musical. Poor Glee though, it will always be the worst out of any show that’s ever had a musical.

          • Michael says:

            Poor Glee. Yep. It’s one of the most watched and biggest money making shows on television. Bummer for Glee.

    • Rock Golf says:

      So there’s an emo-ballad song performed on Grey’s while the doctors talk about sex. You can’t quite hear the song and wouldn’t know it anyways, and at best it obscures what the actors are saying and doing.

      In other words, same as every other episode of the series.

      • Suncatcher says:

        Let’s see. Grey’s Anatomy wants to be just like Glee – (and their big ratings). So it’s now “Glee’s Anatomy?”

        If you order a hamburger, your brain expects the taste of a juicy hamburg. When you are served and taste sushi instead, you:
        A. are shocked
        B. hurl

        I hurled in a shocking way last night, Grey’s – then went hunting for a drama, as advertised. Click.

        • xav says:

          Glee is not the first musical ever. It’s not even the hundredth.

          And Grey’s is not a straight up drama. It never has been.

    • Maddie says:


    • beth says:

      WORST episode ever. Whoever thought Greys Anatomy “the musical” was a good idea should be fired. While I fully enjoyed the storyline, I could barely watch. If I want a to watch a musical, I’ll watch Glee or go to the theater. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NEVER DO THIS AGAIN!

    • Jeremy says:

      The intensity of his singing is style based and does come under personal taste. While it was a bit too theatrical for me, I appreciated the technical qualities under which he was performing…. Actually, I liked it.

    • WAAAAH! I didn’t expect this because it’s not the same old boring thing over and over. WAAAH! You all need to shut up, since you don’t obviously know that they did this once as a showcase for the different actor’s voices. I would almost bet most of you don’t know the actors’ names instead of the characters’ names and have no idea how many of them played in broadway type musicals. Kevin McKidd, as a matter of fact, in 1999, was part of an ensemble cast in Mike Leigh’s Topsy Turvy, depicting the development of Gilbert and Sullivan’s “The Mikado”. The actors researched their historical characters and used this knowledge during extensive rehearsals to help develop dialogue for scenes blocked out by Leigh. McKidd, like the rest of the cast, did his own singing in the Gilbert & Sullivan operettas portrayed in the film. But someone who gets payed to complain about good acting for a living whines about a performance and a bunch of you jump on the b**** and whine bandwagon.

  2. Joey C. says:

    Sara, did phenomenal and so did Chyler but Kevin McKidd STOLE his scenes! Incredible. It was a fantastic episode. Shonda did it again.

  3. mdb says:

    The only high note was getting to hear Sara Ramirez sing. The episode was disjointed & uneven. Derek & Meredith in the elevator was good. The rest was worthless like much of the past 3 years of GA.

    • CJG says:

      The highlight of the episode was the previews for next week. I actually breathed a sign of relief when I saw that Grey’s will return to “normal” next week!

  4. Meg says:

    I haven’t watched Grey’s in a few years, but I tuned in for this episode. Overall I liked it, but I would have liked it way more with fewer musical numbers. Singing in the ORs was just WEIRD, and that number “Running on Sunshine” with all the couples having happy sexytimes was just weird and out of place.

    But then, if they absolutely HAD to have a musical episode, this was probably the best way for them to do it, song choices, performance style, and all. And I was impressed at a lot of the singing, particularly Chyler Leigh and Kevin McKidd. (Sara Ramirez goes without saying, natch.)

    • Chatty says:

      I agree about the weirdness on that “Running on Sunshine” number. It made me very uncomfortable because it seemed out of place and not respectful of the situation the characters were facing. Everything else was well-done and, like Matt says in his review, I loved Chyler Leigh’s singing. I also loved hearing her tell Mark that she doesn’t hate him; felt it was cathartic for both of them. Overall, the episode was much better than I expected.

      • Amber says:

        I agree that the number was out of place in the episode, but I’m glad we got to see it because it was the only time Justin Chambers really got to sing and I thought he was fantastic!

        • the girl says:

          I agree about Running on Sunshine – had they cut that particular song, this episode would have been perfection. I loved the elevator scene – beautiful. Meredith’s breakdown was so pure and so real, Ellen Pompeo knocked that out of the park. I loved seeing Karev’s soft side come out, when he asked to leave the OR just to make sure someone was with Arizona. I loved Lexie’s response to Jackson’s attempt at a Bailey speech… “Jackson, let’s go home.” I didn’t think Kate Walsh needed to be there but hey, I love Addison so I can overlook that little bit of unnecessarity. I loved Bailey’s singing, I mean her emotions, Chandra Wilson is such an amazing actress. I even loved the desperation on Arizona & Mark’s faces because that is how worried parents would really look.
          This is why I love Grey’s, seriously.

          • Marge says:

            Same for me for “Running on Sunshine”; when I saw Calzona in the car in the clouds I thought “ok she’s dreaming.” When she started singing I was ok with that but when it came to all the other couples having so much fun together while one of their own was fighting for their life I thought “what the hell is going on?!” The singing was excellent but it was not the place or the time to perfom such a happy song & show the other couples having fun. I was very anxious about this episode but except for “Running on Sunshine” it was very good! Chyler Leigh, Kevin McKidd & Justin Chambers were very surprising.
            When Mer started crying in the elevator I cried as well. Mark & Arizona also made me cry. I’m just a little disappointed about Addie, I’d have liked to see more of her, maybe have her sing a little. As for Lexie & Alex they both surprised me as they both took care of Mark & Arizona while they could’ve chosen to stay away from all of this. It shows they have evolved in a good way.
            & now all we have to do is wait for April 28th…

      • gb_slacker says:

        The point of the number was not that they were all out getting it on. None of them had left the hospital. It was all a dream sequence in the same way that Callie & Arizona talking about the proposal in the car was a dream.

  5. Whitney says:

    It was just so bad there are some things that should just be left to Glee, so much second hand embarrassment.

    • Antwon says:

      Yes, Glee where they can’t even decide one week to the next if the kids are gay, bi or straight. As it was already mentioned–Grey’s Anatomy was not the first show to tackle a musical: Buffy, Scrubs, Eli Stone, Roseanne and even House did it.

      • Kris says:

        Well, to be fair, it’s true that some kids can’t decide whether they gay, bi or straight from one week to the next. Back on topic, some scenes felt really forced, but “the Story” – man that was good.

      • Whitney says:

        I was just using Glee cause its the most popular musical show on right now, I realize Scrubs, Eli Stone, and House did it with pretty good success save Eli Stone (didnt it get cancelled like the first season? Thats a legit question I really dont remember the show)as for Buffy and Roseanne I will take your word for it they are a little old for me to remember much about them other than they were shows.

        • Chelsea says:

          I’ll add Fringe to that list.

          Eli Stone made a second season actually. There’s 26 episodes in all.

          I checked out of Grey’s Anatomy a few years ago but maybe I’ll watch the re-run to hear Sara sing.

          I do think that doing musical episodes is just another gimmick now though. When Buffy did it I remember thinking ‘this will either be terrible or wonderful’ and I was really afraid because it was something edgy and strange to do. Now, with Glee bringing it into the mainstream and making singing okay, it seems unnecessary in most shows.

  6. Jackie says:

    I thought Sara Ramirez’s version of The Story at the end was simply amazing. I mean, she’s a Tony winner! Leigh was ok, but Ramirez’s voice was by far the best.

    Wasn’t a huge fan of the group numbers – voices didn’t gel well. But overall, I thought it was a nice attempt- definitely touched me emotionally.

  7. Lacy says:

    Kevin McKidd was actually quite good, seems overlooked here. Chyler Leigh? Meh, her song didn’t really do anything for the scene. To me Ramirez, Wilson and McKidd were the stand-outs

  8. auwekama says:

    I enjoyed all the singing and I enjoyed the story, but it was a little awkward. I think it was as good as a musical episode of Grey’s Anatomy can be expected to be haha.

  9. Tracy says:

    So intense! So amazing! Sara was amazing!!! Kevin McKidd is pretty da*n good too but it was just so strange my friends and I couldn’t help but laugh. And Eric Dane – especially in comparison to the rest – was not good. But still episode, singing, plot, acting, all so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jane says:

    Can someone please explain to me why Callie was having like a seizure movements while she was singing that last song. This episode cracked me up cause it was just soooo bad.

    • alice says:

      I agree! It kept cutting and was so jerky- unnecessary. Reminded me of the bounty hunter episode of Firefly- they used the same method, and it was equally disorienting- but that character was a sociopath, so it made a little more sense.

  11. SERIOUSLY says:

    Chyler Leigh can just sing record a song for every damn upcoming episode. Not knowing that the episode was going to be a musical because that show’s been on what, a hiatus for a month and I wasn’t really up to date – I was surprised with this musical episode. And her voice. Sara Ramirez can carry a tune, but Chyler Leigh. Why is her voice all angel like.

    However, the episode was mediocore I suppose.. not brilliant, but for a non musical show that attempted to incorporate music into an episode, it was actually pretty convincing. I’m convinced.

    Mostly though the casts voices were what stunned me. And the shocker was Chyler Leigh. I didn’t even know she sung.

  12. RP says:

    “A bit off-key” is the perfect way of describing it. There were some moments that really worked, and there was a lot of stuff (that upbeat fantasy sequence in the middle was particularly WTF) that didn’t. Halfway through, I was frustrated and felt like yelling, “Just because it’s a song doesn’t make it poignant, or FIT IN.” Overall, I think it was an interesting experiment that wasn’t really successful, great singing voices aside.

  13. Ron Lowell says:

    That was HAWT!!!!! I got excited in more ways than one. Eli the Nurse had the best voice EVER!!!! That spanish girl is OK, but Eli is HAWT!!!

    • v says:

      “That spanish girl” has a name, you know!!! I’ll just assume you were referring to Sara Ramirez… :(

    • OMG says:

      Her name is Sara Ramirez. She’s not spanish, she’s mexican!

      • v says:

        Thanks, I know the first poster was talking about Sara Ramirez and that she’s of mexican-irish heritage. I just found it somewhat offensive the way he/she referred to her as “that spanish girl”. She’s foremost a person (irrespectively of her heritage), also an excellent actress and singer. :)

        • M says:

          Really, you were actually offended by someone who didn’t know her name referring to her as “that Spanish girl?” Who cares? He didn’t use a derogatory slur and didn’t make a mistake by calling her Puerto Rican or Dominican or Venezuelan or Columbian or Cuban or Nicaraguan or any other Latin country. He said Spanish, which most people would have understoon. Was it correct? No, Sara is Mexican (which I didn’t know and I watch every week – it just never piqued my curiosity to look it up). So what? It wasn’t offensive. I suppose you’ll also get offended that I think Christina is not in the least bit attractive and I can’t understand WHY the writers put someone like Owen with her. Her personality is abrasive and she has the body of a 14 year old boy (that “sex” scene was the best acting Kevin McKidd has ever done – to act like he’s attracted to her deserves an Emmy!).

          • jacobus says:

            I find Sandra Oh very attractive. Maybe not in a ‘conventional’ way (if there even is something like that) but, to me that stands out more than just a pretty face. My two cents. Lucky Sandra would probably never bother to read your post. She might be quite offended…

  14. Mollie says:

    Sara singing “The Story” gave me chills. She is phenomenal. I liked most of the episode, but it would have been better minus a song or two… Song overload was a problem on Glee for a while too. Shows need story substance along with good music.

  15. Amanda says:

    Completely agree. The last song was amazing and complimented the story. Most others, especially “How To Save a Life” , were a distraction.

  16. claire says:

    All I am seeing on Twitter etc is HATE and that upsets me a lot! I thought the Episode was pretty great, i expected sara and kevin to shine, but for me it was chyler leigh’s vocal that deserves the applauase! simply breath taking! Ellen Pompeo and Eric dane were great too at getting stuck in to the songs!

    but away from the music

    the best by far I have to agree was Meredith breaking down to Derek in the elevator! awww! mine and im sure everyone watchings heart simply broke!
    ellen pompeo brings dedication and drama to her role like no other! she is so talented!!

    so we assume now with derek’s promise that greys is going on the adoption route?? or can we still hope for a natural mcbaby??

    any clues matt?

    • FYI says:

      I think the word you’re looking for is biological. Adopted babies are not un-natural.

      • Alexandra says:

        Thanks, FYI, I don’t understand this at all. Adopted children are at least as real as any other parent, and in my opinion, often more.

  17. Carly says:

    I was in this episode for Sara and Chandra, but that’s all I was looking forward to. It was…gimmicky. That was my biggest fear. They series could have done without a musical. There is no reason for it in a hospital. I did love Callie singing the little bit of the theme song, though! What a wonderful shout out to the longtime fans.

  18. Liz says:

    This episode was phenomenal. The singing was great from Ramirez and the rest of the cast kept up as much as you would expect, being non-Tony winners. This show has always been so influenced by the music running underneath that to have the same type of music Grey’s is known for become top billing instead of a powerful undercurrent was awesome. I wouldn’t want it to become a regular thing, but as one amazing nigt it was great. Bravo to the cast and crew.

  19. elizabeth says:

    It was cheesy. Really cheesy. And corny. Sara Ramirez is a great singer but she (and the rest of the cast) came off as too polished, too Broadway-lite for the songs that the show used. The thing with modern music (especially the music GA uses) is that the voices are diverse and nuanced and sometimes not perfect, and listening to someone sing it “perfectly” feels forced and fake…again, this isn’t a dig on Sara R or any of the other cast members–it’s the arrangements that I didn’t like so much.

  20. Jeff says:

    It was alright…but “Scrubs” and “Buffy” did it better

  21. KCatty says:

    While I didn’t love every musical number, overall, I thought the musical #s did add to the episode in a positive way (though I totally agree about owen’s singing!). I spent most of the episode in tears, which wouldn’t have happened without musical numbers.

    teddy irritated me. does she really find cristina that threatening? ellen nailed the elevator scene. i’m no grey’s fangirl, but tonight worked for me.

  22. Lana says:

    I want Sara Ramirez and Kevin McKidd to sing together every week! Their voices harmonized so beautifully!

  23. laurel says:

    the episode was amazing! how could anyone not think so?
    but lexie singing breathe was just lovely, that girl is just my favorite on that show and the fact that she sung an A+ song with her A+ voice = me in love

  24. Liz says:

    I liked for the most part but the singing over the talking or the talking over the singing got a little headachey. I prefer how Glee does where they have both singing and talking but not over top of each other.

  25. DW says:

    I loved it!

  26. hart says:

    IM NOT ALONE. Chyler Leigh could really sing! I was eating and I stopped when she started singing. Wow, that girls got pipes.

  27. maj says:

    loved it! Sara Ramirez sang The Story like her life depended on it – that was an amazing scene. Overall, I think it was definitely a success. Not something they should try every week, but it was something different and great. season 7 FTW!

    • Jane says:

      More like she sang it like she was having some sort of episode, she kept thrashing about and carrying on, the only good part is I got a great laugh today from it.

  28. lacymichelle says:

    I really liked it.. I am not saying it’s an every week option..but it was a good change.. omg @sara with ‘the story’ I love the song.. but she made me LOVE THIS SONG. ;)

  29. Marie says:

    It would have been better without the music which, to me, made it really disappointing. I just wanted it to be over. The music somehow detracted from the intense emotion of the story and I thought it was just really cheesy. But Sara Ramirez is a fantastic singer.

    • Rowan says:

      I think they missed the boat on this one, too. I love musical episodes of shows, but I think Shonda didn’t bother to think that the songs should fit the personality of the character, not just vaguely hit the moment in the scene. I get that she was using music they already used in previous episodes (which comes across more as a cheap way of doing things, rather than an interesting way to do it), but it just felt like a girly, constantly over-wrought playlist. Other than the little rock and roll number in the middle, I felt like was listening to a 15 year old girl’s iPod.

      Sara’s voice is amazing as always. Chandra, too. McKidd was a lovely surprise as was Justin Chambers. The others had voices that were good enough.

      I think Joss Whedon’s musical episode of Buffy blows this out of the water. It was a good attempt on Shondra’s part, but it misses the mark.

  30. Dan says:

    Overall I enjoyed it, but I was frustrated by how How to Save a Life drowned out the surgery. It was hard to tell what was going on and then all of a sudden there was a baby!

  31. Whimsical says:

    Just awful. Did anyone listen to the lyrics of the songs or were they just chosen for their titles? “How to save a life” is about how to confront an addict, people. Using it during Callie’s operation just undercut the tension and drama with complete and utter cheese.

    Add poor song choices to the fact that other than Sara and Chyler, everyone was, well, really bad vocally and you’ve got a complete and utter misfire.

  32. Kiki says:

    Was there more to the episode than that hot C/O makeout scene?? I must have been distracted…

  33. Steph says:


    Been there, done that with the recycled story line but now with cheezy music added in. I literally started laughing out loud whenever they would start a new song. Seriously, what was the point of putting Callie through all this trauma if she is just going to wake up perfectly fine at the end of the episode. It makes me sad knowing how good Grey’s used to be and how my Thursday nights would completely revolve around it, but now I could care less.

  34. Joan says:

    It was horrible, can you say JUMPED THE SHARK!!!!!! Just because you have people on your cast who can sing doesnt mean they should on the show.

    • Kate says:

      My thoughts exactly.

    • becca says:

      I totally agree. Didn’t like the episode at all. There was nothing new in the storyline, everything was so predictable. Really, if we think this out, why the hell does a medical show have to do a musical episode? It’s not a comedy or anything like that. They should have left the musical theme for Glee.

  35. kate says:

    This whole Lexie/Mark/Jackson thing irritates me. It amuses me at the same time but its irritating because at times when you have two hot men that seemingly love you unconditionally are vying for your affections and you don’t know which one to pick.. lets just say that if I was in Lexie’s position i would suggest having a three-person relationship. idk who the hell i would pick.

    Also, the episode was good. My favorite song would have to be Breathe by Chyler Leigh, and yeah she really can sing. Runnin on Sunshine was really fun to watch too

  36. Deadpool says:

    Some things just shouldn’t be done and this is one of them. So bad!!!!!

  37. xav says:

    It would have been better if they used different songs. It was too smug to use songs ‘made famous’ by Grey’s. It made it seem disjointed, extremely forced rather than natural.

  38. Olita says:

    Singing distracted from what would have otherwise been a pretty intense hour.

  39. what says:

    I don’t even watch Grey’s Anatomy but I caught up with this episode because of all the buzz I heard and if Chyler Leigh is that girl that plays Lexie then only she and the Callie girl could sing. And the guy with red hair.

    Good episode though. entertaining. maybe i should watch this show, kudos to the show. House MD did their musical and it sucked, this show did it better than theirs

  40. Meldince says:

    Amazing! McKidd was my favorite and I usually hate male singers. Sara was wonderful, did not like lexie though-kind of whiny. Very sad very moving episode.

  41. Kate says:

    I felt it was too hyped up. Loved JCap and SaRa though. Their performances blew everyone else out of the water. I’m looking at you Eric Dane.

    • JJ says:

      Ha! Me too. We all knew Sara could sing, but Jessica’s acting lent some badly needed genuine emotional weight to the schlock and cheese. She, Chandra, and Meredith in that one scene were standouts for me. Since Arizona was at the center of the eppy with Callie, big props to Jessica.

      Eric Dane is such a horrendous actor, I wish they’d give him fewer lines and just let him stand in the background, doing what he does best. Look pretty. Too bad Callie didn’t get knocked up by Alex – Justin Chambers is a much better actor. His little moment with Jessica was one of the best of the episode.

  42. Ana M says:

    I laughed the whole thing, then I FF it and it ended. What a waste of my time.

  43. Sweet says:

    Hated it.

  44. Ashley says:

    There were points of fun.

    Look I get that everyone wants to be Buffy after they went all epic with their bit of fun musical episode, and that’s cool. I probably would have been ok if Callie had been the only one singing or just a little less Kevin McKidd. He got annoying really fast…

  45. Antwon says:

    I didn’t love it but I liked it. The songbirds: Chandra, Chyler and Kevin did their thing. Sara was awesome. I applaud the entire cast and crew for taking a risk and I think that the acting, editing and overall execution were superb and prevented this from being an epic failure.

  46. Mia says:

    If they’d have let me. I would have killed Callie in order to stop that hell. Normally I’m pretty ambivalent about her character, but now I don’t know if I can ever get past hating her after this episode. I love Glee, I loved the Buffy singing episode, huge fan of musicals. THIS WAS TORTURE!

    • veronica says:

      but yet you feel compelled to watch the whole episode and then read this article and then comment about how much you hated it. Have you met your remote?

  47. Susan says:

    Loved it. I thought everyone was great.

  48. Trace says:

    Godawful! Jumped the shark big time. Leave the singing to American Idol & Glee.

  49. Nandi says:

    I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the episode. When I first heard about a ‘Music Event’ I immediately cringed at the thought of doctors singing and dancing. Then I remembered that Sara Ramirez has the voice of an angel and Chandra Wilson was on Broadway so I felt a little better about it. I was incredibly moved at the beginning, but the show definitely had it’s ups & downs. Any time Sara or Chandra opened their mouths was great, everyone else… meh. With the exception of Chyler Leigh & Kevin McKidd, everyone else could have shut up. Good episode but I hope Shonda doesn’t do another one.