Fall TV Preview

Fall TV Preview: As Castle Explores 'Pure, Raw' Emotions, 'The Fun and Conflict Only Escalate'

ABC’s Castle, in its Season 4 finale, pulled the trigger on the hook-up that many fans had avidly longed for, when Kate (played by Stana Katic) – having been put through the professional wringer, ultimately resigning from the NYPD – grabbed hold of her personal life and professed her feelings to Rick (Nathan Fillion).

“[Maddox] got away and I didn’t care,” Beckett, in from the rain, shared with her partner in crime solving. “I almost died and all I could think about was you. I just want you.” And then… you know the rest.

So what happens now? TVLine’s in-depth look at the ABC hit’s coming season continues with my Q&A with series creator Andrew W. Marlowe, conducted in the 12th precinct’s newly expanded interview lounge as the cast filmed the season premiere airing Sept. 24.

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TVLINE | Here you are, entering your first season with Rick and Kate as a couple…. How is that different for you?
Given where they are in their relationship, we’re looking forward to mining that fun. Everybody’s asking, did we reach some sort of conclusion at the end of last year? And to all of us it really feels like a new, fresh, fun beginning for these folks, because Castle and Beckett aren’t going to change who they are. They still get on each other’s nerves. And just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean it goes smoothly. There’s a finish line that they haven’t reached yet – how are they going to be able to get there? And what’s the roller coaster ride going to look like? Those are all the things we’re really excited to play with.

TVLINE | Stana was saying to me that you’ve got two people who individually are extraordinary, coming together in a relationship. And as many reasons as there are why that’s so right, there’s probably a hundred reasons we haven’t even thought of why it might not work.
Certainly if you look at the relationship on paper — a New York City police detective who lives in a particular kind of socioeconomic world and deals with a particular kind of stuff, and a wealthy mystery novelist who lives in a much different world — these guys wouldn’t make any sense. But oddly enough, it’s their love of solving the mystery where they connected. The sparks that fly between the two of them that are so much fun come from friction, and friction is both a positive thing and a negative thing.

TVLINE | Exactly how much time will have lapsed when we pick up with the new season?
We’re picking up the morning after. It’s going to be the next day, and we get to see what that looks like and how they both reacted to her coming over and the decisions that she’s made and the situation that they now find themselves in. As with any great moment you have in a relationship, it can’t last, because real life intrudes.

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TVLINE | What debate took place as far as how much to show of their long-anticipated coupling?
There was some amount of debate, but it was important to us to show enough to create the poetry of it. There was a certain point where we had some more material, but we felt like we were overshooting the apex of their emotional… I hesitate to use the word climax, because of its meanings… but their emotional connection is more important than what follows after it. We will deal with what follows when we come back, in a very satisfying way to the audience, but it wasn’t something that we felt like we needed to show. Also, since we were ending the episode with Beckett being under threat [from Cole Maddox], with that the sword of Damocles hanging above her head, we didn’t want to go too far, because then we felt like the pure, raw energy of their emotions would be tainted by that. We were very pleased with how it turned out. We hope the audience was pleased as well, though we know there are people out there who would like to see more.

TVLINE | Is it safe to say Rick has seen Kate’s tattoo?
I think it’s safe to say that Rick has seen Kate’s tattoo.

TVLINE | And Stana told me that we see Beckett’s bed finally – which actually answers a reader question I had.
The new relationships that we’re dealing with this year will allow us to really open up her character in a way that we haven’t been able to, because we’ve always been perceiving it through Castle’s eyes. Now that they’re in this relationship, it opens it up a great deal more — but that’s not to say that there aren’t still a lot of layers to the Beckett onion. She’s still a bit of a mystery and there are going to be certain things that she’s going to hold private — and that’ll be both a source of fun and contention as we move forward.

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TVLINE | As you broke the season’s first episodes with this new dynamic to play with, did you find it easier or harder than you imagined?
I think we found it different. Certainly not easier. The questions we’re asking are new questions and engaging the characters in new ways, so from that point of view it’s harder because we were stretching outside our comfort level. It’s just new. Last year, we felt like we had mined everything we could have with them not being together. So this fresh challenge is really exciting to us.

TVLINE | You’ve been given a new laundry list of things to have at your disposal.
Yes. There are things that we haven’t done, things that are fresh, and things that we can explore. There are aspects to this relationship that we can explore, because we all know that once you get into a relationship, the fun and the conflict doesn’t end. In a lot of ways, the fun and the conflict only escalate.

TVLINE | Right – for example, the next time Rick sees Jim Beckett, that’s got to be a little different.
Well, how about a “meet the parents” episode, where Jim Beckett and Martha and Castle and Beckett are all together at dinner? There’s all sorts of fun stuff we can play with. But also, what happens when you find out a secret that somebody has kept, and now that you’re in a relationship, they’re still keeping it? Or an old boyfriend or an old girlfriend comes to town — how do you deal with that?

TVLINE | So you’re saying there may still be skeletons knocking around in people’s closets?
Well, I think we all have skeletons. Some of us who have been in long-term relationships, there’s probably still stuff that we don’t know about our significant others. I think that there are skeletons in both Rick’s and Kate’s closet.

TVLINE | I’d be curious to see some of Kate’s.
Well, she keeps her cards pretty close to her vest, so that’s why they’re more fun. It feels like everybody knows the same Castle — he’s kind of the same guy to everybody in their life — but you can see that Kate is somebody who plays roles. She’s a particular sort of person to her father, and a particular sort of person to Castle, a particular sort of person to Gates, to Montgomery…. She’s very guarded in situations, and she chooses what to reveal about herself. Now that she’s in this relationship with Castle, is she going to reveal a little bit more? Or is she going to keep her secrets somewhere where she can draw her lines and boundaries? [CONTINUE TO NEXT PAGE]

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  1. Kate says:

    Woah- lots to process there… I seriously can’t wait for the season to start!

    • Natalie says:

      MTE, a lot to process. But a great interview, Matt, with great questions and interesting, intriguing insights from showboss Marlowe. He’s a pretty cool dude, IMO. Thanks for this great treat, Matt. :)

      • CarolH says:

        I also want to say thanks for the interview…I really hope TVLine will recap this wonderful show this season…don’t understand why it hasn’t been done in the past.

  2. qwe89 says:

    “Kate’s biggest fear is that, if she and Rick hook up, he’s not going to be interested in her anymore.”

    Well then Kate must have not followed the last seasons of Castle very well. If she still thinks that Castle is interested in her because of the thrill of the chase, she is much less smart than I would have imagined.

    That said, CAN’T WAIT for the premiere.

    • mco says:

      Exactly my though. What the man has to do.for her to.finally trust him ????
      To me it seems sometimes that Marlowe is set to show that Castle is a jerk. The stewardess is the perfect example. Some itw as well Castle too often comes out as an immature ass who can’t handle serious relationships. I am a little tired of that. More so because he seems to saw Beckett as perfect with no flaws other than her traumas. Does Marlowe love Beckett a lttle too much ?

      • asdfasdf says:

        I think Marlowe has shown– very, very effectively– that Castle has his own emotional scars and isolation. With Kate, she says nothing but it’s all out in the open. With Castle, you get bits and pieces of the story here and there mixed in with macho BS– but he and Kate are surprisingly similar.

        Despite his ok relationship with his mother now, we know that she basically abandoned him in childhood, that from an early age he bounced from prep school to prep school, spending most of his time alone in the NY public library reading. Writing (and Damien’s encouragement) finally let him come out of his shell. He finally gets in a serious relationship with Kyra Blaine; suddenly she wants a “break”… then vanishes on him. We don’t know how things originally ended with Sophia Turner, but eventually she reveals that she’d never loved him in the first place.

        So Kate hides in nowhere relationships with men she doesn’t love. That describes Castle, too! Meredith, Gina, the endless flings– Castle is actually a very lonely and isolated person. When he thought that Beckett was another Kyra or Sophia, boom! Back to the flings. He was hurt and humiliated and alone. Again. It’s why he’s spent four years chasing a woman who’s done nothing but shoot him down, often cruelly. You also see it in how desperately protective he is of Alexis.

        So, no, I don’t think Castle is presented as a villain. They’re both romantic ideals: the beautiful super-heroine who secretly wants the guy she’s “just friends” with, and will hook up with him if he waits around long enough, and the dashing, womanizing playboy who is just waiting for the right girl to settle down with. You can get in a lot of trouble pursuing these kinds of people in real life, but they’re flawlessly and elegantly executed by Stana, Nathan and the writers.

        • Lynn says:

          WOW!! that is perhaps the best summary of the Castle show so far!! congratulations!! Glad to see somebody actually is following the entire plot and subplot!!

      • Lynn says:

        honestly mco!! I know you have a thing for Nathan ..thousands do..but do you always have to make everything a nathan verses stana thing!! Beckett and Castle are characters in A STORY for god’s sake. Castle is an immature man-child. That is what Beckett loves about him. as do we all. Beckett has traumas? We must be watching different TV shows.I havn’t seen the trauma yet unless you mean PTSD. and since I assume you havn’ had that or known someone with it perhaps you could be a bit more understanding of what the character is going through!! In any event I think Marlow and crew have been absolutely fabulous in the arc of the stories, the defining of the characters and the clear understanding of what constitutes a relationship and how it progresses in a Mature and honest way.. Castle is a bit of a jerk… a big hearted softy who adores Beckett..and Beckett is the more take charge person. a cop who puts her life on the line every day. together they are one hell of a team!! I hope that doesn’t change. Fans talking down one or the other is a bit much..get a grip.

      • mco says:

        Sorry Lynn You misundertood me. I didn’t begrudge Beckett really. I understand her. However I king of tired that Marlowe nzver try to explain why Castle is sometimes a Jerk. And Beckett has trauma PTSD, losing her moher for murder, being betrayed by almoqt evrybody she loves, her father alcoholism. This is hard for her so I understand her struggle and the “bad moves” she does.
        However Marlowe never showed Castle’s struggles. We have to accept that Castle can be a jerk because he’s a jerk. But Beckett can be a jerk because “you have to undersand she suffered too much”.
        I wished we had more of Beckett flaws that are not explained by her past. We have, at least her tendacies to be a little too proud sometimes. I like that about characters that they have flaw that aren’t explaines by their past and hurts. Like every human beingn for me it’s more realistic.

        • Lynn says:

          hi mco! listen…I started watching the show in the third season because I was told how good and well written it was!! needless to say I immediately bought season 1&2 and went through it all up until now. I don’t really go on the computer to these posts until recently and I am amazed how especially in the case of this show there seems to be a group of fans on either side (fillion/katic) who just like to tear each other down. Don’t know why..beats me.Let you in on a secret.. i am a Canadian…so are Nathan and Stana…so I admire them both a little more then usual. and I hope and believe they are very close friends. It must make them sick to have their fans running either down. As for the Characters..see afdfasdf above…that is a great synopsis of the Castle story so far.Beckett has shown her insecurity a lot in season four. But I want her character to remain strong and in charge. I trust Marlow knows just what the characters will do. Leave it to them. Nathan and Stana are great in their roles the show would not survive without either one of them. So lets let up a little and let them do their job without trying to undermine either Beckett or Castle.OK? be well!!

          • mco says:

            For the Nathan and Kate ? I seriously don’t care how their relationship are. They can jump each other as soon as the.director.scream cut or hate the gut of each other, if it don’t hurt the show I don’t care it isn’t my bussiness.
            However I love the show and each characters but it isn’t flawless. Some.peole start a discussion about it I gave my opinion. I love Beckett and knowing more about her but in the last season I find we lose a little of knowing the other characters for her. I hope that season 5 will find again that equilibrium they had for the first three season. However this interview doesnt bode well.on that front. But I have to admit that Marlowe was only asked about Beckett and not Castle about their insecurities. So we may as well had that equilibrium in the next season.
            When I said Marlowe seems to love beckett too much in the itw maybe it’s because journalists as well. He’s rarely asked about other character so he can’t talk about them and maybe it’s because of that he comes.of like doesn’t give enough importance to the other characters.
            To take this interview for exemple i.wished he also talked about what castle feels (and if he had said that Castle isn’t sure about Beckett I would have been angry too. She quit her job and mother case for him. What more do he needs?)
            what I want I want to say about this relationship.that IMO both proves themselves to each over well.enough and I don’t undersand how they still can’t doubt each other. Themselves yes I totally get it, you can always be insecure, but the other ? I don’t get it

          • mco says:

            But I love Beckett. I may be twisted but I try to say that having beckett perfect or with all of her flawn explained make her less loveable in my opionion.
            I love having a character with imperfections and anoying trait. We are losing that with Beckett. And the few we still have, we have to forgive her for them because “She suffers so much”.
            As much as I understand him, I was angry with Castle about the stewardess. He makes stupid mistakes. Like any of us that is real.
            With Beckett we are losing that. How can you be angry at her or annoyed when she makes mistakes. She has so much good reason to made them. And, no one hold it against her. When I am happy that Martha or Alexis or any other call Castle out for his mistakes, who does it to Beckett ?
            And when they try to do it, I don’t how it’s the other fault. Gates suddently become a cold hearted ice queen, Ryan is a traitor (At least, fans don’t follow on that one) and Castle does emotional blackmail (Wich is a big NO in my books).
            That start a little in the beginning of season 3. How castle is treated there is unfair (Well that was Marlowe said in the commentary, anyway), because he broke Beckett heart and didn’t call for the summer. No one, except Castle himself and it sounds whinnt and like a bad excuses,said in the episode that Castle was crestfallen when he saw Beckett with Demming and that’s why he left (and probably why he never called) and that Beckett could have called too. (and if someone say that she didn’t because he was with Gina, I’ll say hr didn’t call because he though she was.with demming).
            Why I bring up that episode ? Because it’s symptomatic.of what is happening ob the show right now and how fans read it. When Castle is wrong he’s alone and have to fend for himself and no one try to understand him. When Beckett is, everyone defends her even without question and you can’t say Maybe she’s wrong.
            I miss the time when Eposito.talked to her at the end.of season 2 or when Lanie become less hard on Castle when he explained himslef at the beginning of.season 2.
            And I am seriously tired being called a hater everytime I say something not so great about Beckett. I love her because she isn’t a perfect woman like I love Castle because he is nothing like Prince charming. And while we still have castle isn’t Prince Charming We’re losing the not so perfect Beckett. And I am complaining about that.
            I want to see the frustrating and maddening woman castle talked about and that, like Castle, I fell in love with. And they’re nothing frustrating or maddening when conpassion is called when a flaw is explained.

    • I don’t think it’s so much about Kate not trusting Rick, but more about the insecurities she has about herself. If she honestly thought he was only interested in getting her into bed, I doubt she would’ve shown up at his doorstep in the first place. She’s WAY too cautious for that. I think she’s more scared of not being enough for him. The fact that Rick can have any woman he wants doesn’t exactly help in that instance. Also, you can have a guy tell you he loves you a million times — if the girl doesn’t love herself? She’s not gonna understand why someone else would, either.

    • Katherine215 says:

      I don’t know, doesn’t everyone have that little fear when they get together with someone? “Does he like me as much as I like him? Was I overestimating how he felt about me?” Especially with a guy as rich/handsome/successful/awesome as Castle. If you think back to season 1 and the early part of season 2, she joked about how little luck she had with men. This isn’t a woman overly skilled in relationships.

      • answer42 says:

        she USED to talk about her little luck with relationships yes, and she USED to be awkward and sorta geeky, nervous type, key word USED TO if you didn’t notice my caps lock lol.
        since then she turned into this tortured brooding type who doesn’t have a problem with finding and dating heroic surgeons looking like Victor Webster, knows everything from muscle cars and bikes to magic tricks and comic books, and is always the one who is flustering Castle and everyone else, never being flustered as she USED to be.
        and she clearly doesn’t have any problems with dressing herself, as she USED to have lol.
        so what I’m hoping for is the return (partial) of that flawed geeky girl who can occasionally be wrong, or awkward in social gatherings, or doesn’t know what to do and gets nervous about stuff you know. and from time to time lets herself be flustered by Castle.

        • Katherine215 says:

          Well, I guess I see her differently that you do. I don’t think dating Josh made her that different, but to each his own.

          • @Kate says:

            I agree with Katherine and Nora, I think everyone has those sorts of insecurities flicker in their thoughts with new relationships. And when Andrew spoke of the many layers to the Beckett onion and that there’s still a bit of mystery to her because she plays her cards close to the vest, I loved that too and agree with it. Which brings me to my next point: when I found out she loved comic books and, for me, whenever you find out some little new thing about her like that, I love it. I found it delightful that she liked comics and very cool. That’s part of the fun of the journey: learning new things about the character you didn’t know before, as long as they make sense and fit with the character, and this did. So stoked about season 5.

          • answer42 says:

            but it’s not just comics, she just knows everything about whatever comes up in the plot. comics and magic tricks would have been fine alone because they shape up your take on this character in certain way, but then bam! and she knows about racing cars and apparently even has some experience and so on. doesn’t add up, for me. and I don’t remember when we last saw her really insecure before Always. puzzled, jealous, wounded, sorta bitchy yes, but honestly insecure and wanting to understand her place with Castle – I haven’t seen it. But you both right, different strokes etc, so I’m making my exit lol

          • @answer says:

            I think what you’re getting into here is motivation, which is murky and uncertain terrain. I believe when she was talking to her therapist and also when she was talking to Lainie, for instance, about her relationship with Castle, she showed insecurity. But it’s possible I’m wrong, because I, like you, am only guessing at motivation. I also haven’t noticed her knowing everything about anything that comes up in a plot. But perhaps I just haven’t been very observant. As you said, different strokes. It was nice talking to you, whether we agree or not. Different opinions shared respectfully make the conversation better.

          • Audrey says:

            Nora and Katherine’s comments ring true about Beckett. She may be nerdy/geeky/know-it-all type, but being in a relationship is not in Beckett’s territory. She had that ‘wall’ that prevents her from getting too close to anyone/any guy. She thinks she’s “damaged goods.” So, to have a guy like Castle, who can basically get any girl he wants, do bring some insecurities about herself — she doesn’t think she can keep him. It’s one thing to start a relationship with someone; it’s another to maintain that relationship. This is why I think season five will be extra fun to watch, as they each find out more about one another, the little things that can either drive each other nuts or more “loveballs.” Ultimately, Beckett will realize that she do deserves this happiness.

  3. Andrea says:

    Now that’s an interview! There’s so much information there it’s like Chirstmas! Thank you so much for all of this! Very excited for season 5!

    • Nikko says:

      Answer42 I want to say I disagree with you about Beckett. Like others have pointed out… each session with Dr. Burke showed an insecure Beckett and even pointed out her fears or insecurities about starting an intimate relationship with Castle.

      Also, why is it hard to believe she wouldn’t be into comic books or know about racing cars? This is the same woman back in season 1 that would reveal things to Castle about enjoying plays and she’s an avod reader who loves mysteries and had a softtail motorcycle in high school all of this revealed in seasons 1 and 2. Is it really a stretch for an avid reader to love comic books? Or a person who drives a motorcycle know about racing cars?

      I think you’re just not knowledgeable about the Beckett character and is prejudice towards Marlowe unraveling these tidbits about her character, which all so far make sense from who this woman was shown to be in the beginning. Because she plays things close to the vest, the writers have creative license to reveal things over time about her.

      Castle’s reaction is always surprised and excited when she slips up (proof that she is a bit geeky and secretive) and reveals shocking things.

      Is it hard to imagine a scofflaw having a tattoo… knowing about race cars?

      Season 4 was the season for Beckett’s onion to be peeled back and for her to internalize and then bring out her feelings for Castle.

      We have seen more from Castle’s POV up until that point and even still we see him with his sounding boards Martha and Alexis quite a bit. Kate had Dr. Burke in S4…. I think some of you are a bit biased towards the Kate character and are missing the big picture being painted by Marlowe to finally bring these characters together. Caskett were never going to happen until Kate confronted her issues with her mom’s murder and how she felt about a man who was the last person she ever thought she’d see herself with. Castle felt she was worth sticking around for, but that doesn’t mean she felt she could be whole enough to give him love in return. Castle was done with her and she finally came to him after choosing him over everything else… finally… and I expect for there to still be issues to work out once they are together and that is what I can’t wait to see Marlowe play with.

      I seriously have hardly any complaints about the show, but plenty complaints about this fandom. Some of you really don’t know how good you have it with Castle and with Marlowe at the helm.

      I can name a few showrunners who need to follow in Marlowe’s footsteps.

      I look forward to seeing more of the Beckett and Castle onions being peeled and trust in Marlowe and crew to deliver more great episodes.

      • Janie says:

        SECONDED. Entirely.

      • Melissa says:


      • Glenda Shearman says:

        I agree! Cant wait to see what will happen in s5! I trust Marlow and crew to bring us a wonderful new season

      • Olivia says:

        Totally Agree Nikko, excellent comments. Why is it so hard to understand that there are different layers to different people? I am a 30 year old woman who likes: cars, bikes, sports, fairground rides, comics, sci fi, shoes (heels!), the theatre (I’m English I don’t spell it the other way), action films, romantic films, thrillers, indie films, classic books, romantic books and thrillers. Oh, and I have a tattoo!

        Why is it so hard to understand that people have flaws and insecurities? Do you want the character of Beckett to be boring and to fit into your (certain parts of the fandom) ideology of how she should be? Life doesn’t work that way, and I love the fact that Castle doesn’t work that way.

        Do people not realise that this has been a journey and her character (and Castles’) had to be portrayed that way in season 4 to get to where we are now?

        Beckett is one of the most fascinating characters on TV, so instead of trying to compartmentalise the Beckett character into your little rigid box- embrace it! You should be pleased that there is more to discover about her, and I for one cannot wait for this or to see the rest of the characters grow.

        Keep up the good work Marlow and Team!

        P.S. also agreed with the comments by Nora, Katherine and asdfasdf – the latter very eloquently and articulately put!

        • mco says:

          The issue isn’t that she knows or like all.of those things, it’s that it’s a little too convenient to the case each time. And also thay it’s moqtly just her. I’d rahter have for once just Castle knowing about soap. Or that Esposito who had he was closed tosomeone who had been a beauty queen. Bit in the show it a little too often Beckett who likes or know about a theme of the case. I think and hope she knows and likes about a lot of more different things. But it could refreshing, for once that it’s another character. I know we’re supposed to learn about Beckett and Castle. But every episode or so for every case or so Beckert knows aboit it ? Come on its getting a little annoying. Not because it’s hard to believe but because Kate will soon pass as a know-it-all.

          • Lynn says:

            I don’t know why you watch the show!! you just honestly hate Beckett…amazing!!

          • mco says:

            This isn’t about beckett but the writing itself. Castle always has made unrealistic research about a topic. Alexiqscan identifeis a painting from a very little part after half a semester studying about this. Beckett has experienced this on that, in one word I miss the time were they did have to research a little and not have one of the character knowing about it just because it’s convenient to the episode. It’s getting annoying. And more annoying that it’s mostly Beckett or Castle when they are 6 others characters in the show.

      • Lynn says:

        right on!!

  4. martina says:

    This season is going to be amazing! I just find it funny that neither the questions and answers mentioned anything about Castle’s father and Beckett’s mother, which is fine by me, because I’m more interested in Rick and Kate’s relationship and how they cope with their daily life as a couple than all those serious matters that made the show.. not boring, but a little tiresome and repetitive. I believe that the first half of the season will be all about the fun, and then they’ll plunge into all the unresolved stuff.
    Excellent interview, Matt! Thank you very much!

  5. Wow really great! Thanks so much

  6. jeeves says:

    Doesn’t Rick has anything to fear and/or be anxious about? Or will we have another season of “mining” Kate’s fears and Kate’s POV with Castle serving as a reaction shot/plot device and not a whole character? Sorry if I come on too strong, just want to completely erase last season from my mind and return to two strong whole characters of previous seasons. IMO.

    • Andrea says:

      Marlowe said in another interview, at the end of last season, that Ricks fear is based on his two failed marriges. With the idea that he doesn’t want to mess this relationship up. So IMO I think we will see his fear played out in different ways. The two characters fears are very different but I think they will play off of each other well.

      • jeeves says:

        Yeah, I hope so too and I really don’t wanna rain on everybody’s parade. It’s just that in this particular interview Marlowe’s focus seems to be only on Kate and her “layers”, and I kind of had enough of those LOL

        • jeeves says:

          And I wasn’t reassured by his words about Kate being “more fun” to explore and Castle being kind of an open book to everyone. There is some truth to that last statement, it just sounded a little dismissive, like it’s gonna be same old, same old. Personally, I think that you can find plenty of “layers” even in an “open book” type of person, we see that in real life constantly. But OK, let’s wait for the actual season to start LOL

          • mco says:

            I want to disagree with the character creator here but it seems silly.
            Anyway I don’t Castle is a open book and the same.person. He hide too. Behind an happy face instead of the Wall but he’s hiding too. We saw glimpse on the real him with Alexis and his mother. They see a womanizer. I never saw that man. Or If someone who slept with 5 women over 4 years is a womanizer I am Queen Victoria

          • Nikko says:

            I didn’t see it as Marlowe being dismissive about Rick and his layers. Marlowe knows he has layers, but we really have seen more of Rick’s layers exposed from the beginning. Rick IS an open book and people know what to expect from him most of the time. What I find interesting is how Rick is an open book with everyone else but Beckett. Like he told her she was a mystery he never thought he would solve, we have seen Kate find him hard to read as well. What she originally thought of him has seriously altered over the years, yet there are parts of him that she still isn’t sure about.

            Rick can walk away from her. He can turn to other women. He has affected her emotionally as much as she has affected him. She’s afraid that she’s not good enough to keep him interested in her and these things are Rick’s fault. It’s just factual as seen through Kate’s eyes. The story has been woven to back up her concerns and Rick has his own concerns in keeping Beckett interested in her.

            I think Marlowe has told both of theor stories very, very well and has not backed himself in any corner as far as evolving these characters. We will still learn more about them as the shows progresses.

            Both habe very valid reasons to have their fears and insecurities and neither is perfect or without their flaws and mistakes. That’s what makes their story so very good.

            I never understand those fans who want to pit Castle vs. Beckett and blame one of them for everything. No relationship is without challenges and I have seen both characters cause the other emotional turmoil and make the other happy.

            I love both characters and look forward to the ups and downs to come and for the layers to be revealed by both of them. Marlowe’s comment is being twisted around into something negative when I saw nothing but a positive outlook on things to come.

  7. Lorie says:

    Matt, thanks for this awesome interview! This will be such a fun season!

  8. Velvet says:

    Ugh, I can’t wait for Castle to start.

  9. Thank you so much, Matt, for sharing the scoop with Castle fans! I seriously can’t wait til the season premiere. :-)

  10. mary says:

    This was interesting but I can’t wait for Stana’s interview. After all, she’s their biggest shipper.

  11. Kris says:

    Matt!! I thought there was a promo included in this post when I read the fall tv preview in the title. Haha got my hopes but this is just as good. Can’t wait for the rest of the interview!!

  12. Joana says:

    Andrew Marlowe may be the best showrunner ever! His answers and his views of the show and characters are exactly like I see them and he does everything the right way without compromising the characters or the story. We are very lucky fans.

    I absolutely cannot wait for season 5. Castle and Beckett’s relationship is probably the best relationship ever written on TV (and I’ve watched a lot of tv shows). Everyone is always talking about the Moonlighting curse, but those people forget that we don’t wanna just see our couple hook up. That’s not why we invest in these relationships and root for them. We actually want to see the relationship! With all its problems, honeymoon phases. Lots of things happen in a relationship. We don’t immediately want a happily ever after. We are perfectly fine with the journey. That’s what relationships are. But I think up until Marlowe, showrunners never really understood that. Making a couple get together and then ignore that they actually got together and continue to write the characters as if nothing ever changed, or immediately break them up, or skip all different phases of a relationship is going to drive the audience away, obviously. Not because they finally got together, but because how it happened and/or how it is being dealt with it. Writers usually see a couple getting together as a goal and once that happens they stop investing and working on that relationship and think “Ok, there you go fans, they hooked up” and then just focus on other things. That’s what the Moonlighting curse is about. Bad writing. And Andrew Marlowe is finally showing everyone how it’s done. Congrats.

    And thank you TV Line for this interview.

    • Jane says:

      I second that.

    • Alan says:

      the whole moonlighting curse thing is a load of crap anyway, the reason the show failed was because bruce willis and cybil sheppard grew to hate each other over the course of the series to the point where they wouldnt even rehearse with each other. it just happened that this happened around the same time as their characters got together. it was backstage issues which killed the show not the two mains getting together or bad writing as the media would like everyone to believe

    • Hopefully, Amen to that is a sufficient response. Well stated.

    • asdfasdf says:

      Thanks, Joana, beautifully put!

      I’m not sure if “best show runner ever” is due here, but he’s done a fantastic job. He understood that the UST was mined out. I agree that Season 4 lacked what makes Castle so fun, but he clearly saw it, too. I’m a huge fan of those old detective dramedies like The Thin Man, and the idea of a happy couple investigating crimes together and trading fun banter –and NOT cheating on each other, NOT constantly breaking up, NOT going through an eternal “will they/won’t they”– is a real relief.

      It all goes back to Firefly. One of the things that made that show work was that the cast felt like more than a team, they felt like a family. With a happy marriage at its center. That’s so rare on modern TV that it’s special when you find it. Sure, if that were ALL we ever saw it would be boring and cliche. But we NEVER see it. Ryan and Jenny gave me a little of that on Castle, and now hopefully Castle and Beckett will as well.

  13. casett77 says:

    I can’t wait for Stana’s interview. After all, she’s our biggest shipper. thanks matt ^^

  14. Razer says:

    I really dislike this infatuation Andrew Marlowe seems to have developed for Kate.

    It seems lately that no matter what happens on the show, it is always Castles fault and Kate comes out smelling like roses.

    You can see it clear as day in every interview he gives.

    Always her issues, her problems, her fears…

    • answer42 says:

      I agree. well, may be not as frustrated as you:), but agree. as much as I’m thrilled about all the shipper things I am sorta tired of everything being about Beckett. not even that she’s almost always right and justified (or even when she isn’t, they instantly make Castle more wrong by turning him into a dick lol), but just that everything is about her in the end. I love the romance, but I love the character of Castle too. and lately he seems more like an afterthought than a title character.
      he used to be interesting even without Beckett, but lately he doesn’t have anything of his own, if you know what I mean. even Alexis is there to teach him something about Beckett lol.
      And I don’t see this changing now, when they’re together. it would be even trickier to pull off now, and they weren’t bothered to do it even when he was still single.

  15. Katherine215 says:

    Thanks Matt (and TVLine) for sharing so much about Castle all the time! I love how much time and attention you guys devote to this show.

  16. Symce (Netherlands) says:

    Thanks Matt, and you just have to love Marlowe as a showrunner. The guy’s great and honest. I just love the way he paints a picture with his words as to how he wants the next season to flow.
    Though I’m a huge shipper, I’m actually more interested into seeing the show go straight back to business as usual again (with the added change of kate and rick now being a couple) There is, in Marlowe’s words, so much stuff to mine just from normal cases.
    Like for instance all the times someone jumped to assumptions and asked if they were a couple, or if they were together and they answered differently. I’d wonder how they’d respond now.

    In any case I’ll patiently await Stana’s interview, love her to bits,

  17. Lisa says:

    Still the only show I watch live as it airs. I am so psyched for this season!! Great interview, thanks for all the info.

  18. kate says:

    I never comment on these things, but I just had to say this was AMAZING! It was the most scoop we’ve gotten so far without giving away too much. Thank you so much! Can’t wait for what’s to come!

  19. I cannot wait for Stana’s interview… I can actually picture her biting her lips during that interview since she can’t reveal too much to her fans. And being a shipper as she is… I wonder how will she respond to that famous make-out scene *if* that question is asked! lol!

    Either way… this is probably the most anticipated interview I’ve been waiting AAAALLL SUMMER!! I don’t think I’m going to be disappointed.
    After all, Stana *is* the captain of her “ship” ! ;)

  20. baba says:

    Matt! Thanks for the marvelous interview! Marlowe sounds like he knows what he’s doing and I’m loving everything that he said. Bring on season 5!

  21. Shan says:


  22. sara says:

    Great interview, Matt!
    Come onnn season 5 :)

  23. Maria says:

    Thank you, Matt, for a terrific interview. You asked really insightful questions. I am (literally) counting down the days til the season 5 premiere.

  24. Wow! What a thoroughly satisfying “teaser” interview. A Marlowe is undoubtedly one of the best showrunners on television today. Castle has picked up such a tremendous following online, internationally and especially on Monday night. I too would like to see Rick gain a little more attention and man up a bit more in season 5. A real man is always the hunter and will do what he deems necessary to secure his prey aka Beckett. IMO Andrew is attempting to unpeel the Beckett layers so Castle understands what he will need to do to marry Kate. On the other hand I would like to see Kate pine a little for Castle as he is off on a book tour or focused on his writing. Absence makes the heart grow fonder…hence allow Rick to focus on promoting Frozen Heat and other projects not just shadow Beckett. How long can a writer shadow his muse?

  25. Mari says:

    Thanks for the interview Matt. It was really great. Marlowe is the best show runner out there!

  26. Audrey says:

    Ahhh. Now the waiting is even more unbearable!

    Thanks for the interview, Matt! Looking forward to the other ones that are coming!!

  27. rachelle says:

    Matt, you’ve just seriously made my day. You complainers need to realize how awesome this show is and what a great job Marlowe is doing!!! Feel lucky that you got this amazing interview and that this show is even on tv!! I, for one, do feel lucky. I love this show, I love the characters, ad I love the poetry that Marlowe puts into it.I’m very excited for the new season to start!!! Again, thanks a ton, Matt! I’ve been starving for Castle news and you just threw me a huge crumb!

  28. Nan says:

    Thanks for the interview Matt, can u make girl even more happy and say that there is a promo Olathe season 5 coming as well very very soon?

  29. Teri says:

    Don’t care how they keep them together through thick and thin, just so Rick and Kate fight to be make it happen!

  30. maryploppins says:

    Great interview, thanks!!

  31. Sabrina says:

    Great interview. I can’t wait for season 5 and I’m looking forward to the rest of the info you have on season 5.

  32. marvinPA says:

    Looks like we are going to have a season of the “Beckett” show again, oh well.
    Not being a shipper, there isn’t much in this interview I could get thrilled about. I like the characters, but most of all Castle, and it looks like he got the short straw here, not fun to peel the layers off and all, haha. They say it’s going to be return to comedy so I’ll check this season all the same. May be the showrunner just came across as disinterested in Rick Castle in this interview, and it’s OK on screen. But if it’s more of those same Beckett layers again, I’m outta here.

  33. Aussie fan says:

    Very good interview. I enjoy reading and hearing Andrew Marlowes perceptions on characters and real people. Can’t wait to see season 5!

  34. Krithika says:

    Okay guys seriously someone’s gotta address this. This show is called “Castle” for a reason. Just because Marlowe spoke so much about Kate doesn’t mean we’re gonna see only Beckett. No matter what castle’s gonna be the main character of the show. No-one can change that. I think even Kate deserves a little attention too. C’mon how much do we really know about her? Definitely a hundred times less than Rick. Now don’t go around calling me biased or haven’t seen the show. I’ve been seeing it from the pilot and I really wanna know lots of stuff about her this season and what it means to her to be in a relationship with her favorite author.

    • mco says:

      I disagree. We don’t really know Castle. Why his second mariage fall ? Why his relationship with his mother seems so roxky at times ? What he really feels about being fatherless ? About being a single father ? Why he learn to be sso fogiving and resillient ? Why he was such a playboy to begin with ? Why he write crime novels ? What really draw him to that genre when he seems to prefer Sci-fi and the like ? And more importantly for a guy who is describe with such a big ego, why he’s so insecure for every part of his life ? (Even.writing, he fears critics reactions for example). And I think we could go on for a while.
      We have nothing about Castle motivations (other than is love life) or how he was as a kid.
      Also, while every Beckett flaws and fault is explain and justified Castle’s ones aren’t. Seems unfair to me. I don’t especially want justication for Castle flaws. People are flawns because…well nobody perfect. But I wish we had at least one thing about beckett that is bad and that isn’t follow by “but, you have to understand she’s like that because she was hurt by [insert any good reason who will make you feel for Beckett]. Not only that is becoming annoying but also not very realistic.

      • cupcakester says:

        I agree with you, mco. I am hoping that this season will be a bunch of moments where they peel each-other’s layers a bit and we get to understand what happened in their lives that makes them appreciate each-other so much. I want to know so much more about Castle, I feel like I got to know Kate too well last season. I also hope we go back to that awesome playful banter in season 1. I guess I just have to trust that the writers will do this show justice!

    • jeeves says:

      Yes, the show is called “Castle”, but I haven’t seen a lot of reasons for it for some time now. LOL. I don’t want to be over-dramatic about it, because I’m not one of those fans who love only one character – Rick or Kate, pitch them against each other and get all defensive when the other one is praised LOL (I saw many fights about in in the Castle fandom). But mco’s comment has a lot of valid points, as I see it. It’s getting kind of ridiculous with Castle being the title character and not having a single plot line for himself as some poster already mentioned above. Yes, we see more of his family life and down time than Beckett’s, but all that in the end is still about Kate or their cases. He doesn’t have friends anymore, he is rarely shown writing or gathering information, or at least talking about writing or his social obligations and so on, like he used to. Kate is all about an outside world – something’s happening to her, she makes something happen,- and Castle is all about Kate and that’s it. This has been going on for some time, as I see it, and now AM only talks about Caskett and Kate’s character in this interview before the start of season 5, so I am understandably jumpy about it LOL.

      I am absolutely for showing more of Kate (in everything LOL), but I also think there is a lot we don’t know about Castle, lots of unexplored traits and moments. I don’t want to say that Rick has no flaws, as mco said, I just want his flaws exposed, explained and dealt with, like Kate’s are. And btw it would give Nathan Fillion something to do. I thought he was absolutely underutilized last season. A couple of dramatic scenes in the premier episode and “Always”, and not even that many comedic scenes to remember. The one I remember the most actually is that high five with a random person in the zombie episode LOL. And I suspect it was his own improvisation during filming. Oh, and that girly scream in the Halloween episode LOL.

      • Me says:

        But castle is still the main character. If you think about it, this whole series started because a writer found his muse. It is about Castle uncoverig Kate and her life. We simply follow Castle following Kate. But I do admit a bit that we should see a little more Castle.

  35. Vannesa says:

    I can’t wait to see the aftermath of Season 4. ;) :D Can’t wait. :D

  36. Dragonfly says:

    Any new on season 5 Promo? A lot of shows had first promo shown in TV

  37. Luu says:

    I can’t wait to see the premiere. Only one month away to them together… I’m insanely excited.

  38. FAK says:

    Last season was kind of strange. It was so frustrating because the Caskett ship was moving so slowly and in so many unwanted directions that I couldn’t help feeling some disappointment, until the last few eps, especially 47 seconds, the zombie ep & of course Always. When I saw Always I realized Marlowe was actually my favorite person on earth and I came to understand that the hook up couldn’t have occurred earlier in season 4, 3, 2 , no way! Not even a second earlier! It wouldn’t have been perfect, something would have been missing forever! The way Kate opened up OMG it had to be nourished, built up, fostered by 4 years of introspection and that was simply unforgettable! Then this month I watched season 3 and 4 again and knowing the happy ending I finally was able to enjoy season 4 fully and now I think it was the best season with so many tremendous and intense episodes (even though I’ve always loved the show from the pilot). Kudos to our beloved showrunner for displaying this kind of edge after 3 years, impressive!
    As the rest of you guys I can’t wait for season 5 to begin! But now I’ve decided to enjoy the ride without asking myself any questions. After what Marlowe has given us already, I just know he can’t fail. Let’s dive joyfully into season 5, come what may, the only thing I’m demanding is a season 6 that’s all about rings and Castle babies…

  39. Josh says:

    It took 4 seasons for Castle and Beckett to get together. How about 4 seasons of Castle and Beckett togetherness ?? Am I asking too much :-) Don’t go down the Bones road with their relationship. That show has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous.

  40. Teri says:

    Castle/Beckett and Nathan/ Stana are fantastic. They are what make Castle so great. Please everyone pass on the word to watch this fantastic show!

  41. Andrée says:

    J`attends impatiemment la 5e saison. Je pense que M. Marlowe sait exactement où il s`en va avec ces personnages, afin de ne pas nous décevoir. Il sait également que nous attendons beaucoup du couple Beckett/Castle et il fera en sorte de ne pas nous décevoir. Nos amoureux sont amoureux et resteront amoureux c`est ce qui importe. Mais comme n`importe quel couple ils auront aussi leurs hauts et leurs bas et c`est normal. Il restera à Castle d`être plus sage, d`aimer moins les autres femmes si il veut farder celle qu`il a attendue pendant 4 ans.

  42. Josh says:

    Here we are – 24th Sept. How will you be watching episode 1?

    Sitting in a very confortable lounge chair , bottle of red and finguer foods on my left. TV remote contrlol on my right. “DO NOT DISTURB” sign at the door. All mobiles and phones off. And the TV recorder on so I can replay the episode again, and again, and again…..

  43. Sellina says:

    i think u guys made a lot of stories about castle and beckett , here is my simple theory:

    Before Beckett meets castle , she already have that “platonic crush” on him he was her idol. But after she met him she changed her opinion about him and become sorta disapointed and besides he was really attractive she though he was a completelly jackass, woamanizer and reckless.
    She was a very insecure person into her own shell due her own issues, like her mother death.
    Castle and her start to work together day by day, side by side, and she starts started to see him like someone interestng and fun (who has been since the pilot “helping” her become someone more happy and enjoyable- and it worked).
    Castle sticked around beckett because she was different from the other women he met, and he fall hard for her, but just because he know she is very hard, he invests on being very protective with her and become her best friend. The same for beckett, she started to love him as hell, but she was VERY INSECURE for many reasons- first she knows that castle had been with a lot of HOT womens and she could pick anyone he wanted. She also knew he was a woamanizer and though that the only reason he migh be interested in her was for sex, after that the “bubble brust”. the fact that he had been married twice , had a doctor, and still chasing bimbos (like she said to lannie on “the limey”) is a problem for her too.In that episode she also said ” what if it doesnt work?…. i dont wanna loose what we have (a friendship)”. its easy to see ,she loves him so hard, that she dont want to loose him anyway.
    otherwise, if u guys remenber, she changed since season 1 to 4, she become more “female” , started to take care of her, by let growing her hair and become a teaser lol! why do u think that is? she wanted to feel more confortble, and after see kyra, meredith, gina , ellie monroe, she wanted to change for not feel so insucure around him, and had affraid we wouldnt notice her anymore.
    one more thing, in ep 4×01-rise , when castle and beckett are in the swings she told him she dont want to get hurt (like when her mother died )again. it explains her knowhere relationships with random guys, she belives if she invests on someone she loves, (like castle) we possible will let her down, so she doesent want to risk it, so she preferes making out with guys who doesnt have the power to hurt her.
    on the other way, castle is secure about his fellings for her, he never felt that way before, and stop being that jackass we were.

    i’m sorry for any mistakes, but english is not my main language ….

  44. Dory says:

    Saw some reruns. Grabbed me right away. How did I miss this great show. Watched 1st ep of season 5. Going to continue with ep 2. Taylor Cole guests. I think she’ll fit in better than she did on glades. We’ll see next Tues. Thx Matt for your usual fine job.

  45. Dory says:

    Mr. Marlowe gave a fine interview unlike some creators or producers. I also like the posters. They are longer than some i’m used but very informative for newbies. I intend to read every one a little at a time. So happy to have found this show. Leave it to you Matt. You havn’t let me down in the 3 years I,ve been posting and reading.

  46. Dory says:

    Outstanding ep Jan 21. Costuming out of sight. As a newbie I am thrilled to find this show.

  47. Dory says:

    As a newbie I am happy for the reruns to help get caught up. Enjoyed last night ep. So much I don’t know. i.e. Who is firefly? A love interest of Ricks? Thanks for great show. Of course the principals are gorgeous.

  48. Dory says:

    Pres day Monday. Heavy traffic in city. Marathon Castle. I’ll stay in for that. an embarrassment of riches. TNT thx.

  49. Dory says:

    Castle and dad meet. Great show. James Brolin a really handsome mature gentleman. I’m watching any chance I get.

  50. Dory says:

    TV guide Sat 4/20 lists 2 eps of Castle reruns. I look forward to it but if ABC decides to cover the national scene. I’m a big girl.