Fall TV Preview

Fall TV Preview: As Castle Explores 'Pure, Raw' Emotions, 'The Fun and Conflict Only Escalate'

TVLINE | Between Rick and Kate, who would you say is the most affected by has happened?
I think it’s equal. Both sides are pretty affected.

TVLINE | Are they both equally psyched? Or is anybody having the tiniest of misgivings…?
I think every relationship is complicated and there is inevitably, in any relationship, a honeymoon phase. You certainly have a lot of anxiety in the beginning, because this thing has been built up in both of their minds for a long time. So really, how was it, and is this real? Those are issues that anybody who’s had this kind of dance, getting to that moment, is going to wrestle with. Kate’s biggest fear is that, if she and Rick hook up, he’s not going to be interested in her anymore.

TVLINE | Right, she needs to know that it meant as much to him as it meant to her.
If you remember, in the pilot she said, “What, so I can be another notch on your bedpost? I know you, you have a reputation as being a womanizer.” So what happens when you’re the woman who finally beds the womanizer? How far do you trust that? There is that insecurity, but then that insecurity can give way to bliss. But then the question is, is that bliss real as you move forward from your little honeymoon period and you’re dealing with the person as a person? That’s when things become more complicated and hopefully more interesting. You have that period where it’s the two of you against the world and you’re keeping this wonderful secret, and part of the reason why you want to keep it private is that it’s just so phenomenal. It’s precious and you want to foster it and you want to breathe life into those embers… but as things move forward, things change.

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TVLINE | What’s your rollout plan for the other characters finding out what happened? It’s a marathon, not a sprint?
A marathon, not a sprint. Slow but fun. We feel like there’s a lot of mileage to be gotten out of it.

TVLINE | Jon Huertas hinted to me that Esposito picks up on a little bit of a something in the first episode.
Yes. I think that’s how Jon would like to perceive Javy’s level of perception. Sure. Sure. [Laughs] What’s interesting, the way we’re playing it, is that NYPD rules prohibit people from being in a relationship if they’re working together. When Esposito and Lanie were together, the ME’s office is completely separate from the NYPD. So [Rick and Kate] are worried if Gates finds out, they’re not going to be able to work together. That’s a threat to the relationship.

TVLINE | But Kate’s not working for the NYPD right now, right?
Well, in the first episode, she’s not, but…. There’s not a show if she’s not investigating.

TVLINE | But whose move is it? Beckett resigned, after all.
I think that the person whose move it is was the last person who spoke in the finale, [Cole Maddox] who said, “As soon as I get that information back, I’m going to put Kate Beckett into the ground.” As John Lennon said it, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” Castle and Beckett find this lovely magical bubble in which to operate, but that doesn’t mean that it can sustain. It doesn’t mean that somebody’s not going to come along and pop it.

TVLINE | How soon do we see Tahmoh Penikett again as Maddox?
You see him in the first episode.

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TVLINE | If “Secrets” was the theme to last season, what’s the theme for Season 5?
Let me think…. I think this season is the challenge of being together and what that looks like. I do retain the right to change my mind as we get in and we start to really see how people are responding. I mean, we have a couple of great scripts in front of us, but we’re just now seeing how Nathan and Stana settle into these roles and where some of that magic is. Some of our work behind the scenes as we go to address this stuff on the page is going to be informed by what’s working really well and what we feel like we can mine to bring the audience the most satisfying journey.

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