Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on HIMYM, Community, Good Wife, Castle, Vampire Diaries and More!

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Question: Do you have any more news on Castle? —Kaitlyn
Ausiello: In the category of “fun” episodes on tap for Season 5, series boss Andrew Marlowe is hoping to have the team investigate a murder at a sci-fi convention — “That should be fun, given Nathan [Fillion]’s background and how much of a rock star he is at Comic-Con” — and maybe do a riff on The Office. “We’re thinking about an episode that’s shot documentary-style, where we get one-on-one confessionals with the camera and get to know what people really think about certain things.”

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Question: I really want to believe Community will remain great this season, but I’d feel better with a little scoop from you to back it up. Help a guy out? –Mike
Ausiello: This sounds potentially hilarious: The new showrunners are looking for a known actor or actress to play an older British professor who used to teach at Oxford. The tough history teacher will at first appear to be out of place in Greendale’s less-than-professional atmosphere, but a few episodes into Season 4, we’ll see that the prof is just as big a mess as anyone else on campus. Hit the comments with your choices for the part!

Question: Will we see Barney and Robin’s engagement this season on How I Met Your Mother? —Jacob
Ausiello: Yes — but whether it happens midway through the season or at the very end depends on the outcome of Season 9 negotiations. “Barney and Robin will get engaged this season,” confirms EP Craig Thomas. “I can guarantee that. We’ll show you how we get that far. When we will get to their actual wedding, I can’t tell you right now. But it’s going to be good.” Bonus scoop: Asked if Robin will be tasked with babysitting Marshall and Lily’s son, Marvin, Thomas all but confirmed that she would, saying, “I’m very interested to see what Robin Scherbatsky would be like for three hours with a baby.”

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Question: Any Supernatural scoop about the Dean-Castiel dynamic? —Joyce
Ausiello: “That is something that we explore heavily throughout the season through some pretty extensive flashbacks into purgatory,” reveals new showrunner Jeremy Carver. “People are always referring to purgatory as hell, and purgatory is not hell. Purgatory is a really brutal, free-wheeling place, but it has different effects on different people. It will have a different effect on Cas and Dean as you already started to see [in the Season 7 finale]. But I will say what you think you saw might not be exactly what you saw.”

Question: Any chance Dalia will get a boyfriend this season on the supremely underrated Suburgatory? —Jen
Ausiello: Series creator Emily Kapnek wouldn’t confirm a boyfriend, but she would confirm “a very unexpected kiss for Dalia” in the season premiere. “Somebody you wouldn’t imagine she would ever touch with a 10-foot pole,” adds the boss lady. “But she’s feeling very vulnerable because her nanny is leaving, and it’s very, very hard for her to wrap her head around. So this person’s timing is just right when he finds her in the hallway of Chatswin High.” Other twists on tap for the alpha Mean Girl, per portrayer Carly Chaikin: “Dalia abandons The KKK for a bit, and tries a new, more sophisticated look.”

Question: What’s this I’m hearing about a big Vampire Diaries death? Any hints about the victim?—Clay
Ausiello: Stop asking yourself who dies and start asking yourself who does the killing. That’s what people will be talking about the following morning at the watercooler on line at Starbucks.

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Question: I’ll take any Vampire Diaries spoiler you’ve got. I’m not picky. —Daniel
Ausiello: A flashback in this season’s fourth episode unearths a “big secret that will change the course of the season for everybody,” teases EP Julie Plec.

Question: Absolutely loved Parker Posey on Louie. Please tell me she’s returning! —Marcus
Ausiello: Sounds like she’s returning in some form. “She kind of comes back a couple of times… sort of… in a weird way,” hedges the show’s creator and star, Louis C.K., before adding, “You will see her face a few more times.” Bonus scoop: The final three episodes of the season are jam-packed with surprise cameos, including Jerry Seinfeld.

Question: Is this the season that Emily Deschanel finally directs an episode of Bones? —Marie-Eve
Ausiello: Probably not. “We would love her to direct, but the issue is the baby,” says exec producer Stephen Nathan of the new real-life mom. “She’s going to have a toddler and it’s just so hard to juggle the time. It’s hard under the best of circumstances, but to act on the show, feed the baby, play with the baby and direct…. I don’t know how it’s possible.”

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Question: I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m ridiculously excited about Bones‘ upcoming all-squintern episode. Got any scoop? —Laurie
Ausiello: Hopefully someone at Fox was capturing behind-the-scenes footage for use as a DVD extra. “Watching those boys off camera was I think as entertaining as watching them on camera,” reports Tamara Taylor, who plays Cam. “The amount of testosterone flying around the room was awesome.” The episode itself involves Team Squintern attempting to solve a mystery regarding a victim of the 9/11 attacks. “They’re all competing to crack the case,” Taylor explains. “Nerds, believe it or not, have egos too.”

Question: How about a Downton Abbey spoiler on my fave duo Bates and Anna? —Georgia
Ausiello: A sequence in the Season 3 finale featuring the lovebirds will likely have you crying out for the continuity police when it airs next year. The scene in question was shot on July 19 — aka Emmy nominations day — and, as Anna’s portrayer, Joanne Froggatt, explains, “Brendan [Coyle] and I had just shot one half of the scene and then we broke for lunch. [During my lunch break] Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary) called and told me I was nominated, and I just screamed and jumped up and down in my dressing room. And then I didn’t see Brendnan until we got back on set, so we were like, ‘We’ve both been nominated!’ So one half of the scene was shot pre-Emmy nominations and one half is shot post-Emmy nominations. In the [later] shot I have very red ears and a flushed face, so makeup had to spray me down with foundation!”

Question: Any Drew-related Parenthood scoop? Will he still be with Amy? —Kim
Ausiello: Yes, but their relationship is doomed. The high school sweethearts break up early in the season and Drew, naturally, is “heartbroken,” says exec producer Jason Katims, adding, “As sweet as it was to see him have his first romance, I’m actually more excited to see him heartbroken and trying to get over it.” Making matters more angsty for the awkward teen, “Sarah may decide at some point in the season to move in with Mark,” Katims shares. “Drew hasn’t really bonded with Mark, so it would put him in a very uncomfortable position to be living in a small apartment with his mom and her guy, who is also a teacher at his school.”

Question: Are we going to see more of Danny and Lindsay’s daughter, Lucy, this season on CSI: NY? —Gloria
Ausiello: The little tyke will appear in Episode 4 when an innocent family outing turns tragic. “Danny and Lindsay are out in the city with Lucy and Lindsay finds herself in a little bit of danger,” reveals exec producer Pam Veasey. “She becomes an unfortunate victim and reluctant witness to something.” Meanwhile, Veasey says Season 9 will feature more “humor, surprises, gimmicks and personal stories,” adding, “Every character will have an episode where we follow them home on their day off.” The show will also shoot a portion of Episode 3 on location in San Francisco. “The hook is ‘bridge to bridge,'” she shares. “Brooklyn to Golden Gate. There’s a murder situation where we start in New York and travel to San Francisco.”

Question: Are there going to be any more cast changes on Body of Proof? –Angie
Ausiello: I hear the show’s adding a handsome district attorney who’ll be around to discuss Kate’s possible run for Congress. (“She’s got some political aspirations this season,” Jeri Ryan told us, “so it will be interesting to see where that goes.”) Well for one, sparks will fly between her and Mr. D.A., which is probably why the role of Dan is classified as a multiple recurring guest star: We’ll be seeing him a lot.

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Question: Any word on Dixon’s fate on 90210? I’m a little worried. –Kelley
Ausiello: Aside from what we’ve already reported, no. But I can tell you to keep watch for Megan, a sweet 20-something who first shows up at a group therapy session but will be seen throughout the season.

Question: I can’t stand Sara on White Collar. Please tell me they’re bringing someone new in to catch Neal’s eye? Please? –Janie
Ausiello: Janie, this is White Collar. Of course there’ll be other ladies in Neal’s life. Now, whether the following guest star will be one of them, I’m not at liberty to say: Calloway, the New York White Collar Division’s new boss, is a go-getter who’s “disarmingly forward, thorough and direct” – and Peter’s surprised that someone so young holds the power position.

Question: I was a huge Ugly Betty fan, and I’m psyched that Michael Urie’s going to be back on my TV this fall. What can you tell me about Partners? —Sam
Ausiello: I can tell you that the show A) has tons of potential and B) is looking to cast boys to play Urie’s character, Louis, and David Krumholtz’s character, Joe, at ages 9 and 13, respectively. Little Louis is a mirror of his future self – effeminate, cocky and flamboyant.

Question: Any fresh Will/Alicia Good Wife intel? —Donna
Ausiello: Don’t hold your breath for a reunion. “They were two people who were in a love relationship who had sex who now have to work together with all of that heated emotion in their backpacks, and that’s difficult,” notes executive producer Robert King. “It’s not over in the sense that you can’t really close the door on something that happened. But are they two people trying to move on? Yes.” Bonus scoop: Kristin Chenoweth, who was injured earlier this month when a piece of scaffolding hit her in the head while on the Good Wife set, is “doing better,” reports King. “We have her written into the third, fourth and fifth episode. We’ll see if it works out. She’s so good in the first episode; we need her back.”

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Question: Can’t wait for Blue Bloods’ return. Do you have any details about the upcoming season? —Stephanie
Ausiello: In the third episode, while Danny’s busy tracking down a rapist-killing serial murderer, Erin and her D.A. ex-husband find themselves arguing against each other in court over a case involving one of her family members.

Question: NCIS spoilers, please! —Missy
Ausiello: I’ve got some info on three guest-star roles that’ll show up the CBS procedural during the upcoming season. The eccentric Dr. Blackwell is a big-deal space geologist who weighs in on some mysterious material the feds bring him, and Ellie is an upper-middle-class lady who blames herself for her father’s death a decade ago and is shocked when new information tells a different story. But wait, I saved the best for last: The show’s looking for a 50-ish male to play an aging one-hit wonder from the late 1970s who blew his earnings in the ’80s and has been skirting creditors ever since – and if it works out, an actual rock star from that era will get the part.

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