Sarah Drew Mourns Grey's Anatomy's Losses, Eyes April's Future: 'She's Going to Freak Out!'

As Sarah Drew, who plays Grey’s Anatomy‘s Dr. April Kepner puts it, “It was as if somebody had actually died for real and we were mourning it, the way we were weeping at the table read” for the Season 8 finale, which killed off Chyler Leigh‘s Dr. Lexie Grey and sent Kim Raver‘s Dr. Teddy Altman packing.

And while obviously everyone is alive and well, Drew can’t help but feel the loss of two gal pals and colleagues.

“Chyler is a very dear friend…. She and I have always been such good buddies,” she told TVLine at Tuesday’s Thirst Gala, where Leigh was being honored (see photo, right). “And Kim has been an unbelievable support as I went through pregnancy and early parenthood. She went out of her way to care for me and give advice, so I was tragically sad to see her go.”

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The happy news for Drew is that while series boss Shonda Rhimes has been hinting that Lexie and Teddy might not be the only faces not returning this fall, she already has received her official pick-up letter in the mail, “so I’m definitely back,” she reports.

Not that she didn’t have a scare or two as Season 8 drew to a close. “Anybody can go at any time, especially on Grey’s…. so there was always that bit of trepidation,” she admits. “But I’m in this place in my life where I have to let go and say, ‘Whatever will be, will be. If I get killed off, I get killed off.’

“But I’m really glad I didn’t get killed off,” she makes clear.

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Nonetheless, April’s professional prospects are likely to be few after not passing the boards. “She’s going to freak out, I am sure,” Drew ventures. “I’m really excited to see what happens.”

Maybe April will soothe the professional sting by focusing on her personal life – namely how Jackson Avery (played by Jesse Williams), who late last season became Kepner’s first lover, fits into it?

“They have a very deep friendship. But I don’t know if that’s going to evolve into a romance or not,” Drew says. “I think it could be really interesting either way.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Sam says:

    I was hoping she was going to killed off. This is such a bad news, not looking forward for April’s craziness for next season. She ruined Jackson for me.

    • Elena says:

      Could not have said this better myself. Useless, annoying character.

    • Daniela says:

      ITA. April has been a big disappointment from the beginning. I don’t even know why she became a series regular. BTW, why has Sarah Drew to go on a press tour yet again???
      She did this in May to the season finale and now she has to speak out again!? April isn’t even an important character to the show and Sarah hasn’t been on that long that she can be really affected by the exit(s) of Leigh (and Raver).

      • Molly says:

        THIS! Exactly. SD seems as overly dramatic and annoying as her character.

      • Captain says:

        She worked alongside these actors for three years filming 12-16 hour days. How is that not enough time? If you spent 12 hours with a person every day for three years, you’d be affected by them. Further more, I didn’t realize there was a time limit for being connected to someone. Chyler and Sarah are very close friends so obviously she’s sad. She’s not “going on a press tour” (look up what a press tour is) she went to an event to support Chyler and while on the red carpet, a reporter asked her a question, so she answered it. The end. Just like she did after the season finale. She’s not being “sent out to speak about Grey’s” she’s being asked about the job she has by reporters. If you don’t like it, take it up with them.

        • Yolo says:

          This is the truth. People always bitch whenever SD says anything just because that hate hearing about April. If she goes to an event, reporters will interview her. That is a fact. She is younger and until her baby had different family commitments than much of the cast so she does to events like this more often. Reporters talk to her. They are bound to ask her about HER character. Not matter if some viewers don’t like April, it’s not like the reporter is going to ask her to talk about something else. Con’t confuse the character with Sarah. She’s just happy to have a job, and happy to talk about that job when reporters ask about it. It’s not a crime.

          • Emma says:

            Thank you. Is she not supposed to answer questions if she’s asked them? And if she didn’t, people would be saying how rude she is. I swear this fandom is full of immature teenagers sometimes

      • Portia says:

        To me she reeks of desperation. She’s trying so hard to make herself and her character seem important and remain in the public eye. She runs her mouth anytime she is asked. She always just seems so desperate. It’s sad really.

        • Aimee says:

          All the April haters are the ones that reek of desperation. You don’t like the character so you try desperately to find fault even if it means attacking the actress who plays her. You don’t know anything about Sarah or how she is in real life but you are just so certain that she is a terrible person. HOW DARE she answer a reporters question. Whatever. Grow up!

    • gillian says:


    • sfbsailor says:

      I completely disagree. I liked the fact that the virgin kepner was devirginized by the stud. And as a result jesus freak kepner has to reevaluate her whole life beliefs. PRICELESS!

  2. Jake says:

    i think im the only fan that actually likes April.

  3. Joan says:

    Love her as an actress and although I hated April 2 seasons ago, I have “learned” to like her. I’m interested to see what they’re going to do with the character and I hope it’s good, since I’m still not over what they did to Lexie.

  4. Tia says:

    I can’t stand her, this sucks.

  5. Emma says:

    I like Sarah Drew but found April a bit boring at first. She’s getting more interesting and if she gets and actual storyline April will develop further as a character. Its nice to see how Sarah Drew always speaks so kindly of her co-workers. She comes across as a very nice person.

  6. AmandaNJ says:

    I’m glad she’s back. I really like April and hope she gets a lot of screen time next season.

  7. Anna says:

    I really like April. She brings the drama to the show in such an innocent way! I don’t understand why nobody likes her…she’s one of my favorites on the show!!! :))

  8. Kelly says:

    Love April!!! So excited she’s coming back!!

  9. I like April a lot. Sure, she was annoying the first season she was on, but she really turned the corner for me after the shooting. I also really like April and Jackson together, and hope they explore that more. Jackson has always been kind of a one dimensional character for me, and I felt like he was defined by his relationship with Lexie. I hope we see his character develop more, and I’m eager to see how he is there for Mark while he is grieving.

  10. Gabby says:

    I like April, but her story lines are so boring. Her scenes waste so much screen time of other characters I’d rather be watching.

  11. martina says:

    Can’t we trade Sarah for Chyler?!

  12. Maggie says:

    loving Chyler’s haircut in that cute picture with Sarah!!

  13. Sadie says:

    Can’t stand Kepner. She’s awful and the main reason I now dvr the show soley to fast forward thru any and every scene she’s in. Another season of her whining and screeching?? No thanks. It’s ridiculous.

  14. Vivianne says:

    Good grief. Of course Month will freak out. That’s all she ever does. She’s so pathetic and I’d refuse medical care before I let that inept failure get near me. She failed her boards. She isn’t even a real surgeon. She should’ve been killed off instead of Little Grey. Shonda loves her pets though.

    • Sara says:

      So much word. Who would want a surgeon like her to treat you? lol she already got fired twice and failed her boards , now she’ll be taking Lexie’s place. Which is ridiculous. She’s the worst character ever created in the history of tv.

      • Vivianne says:

        LOL!! Yes. I even forgot about her getting fired the 1st time and Derek rehiring her. Her presence is a huge joke. I’ve hated her since her 1st scene. She only gets worse. Throwing her virginity away like she did was disgusting too. Sucks she is still alive and Lexie is dead. Stupid stupid writing but with Shonda in control, it doesn’t surprise me.

      • Annie says:

        Oh, honey. No. April Kepner doesn’t even come within a hipster’s pair of skinny jeans to Ellis the Horrid of Smash.

    • Dana says:

      Nice to see Meredith fans sticking to their childish ways of making up little names to degrade all characters they don’t like. Pathetic, its like the hater club.

      • Allie says:

        You’re the pathetic hater! Why are you on here accusing people that dislike Kepner of being Meredith fans. I’m not a Meredith fan and I still hate Month Kepner. You degrading Meredith fans makes you as pathetic as the people you’re mocking. Get over yourself little girl.

  15. Sam says:

    I was always annoyed with her but shonda said she would make her like able but that exam was insulting and completely unprofessional. Nothing against the actress but she is the most annoying character on tv along with claire Danes character on homeland

    • Portia says:

      After her scenes with the boards and banging Jackson, there is NO character more annoying than Kepner lol! Sidenote, I love Claire in Homeland but I do see your point. Remembering Kepner’s theatrics all season, nothing can ever be worse. Stupidest character on night time tv for me. Glad to see a fellow Homeland fan here though=P

  16. cynthia says:

    I really like April, I’m happy that she’s back!

  17. peter says:

    just don’t kill arizona the rest could all die mark , jackson , april , owen also sucks leave only the chief ”webber ” the old ones along with callie and arizona

    • peter says:

      ps: april is ok !!!

    • Katie Belle says:

      Ha! I was on board with you until your save April. Can’t stand her. She needs to go along with everyone on your list=P

    • Janna says:

      I love Arizona but I like Mark and Jackson as well. April and Owen are the most annoying, unlikable characters on the show. Owen especially, with the way he treated Cristina last season. I do like Sarah Drew but April really needs to be written more mature and less whiny. It’s too bad Chyler Leigh wanted to leave and Sarah Drew didn’t.

    • lana says:

      mark can’t die! are you nuts?

  18. Eloise says:

    Honestly as long Arizona stays alive then I can deal with April although I don’t think I can with a depressed mark after lexie’s death

  19. Mayra says:

    Awww! This is awesome! I didn’t really like April when she first appeared, but now I love her.
    I’m really glad Sarah’s coming back.

  20. Dew says:

    Everyone understands that “April” isn’t a real person/doctor, so no one has to worry about being treated by her, right? That being said, I love the character except that 1) someone who is so ‘type A’ would never fail her boards, and 2) the religious conservatism came completely out of left field. April has never once mentioned God or faith prior to her weird “I love Jesus’ speech. She never even wore a cross.

    I can hardly wait to see what’s in store for the character next season.

  21. Diana S says:

    I love April. This is great news. I hope she and Jackson stay together. Love them as a couple!

  22. jane says:

    As devastated as I was by Lexie’s death (she was my absolute favorite!) I do like April and glad she’s sticking around. If there’s any character I wish had died, it’s Owen! Can’t stand him. Anyways, I like the April and Jackson friendship, don’t really need it to develop into romance. I’d rather April and Alex have a thing….that could be surprisingly appealing!

    • hannah says:

      This. I am so for the Alex and April thing happening. Jackson and April is kinda boring. I liek them better as friends.

    • andy says:

      f*ck no! Alex is my favorite character and April is my least favorite… they definitely need to get him a romantic interest that’s interesting and lasts, but God let it not be April!

      • Allie says:

        I adore Alex and I would love to see him get a wonderful love interest. However, NOT Kepner. She’s ridiculously stupid and psycho. Alex needs a stable, amazing, mature, sane partner and not cuckoo Kepner. I will be so mad if they stick him with her. April needs to go back to her cornfields stat.

    • Gretchen says:

      I agree, enough with Owen and his self-righteous nature.

  23. Olivia says:

    I hate April. She’s the worst, useless, most annoying character on tv EVER. She will never become likable or worth respecting for me.

  24. Grammy's girl says:

    I visit with my 80 year old grandmother every Thursday. It’s been a long tradition. I bring her dinner and we watch Grey’s. She can’t stand April and makes me mute the tv every time she comes on. It cracks me up. I can’t stand her either but hearing my grammy rant about her makes me giggle.

  25. McFish says:

    S.Drew is a good actress.. I don’t mind her coming back. She is a logical metaphorical character. We will just wait and see what happens to Owentina and MerDer marriage?
    Owen fired Teddy-Trust but hired back April-Infidelity? We will see about that!
    Excellent show!

  26. soxfan says:

    I really April – at first she was a bit annoying but she really grew on me and I absolutely LOVE Chyler’s haircut – very cute on her …. really looking forward to the return of Grey’s ….

  27. Liban A says:

    She should have died, Lexie was little Grey man. LITTLE GREY.

  28. Stacy says:

    When did Chyler cut her hair?? I think i like it.

  29. A says:

    Frankly, I just find her annoying and unlike other characters on GA I really never connected with her in any way. Like if something was going on with her on the show. I’d just sit there and wait till the next scene. I don’t think its because of the fact of her joining the show and not being an original because Kim Raver joined it late and I absolutely love Teddy and hers and Henry storyline was one of the best on GA in my opinion. I think she just wastes air space that could be used on characters that mostly everyone likes like the original cast

  30. jdj says:

    Has anyone heard anything about JCap coming back for next season or not? I really hope they keep her too!

    • Portia says:

      Love JCap and she’s said Az will be back!! Yay for her and us fans!

      I can’t stand April. She’s just awful. Nothing about her interests me. I find her tiresome, immature, irrelevant, obnoxious…this could go on forever. I am annoyed her useless character is returning while Lexie is dead. She will be main reason I stop watching live and dvr’ing. I hate her character so much. She gets far too much screen time for her stupid story lines. She’s a giant time waste. I will fast forward her scenes now. She’s not worth my time of day.

  31. cj says:

    I’ve always identified a bit with April, even though she could be annoying and her character didn’t get a lot of quality story lines. but I actually think, and I might be in the minority here, that her and Jackson’s weird friend-affair actually has potential for some really interesting story lines for those two characters. they have been generally relegated to the background in comparison to the original seattle gracw-ers (i almost said sacred heart – but that’s scrubs!), so i’m excited that they might finally get some attention. and let’s be real, that bathroom scene at the boards…. was pretty hot.

  32. Laura says:

    Matt how about getting “official pick up” notices from the rest of the Grey’s actors? I know they all signed contracts but if this girl got an official notice I’d like to know the others did too. I liked Chyler’s hair better before.

  33. Adriana says:

    I’m sorry I’m sure Sarah is a very nice person but I just can’t stand April anymore, at first she was a minor annoyance, but now that she gets more screen time I really find myself wishing I wasn’t watching live just so I could fast forward! I honestly hate everything about the character, starting by her voice every time she talks I cringe… Plus am I the only one who thinks Jackson is WAY too good for her?

    • Maizie says:

      I second everything you said! Her shrill grating voice is worse than nails on a chalkboard. Add in her hysterical whining and you get mind numbing irritation. She brings absolutely nothing to the table. What a time waste! So many great characters that we barely get any good back story on yet this idiot gets the most absurd devirginized storyline of all time. And now we know we have to endure more in S9?? No thanks. DVR it is.

  34. Me says:

    I hate April…

  35. Sarabi says:

    What’s up with Sara Ramirez, Jessica Capshaw and Eric Dane? Are their contracts also renewed? I’d hate to see them go… At least don’t kill them, Shonda! Just write them off if they have to go.

  36. Fabricio says:

    April’s character took more relevance than Lexie’s. In fact, she is the female version of George O’ Malley’s character. But of course, I prefered Lexie. :(

    I agree with Sarabi’s comment. TV Line guys, give us a scoop, hint or whatever about Sara, Jessica and Eric contracts… I bet that Arizona could die. I don’t think Shonda and Betsy Beers would kill McSteamy.

  37. Maizie says:

    I can’t stand April. She’s so useless and annoying. Sucks that the most pointless character is being kept but no news about other long time beloved characters. Oh well, the entire show has gotten tiresome so I don’t mind giving up that hour to a more quality show and recording GA. Sarah Drew’s portrayal of the horrid Kepner is a fine reason to dvr GA and be able to fast forward thru any useless time wasting scene Kepner is in. Sticking her in a relationship with Jackson isn’t going to make her more likable at all. Jackson is far too good for that raging psycho beast and I feel sorry for Jesse Williams having to be her prop.

  38. chas says:

    I like April. I love that there are all different types of characters on Greys. The different personalities is what makes it such a great show. Sure her character is neurotic and annoying a lot but I think Shonda has a great opportunity to allow this character to grow and mature. April is very sheltered and immature and she needs to live a little.

  39. CJS says:

    Recently tuned into Grey’s after years of not watching; just finished Seasons 1-8 on Amazon Prime (fun to watch without commercials) and was very disappointed to hear the April character is back in season 9. I was looking forward to getting relief from that voice; also was hoping Jackson would move on–something about his character strikes me as pissy (wasn’t crazy about his mother, either).

    Wouldn’t mind if Arizona had left, though given her injuries I’m guessing she is not so perky in Season 9 (haven’t watched any eps yet) so maybe won’t be as annoying.

    I was glad to see Lexi go (though sorry when the character died)–she was nice enough but her stammering around got tiresome to watch.

    I think the show goes over the top with the characters’ quirks/traits and it feels gimmicky after awhile, like they’re trying too hard for a laugh when they just aren’t funny. Wouldn’t mind of Owen had left instead of Sloan, either.

    Oh well, it was fun seeing the show again,and at least they did get rid of one super-annoying character earlier on (Izzy).