Grey's Anatomy Exclusive: Chyler Leigh Breaks Her Silence About Shocking Departure

Chyler Leigh Leaving Grey's AnatomyFollowing two weeks of radio silence, actress Chyler Leigh has come forth to clear the air about her shocking departure from Grey’s Anatomy, which killed off Lexie Grey in the Season 8 finale.

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“Earlier this year, I made the decision that Season 8 would be my last,” Leigh shares in an exclusive statement to TVLine. “I met with [series creator] Shonda [Rhimes] and we worked together to give Lexie’s story appropriate closure.”

Leigh, who joined Grey’s full-time in Season 4 after introducing us to Lexie at the close of Season 3, was partly MIA from the start of the show’s most recent season, after Rhimes granted her an extended summer hiatus to spend time with her family. (Leigh and husband Nathan West have three children, ages 8, 5-1/2 and 3.)

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The night that the Grey’s finale aired, Rhimes went on Twitter to explain, among other things, that killing off Lexie “was not an easy decision. But it was a decision that Chyler and I came to together. We had a lot of thoughtful discussion about it and ultimately we both decided this was the right time for her character’s journey to end.”

Leigh’s full statement appears below; give it a read and share your new, illuminated thoughts on the actress — and Lexie’s — exit.

“Earlier this year, I made the decision that Season eight would be my last on “Grey’s Anatomy.” I met with Shonda and we worked together to give Lexie’s story appropriate closure. I am very lucky to have worked with this amazing cast and crew for five seasons. My experience on “Grey’s Anatomy” is something that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I want to take this time to say thank you to the fans. Your unconditional love and support have made these last five years very special for me. I look forward to my next chapter and I hope you will continue to follow me on my journey.”

Watch Spoiler Alert! for scoop and theories on the Grey’s spin-off’s big exit:

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  1. nicole says:

    … that clears things up.
    Except it doesn’t

    • t.t says:

      I love Chyler and Lexie was my favorite character. I’m still not over her death but I’m also excited about seeing Chyler in other roles

      • Donna Dawna says:

        I’m with you!!! I LOVED LEXIE _ MY FAV! We’ll miss you Lexie!

        • Lanesha Cottrell says:

          I agree that Lexie will be missed terribly! I hate that she was killed off before Sloan got to tell her that he was in love with her. But, since we know that it’s all good. You will be missed!!!

      • Donna says:

        I loved Chyler also!, and i was very emotional that night of the finale! I was shocked to see that she was dying and now knowing that was her exit from the show, it makes me even more sad!
        Good luck Chyler in your future endeavors!

        • Alors on danse says:

          2 of chyler’s kids have special needs. in a previous interview she said that it was hard handling their care and her career. So I believe that this has something to do with it. We might not see her act for some time… I wish her the best of luck!

          • Jennifer says:

            Its understandable in that case, but still a loss for Grey’s and for the acting world in general…

          • Terri Cholewa says:

            What kinda special needs?

          • Bill says:


      • Lily says:

        I’m with you too, I had high hopes that Lexie & Mark will get back together before she departed the show. I’m just a little disappointed Shonda, I thought the end should be Lexie & Mark get back together and Lexie takes a job in another city or somethin with Mark on long distant love affair.

        • Elizabeth says:

          That would have been a good one. That way it would open up Lexie comming back. I my self hated to see Lexie leave.

          • David says:

            You know that life, as we all know it, doesn’t always turn out as we thought it to. As sad and heart-breaking as the season ended, it was real. Great job Shonda and the whole Grey’s Anatomy team.

        • Kat says:

          Lily, Your scenerio has been done over and over. Think outside the box….and PLEASE leave the writing to the pro.

          • ANGIE says:

            just a little rude to someone expressing their opinion. you think what you want and let other people think what they want .JEEZ

          • Sadah says:

            Yes because dying is the way yo go (never been done before) I think it’s a stupid way, everybody dies in this show… Where are the pro writers at you say? It’s obvious not Shonda….

          • Nat says:

            Nothing wrong with wanting a happy ending Kat ….. Maybe you should leave your comments to the critics ? Just saying …..

          • Celena says:

            Maybe the comment came off as a little rude but I have to agree with Kat. I hated to see Lexie go and I bawled the entire episode, but the emotion that we all took from Lexie’s final scene would not even compare to what we would have felt if she…relocated? They wrote the plane crash to affect all the characters and I think they wrote Lexie’s part great. Besides, how unrealistic would it have been if they ALL happened to survive this plane crash.

          • Peter says:

            There are widely 2 big cop outs in writing: 1. At the end of the story it turned out to have all been a dream; and 2. The characters get killed off.

            However I agree with Kat, having Lexi and Mark find their happy ending would be the most subservient and cliched ending to their story. It’s way more satisfying and compelling to have Mark carry around with him forever the fact that he lost the (potential) love of his life; this makes him a much more sympathetic and complex character than before.

            Let’s not forget, Grey’s Anatomy is not a comedy ending in happiness for all; it’s a tragedy with a veil-thin silver lining.

          • Fawn says:

            So maybe not the leaving the city story. Like others are saying couldn’t we have at least seen Lexie and Mark be happy for a little while? And then she can die later?? I’m so upset they can’t be happy together now =(

          • Anne says:

            I would have preferred if your comment was not sooo rude; you could have been
            constructive and offered your version of what an out of the box-thinking-ending, would have
            looked like. Your comment was certainly not out of the box, but a bit bully-like – and it’s been done over and over! Boring.

            comment by Anne

        • Lori says:

          I totally agree…Chyler would have had a chance to come back…even though she didn’t want to. It was a heartbreaking end.

          • VDone says:

            I totally agree with all of you guys, It sucks!!! Why killing her? I found that very stupid, I really tought it was some kind of a joke, or a dream… or that she’ll wake up… whatever!

      • Reality Check! says:

        You know she’s not REALLY dead, right?

        • Sera says:

          Umm…She EXITED the show. As in not coming back? Adding that to the part where her character was crushed by a plane and mourned over by Mark, Meredith and everyone else in the crash and what part of that screams “Not Dead” to you?

          • ozgirl says:

            Probably the part where she says she will go on to work in other shows.

          • Vicki says:

            Maybe Mark just dreamed it. ;0)

          • Jen says:

            The part where Denny died and came back. The part where the bomb guy was reduced to pink mist and came back. It’s Grey’s anything can happen. They could always have her guest star in some way or another if she would like.

          • kelly says:

            I believe they meant in real life

          • ruth says:

            While you are being so sarcastic about what SCREAMs dead to you.. I vaguely remember a whole year where Bobby Ewing was to be dead but he actually wasnt. The whole year of his being “dead” was a dream. This is soap land…anything can happen so stop being so REAL about everything…sheesh!!

          • Thom says:

            Well, they had George O’Malley hit by a train and he died too. That was a shame. But I do agree with some people that sometimes we do get very “involved” with our shows and characters. And sometimes they just have to leave for personal reasons, or to make a change in their lives. Yes, we do hate losing the people we really like on the shows but that’s part of it.

          • ssfoiug says:

            O’Malley was hit by a bus saving a girl.

        • Melanie says:

          When people watch TV shows or read books, they tend to care about the characters. So, when they get killed off, they in turn tend to grieve for the characters demise. Quite a simple concept, really.

          • Patty says:

            I agree, when watching TV shows or reading books, if they are good with great character development, then it seems real, even though we know it isn’t. That would be where the real entertainment comes in. Grey’s Anatomy did a great job with character development. It is sad that Lexie did “die” from the show but it was the actresses’ choice.

        • Kenny says:

          Well, spill the bean’s. Fill us in on this matter. It’s a must know!

        • WakeUP says:

          Thankfully there’s at least 1 other person living in the real world.

          Yes it sucks she wanted to leave the show. Her choice, people. Don’t blame it on ‘bad writing’ or who knows what else. Get over it or stop watching the show.

        • Kelsey says:

          Cyler did not die, Lexie DID die. Her character has officially died and will not be returning.

        • Katy says:

          What? What does that mean?

        • Anne says:

          You know you’re not really correct, Reality Check-person. She is dead…I know it hard to
          face reality and easier to believe others are off when your in denial; time will pass and you’ll
          face the the truth…until then maybe get some counseling to help you deal with it.

      • eve melendez says:

        Awww…I like the Lexxys’character.
        Many people ,like me will miss her… :(

      • Sandra Björk says:

        I was hoping they would kill off Meredith and keep Lexie as the new Grey for “Grey’s” Anatomy!

      • Ellie says:

        I agree! I loved Lexie and will miss her. I hope to see her on TV or the big screen!

      • Lexie was my favorite person on Grey’s. I cried when she died and I am still not over it!! Its not gonna be the same without her!!! Cant wait to see what Chyler does next

      • I was so sad when Lexie died laying under that plane.I had tears streaming down my cheeks it was so sad.I felt so bad for Mcsteamy,but he brought it on himself for treating her the way he did,and it took her death to make him relise he made a misake,a little too late!!Love you Lexie/Chyler good luck on your future ventures and with your family.

        • Celena says:

          Brought him on himself….yes the plane crash he totally brought that on…and um correct me if I am wrong, but treating her like he did…he gave her like a hundred times to tell him and they were both apprehensive about it, not just Mark, None of us can say even in real life what our heart wants to every single time, neither could those characters.

        • mark=good says:

          Don’t hate on mark all he did was try to make his new relationship work because he thought lexie bated him…I loved lexie and when she died I cried so hard! Ill miss you chyler

      • kelly says:

        I was so sad when lexie died…..i was like why!!! why her!….but all the best Chyler

      • Ruth says:

        I was really sad…i was even hoping that she’ll survived!

      • Barbara Lord says:

        wishing you the best in your journey and hoping to see you again the best to your family, enjoy!!!!

      • Eryn says:

        I agree with you completely! Lexie was my favorite character by far on the show and! dont know how it will be without her and poor mark.

    • Jeff says:

      She doesn’t owe anyone any deep, intimate details. Her explanation was appropriate.

      • Vala says:

        I absolutely agree! I feel relieved to hear her clear things up, she obviously has other plans and wants to do other things! As much as it hurts we have to accept it!

      • lisa says:

        I agree! She really doesn’t have to explain in every detail how they came to that decision, her statement was classy and appropriate, no need to dig any deeper. I loved Lexie just as much as anyone else but if Chyler wants to exploit other things she should feel free to do so… it’s not like she’s leaving on a sour note like that snotty bitch Katherine Heighl.

        • cass says:

          don’t have to hate- Katherine is a great actress as well

        • gerri says:

          Whats your problem Lisa?..calling names.I love Katherine H., and she is NOT a bitch.

          • laura says:

            As a mother I can understand Chyler leaving the show, the schedule can be grueling on an actor, kids grow so fast. She is a talented actress so I am sure there are many opportunities in the future.
            Katherine Heigl did leave the show on a bitter note, and made many negitive comments about the show and the writers. I liked her character and it is sad that she burned that bridge and will never come back to the show, but I can understand why they don’t want her back and support shondra on that.

        • Clare Flack says:

          i agree with you i loved how Chyler came in to the show and im sad to see her go but i wish her the best for the future. and it was a much better exit then Katherine’s

        • gramma says:

          WOW!!! Every one has one, an opinion and an A H…………..

          P. S. Chyler wants to “explore” not “exploit” other things.


          • Debbie says:

            Someone rescues the ones that are alive and then Mark dies back in the hospital. So no he didn’t live. Chandra Wilson (Bailey) in and interview said: Marks leaving will be bitter sweet with alot of crying and the other doc’s petting him and helping him pass into the next life.

        • think about it says:

          Wow, Lisa, what’s up with the hating on Katherine Heighl? – jealousy?? The part she played
          was not a bitch. Do you often put down women who strive to further there career by being
          brave enough to voice theimselves and stand up to make a move they want – not what you
          want her to do – but what she wants to do?

      • alicia says:

        I agree. Its not our business what she decides to do! That said..we will def miss little Grey. She was one of my faves….but can’t wait to see her amazing talent and her new journey!!

        • be here now says:

          I second that Alica…would fans really hate her for whatever reason she chose to leave?
          Everyone’s life is a play…do you ask your supporting actors if it’s okay for you to make a
          change, and only make it if they give you permission? Would you really want her to continue playing a part that didn’t allow her to experience happiness in her real life story? How sad and
          tragic that would be.

          Be thankful that you found a character you loved – for whatever reason – and bless her on her journey and her strength to move onto whatever she needs to find her happiness.
          Thank you little Grey – best to you and all that you endeavor!

      • Totally agree. Often times characters are drug out and you tire and bore with the same ole same ole.. Although dramatic and I totally didn’t expect it, whatever. It’s TV people, it’s not real life. Sadly, I believe, REALity TV is taking over and shows like this, that are really good (fictional) shows and one of my favs (insert small tribute to the farewell of HOUSE and DH), are a dying breed. The character, Lexie, was an awesome addition (Side note: I would’ve like to see if SHE would pass the boards) but, personally, she’s just a person with a family and like so many other Mothers (like yours truly) would love to spend more time with her children before you blink and your’e planning their wedding! Her “explanation” which I don’t even think was necessary, was completely and utterly appropriate and quite honestly, more than anyone deserved.

        • Patty says:

          I agree with you about the fictional shows! I watch those types of shows and not reality TV. One of my favorite things about TV is it lets you escape real life for just a while and it is truly entertainment. Good books offer the same thing and I truly hope that fictional shows do not become a thing of the past because then I will no longer be watching TV!!!!

      • Emelie says:

        I agree. She probably wants to spend more time with her family and would like to explore other acting opportunities. Will miss her character though :o)

    • Caro says:

      I agree. But what more can we expect? We can’t know what will happen to Mark, if he will be around or not (IMO if Eric Dane is out, Shonda could have had them leave together, happy and starting a family somewhere else; if Eric isn’t out this was the only possibility so I think Mark will survive) and she clearly doesn’t want to add anything else. She just decided she wanted to leave and do something else. Too bad for us, I loved Lexie, but what can you do about it? In the end it’s better to make the decision yourself than to get fired while you wanted and expected to keep the job (like Tim Daly?). Good luck to Chyler, her family and her career!

      • cookie kirk says:

        Could you have left the acting door open to return as a guest?

        • JJ says:

          She can always come back for a visit. Lexie wouldn’t be the first ghost to pop up in Seattle Grace.

        • DJ says:

          I could not agree more, and I read that Schonda had to cut her out to pay more money to the top
          Give me a Break, they make 50K or more an episode, while the rest of Americans are struggling
          Lexie did not stand a chance. It was Schonda’s decision.
          and Greys is gone for me …..I will find another fav show and let Greys kill itself off.
          We loved you Lexie.We really did
          Hope you find happiness that you so deserve

          • Erica says:

            Read where? Name your sources. Just because some angery fans start making accusations on a blog doesn’t make it true. She already asked for time off earlier in the year to be with her family. It’s not that hard to believe that she would decide to stop after this season.

          • the river flows says:

            It does crack me up, DJ, when people believe what they read about other people when they will never even come close to knowing the absolute truth. Why would you want to let your beliefs hang on an idea that may not be true? Wouldn’t it be healthier to realize that nobody needs to be blamed for life moving on? It just does.

        • Kath says:

          I agree to and that she would come back to Mark in a later season

          • happier endings says:

            Yes, Kath, Mark will probabyly die and little Angel Grey, will come back to usher him into the light.

      • gerri says:

        I too, will miss Lexie. Speaking of Mark, he hasn’t been looking well to me the past few shows. Looks like he’s sick, wonder if he’s next to leave GA?

    • dude says:

      It’s clear that she left due to some circumstances in her life. It doesn’t seem like all is well in her life right now, which is why I’m guessing her exit was permenant.

      • filmex says:

        If you are 30-years old and have three children under the age of nine, and prefer to spend more of your time with your kids during their formative years rather than working 12-hour days, sometimes six days a week, shooting a television series, I’d say your head is screwed on right and all IS well in your life right now.

        How can anybody be confused about this?

        • Loni says:

          Thanks for saying all is right for a 30 year old woman with kids those ages, because that’s me and my kids so I applaud her for being willing to adjust her life to do what she feels are her top priorities. I wish her the best.

        • Kimberly says:

          I agree… I’m 32 with a 13, 11 and 8yr old. Working 12 hrs would never work for me. At least we know since Meredith & Derek signed a 2 yr contract Grey’s won’t end!!!!! I still will miss Lexie and wanted to see her & Mark together so bad!

        • JoyMar says:

          Amen sister! Exactly my thoughts!!!

    • Larc says:

      I think it does. We don’t know exactly what Chyler may have told Shonda about leaving Grey’s, but it evidently wasn’t anything that left the door open for a possible return.later. So Shonda had two options apparently: write Lexie out permanently or hire another actress to play her. The latter obviously wouldn’t have worked, so she did what she had to do.

      Now, who else on that plane hasn’t signed a new contract?

      • Malyssa says:

        As far as I know all the remaining actors/actresses have renewed their contracts. So hopefully there are no more deaths.

    • Laura says:

      Ugh, exactly!
      Can someone explain to me the point of Lexie telling Mark 2 episodes before that she loves him? Why put that in if you’re just going to kill her off? Pointless.
      Shonda’s poor taste has allowed me to take Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice off of my ‘to watch’ list for the fall.

      • Melissa says:

        One word ….. drama!!

      • Ed says:

        Yes!!!! I quit watching a LONG time ago!!!

        • Jim Bob says:

          then why are you reading articles and commenting on the show?

          • Veronica says:

            Exactly–why comment, your obviously still interested. Shonda had “Lexi” tell Mark she loved him for our suspence of course. It kept us intrigued and her death was a total shock, the drama of the show keeps us watching. Why would anyone be mad with that. Its not always a happy ending people.

      • patricia says:

        I think that was her lines to say at that moment to build up things which would never be. Yes that is drama good drama. going to miss you Lexie.

      • Jason says:

        Jeez…is this your first time watching TV ever? Shows do that all the time. It’s called Drama. Shonda is not the first writer to do this nor will she be the last. If you are going to stop watching the show because of that you might as well unplug your television and throw it out the window.

        • Pris says:

          Yeah. It’s supposd 2 make the whole thng interestng. I mean, watchng how Mark wil be holding up after she’s gone. Where he’s going to fallback n stuff. Itz called DRAMA.

          • maggie says:

            Mark has a place to fall back to…. OH NO!!!! Look out Arizona, Mark will want to fall back into the arms of him babys mama….

        • Sydd says:

          Thank you! I was just thinking the same thing

      • peter says:

        i cant agree more

      • Betsche says:

        Guess What, Laura? No one’s gonna even notice that you’re not watching Grey’s or Private Practice in the Fall….

      • chasidy says:

        how can you say shonda has poor taste. it is obvious she knows what she’s doing because if she didn’t the show wouldn’t have lasted this long and as far as lexie telling mark she loves him that just shows that sometimes when you think you have all the time in the world you really truly dont

      • Eliza says:

        All anyone can do at this point is guess. Maybe so Mark could realize he was really loved? Lexie had to have made an impact on his life and perhaps this may change the way he feels about women and relationships? Respect? Stop womanizing? Who knows. Maybe this will send him off the deep end? Tune in the new season and we’ll all find out together.

      • Ali says:

        You must have missed the part where they “came to a decision together.” To tell Mark she loved him made you believe they were going to get back together, which in turn led to the amazing goodbye between the two characters during Lexie’s death. If she had never said she loved him and then had been trapped under the plane dying, we would have been angry that they never said their I love you’s one last time and it would have been an awkward situation. It led for a good ending, and even though we will miss the character of Lexie, I think that it was a damn good writing job. I applaud Rhimes and Leigh for giving a good closure, leaving on a good note and not with a sour taste in your mouth like after Heighl left. Lexie’s character didn’t do a 180 and decide to disappear because she had better things to do, she died, plain and simple. Much better than Heighl’s departure.

      • drama is as drama does says:

        Really, Laura, did you just wake up and realize that after all these seasons – poor taste has been
        exerted into the drama plot? Perhaps, you realized for a moment, that it is just tv, and all your
        emotions and time have been wraped up into something you have no control over, and something which the bottom line reads, gotch ya! Now that’s DRAMA!!

    • greysfan says:

      Yes its vague but it does clear things up. She clearly wanted to leave the show due to family and yes it was a horrible thing to do and kill her off but it happened and thats how things go on a tv show. I personally think it was quite a fitting end now i have had a few weeks to mull what happened. Think about it, she declares her love to Mark and then she is killed in the finale. It happens all the time on tv shows. Was it right? Maybe not but like i said thats how tv works.

      • Edward says:

        I love Lexie and if she was gonna leave the show I would rather watch her die than all of the sudden just leave, then have door open and for us to wander when she would come back.If I was the writer I would have done the same thing because if it such a game changer that it kind pays respect to how important the character has become..this is kind of the same situation with T.R. back in season 5.

    • Sharon V says:

      Agree, but a little mystery is what keeps us coming back at the end of any show’s season. The cliff hanger. The tease.
      As far as why tell Mark she loves him then kill her off, Mark is a dog. This gives the show a chance to change his MO and find real love, NOT! Once a dog always a dog. Now he will just get sympathy for howling. LOL

    • Alenne says:

      I’ll miss your character Lexie but totally understand as life is about the journey and what we do with it. Thanks :)

    • Penny Agar says:

      I really enjoyed the character of Lexie but I can understand if she needs to be with her family more…That is a very important job..Good Luck Lexie, hope to see you soon in a different show…

    • Robin says:

      Well, yes, it really does. SHE made the decision. That’s all we really need to know.

    • Shirley Stone says:

      You truly will be missed, enjoyed watching your growth on Grey’s! Good luck with whatever you decide to do next & family is the most important part of our lives. Hold tight to yours for we are never promised tomorrow!

    • Patricia says:

      Will always love her in reruns. It seems very clear to me, and I think she needs time with her lovely family. Best of luck in the future.

    • Kate says:

      I Loved Slexie(Lexie and Sloan) from the beginning and I hate that Lexie died!

    • Phillis says:

      Lexie was one of my favorite characters on Grey’s! Although I did cry when you died on the last episode! Your fans will definitely miss you! Good luck in your pursuits in your career! Chyler you are a Beautiful & Very talented actress!

    • Jenni. says:

      Why did you just end the show with that plane crash?
      Instead of tearing the whole show apart, and yanking out OUR hearts?

    • Nana Akua says:

      i love lexie, she and Mark would have made the perfect couple. I will miss her.

    • donna says:

      I MISS GEORGE. & BURKE. Show needs more. Excitement .. Derrick needs to cheat on on Grey and grey needs to hook up with Mark..

    • Tasha says:

      how is it vague? she wanted to spend time with her family. its as simple as that

    • TJ says:

      What’s not to understand?
      Characters on television shows are regular people that choose to move on from certain chapters of their lives. Chyler wanted to do other things in her life so she worked out a way to leave the show to pursue those things. The words directly from both Chyler and Shonda were that they worked together to figure out a way to have the show move forward without Lexie’s character. End of story, end of season.

    • Megi says:

      How is Chyler saying she wanted Season 8 to be her last a vague statement? Not every star is beholden to us to say WHY they want to leave. :P

    • Kristen says:

      It probably had to do something with her husband! I’m sure working with Mr McSteamy and Mr McDreamy didn’t sit well. I’m sure that is why the explanation was so vague!

    • Ve32 says:

      It does clear it up…she wanted more family time so she left to do so.

    • Alors on danse says:

      2 of chyler’s kids have special needs. She said in a previous interview that it was hard handling their care and her career at the same time. So I believe that this has something to do with her departure. She may take a long hiatus from acting altogether to care for them. I wish her the best of luck!

    • Ann Michaud says:

      I love Lexie,but i understand her decision, I will miss her character,she wqas one of my favorities.Good luck!!

    • Ayana Morton says:

      I loved Lexie, and her love story with Mark as well. I think all fans hoped that they would be reunited at some point. But I think the reason why the show is SO GOOD, is due to the way new character’s are introduced, so naturally and seamlessly that you can’t help but to love them as their roles develop, and when they abruptly exit at the end of the season, the shock is so intense, your left craving for information while waiting to see how the story will continue without these character’s. I love this show!

    • Diane Nicole says:

      I am a French Quebecer’s fan of that series since the beginning, I loved her character; it was not the first time you made me cry!!! But that lost hurt a lot…. Hope her decision was the best one for her and her family… Some times you have to made a choice even if it is a hard one. Best of luck and hope we see you soon. XXX Diane.

    • traci says:

      She wants to spend more time with her family

    • Libby Haynes says:

      Thank you Chyler for bringing so much to such a great character. . .We will miss you on Grey’s. Enjoy your family. . .

      Libby/North Carolina

    • michelle says:

      dont u greys anatomy lovers (and believe me i am one too) think that some of the characters like yang and mark sloan where not believable in this episode or was it just me,it really felt fake when mark was watching lexi died,i mean he looked like he never acted in his life, and what about yang looking for her shoe,i know she was in shock and all but still .anyway it was shocking that lexi died i really never expected it.really sad.

    • Megan says:

      Agreed, I dunno, it just seems weird, I’m not convinced that she didn’t want more for Lexie/ EVERYONE wanted her and Mark to be happy. . I think at least having her finally say she still loves him, then having him say he loves her too is better than nothing, but it still totally bites. all the other times, I still wanted to watch, and I know I will, but I’m just so disappointed with how it ended. They could have both said they still loved each other, he could have left Julia in a tasteful way, and we could have watched their relationship blossom and she would have been close to Sophia anyway. . And frankly, I was wondering when April and Jackson would get together, I just don’t like how Shonda went about it, it could have been a really romantic thing, cuz there were several times where he stuck up for her and things like that, but I dunno, season 9 should be INTERESTING. . It’ll be sad if Mark dies too :( I think he would have if they wouldn’t have reminded him about Sophia, just cuz he loved Lexie SO much. . I don’t know, for a show, it’s just REALLY freakin sad. I don’t think it was the right decision to leave. If it was for family, that’s understandable, but supposedly, she’s starting a new show, and if that’s the case, it’s just wrong :p At least this shows how important she was to the show and the fans, if she didn’t know it before.

      • Dale Hercules says:

        I totally agree with you. I still do not believe she wanted out. Greys will be going downhill fast…..Shonda made a BIG MSTAKE

    • Wendy MacPherson says:

      Usually a move like that one is the beginning of the end for an actor that is as new as she is. I hope that’s not the case, I really enjoyed her work.

    • Bob says:

      What’s vague about it? She decided to leave the show at the end of last season, so she and Rhimes came up with the death scene.

    • Laura says:

      Hahaha… exactly!
      I love ‘we worked together to give Lexie’s story appropriate closure.’ …. except the exact opposite happened.

  2. Joan says:

    I get and respect that she wants to spend more time with her family, but… It was just wrong, the way they killed Lexie off. Just-wrong. I’ll never be over it.

    • tripoli says:

      Agreed. I have a hard time believing that she thought that was the appropriate closure for her character. It really wasn’t. Especially to those who were waiting for a real, honest to goodness, full on reunion of mark & Lexie. Which they were lead to believe would in fact happen. Still, I widh her well and hope she has more success in the future.

      • Ines says:

        “Especially to those who were waiting for a real, honest to goodness, full on reunion of mark & Lexie. Which they were lead to believe would in fact happen.”
        Yes! My thoughts exactly! I am upset Lexie died but I’m more upset that the writers lead us to believe they were going back together. If Shonda knew from the beginning she would leave, why would they do that? And why not write a proper finale for a great character, so it gave closure to Mark/Lexie fans?

        • hasbeenmuse says:

          If you have ever watched at least one season of this show, then you know that when a couple is happy or someone expresses their honest feelings to someone else, something bad happens. This is not something new Rhimes and her writing team just started doing.

        • Erika says:

          Real life isnt like that! This happens in real life all the time! People finally tell each other how they feel and one dies. Its real. Its raw. Its Greys. Not everything is going to end the way “fans” want. Just like in real life. How are you going to create a show that is supposed to speak to human emotions and stage everything to be perfect. You want “happily ever after”? Go watch a fairy tale.

      • Megan says:

        I completely agree, it just doesn’t seem like Chyler would want it to end that way for Lexie and Mark

    • sam says:

      Things happen in life, horrific things — what exactly is “wrong” with the way she departed? Would you rather she just left without a word?

      • Irishgirl says:

        Sure…that would have worked. They didn’t really do anything with Lexie, and her death didn’t meet the “shocking” status it was given in all the promos. After she broke up with Mark, it was just her popping up here and there. Her relationships with Alex and Jackson went nowhere. They didn’t know what to do with her anymore….and there was alot of potential. So, if she wanted to leave, why not have things completely end between her and Mark. Have her decide that she can’t work at Seattle Grace anymore with Mark….and have her transfer to another hospital. Must every member of Meredith’s family die? And what would have been more shocking? Mark dying as he held Lexie’s hand comforting her……Arizona dying, which would put Alex in a tailspin since he was supposed to be on the plane……April killing herself……those would have been shocking. Lexie was pinned under the tail of the plane….not a shock that she died. Just lame that they chose the option of killing her off.

        • Deborah says:

          Very well put. She was a really great actress & has been underused badly since they broke her & Mark up. It would have been better if she had left the show as you said, since they have now killed off all of Meridith’s family. Unfortunately it seems like only traumatic events seem to get great ratings these days so we can’t seem to get just a sad but normal ending to a character anymore. Too bad- I miss the really great non-violent, non-traumatic dramas we used to have. They are all quickly disappearing!

          • Ashley says:

            They haven’t killed off every member, her father is still alive, isn’t he? She just doesn’t talk to him. I wonder if they will bring him back in now that Lexie is gone.

          • Snsetblaze says:

            Isn’t there still another half sister (lexi’s full sister)? Though I don’t think she’s a doctor.

          • M says:

            Let’s put it this way, every family member that Meredith has that she really cares for is dead.

            Her dad, is still basically an acquaintance the same thing with her sister. If either of them died she wouldn’t be as broken up about it. It’s harsh but it’s true, would she have been sad about it? Yes, she’s human and they are kinda her family too. But not the way Lexie is to her.

            Chyler coming out and saying something, is good BUT it’s still one of those statements that leaves you with more questions. Not on Chyler’s decision to leave but rather on Shonda and her decision why it was a good idea to write Lexie off that way.

        • Bobbie says:

          Very sound points you made, the justification of killing off Lexie was stunted in thought. If a character needed to be killed off would have been Arizona. I never could understand why she was let back into Callie’s life after she basically ripped Callie through and through at the airport. If a guy had done that to a woman, the viewers would want him castrated and he would never had re-entered into Callie’s life like Arizona leached on to. Arizona was verbally abusive and then to come back and grovel for forgiveness was mind numbing when Callie let her back into her life. It was one of those jump the shark moments where the show started going off the rails in believable story lines. After that, I lost respect for the show. Some of these relationships were doomed from the start and the only real relationship that made any sense in the beginning was Burke and Yang until Isiah couldn’t keep his mouth shut and even that was excessive compared to other actors who’ve done more heinous things. So they kill off Lexie and we have to accept that bit of load with a smile on our face. Honestly, these season finales have become a “what can we do to beat last year’s finale” situation. Hospital massacres, pier drownings, plane crashes, what next, a comet hurtling towards Seattle Grace?

          • Larissa says:

            THANK YOU. I almost never hear criticism about what happened with Callie and Arizona but I feel the exact same way. I definitely started to lose my interest and respect in the show after Arizona was shown to be this way. I stopped watching after season 7. And that was hard for me to do, because Grey’s used to be my favorite show of all time. After the way that Shonda wrote off T.R. Knight at the end of the fifth season, though, practically ignoring him for the whole season and then having him get hit by a bus instead of going off to the army for “drama,” I was already starting to raise my eyebrows at this show. The reason T.R. even felt like he wanted to leave is (I think) because Shonda had been writing for him less and less ever since he was “responsible” for Isaiah having to leave. Not saying that this is the case with Chyler, but I’m not surprised that you were made to beleive she and Mark would get back together, only to have her die in a horrific plane accident. And I agree, Bobbie, that the seasons are becoming a contest of “how can we beat the DRAMA of last season.” A comet would not be out of reach…or a spaceship full of diseased aliens landing and infecting Seatle Grace Hospital…

      • hasbeenmuse says:

        We saw how well that worked for Izzy, didn’t we?

    • Joy says:

      If I was on a tv show and knew I was leaving – I would want to be killed off like this. I would want it to break hearts and make people angry, I would want people to cry and call for the blood of the writer. I’m not saying this is what Chyler wanted for Lexie – but it was a pretty awesome way to leave a series in a memorable manner. *unlike say Katherine Heigl’s* Lexie was my favorite and I will mourn the loss of the character, but if she left because she wanted to – that’s her prerogative – I won’t hate on the way they chose to write her character off. I can’t wait to see what the repercussions of it mean for all the characters next season.

    • guest says:

      I get that, that assumption is logical but how do we know that, that’s why she left? I really don’t feel like that was the reason.

    • keri says:

      I agree!! They did NOT give her any proper closure by any means. What she heard Mark say “I love you?” We already knew that. Her character wasn’t given children, husband, and she wasn’t even able to take the boards yet. Basically a great character with much potential still was killed off….and if she really wanted off that’s ok, i would understand that. But killing Lexie, i will NEVER understand that. I’m so over Grey’s!!

      • Pip says:

        LIfe isn’t all rosebuds and peaches. It doesn’t end all wrapped in a pretty ribbon tied with a bow. Closure is messy, painful and often not what you wanted, but what you needed. (The two are not mutually inclusive.) Did Lexie want more than death with “meant to be” on her lips? Most definitely. Did she get it? No. She got what she got.

        And honestly, there are worse ways to go out of this world. Lexie at least got to die with the person she most loved in the whole world holding her hand and telling her how much he loved her back. Charles didn’t get that. Reed certainly didn’t get that. Henry didn’t get that.

        It is what it is. Closure happens the way it does, not the way you think it should.

        • Jay says:

          Life isn’t all rosebuds and peaches, but it isn’t all death, drama, trauma, massacre, tragedy, catastrophe, shock, twist, and gruesome grotesque murders either. This show needs a happy ending. Or two. Or twenty. I’m not even a fan of “everything is perfect in the end” type things, but to balance out all of the far-fetched events they put Seattle Grace through, they need someway to make it remotely realistic.

    • Pam Schutt says:

      I agree! The way they killed her off was hard to see and to know that while the survivors are sitting and waiting for rescue her body is laying on the ground not far away decaying…I’d have a hard time acting like normal while waiting for rescue!

    • Trish says:

      It’s just a TV show people, get over it!

      • Lou shevlin says:

        For real… Love this show, my all time favorite..BUT IT IS JUST A TV SHOW ! Maybe some of you need to be reminded , there really is NO Lexie , she was make believe.

        • Linda says:

          My sentimates exactly!!! I cried like a baby when her character died, and I had to keep telling myself it’s only make believe. I loved her character and wanted Mark and her to get back together; but now I understand why she left the show. I admire her as a person for putting her family first….unlike so many other movie and tv stars. I wish her nothing but the best, and hopefully in the future we’ll see her on another show or in a movie.

      • Karen says:

        THANK YOU!! I’m glad someone finally said that. I love Grey’s and will continue to watch it, but it IS just a TV show. A lot of the things the writers have done over the past season or so are purely for the drama, or the “hook” for the audience. And sadly enough, as you get older, you see more and more of these bizarre things happening in real life, to your friends, family and acquaintances. I could tell some pretty bizarre and dramatic stories just from my life.

      • it may just be a tv show for you but to the viewers it was so so much more. i know it ain’t real i am not crazy!!! but for an hour a week i could be transported to these make believe lives.I to HATED THE FACT THAT GEORGE WAS KILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was my favorite!!!!!!!!! Arizona can go back to Arizona take Owen with her. The viewer getting involved in character lines and charac.ters is what kept them all working this long

  3. Sednah says:

    She will be missed! But having such young kids, it’s understandable, especially since Grey’s seems to be a very demanding show

  4. Colleen says:

    Total class response – hopefully her fans will take note and follow suite

  5. Kelly says:

    Still makes me sad… but I love Chyler and wish her success!

  6. Wendy says:

    The diplomatic “I left because of reasons and thank you” as expected.

  7. tammy wojcik says:

    going miss lexie

  8. t.t says:

    I love Chyler and Lexie was my favorite character. I’m still not over her death but I’m also excited about seeing Chyler in other roles :D

  9. LuLu says:

    It clears up that it was Chyler who approached TPTB about exiting. Maybe she was as board with Grey’s as I have become. Onto better things Chyler! This fan will follow you.

  10. Rolfe says:

    Sad to say goodbye to Lexie, but I wish Chyler the best. Look forward to seeing what she does next.

  11. sasha says:

    It’s not vague, it’s clear! SHE WANTS TO SPEND TIME WITH HER FAMILY!
    And it’s Shonda AND her who choose to kill her! Plus it’s the only solution to have Mark without Lexie

  12. Jessica says:

    I wish they would have had her leave and not be killed. That would have made it possible for her to come back if she chose to. You don’t have to die to leave the show. Dr. Hahn, and Burke both left the show and didn’t die.

    • Rolfe says:

      And both never cam back…

      • Jay says:

        But they could. They could have at least made it possible, but unlikely, for her to come back at the very least.

        • guest says:

          But she doesn’t want to come back at all so what’s the point of keeping her alive so that there’s a chance she might come back for mark or something if she doesn’t want to be apart of Grey’s anymore

    • Irishgirl says:

      Well, Isaiah Washington and Brooke Smith didn’t leave of their own choice. Washington was fired after his homophobic comments, so understandable that he hasn’t returned. And Smith was just let go….out of nowhere,…..and she wasn’t happy about the way it was handled. So, I can see why she hasn’t returned. But I agree with you that you don’t have to die to leave the show….unless your last name is Grey.

      • Malyssa says:

        They killed George off too. Why does everyone act like this is the first doctor to get killed? I am not happy with the way Lexie exited the show, but it was her decision to leave. As a mother myself I understand wanting to stay home and be a mom rather than spend all day away from my kids. I love Lexie, and I wanted her to be with Mark but this was a good way to make it not happen. If she had just left I would make the mark/lexie fans wondering why he doesnt follow her if he loves her so much? This was a group decision, I think this explanation was all she needed.

  13. English says:

    That’s it?? I was expecting more…like an actual interview not just reporting on a short public statement.

    • well.... yeah says:

      This. So this was probably just a statement Shonda & Co. told Chyler’s reps to make so that the hate can lighten down a little… lmao.

  14. Melody says:

    Still hate that Lexie is gone!

  15. martina says:

    I respect the fact that Chyler wanted out, but killing Lexie was NOT an appropiate closure. Oh, Shonda, you lazy woman.. You couldn’t come up with something else?

    • m says:

      I can’t blame Chyler for leaving the show. I think it’s nice for a mother of three to want to be with her family. I get that. But I still don’t like Lexie’s death was the answer. I feel like death is the answer to every thing when an actor leaves Grey’s Anatomy. It drives me nuts. It does not matter whether or not Chyler wanted to leave the show, it matters how the character was written out and she was written out in an awful, anti-climactic, devastating way.

    • J. Kelly says:

      Great response.I totally agree with you. Lexie,(Chyler) and the entire Grey’s family of fans deserve more than a boring plane crash. Been there, done that. And,why does everyone always have to die? Death is not always the answer. Shonda, you should be ashamed. You used to be so creative,now your so predictable. Chyler,you will be missed. Hoping you change your mind and possibly pull off a Bobby Ewing from Dallas and surprise us all with a bad dream. Shonda work on it! Bring Lexie back, find a new exit that leaves the door open for some happiness and love instead of always relying on the death card. Life is a gift and Lexie was your gift to us!!!!

  16. Zoe says:

    Clear as mud. Now I’m even more suspicious she’s the person behind the Crazy Days And Nights blind item, which would be a shame.

  17. Lauren says:

    I totally respect her wanting to leave the show after 5 seasons. What bothers me is how Shonda ruthlessly killed her off. She could have been written out in a less upsetting way. Enough cast members have died!

  18. Melissa says:

    I understand now that Chyler asked to leave Greys & I’m ok with that but wish it was done differently for the fans and the characters we have followed for so long. Still not sure if I can watch….but I will continue to support Chyler in her career!

    • Melissa says:

      if Shonda was so set on killing Lexie she could have at least given Mark & Lexie (and the fans) a reunion even for a couple of episodes then killed her. I think that would have been more heartbreaking but acceptable. Or if Eric Dane doesn’t come back, she should have had him die holding her hand like he almost did. At least they would have been together. I still think the way it was done was a slap in the face to the fans.

  19. S1monetz says:

    The funniest thing: appropriate closure !!!!
    It was so unfair and so not appropriate….I love Chyler and her Lexie…she wil be missed so much that her departure I guess will be the beginning of the downhill for Grey’s….at least for me…this was too much!

  20. Annie says:

    Finally Chyler speaks! I will miss you. I hope to see your face sometime soon on television. :( Respecting your decisions. Finally the fans can rest with the speculation.

    • Annie says:

      Still vague though.. I too was also expecting an interview. :/ This is more like a statement PR. Nevertheless at least we have something from her.

  21. hello says:

    Have to wonder what is going on over there that would make three people(Chyler Leigh, KIm Reaver and Kate Walsh)would want to leave.
    With Lexie dead i am not watching anyways. Now let’s start the campaign to make Chyler Leigh play the mother on How I Met Your Mother

    • Samantha says:

      She would be perfect for the mother! And don’t forget Tim Daly, he was unexpectedly fired earlier this week.

      • Heather says:

        “Private Practice” is a bubble show. It was probably renewed but with significant budget cuts. Out of all of the characters, Pete was the only one set up to leave the show so Shonda and her fellow executives probably made their decision for that very reason.

    • ted says:

      Yeah, yet five decided to renew their contracts and STAY — very suspicious…..

      • B9ob9 says:

        It almost as if these people have GASP lives! Kate Walsh left because she GOT HER OWN SHOW. HELLO? That’s what every actor dreams off! Kim Raver’s storyline wasn’t going anywhere, and Chyler has a family. It’s called LIFE. Geez.

        • hello says:

          I am not talking about when Kate Walsh left GA, but that she is leaving Private Practice after the next 13 episodes

          • Nara says:

            Kate Walsh probably just wants to do other things. She’s played the Addison character for 8 years now. Sometimes you just want to move on. And she’s got a business that’s bringing in enough money so she doesn’t have to relay on the Shondaland paycheck anymore until she’s found a new stable gig.

    • Heather says:

      Kate Walsh is on a different show. Her leaving has nothing to do with what goes on with “Grey’s Anatomy.” Also, Kate Walsh’s contract was always going to be up with season 6 so her wanting to leave isn’t a surprise. She’s been playing the same character for 7 years. I totally understand why she’d want to move on. Chyler Leigh wants to spend time with her family (as proven by her asking for time off in the beginning of the season to spend time with her family). Kim Raver’s the only one whose departure can’t be easily explained but Shonda said that she is eager to keep Raver in her universe in some way and is even considering writing a spin-off specifically about Teddy and that proves that there is no bad blood between them.

      • tripoli says:

        Just because she said it, doesn’t mean it’s actually going to happen. Shonda seems to be quite the masterful weaver of lies and fan misdirection. If course she’d want you to think everything is A-OK. As evidenced by the outrage from the Mark & Lexie fans, Shonda will say whatever she wants at the time and then not follow through. Not that I believe there is bad blood but I wouldn’t trust everything she says.

        • Heather says:

          Ok, so maybe Kim Raver left because of bad blood with Shonda or someone else on the show. That’s fine. But there are clear, rational reasons as to why Kate Walsh and Chyler Leigh would want to leave their shows that have nothing to do with anything Shonda has said in the past. Those explanations are based exclusively on hard facts (contracts, previous requests, previous statements from the actresses).

      • Candice says:

        Teddy needs to runnnnn before they kill her off too!! Lol. Will def miss little Grey though. And although I’ve been hoping her and Mark get back together…I Ammon love with Dane!!…lately Mark has been looking horrible with that dyed hair! His salt and pepper was sexy!

    • keri says:

      ahhh i love that idea!! she would be perfect on HIMYM….and do you remember how in one of the episodes we find out ted’s wife’s was in a band when she was younger? Chyler can really sing in real life so she could show off her musical talent too.

      Who knows maybe she was approached by HIMYM writers and that’s why she left..you never know! lol

  22. I love her and I love Lexie but I don’t see why she left…. she didn’t say anything, maybe to have some time with her kids, okay, but she and Shonda spent one year to kill her on a f*cking plane crash? Bravo… anyway, I’ll follow her :)

  23. Samantha says:

    Took two weeks to release a generic statement, still completely unclear. She basically echoed what Shonda said. There is obviously more to the story but I’m not going to continue as I’m sure I’d sound crazy. Best of luck to Chyler, her family, and her career. She’s the best!

    No way was this “appropriate closure”.

    • carrie says:

      Agreeing with your statement. This wasn’t an approrpriate closure, and while i’m glad Chyler finally “reveals” (uh… really? hahaha it seems like someone was hired to write this. -____-) why she left, well, I guess we can’t go on further but to hope for the best for Chyler and her future. I will reaaaallllyy miss Lexie :( no one can replace her.

  24. ted says:

    I’m kinda amazed at some of the comments here — so what if it’s a shocking death — it’s a tv show

  25. Hugo says:

    According to this statement, it was basically her decision to leave… I’m sorry for that because I liked Lexie… But I I wish Chyler the best. I hope to see her soon in new shows.
    P.S. What is the Crazy day and Nights blind item? I think I missed it…

  26. Tara says:

    I understand that Chyler wanted to leave to spend time with her family. I’m cool with that. Do I hate the character had to die? Yes. Will I deal? Of course. I just wish the write off had been better. Was it gut wrenching and emotional? Yes but not because it was beautiful but because it was such a shock and so quick. George’s death was sudden too but we knew he was going to leave and then he died while saving someone else. His death had purpose. It had meaning. Lexie died in a ridiculous plane accident that no one knew happened for how long? In today’s day and age? Ridiculous.

    I admit I am no writer. I can’t do Shonda’s job. I don’t want to do her job but I want to like the show. I sit here every week watching the new episodes because I hope it will entertain me and move me. But sometimes it just pisses me off. Granted it’s still a reaction and I’m still watching, so they are doing something right, so to speak, but Lexie’s write off just seems so …. wrong and unsatisfying. But so it goes. I’ll get over it, eventually, but I’m still in the anger stage of grief. A crappy tv death is still a crappy tv death.

    • meghan says:

      Well, in all fairness, Shonda can’t do her job either.

      • Heather says:

        That’s why she has 3 shows on the air – one going into its ninth season with a tenth on the horizon, another going into its sixth season, and a third entering its second season. Clearly she has no idea how to do her job.

        • Samantha says:

          The final two are only getting 13 episodes, and like you said, one is only going into their second season. Heading towards a tenth, after dropping from 3rd to 15th in demos in the course of a year? Yeah right. She’ll have three cancelled shows next, PP is already pretty much over.

          • Heather says:

            GA is still a powerhouse for ABC. Shonda WANTS 13 episode seasons for “Scandal” because it allows for condensed, fast-paced storytelling and it has nothing to do with the show’s ratings (which have been stellar, by the way). And “Private Practice” suffered a blow to the ratings when it was moved to Tuesdays – a decision that was made by ABC and NOT Shonda Rhimes. Also, if you’ve been paying attention, every show on every network has taken hits in the ratings, not just Shonda’s shows. The fact of the matter is, Shonda is guaranteed to have kept GA on the air for 10 years – longer than most other showrunners could manage – and had a spinoff on the air for 6 years – longer than most other spinoffs have lasted, like “Angel” – and launched a third show that is doing incredibly well given that it premiered at the end of the the TV season. Not to mention the fact that her shows are still relevant to pop culture, are still getting critical acclaim in the press, and still have passionate fanbases. I’m pretty sure that she’s doing SOMETHING right.

  27. Alia says:

    I think she was fired, Tim Daly was fired … Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey new contracts were VERY EXPENSIVE for ABC.

    • Heather says:

      “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice” are completely different shows. They do not share a budget. One does not affect the other.

      • jake says:

        So? They are both produced, created by, and basically controlled by Shonda Rhimes. Rhimes gotta do what Rhimes gotta do… and in letting go of Leigh… as most people would joke, “you just lost a viewer!!!”


        • Heather says:

          That’s fantastic but Alia’s comment insinuates that Chyler Leigh and Tim Daly were fired from two different shows so that Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey could come back to GA. The budgets aren’t linked. Tim Daly was let go because “Private Practice” needed to have its budget cut in order for the show’s renewal to be profitable for ABC.

    • Sami says:

      I don’t think Chyler is lying when she says “I decided” but I am not shocked that EP fangirls will keep insisting Chyler was fired to give Ellen more money. WTF ever. Thank you Heather for posting the obvious as some don’t seem to understand that 2 shows would have separate budgets.

      I will miss Lexie but I wish Chyler the best of luck. As a fan I want her to pursue other roles, spend time with her family or whatever else makes her happy.

  28. Beth says:

    Good night people! I loved Lexie and Mark, but it was Chyler’s decision to leave. As long as Mark was remaining on the show, I think their only out was her death. If she just took off like Burke, her fans would still be screaming that she never would’ve left Mark. This was a no-win situation for Shonda. I am surprised to be defending her, but I feel like I have to. Anyway, good luck to Chyler! Can’t wait to see what she will do next!

  29. TM2Bee says:

    Seems appropriate to me since the show is a drama and her exit was definitely dramatic! One of the best episodes in a long time.

  30. alyssa says:

    :( this still looks so staged, in a way. whatever it is, i will follow chyler wherever. just can’t believe lexie won’t be making me all happy every thursday any longer.

  31. fan says:

    It was an appropriate way to end the character of Lexie with recasting the role. Lexie would not have up and left town, leaving behind the man she loved, the sister she bonded with and loved, the niece she loved, etc. Lexie was loyal & loved her family fiercly, she would not have simply left town for another position elsewhere. Plus she still had time left to complete her residency, she couldn’t have left without jeopardizing her career.

  32. fan says:

    It was an appropriate way to end the character of Lexie WITHOUT recasting the role.

  33. Jamey says:

    how is this an explanation?

  34. aly says:

    Gosh I adore Chyler. So beautiful and talented. And classy! Lexie was my favorite, and I am devastated as heck that she died considering how much I wanted her and Mark to end up together, but I respect Chyler’s decision to leave and will remain a fan of hers’ forever!

  35. Jennifer says:

    I love Chyler leigh and her character but i’m calling this one total BS. Who got closure? the fans didn’t, the character didn’t. this seems like it was scripted to get the head off of SR.

  36. Sharon says:

    The one’s ranting about it not being true and it’s crap and why did they have to kill her off, you all need to calm down. She does not owe anyone any explanation. SHE chose to leave…Shonda did not fire her, CHYLER just said SHE decided it was time to leave, they BOTH clearly came up with the death idea. With the finale planned there was no other way for her to leave! How else would have her departure gone, it was emotional, sad and painful and for that she’ll always be remembered…that’s what Grey’s is about.

    • um says:

      I think people are more upset because Chyler has always stated that she was most probably never going to leave Grey’s, because its been her most stable work on TV since she started.

      That’s why I’m suggesting someone get an interview out of her *shrug* considering the fact that fans have been blatantly upset about this im more surprised no one really got to sit down with her and talk about it. But then again, a TV columnist did say that Chyler probably “wouldn’t want to talk.”
      I don’t think no one is actually ANGRY at Leigh; more people are angry at the fact that there’s no valid explanation. It could be family, it could be something else, but she’s vague about it in this interview.More people are angry at Shonda honestly because she DOES have a history of firing people and lying about it. LOL. TR Knight, that actress that played Hahn, etc etc.

      • Debby says:

        Shonda is not the money person for ABC so she would NOT do the firing.

        • Heather says:

          Shonda doesn’t have control over how much money she gets to run her shows but she has a say in whose contracts get picked up. I think that’s generally left up to the Executive Producers (including ABC execs and Shonda herself).

  37. um says:


    How about someone actually get a REAL INTERVIEW with Chyler and not something that was probably produced by people just to shut the fans up? Still not pleasing everyone, Shondaland…

  38. Sheela says:

    An actor wants to leave? OMG GREAT WE’VE GOT A SHOCKING FINALE BY KILLING HIM OFF! *___* That is what every producer always says. And honestly…This. Is. BORING.

    I’ve seen this many times in this show (remember poor O’Malley?) as in others (Desperate Housewive’s Mike…how can we forget?). You keep killing off characters in the most “shocking” (ludicrous) ways possible just cause you’re plainly out of ideas.

    Keep in mind I’m not mad at all at the actors who decide to leave (they have their own reasons and I respect it), I’m annoyed because of the producers and their evident lack of creativity.

    • Heather says:

      How would you have liked Lexie to be written off? Lexie, the woman who is in no position to be looking for a new job, the woman whose entire family is located in Seattle, the woman whose friends are located in Seattle. Do you really think it’d have been better for Lexie to just pack up and move away from Seattle? You think that would’ve been more satisfying, seeing Lexie go against her entire personality by up and leaving her home and her family?

      • tripoli says:

        She wouldn’t have had to leave Seattle. She could have just left the hospital. Would have allowed for her to be in scenes with her family and friends, and have no interaction with Mark. There were other options. That’s all people are saying.

        • Heather says:

          So you think it would’ve been better if she had completely abandoned her career as a doctor? Then what? She stays in Seattle but we never see her again? That would only lead fans to be constantly asking “When is Lexie coming back? When will we see Lexie again?” It’s not closure if she abandons her chosen career and stays in the city just to never been seen again. That’d be more unsatisfying than the death we were given. There definitely were other options but the only one that wouldn’t have resulted in character assassination was literal death.

          • Sheela says:

            Oh, for crying out loud! Just what did you think happened to Izzie’s character? The same exact freaking thing. This means options.

            So, if a character doesn’t get a proper death, he can’t leave? Da fuq? o_o

          • Heather says:

            Izzie’s character as assassinated long before she quit Seattle Grace and left town. If you’ll remember, a lot of people were upset by that decision, too. They cried foul. They said it wasn’t proper closure (and I still don’t think it was proper closure). The fact of the matter is, it would’ve been out of character and abrupt for Lexie to leave town. If Mark had went with her? Ok. That I would’ve bought but Eric Dane wasn’t going on anywhere and his contract wasn’t up. Lexie is the kind of person to leave everything behind for no reason. We’ve seen how dedicated she is to her family and friends and career! So why would she suddenly cut all ties and leave? Why? Explain how that could possibly be an appropriate decision for her character to make?

      • Sheela says:

        Did you even read my comment? I’m pissed off for every goddamned producer in this industry can only think about death as a finale or to write off characters. ALWAYS.

        I’m not mad at Lexie’s death itself, even though I think it was ridiculous. She could’ve gotten in a coma (you’d never now whether or not she’d wake up), she could’ve married and moved away with Mark (it’s called “life”, sometimes it happens you move from your family .-.), she could’ve just simply moved to another hospital for whatever reason…just for instance.

        Do you even recall just how many freaking characters died on this show? Man, Meredith has only her husband and father left, other than that her whole family (and lots of friends) has been exterminated.

        Jessica Fletcher, we need you! We’ve got a serial killer here! °-°

        • Heather says:

          I did read your comment, yes. And death is sad but sometimes it’s the best way out. Lexie’s death wasn’t just for shock factor. It was the best way to let Chyler Leigh leave without destroying Lexie’s character. Are there plenty of cases when death is used just for shock factor? Oh, of course! And it’s irritating when shows do that! As for the number of deaths on “Grey’s Anatomy,” I think it’s worth noting that the only other series regular who has died is George. The rest were patients (it’s a hospital show – death happens) or minor doctors that had no real place in the show (the two that died in the season 6 finale from Mercy West). Death happens. That was the whole point of the episode. It’s awful that Meredith has 3 people in her life (her mother, Lexie, and George) but it’s a bit hyperbolic to say that “her whole family (and lots of friends) has been exterminated.” She’s lost 3 people. And a dog. But death isn’t easy and death can’t be explained and that IS real life.

          • Sheela says:

            I disagree and I’ll tell you why.

            First and foremost I’m not talking about the patients (that’ll lead to an endless, useless discussion).

            George died. Meredith risked death countless of times. As a matter of fact, almost every character in this show did. Mer’s mom, stepmom, sis, baby (she was pregnant in S7), friend, dog died. If Dempsey hadn’t changed his mind for his contract, Derek would’ve ended the same way as well.

            It’s either an incurable illness, a mad man with a gun, a plane crush, a bomb. All in that hospital.

            Grey’s was just great in the first seasons. Then it got to the point of “what else? What’s more shocking?”, and started repeating itself.

          • Heather says:

            And you’re completely entitled to feel that way! I disagree with you but that’s life. As for the deaths, I wouldn’t consider the dog to be a major death in Meredith’s life (Doc hasn’t been mentioned since he died and, unfortunately, animals die) and same with the stepmom (who Meredith did like but I wouldn’t consider her family). Unfortunately, some people just experience more death in their lives than others. Meredith is one of those people. She is dark and twisty and always has been. As for the big events, you mention that you feel the first seasons were the best but, if you’ll remember, every season has always had a “big event.” Season 2 had the bomb, season 3 had the ferry boat explosion, season 4 didn’t really have one except the ambulance crash, season 5 had the death-row prisoner and Izzie-has-cancer storylines, season 6 had the gunman, season 7 had Callie’s accident and the musical episode, and season 8 had the sinkhole premier and the plane crash finale. “Grey’s Anatomy” does these larger than life storylines in order to really push their characters to their limits because, as any writer knows, you have to put your characters through the ringer in order to see what they’re made of. Would all of this stuff REALLY happen in real life? Of course not! But it’s a TV show so it’s allowed to cross some lines. Thankfully, because it’s all about the characters and all of the characters are well-rounded, real people which is why those larger than life storylines are so meaningful and not ridiculous stunts.

  39. Irishgirl says:

    On a complete side note, am I the only one who thought it odd that Lexie doesn’t say anything about her full sister Molly when she’s giving her dying declarations? She mentions her dad and Meredith, but never mentions her sister Molly. Granted Mark interrupted her, but I figured Molly would be mentioned after Meredith.

  40. Heather says:

    Does no one remember what the season finale was all about? Live your life, tell someone you love them, don’t get bogged down by the bad, because everything can change in an instant – for the best or the worst. Lexie’s death was shocking and depressing for fans because that’s what happens in life. There is no way to prepare for something like that; it just happens. You don’t always get closure with death; it just happens. It’s awful and depressing but it happens. Like others have said, there was no other way to write Lexie off without destroying her character (banishing her to the parking lot with Hahn or making her leave town because she was rejected by Mark, thus leaving behind the family she loves and the friends she loves and the job she loves all because of a man). So many of you are taking this death so seriously but are missing the point of why it happened to begin with. Would it have been nice if Mark and Lexie got together and lived happily ever after? Of course! I wish they did get the chance to have a happy ending but that doesn’t always happen in life. Sometimes awful things happen and you never get closure. Move through the stages of grief, accept that it happened, and move on.

    PS: let go of the conspiracy theories. Sometimes, the explanation really is as simple as it seems.

    • B says:

      perfect explanation, you need to go into PR for Greys.

    • Barb says:

      Heather….great explanation. I have watched GA from the first show. I was so upset when Izzie left the show; but it was a perfect ending with George and Izzie in the elevator. This is only a show everyone….look how great Izzie has done! Life goes on!

  41. EvvieJo says:

    I will never get over the fact that Lexie and Mark didn’t get back together before Lexie’s death.

  42. Jason says:

    I don’t know why Rhimes feels she needs to kill off characters. Why not give Lexie the “Izzie treatment” and let her go somewhere else with potential of coming back??

  43. Anthony says:

    She gave her statement and that’s that. Trying to make something more of it is just useless and a waste of energy. I am satisfied with it. And as someone who watches dramas (primetime and daytime) like his life depends on it, killing off popular characters is nothing new. Sad, but nothing new.

  44. Not an idiot says:

    Yeah, right. There’s nothing new in that statement, she only repeats exactly what Shonda claimed previously. Exactly the same words. I don’t buy it.

    “Appropriate closure”? She asked for her character to be killed off so that she will never ever (have to) come back to the show? Back-and-forth between Lexie and Mark and then a quick death was the well-thouight-out storyline the two of them came up with together? Seriously? Come on, we’re not that naive.

  45. Andy says:

    Look seriously people. She got canned – same with Kim Raver because the show has to cut its budget – particularly as ratings continue to fall. Simple as.

  46. Aria says:

    I can understand it was her decision at the end of the day but Meredith has already lost so much in the past, did she have to lose her sister too?

  47. Liz S. says:

    Chyler made a decision to leave, and I wholeheartedly respect it. That being said, I think her departure was not written well. I know that there have been a lot of tv deaths that have been good because of the “shock value,” but her death had no substance to it and just seemed out of place. Plus, if she has known about this basically all season, Rhimes couldn’t have come up with a better way to write her off? I guess it just takes too much energy to think of a way to get someone off of a show besides death.

    • Summer says:

      I agree. They killed her off within the first 20 minutes as well.. so dumb. That whole finale was just sloppy.

    • helixro14 says:

      I have found that less talented or lazy writers often kill off their characters in a lame attempt to give their lives meaning, rather than actually writing it into the script or novel.

  48. Alex says:

    Does anyone else remember when she and her husband were on 7th Heaven years and years ago? Anyway I’m glad she left Grey’s, it’s clearly not as good as it once was. I’d like to see her back on TV soon though.

  49. Ileana M says:

    Well, you’re welcome! *sighs*

  50. ggny says:

    how the hell was killing Lexie closure for her character? Could someone please explain that?