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Once Upon a Time's Lana Parrilla: Regina's Feud With Rumpelstiltskin 'Is Not Going to Be Pretty!'

“Uh-oh, it’s magic” is not just a verse from an old Cars song. Those few words also aptly sum up the closing moments of Once Upon a Time‘s season finale, as Mr. Gold né Rumpelstiltskin conjured up a purple smoke that roused sleepy Storybrooke with an infusion of magic — just moments after Emma’s love for Henry broke the queen’s curse and restored the residents’ memories.

And fans of the ABC freshman were not the only ones caught off guard by the game-changing twist.

“There was some talk about the curse being broken, but I didn’t believe it until I read it [in the script], because [series creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis] are tricky that way,” Lana Parrilla recently shared with TVLine. “They don’t really tell you much, but I like that about them!”

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Upon seeing the final edit of the finale — with CGI’d smoke flowing out of the well and across the land — Parrilla remarked, “It was awesome…. Unreal.” And almost green à la the ominous cloud that crept across fairytale land when the dark curse was first uncorked. “But at the last minute they changed it to purple, which is more symbolic… a better link to something ‘magical.'”

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Of course, the very final image viewers were left with as the smoke slinked through Storybrooke was that of Regina née the Evil Queen’s face – curiosity-slash-concern ultimately overridden by a smirk of satisfaction — as she cast her gaze upon what Rumpel (played by Robert Carlyle) had unleashed.

“She seems somewhat conflicted,” the actress explained. “She’s going through this huge loss with her son [Henry, now effectively Emma’s ward], and yet now there is hope. If she needs magic to get her son back, then so be it.”

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But let’s be clear, if magic is now available to Regina, it’s on the table for everyone – her regular impish foil included.

“I’m curious to see what happens between Rumpelstitskin and the Evil Queen…,” Parrilla mused. “I imagine that whatever it is, it is not going to be pretty!”

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  1. xav says:

    I hope Regina crushes him.

    • Gaz says:

      I can see you don’t like Rumple LOL. He’s my favorite character personally. But to be honest, the chances of Regina crushing him are slim to none I’m afraid. Especially after what she did to Belle. She doesn’t stand a chance. Love her too though.

      • Oooh, don’t underestimate her, dearie. :P
        Rumple certainly has greater magical powers and has more experience dealing with magic, so Regina is the underdog in this case. But she is also pretty darn good at strategy and scheming. She knows her magic is no match for his, so she’ll have to rely on strategy more, she’ll thread more carefully.
        What both characters have in common is the fact that they often act on impulse and are blinded by feelings, that’s a weakness for both. Whenever one of them is driven by strong feelings, (rage, love, fear etc) the other can get the upper hand. I imagine next season Rumple/Gold will act on his blind rage, he could make mistakes. Regina, on the other hand, will be on the defensive, so who knows, maybe she stands a better chance than you think. ;)

        • Gaz says:

          I don’t think she stands a chance as he’s more logical and she’s more emotional but I have seen him react emotionally before so we shall see!!! ;) lol I love both of them to death although I don’t get how ppl can like one of them and not like the other. I’ve heard someone tell me that Rumple is worse than Regina. I’m like seriously? She’s just as much a bitch as he is a bastard. Cutting her dad’s heart out, making Snow’s life miserable, and what she did to Hatter? I was like damn you woman!!!! I absolutely LOVE to hate you!!! :D

          • I don’t think she’s any less logical than him (and he admits she’s a smart woman), she just lets emotions get the best of her more often. :P

            “Skin Deep” was a prime example of how she can get ahead of him when he’s the one driven by emotions and she’s the one being “logical”. I think that episode is evidence that she is quite a formidable enemy for Rumple whenever she’s not emotionally invested. I’m certainly team Evil Regal for the Season 2 showdown. :)

            I love both characters, but not really in a “love to hate them” way. Regina is my favourite character, but I see her as somewhat of a paradox, two distinct personalities into one. On the one hand, deep down she’s the same young girl who would do anything for love & happiness; on the other, her mother moulded her into a mini-copy of herself. It’s kind of tragic because she still has the emotions of that 19 something girl but she now sees things through the prism of the beliefs her mother instilled into her, and her behaviour is based on what Cora taught her. I feel deeply sorry for the vulnerable!Regina and I find the Evil Queen side of her deliciously fun and badass. :D

            As for Rumple, I think he had more of a choice in becoming who he is. Regina was “made evil” by an external force, Rumple chose it. I know he did it out of desperation and desire to protect his son, so I do pity him in way. But he knew the consequences and it didn’t take much to convince him to kill the Dark One, a stranger’s tale was all it took. I find the character fascinating because he can be sarcastic, he stirs things up, he’s cunning, he’s unpredictable. But I don’t understand how some people can justify his actions and think that Regina is worse than him. :D

            P.S.: In all honesty, the Hatter is not particularly innocent. He knew he shouldn’t trust Regina on both occasions, but he made the deals nonetheless. It’s ironic that she underestimated him, though – she thought he didn’t have it in him to kill her personally, but she didn’t expect him to set Rumple against her.

          • GabrielStrange says:

            agreed.i just don’t get how some people adore her and hate snow,emma..

        • Utukki says:

          I don’t think Regina had less of a choice than Rumple about becoming evil. Rumple chose to become the Dark One out of love for his son and a desire to protect him. When did Regina decide to embrace her mother’s selfish teachings about power? Not when her mom ripped out her true love’s heart, but when she found out that Snow White had, in all innocence, betrayed her secret. And even then, she figures out that her mother was behind Snow White’s horse running wild in the first place. And then she decides to embrace power in order to enact revenge. But does she take revenge on her mother, the person who ripped out her lover’s heart and manipulated her into marrying the king? Nope. She channels all her hatred toward a little girl who is hoping to love her and is excited to have her as part of the family. What kind of wrong-headed, twisted thinking is that?

          Bottom line: Both Rumple and Regina chose their power. Rumplestilskin did it out of a desire to protect his beloved son, and Regina did it out of a desire to enact revenge on an innocent girl.

          Yeah… gotta say I’m rooting for Rumplestilskin here.

          • Well, Regina spent around 20 years under her mother’s influence, never receiving her approval or true warmth and affection, but being tortured for any insubordination. Her father was kind to her, but he could not protect her at all. I think it’s remarkable that at 19 she had a value system different from her mother’s, given the methods her mother used. And yet young Regina tried to fight it, she tried to stand up to her mother even when she knew it was futile.

            The turning point for her WAS the moment Cora ripped Daniel’s heart out, imo. When all her hope and love was destroyed, she was the most vulnerable to her mother’s lessons. In that scene of her in the wedding dress, she has lost the one person who gave her strength to stand up to her mother and dare to have a different opinion.
            So when Snow reveals that she told her mother about Daniel, that’s the moment Cora’s training finally takes. It’s the tiniest bit of feeling that this little girl selfishly shared her secret because she was desperate to have her as a mother, but it’s multiplied and distorted because of the shock and trauma of seeing Daniel die, and because it’s easier to believe Snow is responsible for his death, rather than her own mother, who “Have you seen her magic?The question is what can’t she do.”

            If it was possible for Regina to resist the mental abuse and brainwashing before by clinging to the hope of running away, she is now convinced of her mother’s absolute power over her life. She always feared Cora’s magic, but how can she hope to enact revenge on her now? So instead, she directs all that anger and heartbreak towards someone who does not yield such immense power, towards the 10-year-old girl who betrayed her. Notice the stark contrast? And it seems it took Regina years of exposure to Cora’s tricks and lessons until she finally conceived of the idea of murder, not just a few hours as in Rumple’s case.

          • Nat3 says:

            We don’t know for sure why/how Regina got her power. I assume you could just as easily find reasons why it would be understandable for Regina to try and gain magical power though. Her mother physically abused her with magic and her father didn’t stop her from doing so. Apparently no one without access to magic was a match for her. If you wanted to, you could argue that Regina probably first sought magic as a source of self-protection against her crazy mother. Especially after said mother had forced into marrying a man old enough to be her father. But then again she could have been seduced/tricked into doing whatever it takes to become a witch in the enchanted forest. We just don’t know yet. That’s why I’m not taking any sides yet.

          • B says:

            I may be totally wrong here, but I have a theory as to what made Regina so evil. As far as I know, we don’t actually know that Regina never got revenge on her mother. After all, she’s only in that one episode. Remember when Snow White set out to actually kill Regina and Rumpelstiltskin warned Prince Charming that if Snow killed the queen, she would become as evil as her? I like to think that although Regina already was angry with Snow for her betrayal, what turned her evil (and therefore made her hatred of Snow all consuming) is that she killed her mother. Then there was only one person left alive that could be blamed for her true love being stolen from her. Maybe?

          • Agreed says:

            Did we ever see Regina get her powers? I know we saw her choose to evil and hate Snow, but we don’t know how she wound up with her powers or what became of her mother. I’m thinking she somehow killed her mother and took her power. I’ll bet we’ll find out next season. My point is though that I don’t think she let her mother off the hook for killing Daniel. I think she got her revenge on her mother, we just haven’t seen that flashback yet.

          • I wholeheartedly agree with you about Rumple being the best character. And no offense to either of you, but when you’re a ‘Dearie’ you’re a ‘Dearie. When you’re an ‘Evil Regal’ you’re an ‘Evil Regal.’ There is no sharing of sides. I’TS ON BITCHES! You can have your effing bitch Regina, and we’ll take our beloved Rumpels. And by the way he wiiiiill beat her- to the dust! ~ Calms down a bit. Sorry, I get a bit carried away when I’m ranting. *but my point still stands.*

        • troy says:

          Remember Rumples magic is only given to him by that dagger that he holds if she can get that from him it is over for him.

          • GabrielStrange says:

            i wonder who’s daniel in storybrooke…is rumple’s kid really henry’s dad?wasn’t he supposed to be a normal person?

      • Kia says:

        I can’t wait to see Rumple’s REVENGE! LOL!

      • Susan says:

        I agree. Rumpelstitskin is my favorite character though he seems pure evil from the fairy tales and some of things he has done as Mr. Gold yet he has a goodness in him and obviously his son and Belle bring it out in him. Besides, I find him attractive as Mr. Gold, something mysterious and intriguing. As Rumpelstitskin not as attractive but then he is supposed to be evil and whoever does his makeup does a brilliant job of it. I think everyone fits their role just perfect and can hardly wait for Season 2. Bring it on…we all need a Once Upon A Time fix! Thanks dearies! :)

        • Dear Kia and Susan. it is fantastic to see two people arguing ONLINE without swearing and/or threats. you two are awesomely funny and you both have excellant points. i personally am rooting for rumpy. we shall see who wins!!!

          • Yayyyyyyy! GO ‘DEARIES!’ GO ‘DEARIES!’ It’s team Rumpel/Gold allllllll the way for me. Seriously, the way I see the fandom with Ounce characters Rumpel and Regina is just like Team Edward/Team Jacob in Twilight. You’re either Team Edward or Team Jacob. Same with this show. You’re either Team Rumpel or Team Regina. And as for the people in between… “CHOOSE YOUR SIDE WISELY!”- or based on reasons of insanity cause you massively love either one or the other. REGINA’s GOING DOOOOOOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN THROUGH A BURNING RING OF FIRE. ~Again, hope I’m not offending or affronting anyone by my rants, but, well, ya know. It’s nothing personal, but it’s the fandom world.

        • I know!!! What IS it about him that is sooooooo dang SEXY???? My Sister laughs at me when I tell her I have a school girl crush on Rumplestiltskin but I dooooooo! Hahahaaaa I’m 56 yet 14….and strangely attracted to some funny little man on tv who has the cutest quirks and voice! LOL ::snort:: But then again I did find him attractive on Star Gate Universe too….. So it must just be because he’s just a great actor! <3 I think we are all going to go nutz before the second season starts!!!!! tick……….tock………tick……tock……………….aaaaaaaagh!!!

      • I love that whole show and Rumple cracks me up always saying dearie I cant wait til next season

      • neixannd says:

        Maybe her magic is not match for his.. which to be honest I doubted.. and don/t forget she still is the Queen. She have the Kingdom back… let see how Princess Emma and her parents win it back.. This show is so so so good!!! I love the Evil Queen.. Lana Parrilla outstanding in this character Queen/Major :)

        • GabrielStrange says:

          how ironic is it that emma and her parents are of the same age!!!once the curse started to unravel,shouldn’t the fairy tale characters start aging?

      • cindi says:

        i completely agree!
        love this sinister character.. am not sure belle is the answer tho.. although when that segament aired i was all in.

      • sara says:

        The irony is that she completed his deal, which was to keep her away from all people forever.

      • Nancy David says:

        Rumple is my fav character ever.He always knows more than he lets on and is more in control than anyone ever suspects ! Now that he knows what Regina has done to Belle hes going to be brutal.

      • Natasha says:

        agreed babe!!! Rumple is where it’s at!!! She may think she’s got it all…. back.. but in the end he still sees the future.. he’s gonna top her..

    • Darrell says:

      I agree evil power is much stronger than rumplestiltskin Regina going to destroy him I hope she’s to powerful with the dark magic

    • Karen says:

      I don’t care! I just can’t WAIT until season 2!!!!! How Much Longer????? AHHHHHHHHHHH!
      (i love this show…can ya tell? )

    • OC says:

      Ha! So do I, though I love them both. It’s funny that the two most evil characters are really the only ones I have any interest in… they could ditch the rest of Storybrooke and I’d be happy watching Regina vs Rumple forevermore.

      • Natasha says:

        there wouldn’t be enough show to watch if it was just them.. yes they could “out match” each other for a while.. but with out the suspense from the other characters.. we’d have nothing…but I can’t wait to watch them duel it out from here on out..

    • kelly says:

      I think she has more than Rumple to worry about….and that’s why thinks are stacked higher against her.

    • Vanessa says:

      Rumpelstiskin will win ,cause of love, its powerful thing.

    • Magic is Power says:

      Rumpelstiltskin is a better guy because he helped reunite Snow and Charming. On the other had, the the Evil Queen tried her very best to destroy them. Rumpelstiltskin has more powers than Regina does. If he wants to, he can turn her into a snail and stomp on it. I loved how Rumpelstiltskin walked in the middle of the ogre wars and created a truss among both parties. Magnificent! I have never seen a person so evil as Regina, she ripped out her father’s heart for her own good. Who would do such a thing? She has no soul!!!

      • Nara says:

        Uhm. You do know Rumple only “helped” Snow and Charming because he needed them as pawns in his plan for the curse, right? It had nothing at all to do with him being a “better guy”. Absolutely nothing.

    • Magic is Power says:

      Simply tell Rumpelstiltskin to turn the Evil Queen into a snail and stomp on it. Pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.!

    • Michael says:

      hello, ya, i just wanted to say it was actually Rumpelslitskins’ curse to begin with he wanted to get his son back and the blue fairy said that only a curse could send him there. also he knew exactly how the curse worked so, pretty much hers a summery of what happens, Regina gets crushed.

      • Nara says:

        The curse is broken now. Whatever knowledge Rumple and Regina may have had about it is of no use anymore. And magic works differently in our world. The writers have set this up as fight that’s pretty much even now. Which is a lot more interesting anway.

    • Jeff says:

      Rumple is my favorite!!

    • DieHardOUATLover says:

      i hope Rumpelstiltskin has a happy ending! he is by far my favorite caracter! Regina is the one who should be crushed.

  2. kicmedina says:

    i still have a small problem with the fact that his powers are still sort of curse based… so doesn’t that mean him getting them back means he still can’t be with Belle?

  3. sara says:

    Rumple choosing magic and power over love again is so low. I really hope when he finds Bae that he gets the sort of reception Regina gets from Henry.

    • David Kempe says:

      I don’t think he chooses power over love. I think he needs that power, or he believes he needs that power, to be able to find his son. So ultimatly, he’s still doing it out of love, though it might not be the best tought-of plan ever…

      • sara says:

        Yeah. But you can say the same thing of Regina. She unleashed the curse out of love for Daniel, if you want to get technical. But Bae was willing to jump into a portal into another world to rid Rumple of any magic, to stop him from doing any more harm to himself and to stop him from murdering so many more people. Then after Rumple dropped him, he completely ignored the very thing his son was sacrificing himself for and decided to ruin and manipulate people until he got what he wanted. So when he is finally reunited with Bae, he’ll have created a curse and manipulated the factors that ended up with everyone in their entire land having lost themselves and their world solely so he could get back to Bae. He literally chose power over others over the love his son had for him multiple times over years and years and years. And when he got what his son wanted, freedom from the curse of the Dark One and magic, he did it again and brought magic back.

        • Nan says:

          I agree. Just when I thought Rumple was going to live happily ever after with Belle.and use the vial of magic to get his son back, he chooses to get his powers back instead. Rumple is still not williing to give up being the Dark One. When Bae finally turns up in season 2, he certainly won’t be any happier with his dad. Who knows, Bae may even pair up with Regina and if he turns out to be Henry’s dad, then Regina gets a powerful ally in her fight against Rumple and in her fight for Henry. She’ll be able to kill two birds with the one stone so to speak…

        • GabrielStrange says:

          i’d love to see what will happen then since everyone must guess that the evil queen had cursed them just in a moment of spite and petty jealousy..

  4. JO! says:

    I’m sure Rumplestiltskin will want to harm Regina for holding Belle from him. We’re probably gonna see Regina doing “Magic” to get a hold of Henry, and Emma will make a visit to Gold for help. Since Gold won’t like Regina to be a bit triumphant, he would surely help the savior. I was gonna ask, with Magic coming to Storybrooke, in the first episode of the 2nd season, once the purple smoke clears, will we be seeing all the fairytale characters dressed as they were when the curse hit, or at least how they looked? Example : Will we be seeing a long-haired Snow White in Storybrooke instead of the Mary Margaret short hair?

    • JO! says:

      And imagine once the smoke clears, to see a full on Evil Queen standing in Henry’s room… Wouldn’t that be cool? Haha

    • Hanna says:

      Emma won’t go to Gold for help. He screwed her over real good in the finale. He risked both Henry’s and Emma’s lives for a selfish desire: getting his powers back. At least Regina put her selfish interests aside when Henry was in danger in the finale. If anything, I could see Emma continuing her uneasy alliance with Regina. But I think if she can avoid she will stay away from both Regina and Gold and seek alliances with other people with magical powers in Storybrooke.

      • JO! says:

        I know! I had forgotten what he did to her in the finale. Looks like Emma’s better off without Regina or Gold.

        • Chan says:

          Don’t forget, its not just Regina and Rumple who knows about magic anymore. They all do. Snow, Charming… everyone. She will have a lot more people she can go to to rely on. I really want to see how her relationship with her parents develops. It’s gonna be rocky, that’s for sure. But I love it. Personally I think that eventually, both Rumple and Regina will eventually turn good… and that we haven’t really met the big bad guy yet. To me, Regina’s mom seemed more evil than Regina. That’s just me though. :)

        • Nancy David says:

          Rumple did what he did cause he knew how it was going to turn out for Henry all along.There was never any real risk for him.Rumple just manipulates the daylights out of everyone to get what he wants.Evil as that is I cant help but love him ! The feud btwn he and Regina is gonna be crazy .I cant wait for season 2. Go team Rumple!

      • Klymene says:

        But the thing is, like Kari and Sara were discussing, Regina was emotionally invested in saving Henry. Rumpelstiltskin wanted the magic for a different reason. He needed the magic to tip the scales and get revenge on Regina and find his son. The ONLY reason Emma wasn’t screwed over by Regina too was because they were united in one goal: saving Henry. In any other circumstance, I’d say stick with Rumpelstiltskin, because Regina’s moods are ever-changing.

        • Dani says:

          Rumple is only playing for one team: his own. If feels he can get any personal gain out of a particular situation, he would screw Emma, the other Charmings and everyone else over again in a heartbeat. I would trust neither of them. But I know for sure I wouldn’t stick with Rumple.

      • Nan says:

        Yes, Emma, Snow and Charming will be more likely to get magical help from the Blue Fairy/Mother Supreme and the fairies/nuns rather than Rumple.

      • Nan says:

        Emma, Snow and Charming will most likely turn to the Blue Fairy/Mother Superior for magical support than Rumple.

        • Nan says:

          But then again, even the Blue Fairy can’t be trusted entirely as we saw when she lied to the war council about the number of people that could be saved by the magic wardrobe…

      • GabrielStrange says:

        who else has magical powers besides these two?i mean,i thought it was just the evil queen and rumple who remembered exactly whatever had happened?

    • Templar says:

      I think once the smoke clears, everyone will keep looking like Storybrooke people, but will gradually remember what went down.

  5. alr says:

    I went from hating Rumple to liking him after the episode with Belle. That episode made him seem like an actual human being. Looking forward to the rematch between him and Regina.

    • JO! says:

      I don’t think Rumple went through all that and bringing magic to Storybrooke to have a “rematch” with Regina to be honest… He didn’t even know Belle was alive, so I’m pretty sure we’ll be informed of his true reasons once OUAT is back. There’s always a hidden reason or truth when it comes to Rumple’s actions.

      • sara says:

        His intention the whole time was to trick Emma into getting the true love for him so he could bring it back. Belle is just an added reason for him to hate Regina. I look forward to her realizing he’s been screwing with her since birth, just like Emma and Charming.

        • JO! says:

          You’re right about Emma! It’s true… Was just saying I don’t think he went through all that just to have a rematch with Regina.

          • sara says:

            He wouldn’t need to. He set her up to enact the curse for him so that when it fell apart as he planned it to, she would take the blame and likely get killed as punishment. Let’s face it, before he brought back magic, she was just waiting for everyone to come and kill her in revenge.

      • Jessica says:

        Everything Rumple has done is about finding his son. The curse was created for that purpose – to reach the world without magic that his son was sent to by the portal.

        • Nan says:

          When Rumple went to the well with the magic vial to get back what had been lost, I thought he was referring to his son! Turns out getting his powers back was more important to Rumple!

    • Robin says:

      Same here!! That episode turned into my fav of the season :)

  6. Monica says:

    I don’t understand why he didn’t wait for the town’s revenge towards Regina before summoning back magic. It will be a lot more difficult to crush her now that she has her powers back. Of course OUAT needs Regina but I would have wanted to see some kind of explanation for his rush.

    • sara says:

      Because it has nothing to do with Regina. He WANTS the power, Regina is just the dupe. He probably intends to find his son using it and then have his son and his power.

    • Hanna says:

      Power is Rumple’s drug. And it’s not like Regina is the only one who will have to face the wrath of the people of Storybrooke. Rumple created the curse and screwed many of them over back in the fairytale and in Storybrooke. He probably wants to be prepared for when they realize what his role is in all of this.

  7. wordsmith says:

    I’m curious to see all of the OTHER magic users around Storybrooke – think about Red Riding Hood, or the Hatter, or that coven of powerful fairy-nuns…

  8. dark angel says:

    you know i read all comments…NO ONE has addressed this scenario…now that all the townsfolk’s memories are restored….that means snow and charming must eventually realize that emma is their daughter and henry is their freakin grandson!!!!….how weird is that….god i wanna watch the scene where these characters come upon each other….how wud that go?….as for rumpel and regina….well their battle of wills is always fun to watch and will continue so….

    • Ali says:

      This was actually my first thought when we saw Snow and Charming come together. I was half expecting them to burst into the hospital to see their daughter. I am very much looking forward to seeing that.

    • Gary says:

      Isn’t Henry actually Regina’s father… remember she ripped his heart out? Her father’s name was Henry too. I am somehow doubting Regina knows that her son is really ehr father. I think Rumple knows though

      • Meg says:

        She just named Henry after her father. It kind of gave us original hints that she knew who she was, and how connected she still was to what once was the fairytale land.

  9. Rumple didn’t restore memories with the magic smoke, that was Emma. Rumple just brought the magic back.

    • Mary says:

      Yeah that’s what I was going to say. That they got their memories back after Emma woke up Henry with a kiss to his forehead. Belle called Gold, Rumpelstiltskin BEFORE he dropped the potion into the well.

      • tori says:

        duh who said it wasnt emma who broke the curse? u had to not see the scene because n the hospital henry said she broke it

    • Dave says:

      Thank you! They remembered before he dropped the potion in the well! *ahem* Correction please kind sir. :-)

  10. tarc says:

    Of course, the good guys get their magic back – August, the fairies, Red, Charming’s sword, Snow’s abililities with animals…

    • Hanna says:

      I’m not so sure the fairies are good guys…

      • David Kempe says:

        I’m fairly sure the fairies aren’t even guys…

      • Tonya says:

        I agree with this because I believe that Rumple got the curse from the Blue Fairy. After Bae was sucked into the vortex and gone and Rumple didn’t go he asked the Blue Fairy for another way to get to him. She said there was another way but she wasn’t gonna give it to him because it was dangerous. I think he took it from her. If someone has this curse they really aren’t good. Grant it I don’t think they’re evil either just more neutral.

        • Jake says:

          The Blue Fairy said there Was No Other Way. He figured out on his own that there was another way: the curse. Then she said “Only you would think to use a curse”. The Blue Fairy is good. But ofc I believe that there is good and evil in all of us, just some have more of one than the other.

          • sara says:

            Separating someone from someone they love so they can continue to be a slave isn’t really good. Nor is granting someone the ability to be a human but with a ton of provisos.

        • GabrielStrange says:

          why would the blue fairy give rumple the curse the first place?

      • tarc says:

        They’s been consistently been portrayed as being ‘good’ – as much as they’ve also been portrayed as imperfect.

  11. ALEANA says:

    did yall forget when Mr. Gold said that Emma is product of magic so she might have magic and maybe Henry has magic too I think we might see good fairies and bad because remember when Prince Charming took that val from Snow she said that she got it from a bad fairy. What I really want to see is how Snow Prince Chrming and Emma Henry going act around each other now that they have theirs memories back irs going to be weird have your mom and dad be your aged that’s what I want to see

    • Rach says:

      ohh that is a good point, I did forget that. I would imagine we are going to see some really interesting things take place in the next season. I imagine Regina will be shocked to see whatever ii is that Emma can do. I wonder if she will stay good or people are going to push her to the edge? Im sure Henry will be good though.

    • es, I agree!!! Emma is the product of magic…remember when Rumple took a string of hair from Snow and a string of hair from off Charming’s cloak and put them together in a vial? said that it was true love? Emma was the only one who could break the curse/his curse….I believe she has magic…even Hatter claimed she had magic…gonna be interesting!!!! I can’t wait!!!!

      • Erkhemsaikhan says:

        But remember, every magic has its weaknesses. Like the apple used to sleep both henry and snow white, it was broke by true loves kiss. Hence, it is highly likely that emma wont have a magic. she is just the one to break the magic. not like she has magic or not. and i literally read all the comments. very interesting points. I think that Mr. Gold brought back the magic only to find his lost son, nothing more. but he will try to overcome the evil queen. He is my favorite character in the tv series. He is like unpredictable. the intentions of his actions are unpredictable and very mysterious.

    • Izzy says:

      I thought Emma’s magic power is able to tell whether someone is lying, not very consistently through the show, but it was suggested.

      • Terri says:

        No. That’s her self-proclaimed super power, not magic. Plus, it doesn’t work when she’s emotionally involved.

  12. Felicity says:

    It will be interesting to see what it means to have magic back in Storybrooke. Regina said that magic is unpredictable here, so I wonder if that will still apply if everyone has full powers.

  13. meggo says:

    You know…when i read “Magical showdown coming” I thought it read “magical countdown coming” and I got excited for a date for the premier. Any news on that?
    Another thought that I just got; if Rumple can heal anything, why does he still have a limp?

  14. BrianR says:

    Regina might want to worry about Emma the warrior princess who took out a dragon.

  15. Nicole says:

    I’m giddy with anticipation about the magic coming back. I’m so excited to see how magic derived from True Love will impact things. It stands to reason that True Love magic will have different qualities than Dark One magic…I’m also hoping that it nullifies the no kissing rule. While a lot of people are fixating on the “Magic is power” line, I keep thinking about all the promise contained in the line “There’ll be time for everything.” “Time”? Time travel? “Everything”?…finding Bae and having some RumpelBelle babies perhaps? I’m hoping the writers write them a real relationship where they both have flaws and things they have to work through together. They need to have a frank talk about his rage and needing to find a better way to deal with his anger, but also, she needs to be more honest and accepting of him, instead of taking the “I love you, now change” approach. Love grows with acceptance, but withers with the oppression of judgments.
    As to the Regina/Rumpel feud, it is worth noting that Rumpel did not act on impulse in the finale, rather staying on task to pour the potion in the well. If he would have acted on impulse, he would have gone straight to Regina’s and used his cane on her. …but he’s been gaining self control. I think it would be hilarious if he doesn’t do anything to Regina for a while…just lets her stew and wait for the other shoe to drop. Of course, when it does, our brilliant dearie Rumpel will have likely concocted a revenge plan that will make Regina wish she were dead. While Regina has focused on instant gratification to seek revenge, often having it blow up in her face, Rumpel, after getting burned by his lack of knowledge of magic, as made a point of becoming a diligent student of his craft. If I had to bet on anyone knowing the effects and ramifications of a particular magical act, it is Rumpel. It’ s like Rumpel has earned an uber PhD in magic. Regina is smart enough to truly understand how to use magic most effectively, but she doesn’t put in the effort to learn…instead running to Rumpel to make her a curse. If something were to happen that would cause Rumpel to have less actual magic than Regina, I’m still betting on Rumpel to win, because he knows how to use whatever magic he has more effectively.

    • terri says:

      That was brilliant! Yes, our Dear Rumple does have PhD in magic and Her Majesty is going to pay for her deception. I do LOVE an Angry Rumple – dangerous creature both in and out of Fairytale Land! The “Final Battle” is about to begin and Rumple is already 10 steps of Her Evilness. I really hope the writers develop the relationship between Rumple and Belle. It clearly is a fan favorite and does keep the viewers coming back. And they are a more “real couple” than Snow and Charming. It’s going to be a fun Season 2. Can’t wait for this darn Summer to be over!

  16. madbard says:

    what is it with LOST and smoke monsters? :-)

  17. Silvia says:

    i love both characters theyre awesome… im bettin on rumple tho! cant wait for the next season =)

  18. Who wants to know says:

    Technically, Emma restored everyone’s fairytale memories. The purple smoke caused by Rumpy came after.

  19. Leslie says:

    While Regina and Gold will be interesting to watch, I cant wait to see Snow and Charming connect with Emma and Henry, their reactions to wow you really are my daughter should be interesting. I also cant wait to see what happens with Emma and August. I truly look forward to the new season.

  20. Remember Emma may not have a choice to help Rumple out since she still owes him that favor.

  21. Miranda says:

    What I cant help but laugh at is when Snow and James realize Emma is their grown daughter and Henry is their grandson!!!

  22. tiffani says:

    i cant wait to see how emma and henry fit in now that everyone knows who they are. and lets not forget snow and charming not only get to have their daughter back but a grandson as well. i have also been pondering if they will remember everything that happend during the curse.

  23. I just hope the writers can keep coming up with great stories for this show for the next 10 years because this is the BEST that has come out of tinseltown in YEARS! It’s an old story, yet original, and I love the twists that include magic and the ‘real’ world – I’m hoping they start a good trend that gets the rest of the crap (reality shows) off the tv show lists! Give me fantasy ANYDAY of the week! I’ve had enough reality in life….don’t want it on my television any longer! ;) -K

    • terri says:

      I love your post! Yes, I want this show to last for 10 years and beyond! It is the best thing to come out of “Tinsel Town” in a long, long time! I absolutely detest “dancing with this, singing with that, surviving with this, and on and on.” Give me some Fairytales, and love stories, and happy endings any old day!!!

    • CRIS says:


  24. Mine says:

    Yes, the feud between Regina and Rumpelstiltskin won’t be pretty but what many have forgotten is that the other characters of Storybrooke certaintly have some beef with Regina. Regina has far greater enemies then she was once had and though she is powerful, if the characters of Storybrooke unite seeking for revenge they’ll all do everything in their power to get it. Rumpelstiltskin isn’t and will never be Regina’s only enemy and now that Emma beleives, I think she’s going to have a greater role in Regina’s and Rumpelstiltskins demise.

    • Ali says:

      I don’t think Rumple will have a beef with Emma, honestly. After all, he knew she would break the curse.

      • Mine says:

        That’s true, but he did trick her and almost killed Henry. She’s definitely not going to let that go.

        • terri says:

          Henry was never in any real danger. The first thing Rumple/Gold said to her upon entering the Pawn Shop was True Love will break any curse. Yes, he tricked her about getting the potion, but he also knew that she would kiss Henry (what Mother wouldn’t) and the curse would end. Later, he was very emphatic with Belle when she asked if she knew him and he said “No” but that she will. He knew that the time was drawing short before everyone’s memories would return. I, too, think Emma and Rumple/Gold will be allies – uncomfortable ones – but allies nonetheless because they will both have a common enemy = Regina.

          • Nat3 says:

            He couldn’t possibly know for sure that she would kiss him. So many things could have prevented this from happening. And magic in our world is unpredictable. Yet Rumple knew exactly how the sleeping curse would work in our world? I’m not buying it. I understand that people who want to woobify Rumple go for this explanation, but it doesn’t seem realistic to me. To me it’s a lot more likely that Rumple was ready to go with the 50/50 chance – either Emma and Regina figure out how to save Henry or they don’t – as long as he got his potion. I love Rumple, but I have no illusions about him. He’s selfish.

  25. Ali says:

    Team RumBelle!
    I’m ecstatic for the fall. I honestly think that there’s going to be a Rumple/Regina showdown. Remember that Rumple wanted the curse- he wanted to find his son so much. I don’t think he did and the reason he brought the magic back is because he needs magic to find his son. And to kick Regina’s @$$.
    I think Rumple has more power- he’s not as impulsive as Regina is. And he’s got Belle back.

    • I was wondering about Rumple’s son too………..he’s still out here, so will the town be still in our time or back into the timeline/place of the past??? and what about Pinocchio? Is he going to be with Emma? hmmmmm…..and what about the truth of Henry’s father? So many questions……so long to wait~! aaaagh…..summer hurry up! ;D

      • Vickie says:

        I wonder if Bae is actually Henry’s father, and that is why Rumple/Gold has always said he had an invested interest in Emma.

        • Donna says:

          I never thought of that! That would be a great twist!!

        • Jo says:

          If you look around the fandom websites this is a pretty much an established idea. Based on what the creators have said that we may or may not have seen Henry’s father and not have known it, it makes perfect sense. Plus, I can’t resist the idea of Gold and Charming being being inlaws, or at least Grandpas together. Ever notice how Gold is actually nice to Henry. Not a sneer in sight. When Henry bought the bell off of him as a present for not murdering that lady, all that kept going through my mind was…oh, Henry’s grandpa

  26. DiDi says:

    I still don’t know if rumpel is good or evil!!!!!!! WHAT IS HIS PLAN???????????? AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  27. Sandra says:

    I cannot wait for the next season. Hopefully they’ll bring Gram back. Rumple’s spell returns what was lost, doesn’t it?

    • Nat3 says:

      He is dead and Rumple said there is no way to bring people back from the dead. Remember: Regina’s true love Daniel was killed just like Graham. If she could have gotten him back she most likely would never have cast the curse.

      • Liz says:

        Rumple said there was no way to bring back people from the dead, but that was before he was ever able to create the true love potion with Snow and Charming’s hair. I keep hoping that now that he has used that potion to bring that magic purple smoke cloud, it will also bring back Graham somehow since Graham was lost in the curse.

      • GabrielStrange says:

        who’s graham?

  28. Tyler Sabala says:

    Rumpelstiltskin is top evil out of the evil queen and will succeed in beating her at her own game

  29. Josh Stout says:

    I think that Rumple and Regina will find peace in there own way for example Regina loss her, adopted son, and that was the only love one she really loved to my understanding. And we do find out in this series that love breaks any kind of curse and spell. As for Rumple maybe Belle can find out where his missing son and finally break his own lust for power. Then finally we can all end up were every fairy tale goes, HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

  30. Kylie says:

    Oh I hope Bae ends up being Henry’s father!!

    • Ooooooo…… I LIKE that idea! Bae as Henry’s Father!!! Hahahaha…..I’m so hooked on this dang show! :D

    • Melissa says:

      Bae as the father!?!?!?! By far and away the
      best comment/twist on this discussion! Awesome idea!

      • I know….cool idea huh? Let’s talk about Emma a second…………ok, this girl grew up here – in normal time with ALL the normal things the rest of us deal with on a daily basis………now, Storybrooke time….everyone is getting back their memories and the magic is coming back……are they going to be back to the Magic Relm or still in OUR timeline??? and……..how the heck would YOU deal with the realization that these ‘Characters’ are really real??? AND that YOU are part of them!!! The writers have so many things they can do with this it’s fantastic!!! Personally, Emma’s going to be a bit freaked I’m thinking!??! LOL I know I would! hahaha Great writing on this show. :)

      • Templar says:

        Emma told MM that Henry’s father wasn’t a good guy. She has lived the life of Rapunzel only in our world. Did you notice how her hair has gotten longer and longer since the clock started working? She was taken from her real parents, fostered with strangers and imprisoned [we don’t have those details yet]. So it’s possible that Henry’s father met up with her, she got pg and he left or was driven off somehow. It’s possible Bae is Henry’s father, but if so, I hope he came through the vortex into a future time so that he won’t be too much older than Emma. When he came through, Rumpel was just at the beginning of his powers and a long time passed between then and when Emma came through the wardrobe.

  31. Diivine says:

    I want to know WHO is Dr. Whale (I’m thinking Gulliver) What a mystery!!!
    I hope Ruby will find her red hood FAST after the magic purple disapear ^^
    Also, I hope August did not really died and will somehow, be revived by magic. Even though I’m upset he turned out to be P. I would have prefer him to be the book’s author; would have been different than our usual characters…
    And if August is not dead, that would mean that Sheriff Graham is not really dead either in Storybrooke. As we know, a body without a heart can live with magic.

    Regina VS Rumple? I say Rumple. He is just THAT good :p
    But anyway, as magic will be back, no one will be able to die as per the fairytale world rules. So that war may go on for a long time.

  32. Erin BC says:

    i am so psyched about Snow, Charming, Emma, and Henry realizing there relationships in Season 2. Also, I eam looking forward to Emma realizing her own Magical powers being that her DNA is basically the embodiment of the TrueLove potion. Maybe even Henry will have some powers being her child. And you know the sparks are gonna start flying between Regina and Rumpel, remember she doesnt know Rumpel knows about Belle much less has her. I am wondering if Regina will find out about why Rumpel will wanted to break the Curse and somehow she will get to Bae first. And ya know that cant go good. Also just getting the backstory on Cora will be awesome….yay for Season 2 :D

  33. Dettie says:

    I love every character in this series! Good and bad alike :) I love the twist the creators and writers gave the classic fairy tale characters, so unlike the childhood fairly tale characters we grew up with. I mean, Red Riding Hood turning into a wolf?!? Or giving a reason for the Mad Hatter going mad and being so obsessed with time? Pretty brilliant!

  34. Michael says:

    I Love Regina ne’ Lana she is Amazing

  35. Brandi says:

    I hope the creators write an episode next season that tells the beginning of Rumple and Regina’s fued, back to the miller’s daughter (Regina’s mom). I’d imagine that would be when Rumple’s hatred for the mom and child began. Afterall, he was rarely ever defeated and he certainly was then.

    • sara says:

      More likely his deals with Cora were about ultimately setting up Regina to enact his curse. He’s basically manipulated every aspect of the main characters’ lives so they would end up giving him what he wanted.

  36. Nancy says:

    I LOVE this show!

  37. Garrett says:

    I absolutely loved the last episode. Waiting an entire season was almost worth it, to finally see Emma believe in the impossible and that she really is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. :D I also loved the part where Emma kissed Henry on the forehead and broke the curse on everyone and how they all remembered at once. Season 2 is going to be epic awesomeness for sure. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next between Regina and Rumple. And of course Emma technically meeting her parents for the very first time. Can it be September already???? Please. Waiting sucks.

    • GabrielStrange says:

      i hope emma won’t screw hrr parents up without giving them a chance to explain themselves..after all,they had a really good reason for giving her away..

  38. OUAT is going to be awesome for season II. Season I was great. Can’t wait for the new battles and maybe new villains/heroes. Too bad Maleficent was chopped I was looking forward to more dragon battles.

    • Jake says:

      The Writers were thinking of an Ariel episode! There was even a mention of an Ursala the Sea Witch!! I agree very exciting!!!

      • Hector says:

        They did, they cast Holland Roden from teen wolf tv series to play Ariel

      • OOOOoooooo…..Ursala!!! Yes…..and Ariel’s Dad! Both strong characters to add to the power mix! So…………..who else in world of storyland can they pull from…. I mean is it only going to be Disney characters??? Because there are a TON of children’s stories out here and a lot of great bad guys………you know??? Besides….I was kind of hoping to see Mickey & Minnie ;D Hahahaaa…..these guys have soooooooo many ways they can take this show!!! I can’t wait to get on the ride! Season 2…………..open open open :)

        • Jacqui Suchostawski says:

          These aren’t Disney Characters….Disney based their movies on fairytale characters….and very loosely I might add. Most of the original stories are nothing like the Disney versions, especially the Little Mermaid…where she actually dies in the Hans Christian Anderson story and doesn’t get her man. I am glad OUAT hasn’t made this Disney-esque. Although I do love all the Disney movies, they do not follow the actual fairy-tales that they are based on. I love that they are staying with the original ‘dark’ side to the the characters.

    • GabrielStrange says:

      who’s maleficent in storybrooke?

  39. Sirfirchick says:

    This show is fantastic. Casting for it is superb…how Rumplestiltskin can be hideous and sexy at that same time is a rare talent!

  40. Nicole says:

    I’m wondering if Rumpel’s spinning wheel is at the shop or the house. He should *teach* Belle how to use it…you know they way, men like to teach women to play pool, golf, tennis, etc., the snuggled together hand over hand teaching technique. Remember the “Ghost” pottery scene? If they actually did a RumpelBelle spinning wheel scene, I think it would become instantly iconic, just like the falling of the ladder scene did. Plus, considering they kissed at the spinning wheel, then a few seconds later things went horribly wrong, Rumpel could approach it as replacing a bad memory with a good one. :)

  41. Laura says:

    My favorite show!!!!! i hope the curse is broken, what a twist!!!! although before the finale, a said, “if the curse is broken how will they have another season?” of i cant wait!!!!

  42. Season 2 is going to be VERY interesting. However, a couple notes

    1) Rumpelstiltskin did NOT break the curse by releasing magic… Emma did by showing her true love for her son Henry

    2) My perspective was that Regina liked the idea of having magic back because that would restore her powers.

    either way, it’s going to be an interesting season

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      1) The intro has been edited for clarity.

      2) That was my impression as well, but as Lana notes, it’s a bittersweet feeling, at least right now.

  43. Hillary says:

    I interested to see how they can incorporate the stories if the fairy tales with the reality of real life, now that the curse is broken and the magic is back. I really liked the twists they put on the fairy tales, very original. My son and I look forward to next season!! It can’t start soon enough.

  44. omlal says:

    Maybe Maleficent will raise from the ashes. Then Regina will have to deal with Rumpel Emma Maleficent and all the Magic folk….I wonder if Jimminy will turn into a cricket?

  45. Patti says:

    In the war between Evil Queen/Regina and Rumpelstiltskin/Gold, I am team Rum all the way. Such a cool and complex character. He became my fav after Skin Deep.

  46. L says:

    The one thing I want to know and I hope they get to eventually is who is Henry’s father? I wonder if he was a story book character too that got sent there another way or if he was a human. I’m guessing he’s going to be a story book character or they wouldn’t be so secretive. Plus Emma said she was ashamed that she had a child with him so he’s probably one of the “bad guy” characters. I wonder if he’ll be showing up later.

    Also curious why Regina wanted Henry in the first place and made a deal with Rumplestilskin to get him. There must be something special about Henry for her to want to hold onto him. It couldn’t just be about the curse. Henry seems like more than leverage and Regina actually cares about him so maybe Regina knew his father? I don’t see how she could care for a child of the child that was destined to break her curse.

    Last thing I’ll say that if Regina didn’t care, she could have always used Henry against Emma to win. But instead she just always tried to keep them separated. Very interesting!

    • Izzy says:

      I can’t wait to see who they plan to be Henry’s father. I love the suggestion of Bael and still hoping the Phoenix birth place will mean something.

      Did they ever explain why Regina decided to adopt a child in the first place? While I understand Rumple would arrange for Regina to adopt their saviour’s son to make sure her downfall. Why on earth would Regina wanted a child, let alone someone connect to another that will mess with her curse?

      Also the curse is technically only partially broken, as they are still all stuck in Storybrooke rather everything restored back to Fairyland.

    • BrianR says:

      Emma sort of hinted in a conversation with Mary Margaret that getting involved with a married man is the worst thing you could do. I took that as meaning Emma had a affair with a married man and that’s who his father is.

    • sara says:

      She didn’t know anything about Henry. Just that he was a baby. The adoption was closed, meaning that she didn’t know who was involved. She just wanted a child.

  47. Sam says:

    Definitely looking forward to these two evil ones battle. Should be epic. Love them both but Team Evil Regal all the way!

  48. karen says:

    So I read the first line and maybe i did not see the same version of the seasonal finale that you did. Mr. Golds purple cloud did not remind everybody who they are. That was the loves true kiss (gag me with a spoon) but if your gonna blog it blog it right.

  49. Fran says:

    I don’t think either one will win or loss. Everyone loves to see them go at it and that’s what makes the show. For one to loss, it would end this battle between them. Who want’s to see that? LOL

  50. debi says:

    If one can live without a heart with maagic.could it be possible Regina’s true love was not killed by her evil mother but instead he is Henry’s father.

    • sara says:

      Ah. After taking out someone’s magical heart, you can live but Daniel’s heart was crushed. Meaning death.

    • Me@! says:

      I do believe that Henry’s father is Rumps son so I highly doubt he’s Regina’s true love because he’s going to be Emma’s

    • GabrielStrange says:

      but that is so far-fetched…i mean,he would be way younger than her since he would be around the age of emma,right?