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Question: Any chance House will pull another miracle out of his hat and save Wilson on House? —Rebecca
Ausiello: As the look on GHo’s face at the conclusion of Monday’s episode all but confirmed, that ship has sailed. House’s priority now is prolonging his BFF’s life — an arduous task that dominates much of next week’s unbelievably moving hour. A key component of the mission involves Greek‘s Jacob “Rusty” Zachar, who makes a surprise cameo as someone from Wilson’s past. Other scoopy highlights from the penultimate ep: Olivia Wilde’s Thirteen appears in two quietly effective scenes (one with House, the other with Wilson); another Princeton-Plainsboro vet appears posed to follow Chase out the door; House’s cane plays a critical role; and prepare for a twist ending that harkens back to something series creator David Shore told me last May shortly after House drove his car into Cuddy’s House: “We feel strongly on the show that actions have consequences.”

PHOTOS | House Finale First Look — Why Is House Smiling?!

Question: Is Matthew Gray Gubler returning for Criminal Minds Season 8? I hope so, because I think a lot of people will stop watching if he doesn’t. –Vaneza via Twitter
Ausiello: Show boss Erica Messer also hopes that Gubler re-ups with the CBS crime drama, and as of Monday afternoon, “All signs point to yes,” she ventured, adding: “He’s such a staple of the show. He really loves to play his sweet, vulnerable, smart Reid.” After all, the last thing Criminal Minds needs to fret about is filling two voids come fall. “The big shocker was Paget [Brewster deciding to leave],” Messer shares, alluding to Prentiss’ exit in the two-hour finale airing May 16. “If Matthew was going in that direction, I think he’s the kind of guy who would have said so.”

Question: Please tell me, will the Beth storyline end this season on Criminal Minds? —Karen via Twitter
Ausiello: I can hereby tell you that because of Bellamy Young’s new gig playing the First Lady on ABC’s Scandal… well, that has actually had no impact on her Criminal Minds romance, and as of the season finale, Hotch and Beth are still going strong. “I know it’s ‘controversial,'” EP Erica Messer says of the dating storyline, “but I like that Hotch is smiling and dating.”

Question: Any scoops on Smash? —Luisa
Ausiello: First, the good news: Next week’s finale is the best episode since the premiere. Now, the even better news: Ellis finally gets what’s coming to him (but only after he drops a little, ahem, bombshell.)

Question: Any chance Eric McCormack might turn up on Smash next season for a little Will & Grace reunion with Debra Messing? —Karen
Ausiello: There’s a better chance of Just Jack being turned into a Broadway musical. “It would never happen,” McCormack insists. “The producers don’t want to risk it; they’re working so hard to make Debra another character. Why have me come in and ruin it?” Just for shiz and giggles, what would his dream Smash role be? “I would like to perhaps play Julia’s divorce lawyer, but I think my name should be Will Truman and that I should never reference it,” jokes the actor, whose new TNT drama Perception premieres July 9. “Debra kind of looks twice at me, and I look twice at her, but we never say anything. An alternate life.”

Question: Is there any truth to the rumors (spawned by his own tweets) that David Boreanaz is leaving Bones this season? —Stephanie
Ausiello: Do me a favor, Steph: Read that question aloud to yourself and if you can get through it without laughing, resubmit it next week and I’ll answer it honestly.

Question: Any scoop on Girls? —Jill
Ausiello: In this Sunday’s episode, Ugly Betty alum Daniel Eric Gold (Matt) gets completely naked and engages in graphic lovemaking with Jessa. (Consider yourself warned, Betty Suarez.) Elsewhere, Hannah decides to confront her boss about his wandering hand problem in the most passive aggressive (or is it aggressive aggressive?) way possible — by propositioning him for sex. Lordy, I love this show.

Question: Can we please get some answers on the blind items, “Which Popular Duo Will Seal the Deal?” and “Hit Series Poised to Whack Lead.” —Brandi
Ausiello: You betcha. This is the couple at the center of the former, and in the opening paragraph of this story lies the answer to the latter. And you guys say I never reveal my blind items!

Question: Anything on the new season of Sons of Anarchy? —Joseph
Ausiello: Kurt Sutter is assembling quite the entourage for Season 5’s Big Bad, Damon Pope. According to leaked casting notices, the vengeance-seeking ex-drug kingpin will surround himself with an assistant/bodyguard, a driver and a crooked detective.

Question: I was wondering if you could tell me anything about Klaine on Glee? With Kurt graduating, will they be OK? —Kaitlyn
Ausiello: That question will be answered rather definitively in the season finale.

PHOTOS | Glee First Look — The Big Body Swap!

Question: Anything Rachel-related that does not include Finn on Glee? —Annie
Ausiello: Ms. B. will go to great lengths to right the wrong that was her botched NYADA audition. “[Rachel] messed up and now she has to fix it,” previews Lea Michele. “She’s going to have to fight for it now. She’s going to have to make it better. And she works very hard to do so… She really wants to get out of Ohio. She’s going to do everything she can to do that.” In related news, Michele was spotted Sunday shooting scenes on location in New York for the finale (see photo, right). You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’? ‘Cause I’m thinkin’ Whoopi Goldberg is about to get a knock on her door.

Question: Who’s the father of Sue’s baby on Glee? —Elizabeth
Ausiello: “Antonio Banderas,” Jane Lynch joked last week at a TV Academy event honoring the show. “I just pulled that out of my hat.” The truth is, Lynch knows very little about her baby plot save for the fact that there is a baby in there. “I know that Sue’s supposed to give birth in September, so whether that happens before the fourth season starts or in the off-season I have no idea,” she shared. “There are many [variables]. I could lose the baby. I am 51, so it’s a risk and they already [established] that some abnormalities in a previous episode.”

Question: What are the details about Sheriff Graham/the Huntsman’s return to Once Upon a Time? Please say it somehow, magically involves him getting to see Emma again. I haven’t missed a character so much since Logan Echolls left my television screen. —Robin
Ausiello: The odds would seem to favor Jamie Dornan returning as the Huntsman and not Graham since the former is alive and the latter is not. But considering what OUAT co-creator Eddy Kitsis just told TVLine’s Matt Mitovich, I’m not so sure that’s the case. Asked about the circumstances surrounding Dornan’s comeback, Kitsis teased, “I can say that it is one my favorite reveals of the entire year, and to spoil it would be so heartbreaking.” And how important was it to have Dornan back as… whomever? Says Kitsis, “We moved heaven and earth to get that man from London. Or, we put him on a plane.”

VIDEO: Once Upon a Time Finale Sneak Peek — Will [Spoiler] Save Henry? 

Question: Do you happen to have any new info on the Hawaii Five-0 season finale? I read your finale package and want more! —Steph
Ausiello: Terry O’Quinn will put in an appearance as Joe White in next Monday’s climax and, in doing so, “takes the series somewhere else,” EP Elwood Reid cryptically teases.

Question: Do you have any spoilers/scoop for my favorite CSI character, Nick Stokes? —CMarini
Ausiello: Wednesday’s finale will leave you wondering if George Eads is returning to the show next season. (Relax, he is.)

Question: Curious if you have any spoilers on who Elena chooses in Thursday’s Vampire Diaries season finale? —Bridii
Ausiello: The only spoiler you’re getting out of me is that she does make a choice. [Beat] I lied. I have one more spoiler for you: The scene/moment/twist you’ll be talking about Friday morning involves a flashback.

Question: Any news about what’s happening with Southland? —Pete
Ausiello: A fifth season is happening, Pete!!! (Here’s the memo in case you missed it.) Shawn Hatosy, meanwhile, has some inside scoop about who will be riding with whom when the show returns. “I’ve heard that Ben [McKenzie] and I are going to be together,” he reveals. “The fact that they have this big bit of drama in their partnership just makes it more compelling.” For his part, Michael Cudlitz wouldn’t mind shaking things up a bit now that his former partner (played by Lucy Liu) has moved on. “I would like to see a little more interaction between all of us,” he says. “See combinations we haven’t seen before. See Cooper in a scene with Adams…. That would be fun to see, and I think the audience would find that very satisfying.”

Question: Do you have any True Blood scoop? The wait is seriously killing me! —Nishens
Ausiello: Terry will spend much of the season on the road with his ex-military buddy Patrick (Scott Foley). “Most of the time we are out in the greater 50 states tracking down other members of our platoon trying to get some closure to this event that happened over in Iraq,” reveals Foley of the duo’s hush-hush storyline, which required “a lot of running and fighting and jumping. There’s a lot of physicality.” Speaking of True Blood, have you seen these?!

Question: I think the Gossip Girl fandom has exploded after watching the promo for next week. Is there anything that you can tell us about what’s in store for us in the finale? —Marie
Ausiello: I have three tidbits for you, all of them extremely vague:

* Someone will “see” Gossip Girl.
* The final scene of the episode will feature two characters – one male, one female.
* The aforementioned final scene does not take place in New York.

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  1. JBS says:

    i. Chuck/Serena/Bart/Nate/somebody like them will be the one to see Gossip Girl
    ii. The final scene will involve Dan and Blair [true loves does conquer all…including Chair shippers ;)]
    iii. That final scene will be in Rome

    And all will be right in the world.

    • Katie says:

      sorry to disappoint, but the finale is in Shanghai and it is Chuck and Blair.

      • d. says:

        it’s Chuck and Blair but in Europe (the chips in the casino are european), not Shanghai.

      • JBS says:

        Then how do you explain all of the photos of certain characters in Monte Carlo, (which I will admit is not Rome, so I’ll admit that is my mistake.)
        But seriously though, I can see that you ship Chair, which is fine cause of the following reasons in no particular order:
        I. You’re a communist (hence why the finale is in Shanghai)
        II. You’re gay (cause we all know Chuck secretly is)
        III. You’ve been in an abusive relationship (like Blair was with Chuck)
        IV. You’re a racist (cause you don’t support inter-racial love)
        V. You don’t believe in love and happiness (what is it like being an atheist?)
        YOU”RE WELCOME!!!!
        (P.S: This applies to all Chair shippers, so you’re not alone princess)

        • Alex says:

          If you’d ever been in an abusive relationship, you would understand how horrible this comment is. And I’m a Dair shipper. You should be ashamed.

          • Allie says:

            I feel like the original comment was tongue-in-cheek, because it’s too ridiculous to be real. But regardless, I agree with you that it’s shameful to throw around personal accusations over which couple someone likes on a TV show. I can’t stand Dan and Blair together, but I would never generalize about their fans like that.

          • JBS says:

            Oh but what you don’t know is that I HAVE BEEN!!! And I was the one being abused…AND I”M THE GUY!!! So I stand by what I said 100%
            And no, I do not think that my comment is horrible because IT’S A TV SHOW, NOT REALITY. And that’s why it’s ok to say this stuff to Chair shippers; cause they’re living in their own fantasy world.

        • ASH says:

          Really? If this post is not a joke, you need serious counseling about what is appropriate and what is not…in life, PRINCESS.

          • JBS says:


            IF NOT, THEN NO, I AM 10000% SERIOUS

          • ED says:

            Hate to break to you JBS, it may be a joke buts its not very funny – those are the sort of stupid homophobic comments my 12 year brother tries to make when he’s attempting to be funny and edgy

          • tvnewsplus says:

            He;s a troll… the best thing to do is ignore them !

        • RJ says:

          C’mon Aussiello–moderate these comments. JBS is the lowest of the low. But since you control which comments stay up, letting this inflammatory comment stand is just as bad.

          • JBS says:

            That is simply freedom of speech and freedom of expression. It’s in YOUR constitution (I’m Canadian)
            Oh, and once again, I have never seen and never plan to see an episode of GG

        • Angela says:

          Wow. What a mature, insightful comment!
          Seriously. How OLD are some of the people who post here? My god, this is insane.

        • niks says:

          Hey. That’s just ridiculous. I am a Dair fan and that comment and that comment lowers our fandom. Go crawl back into the hole you came out of.

        • Izzy says:

          So you can’t be happy or fall in love if you’re an atheist? Check your facts ‘princess’. Being an atheist just means you don’t believe in a 2000 year old story about a zombie Jew and his omnipresent father.

        • AB says:

          Wow, rude much?

    • livvie says:

      UM HELL NO dan and blair have no chemistry its like watching paint dry as for chuck he purpoes to blair again dan sees gossip girl serena and dan have sex blair wants revenge from gg getting a page from her diary as for the last scene is in europe in a casino with chuck and blair I’m quessing I’m 14 I’m addicted to this show ! I’m a chair fan all the way !

      • Pash says:

        I literally gag whenever Dan and Blair kiss. It’s like a reflex I can’t seem to get past. I don’t know why they gross me out as much as they do but I just can’t get over it. I haven’t really watched much this season but for hopes of dumping the Dan I’ll be there for the finale.

      • fiona says:

        I just choose to fastforward all dan scenes at this point. They were fine as friends, and quite unnerving as a couple. Honestly why can’t there be a PLATONIC relationship on this show between a guy and a girl?

    • Elyse says:

      sorry to disappoint you but they finally are going to kill that crappy “romance” that is Blair and Dan. Chuck and Blair belong together. and its the “Dair” shippers who have ruined the show. GG will probably get canceled because everyone hates Dair so most people stopped watching after they got together.

    • Alex says:

      I wish Dair got a happy end point for the summer break before having to deal with more garbage next season, but based upon the latest spoiler leak it seems they won’t. I’m so tired of Blair’s characterization. I find it hard to root for her when she is indecisive to a freaky degree.

      • Milou says:

        I totally agree with you about the indecisive part.. It’s totally out of character for her.. But I don’t agree about the Dair part.. I agree with people who commented earlier that they have no chemistry whatsoever! Like watching paint dry.. Besides, it’s Chuck she has loved all along. Chair will be endgame, they have to be. And for all those people saying she shouldn’t be with him because he abused her.. Well he never layed a hand on her.. he hit the glass.. and allthough I was just as shocked as everyone else at that moment, he now is a changed man. This is the man who was willing to raise another man’s baby, if it meant he could be with her!

  2. Quincy says:


  3. katy917 says:

    Please don’t let Elena choose Matt!! I now that they’ve alluded to this a few times, but it’s such a cop out if she does! :(

    • Cam says:

      Why? Realistically thinking, he’s actually better choice for her then Stefan and Damon is.

      • Giovanni says:

        You’re right! I’ve been thinking about it, and he IS the best choice, she already said she doesn’t want to be a vampire, and that she wants to have children.And I actually wanted Matt to die before, but in this last episodes Matt has become very likeable for me. So, yeah, that wouldn’t be bad.

      • katy917 says:

        I like Matt, and I always have done, and it wouldn’t bother me if they got together organtically, but she has said that she no longer has feelings for him, so it would be a pretty big jump. But my main problem would be that the ENTIRE season has revolved around Elena’s decision – Stefan or Damon, so for her to make a choice that doesn’t involve either one of them in some way – I choose me or Matt, or Elijah or some other, random guy, would make me a bit peeved, because I think they have played the tension really well, and for her not to make an actual choice would be a let down, and totally anti climatic. At this point for me, all ships of any kind go out the window – she just needs to pick a brother and stick with him, at least for a while.

    • Kelly says:

      Or maybe Elijah?! ;)

      • dawnmac says:

        Yes, that is exactly what Elena needs another vampire or man to fight over her…Stephen, Damon, Matt and now Elijah? Seriously, the character of Elena isn’t that amazing to have every man on this show fall in love with her.

      • em says:

        I would absolutely LOVE if this happen. Too bad it’s not gonna happen.

  4. Sofia says:

    cannot deal with Blair choosing Chuck. she is attractive, smart, and rich. in what world would she not either a) chose herself, or b) chose the man aka Dan who has been kind and supportive towards her? seriously.

    • because people can’t help who their heart wants. she and chuck have had this big trip since the beginning and i always told myself that of all the pairings they could do, dan and blair would be the most unbelievable. and while they are ok in my mind now, if you think about the history of their characters, it’s not that realistic

    • Allie says:

      Because you can’t make yourself love someone just because they’re nice to you? Everything about Blair’s behavior is screaming “she’s just not that into him”, sorry.

      • Kristine says:

        Exactly! Chair fan forever. I think the only reason she is with Dan right now is because its safe. To be with the one you really love is a scary thing, cuz they can hurt you sooo much more than someone you dont really love. After everything with the car crash (almost losing the one she truly loves) and the divorce, I think she just wanted something safe, to be able to really breath out and process it. A need for “downtime”, a time with not much of a risk in getting hurt again. But in the end, staying with Dan would be settling, not going for real love because of fear. The things we are afraid of doing, is the things worth while. The right choice is hardly ever the easy choice :P Dan is an easy choice :p

    • Chris says:

      Because Dan stinks for her.

      • Sofia says:

        and Chuck doesn’t? lol. i can deal with people not shipping Dair obviously because different strokes and all, but if you ship Chair you’re either a virgin or in a destructive relationship yourself.
        Chuck is a horrid little man, and Blair deserves so much more. Perhaps that is not Dan, but she deserves better than the man who tried to hit her, compared her to a horse, and sold her like a horse. doesn’t matter that they have history, or that they are fictional, putting those two together again is so incredibly misogynic i can’t even deal.

        • Emily says:

          Seriously? 1st you say different strokes and then in in the same sentence you call Chair shippers virgins or emotionally damaged? Jeez.

          • Sofia says:

            lol gurl, if you ship Chair, which is an a b u s i v e relationship, then there’s something wrong with you. with different strokes i mean different healthy strokes like Blair/choosing herself, Blair/another anonymous man who treats her right, even Blair/Nate. stay pressed.

          • Allie says:

            Clearly you have no idea what the word “abusive” even means, or “misogynistic” for that matter. But hey, it’s nothing that a little book learnin’ wouldn’t fix. And I do mean actual books, not that “Is this relationship abusive?!” quiz you found in an issue of Cosmo.

        • lollie says:

          Anyone who ships chair has to be a masocist. Why else would you want root for such an emotional and abusive relationship? Blair needs to be alone for now, or with Dan. But most importantly she needs to stop making the same mistakes over and over again, and expecting a different outcome. Chuck is a pompus asshole and proves it again in the promo “I don’t want to be Mr.Blair Waldolf , I’m Chuck Bass”. At this point I think Dan should go to Rome alone and let her see how much she actually loves him.

          • Dani says:

            I root for Chair because I’ve seen how Chuck has grown as a person. I know he is a better man now than he ever was before. I’ve seen his growth as a character into a decent and kind man who has Blair’s best interests at heart. He loves her and not just because Serena or his flavor of the week turned him down, he loves her because she has supported him, she has encouraged him, she has been his rock in the toughest times of his life. They aren’t teenagers anymore and they have both grown into mature adults who obviously love each other and would do anything for one another. People can change, especially people who have gone to the lengths Chuck has. He has worked on himself to make himself into the kind of man Blair deserves. She’s loved him forever and he loves her. At points in the past this relationship has been tough to root for but now I can see what they will become and it’s beautiful. Allow the bashing to begin.

          • Lucy says:

            All your dair shippers annoy me. And no I’m not a 13 year old chair supporter I’m 19 and have loved them ever since I watched.. But your ridiculous to think dan is good for her he doesn’t let her see her friends and when he does he is weird about it even though she has never lied to him.. And the fact that Blair has to make a choice shows that she shouldn’t be with him.. If he was right for her there would be no choice and with him she is boring and has like no friends.. And people saying serena tricks him into kissing her get a grip.. If he thinks Blair has dumped him or is with chuck that’s no reason to jump back into bed with serena.. And serena has every right she has loved him since season one .. Poured her heart out which Blair encouraged and then her best friend got with him.. Dan is fair game!

          • Allie says:

            1) She doesn’t love Dan, that much is obvious, 2) You have no idea what the context of Chuck’s line in the promo is, not to mention it’s quite clearly two lines edited together, and 3) Generalizing shippers based on who they like is judgmental and pathetic. Much like Dan, yes?

          • fiona says:

            I fully agree with Dani’s comments. If you’d actually watched this season, Chuck is trying to change himself for the better and its working. This season we’ve actually seen him grow as an adult while Dan who I loved first season has reverted to a pompous, possessive boy who can’t trust his girlfriend and by the looks of the promo isn’t so faithful.

          • 8daysmeg says:

            It’s really ridiculous to make assumptions like this about someone because of who they like on a fictional tv show. It isn’t real life. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe people don’t like Dan because he’s terribly boring? I watch TV to be entertained not put to sleep. In five years, I can’t think of a single time I’ve been interested in Dan’s storyline.

        • Milou says:

          Chuck did not try to hit her, he wanted to hit the glass out of frustration. Not saying I wasn’t shocked when he did that, but he didn’t try to hit her.. And besides all these reasons dair shippers keep coming up with why Chuck is a bad person and bad for Blair all happened like 2 or 3 years ago.. again not saying they wheren’t bad, but a lot has happened since then. Chuck has changed, he wants to be and is a better man. He even wanted to raise another man’s baby if it meant he could be with her..

        • Milou says:

          And no, I’m not a virgin nor in a destructive relationsship (and I’ve never been in one either). I just see the amazing chemistry and love between Chuck and Blair and the fact that he has changed his life for the better.

    • Dude says:

      Well since Dan is sleeping with Serena in the promo, he may not be the great, supportive boyfriend he’s been all season for much longer. That said, I must agree. I don’t see how any woman as smart, self-assured and put together as her could take Chuck back after everything. It makes no sense and it never will for as long as the writers force it on us. Truth be told, most girls would have given up around the hotel incident but we’re expected to believe that true love is enduring all sorts of pain and humiliation for an intangible idea that there’s only “one person out there” suited for you.

  5. Jen says:

    Wtf is wrong with the writers of True Blood? I love Terry, but in small doses, like when he’s taking care of Felix or something. But WTF??? an entire arc where he goes on a road trip?? Taking time from more important characters???? Ughhhhhhh

  6. Jo says:

    They better not break up Klaine!!!

  7. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart of dixie? :( i am excited for the vamp diaries spoiler though

  8. I hope season 2 of Once is based in fairy tale land,story brooke is getting a bit boring,Id love to see everyone living in fairytale land again,it would open a lot more stories.

  9. Leah says:

    I got nothin’ out of this AA. Bummer

  10. Petra says:

    so apparently House wants me to die before the finale airs

  11. Anon says:

    Blair will choose Chuck like the past 4-5 seasons have been playing out. Dan was a Muppet shaped bump in Chuck and Blair’s road of TRUE love. I can’t wait! :D

  12. Chuck and Blair taking Europe after Leighton & Ed took Asia,And guess what they have in common? A HARRY WINSTON ring !!!!

  13. Amy says:

    The final Gossip Girl scene will be Chuck and Blair, there were pictures of them in a casino together and the accomanying article mentioned monte Carlo

  14. Anon says:

    WILLSSOOONNN!!! D’: I can’t deal with this….*waves hand* *walks away*

    • Hanna says:

      I refuse to believe it. The whole cancer arc is just House’s hallucination. Right? RIGHT?

      • NotMyBabyWilson says:

        totally horrified that Wilson is gonna die. David Shore is evil and mean

      • Niki says:

        Well, with that hint that a twist was coming I was thinking the same thing… maybe they are going to copy Dallas, House has been in a coma since he crashed the car into Cuddy’s house last season and all of this season has been a dream/hallucination, including the cancer part ;-)

  15. Allie says:

    Hope the last scene is Blair and Chuck in Monte Carlo, but… I think there’s a chance it’s Dan/Serena in Rome? Interesting that someone will “see” GG though. I bet it’s Nate just because there isn’t anything else for him to do, haha.

  16. Emily says:

    Arghh. I was still holding out hope that Wilson was going to make it and someone else was going to die unexpectedly. Why’d you have to swing the axe before next Monday, Ausiello?

  17. Happy that Hotch and Beth will go on, on Criminal Minds! I hope Matthew Gray Gubler will be back!

    • ele says:

      I do hope Matthew signs to continue on Criminal Minds.
      And I am also happy about Hotch and Beth because anyone that makes Hotch smile once in a while is more than welcomed…..Thomas Gibson is so handsome when he smiles!

      • Fen says:

        Same thing here.
        I honestly don’t think I could watch the show without Reid (he simply became too crucial to my enjoyment of the show, he’s a key factor for me), but right now I’m not that worried, I think he’ll resign.
        I’m certainly happy about Hotch and Beth too.

    • Angela says:

      My friends and I are certainly rooting for that as well. We all love Reid.

    • leprecaun says:

      I hope MGG comes back too. I won’t miss Paget Brewster as much….she left once before for a while…..If “Reid” or “Garcia” left then they could cancel the show….
      I’m glad to see Hotch in a relationship, not sure why its controversial but Thomas Gibson needs to smile more even though the job Hotch has isn’t very nice at times….

  18. Sal says:

    So Damon’d met Elena before the Pilot, and then compelled her to forget it. I HATE this twist. The car accident was supposed to be about Stefan and Elena’s love story, but hey, why wouldn’t they force Damon into it? After all, this season was about destroying the very foundation of Stefan and Elena’s relationship. Let’s mess with the origin of their love story, too. Maybe Damon’s the one who saves her? At this point, I’d not be surprised.. People on twitter demand Delena, so Julie’s idea of making it happen is through destroying Stefan and Elena’s relationship. And using dead people to tell us why we should support them as a couple, instead of showing us this ‘truth’.

    If my prediction turns out to be true, then I’m not going to watch season 4. It’s as simple as that. I don’t read fanfiction, and right now TVD is exactly that.

    • Kara says:

      Sad to say that I too feel very down about TVD and where it is headed. They did not need to destroy Stefan and Elena’s relationship to build Damon and Elena, but that seems to be where this is all headed. If the finale is as bad as it seems to be shaping up, I won’t be back for season four either.

      And at this point I think fanfiction is preferable to what Julie has done to the show.

      • Sal says:

        The sad thing is, I don’t think Elena should be with Damon, but for the past two years I was willing to accept this possibility. I knew she was going to be torn between both brothers, it just had to happen. My attitude changed drastically when the writers decided to destroy S/E to make it seem like D/E are the better option. No, they’re not writing a story about a girl who falls in love with someone as complex as Damon. They’re re-writing the past. Undoing what they did in the first two seasons of the show, making it seem like there was nothing ‘epic’ about S/E’s epic love. And I’m sad, because I used to watch this show for the storylines, but I can’t focus on them when the writers are pretty much changing their own reality.

        • Kara says:

          I agree with all of this. It was so obvious this was going to be a story about a love triangle, so from season one I knew there would be a story for Damon and Elena, and Stefan and Elena. But like you said, where they lost me was where the show started to show it’s own bias in the triangle, not only backing away from S/E, but re-writing their own history. If the show’s writers don’t believe in this relationship that they’ve built between Stefan and Elena, how are we suppose to? And it’s not even about Stefan and Elena anymore, I didn’t start watching the show for them, i too watched for the story lines. Now I feel like how are we as the audience supposed to take seriously anything else on the show? Seriously?

          I feel like I’ve wasted this whole season waiting for some pay off, but I find myself leading into the finale so disappointed with the show overall. All that seems to matter anymore is Damon and Elena, everything else is treated so badly. And as someone who does not particularly enjoy their forced tension, the show has become unwatchable.

      • Dani says:

        I don’t think they destroyed Stefan & Elena. I think this season was very necessary. Stefan is a vampire, with a major dark side that he has been suppressing for almost a century. I think we needed him to explore that, we needed Elena to see that part of him, for them to be together, really together, they have to see the good and the bad. Hearing about your boyfriend’s psycho killer past and seeing him as The Ripper are two very different things. Stefan’s whole life over the course of the show has been about Elena, in order for them to have a healthy relationship they need to have a self outside of their relationship. As Stefan explores his dark side and learns to incorporate his darker urges into his everyday life in an acceptable way, he becomes more worthy of being the hero that everyone thinks he is. Sometimes you have to tear something apart to build it back stronger. :)

        • Kara says:

          Dani I think you should write for the show. Initially that is what I thought this season was going to be about, Stefan coming to terms with his darker vampire side, Elena herself seeing that side of him and learning to come to terms with it to a certain extent. I did not expect a reunion at the end of this season, nor did I want one. What I was hoping for in upcoming seasons was a slow pick up on the at thread with Stefan and Elena, and a story about them being torn apart, and build back stronger.

          But I am disappointed because it feels like this was not really Stefan’s story at all, it was really about tearing Stefan down to build Damon up, therefore Delena. A more nuanced story teller may have been able to pull this off with out the overwhelming bias hanging over everything, but I just feel like Julie does not have the talent to pull it off. She seems much more interested in fawning over Damon and telling us over and over again how awesome and hot he is, while Stefan gets the left overs. I’m just not buying it anymore.

          • Beth says:

            I agree with you really is heartbreaking to know for myself that i have been falling in love together with stefan and elena in their storylines. Even after the dreadful season 3 where they basically were forced to get separated. Because i believed them you know? The characters were so genuine to me and theyve sort of become dear to me. Watching it get manipulated just for ratings, fan base and writers’ biases is like a rub-in to the face that there really isn’t anything real or relatable on tv right now anymore. It just doesn’t make sense to me that elena could show us she had that much love for stefan and completely just start a new blank slate with damon.But at least stefan’s character never changed. Even after all the bull about him and his dark side. I have never once fallen out of love with stefan’s character even if by pushing elena away that meant he pushed us away too. I guess I’ll have to abandon TVD now. I shall remember it only by its first 2 great seasons. :)

          • Sal says:

            You have a way with words. Wow, and I agree with you completely.

    • hello says:

      I can never forget that Damon snapped Jeremy’s neck and that is why a relationship between Damon and Elena is completely unnatural to me. i don’t care that he wore the ring. And i hate shippers

      • casey says:

        Yes! Thank you for saying that! I had started to think everyone, elena and the writers included, had forgotten about that! Not only did he kill Jeremy, but he almost killed Bonnie, killed Lexi for no good reason except to save his own butt, killed alaric twice, wanted and tried to kill Caroline, killed mason, turned bonnie’s mom, turned and slept with elena’s mom (or atleast made out with her) and I am sure there are more I am missing but you get my point! Yes she forgave him b/c she thought he was gonna die, but he didn’t b/c stefan sacrificed his happiness and basically his life for him. How the help are we honestly supposed to believe she could love Damon after all of that?

        • Fran says:

          Wow, seeing it all laid out like that- I don’t know how anyone could like Elena with Damon. Honestly, it’s pretty sick when you think about it. And your question about how we’re supposed to believe she could love Damon? It honestly seems like the writers are doing it for the Damon fans. I hate to think that way but it’s becoming more and more clear that something is being forced upon us. I like Daon as a character but there’s just no sense in this. I know Damon and Elena fans always try to say that Stefan has killed a lot of people too- but not her friends, her family… there is a big difference.

          • yinloveyang says:

            Well many TVD fans from Czech republic are D/E fans and you still can’t help yourself you just have to blame Damon for all things he’s ever done right? Well I think nobody is a saint. But it’s just a tv show and Stefan and Elena will always be boring to me. And TVD storyline should be intertaining. My reason why I started watching TVD can show it to you because I fell in love with TVD because of Ian/Damon, Alaric/Matt and Elena/Nina and I’ll always be their fan and D/E fan no matter how many times Julie and Kevin will destroy Damon’s character in the future.

          • yinloveyang says:

            But don’t worry we all know that Julie and Kevin will never give a real chance to Damon and Elena’s fans. That’s why I’m already done with watching the show. I can’t help myself but I’m not willing to be all “yyyaaawwwnnn” during most Stefan and Elena’s scenes.

          • casey says:

            Something else that bothers me about the whole delena pairing is that while yes the kiss between them was hot, but what I see between them is lust not love! They look at eachother like they want to rip one another’s clothes off, and do it like rabbits! Whereas with her and stefan you can see that they love one another truly and deeply, it is not all about their sexual chemistry but everything that goes with loving someone! I mean can anyone honestly see Damon going out on dates to the movies, a picnic, snuggling up on the couch to watch a show with someone, etc.! No he is a bad boy and while bad boys are fun to party and hook up with, most are not great boyfriends nor do they usually end up being someone’s epic love! Sorry just can’t buy Damon and Elena as a real couple, I can see them hooking up but as for anything else no.

          • Sal says:

            Casey, exactly. And there’s even more to it.. Every single time I see them together on screen, I keep thinking ‘Elena’s never going to accept him the way he truly is. She’ll want to change him, so he’ll lose himself in the process’. She wants Damon be a sweet, innocent guy, who loves her friends as much as she loves them. Respects Elena’s choices. Supports her. Sounds like Stefan, doesn’t it?
            What are the key differences between Stefan and Damon? Damon’s impulsive, he lashes out. We know how Elena feels about that. Damon uses sarcasm all the time, and she’s not the biggest fan of this attitude (she scolded him in 1×17). He bosses her around, hides things from her, has no respect for her free will. He lets love overconsume him, so there’s no place left for respect and equality in a relationship.
            I’m sure many people disagree with me, but I think that Elena loves Damon, because of his similarities with Stefan. And she hates all the things that make him a different person.

  19. Sarah says:

    The last scene has to be between Chuck and Blair!. They have to get back together, I know they love each other!. Who will be Gossip Girl?

  20. Emily says:

    Final scene has GOT to be Chuck and Blair at the casino in Europe! :D Please let them end the season together, pleeeeaseeee.

  21. J. says:

    lol glee.

  22. Zahra says:

    LOL at gossip girl scoop! It screams CHAIR! It won’t be in New York, ppl have forgotten about the photos tht recently emerged of Leighton and Ed in a casino ;) And the flashback is obv the flashback to when Damon first saw Elena *le sigh*

  23. SamS says:

    Criminal Minds wouldn’t be the same without Gubler’s Reid.

    • lizzy temple says:

      reid is one of my favorite tv characters of all time (love gubler), but i’ve already stopped watching b/c they haven’t presented in-depth storylines involving him nor have they written his character well for the past three years. i was hopeful with e. messing taking over things would change for his character this year, but in fact they were even worse. he been relegated to an autistic-like fact-spouting charicature. if you watch the reid of seasons 1-4 the writing for him was incredible. anyway, i will keep my eye out for episodes next year that truly spotlights him and do his character and work as an actor justice. i remain only slightly hopeful for season 8 …

  24. lollie says:

    I’m thinking it’s Chuck and Blair in the last scene finally getting closure, in a casino? Maybe trying to make it big since his daddy’s taking everything back. Or maybe I’ll be Georgina and Dan, there were pics, not in a romantic way though. Hell it might be Vanessa meeting Dan in Rome! All I know it won’t be with Serena unless she’s stalking him. I’ll be very disapointed if Blair goes back to Chuck I’d rather her be alone for now. The only thing I do want for the finale is to see Dan in Rome, if Blair’s there beside him even better.

    • Allie says:

      Yeah, Chuck and Blair have gotten more closure than any couple in the history of TV, but somehow it never seems to stick, haha… Anyway, it’s already been spoiled that Blair definitively chooses a guy, so I don’t think her choosing “alone” or ending with a friendly “closure” scene fits with that.

  25. GH says:

    Erica Messer knows very well that Matthew Gray Gubler wants to return. He has said so outright. She leaves the impression he has not let them know one way or the other. He is in contract negotiations and I certainly hope CBS and Messer make it their top priority to settle the contract . Criminal Minds without Reid is just sad to even try to imagine.

  26. Cat says:

    I need Cuddy back for the series finale of House. I hate it´s not happening.

    • Cara says:

      Well, it’s always important to let your discontent know if it doesn’t change anything. Glad you got that off your chest.

  27. Paige says:

    Oh for to love of please please please let Jamie Dornan be returning as Graham as well as the Huntsman! You have no idea how happy that will make me! If this turns out to be true Ausiello, this may be my favorite scoop you’ve ever given out.

    • Fifi says:

      He is returning. It has been confirmed that he will be in the finale. His name is even listed on the episode description. Not sure where I saw it. Spoiler tv I think. But it is safe to say he is definitely in it.

  28. Marie says:

    I think Booth is going to die on Bones!!

  29. susu says:

    I hope the finale scene will be Chuck and Blair ♥ Otherwise Season 6 will have barely any viewers!!

  30. UJ says:

    As always eternally thanks for the Gossip Girl Spoilers. Humbled by your piety.

    Also, Tick One for the previous Castle spoilers which resulted in an epic ending.

  31. maia says:

    anyone saying the last scene of gossip girl will end with dan and blair is completely wrong. gg writers have been building up chair the whole season, and there is clearly a reason the final episode is called ‘return of the ring.’ think about it dair shippers, and don’t be idiots.

    • JBS says:

      Well if given the choice between being an idiot in the real world and living in a uber-chique fantasy world where abusive relationships dominate, then I’ll take being an idiot 10000% of the time.
      BTW, if Chair do end up together, they might as well kill off Dan, because death would be a much better place for him AND ALL OF US than a Chair run GG world.

      • Allie says:

        … you do realize that none of this is the “real world”, right? I seriously wonder sometimes about some of you…

      • Cris says:

        Well, I love your idea! They really should kill Dan, no one really cares about him with that ridiculous hair anyway.
        Dan and Blair are easily one of the worst couples ever, no chemistry, no sparks, nothing. Just bad sex and boring conversations. Maybe Blair should be alone for now, and then later pick Chuck for good, you know, the man she “loves more and more everyday”. Oh, yeah, I’m a Chair shipper, I guess that means I’m in a abusive relationship, right? LMAO what kids say these days to gain attention, man. So funny!

    • Huh says:

      How have they built up Chair all season? The writers talked about how their goal for this season was Blair waking from her fairytale dreams in the arms of Dan and he is helping her rediscover herself, etc. On my screen I see Dan treating Blair better than she’s ever been treated while she mentions losing herself in part because Chuck traded her for his hotel. And she realized Dan loves the real her and has been there for her and understands her. Dan/Blair has been built up all season, not Chair.

      • casey says:

        How does Dan love the “real” Blair? She hasn’t been herself since the accident! Have you watched some of the crap she has been doing since they got together? The real Blair, would never do dishes, fetch ice, host a party in Brooklyn and invite none of her friends, or ask permission to help out her friends! He isolated her from her friends and when she is with them he gets all paranoid, doesn’t trust her and stalks her! Plus he lied to her and then told her he loved her in practically the same breath! I am not saying that chuck is perfect, he and Blair have had a turbulent relationship but she has forgiven him and he her so ppl need to get over the past, Blair has or she wouldn’t still be in love with him. Dan and Blair are boring, he is safe and after the accident, miscarriage, and marriage to a psycho she could only handle safe, someone who would not challenge her, she needed someone she could control and since Dan has no spine well then who better! Will the real Blair Waldorf please stand up cuz the pod person who has up until recently (and only in small increments) graced our screens is not our Queen B!

  32. Hanna says:

    Not Wilson. Please, please, please not Wilson.

  33. Jess says:

    I have a little theory with the person from Wilson’s past. In the promo, the guy screamed ‘My brother has been dead for ten years.’ According to an old episode, Wilson has a schophrenic (pardon my spelling) brother. Also, House was screaming at him not to die. From this, I really think this guy is Daniel Wilson, but then again, it’s just a thoery.

    • Not sure that Daniel Wilson is the patient, as the listing for the patient isn’t the same guy Ausiello mentions above, but I do agree that the visitor will be Danny Wilson.

    • Emgee says:

      Well, that’s a lot better than my theory which was that the “someone from Wilson’s past” is going to be the REAL Kyle Calloway.

      I like your theory a lot better.

    • olivia says:

      I agree with your theory. It could be Wilsons brother and there is this tiny part in me who hopes it is him. :)

  34. trish says:

    somehow all of these spoiler updates turn into a gossip girl shipping fight…

  35. Kath says:

    Very excited about the OUaT finale including seeing Jamie Dornan back. I’d prefer him as the Sheriff but I’ll take him any way I can get him.

    On the other hand, I would prefer to do without Thirteen’s return to House. She sucked up far too much time when she was on the show regularly, she’s had a bunch of goodbyes already, and if anyone should have an effective scene with Wilson, it’s Cameron. Or Cuddy. Or even Chase. Anyone but Thirteen or Foreman, the two most boring and self-centered scene hogs on the show.

  36. MsJay says:

    Hotch will end up marrying Beth and they live happily ever after! He quits his job and then bye bye Thomas!!!

  37. tahina says:

    I still think House will end with a bang..a huge surprise.

  38. Aiden says:

    I’m glad they’re now finding away to somehow have Sherff Graham’s fairytale counterpart back. He’s quickly become a fan favorite so anything like him is more than welcome. RIP that glorious character. Boy, that person asking Ausiello this question made me miss Logan Echolls, though. And with another asker mentioning seeing the Gossip Girl, all I can think about now is Kristen Bell and how much I sorely miss Veronica Mars. Why do showrunners and networks make the dumbest choices…

  39. sticious says:

    Erica Messer was shocked that Paget Brewster left? Really? She outright said she probably wouldn’t have come back this season if she weren’t forced to by her contract. I didn’t find it shocking at all and I have no involvement with the show. So as for Gubler leaving or not, I don’t know if I would completely trust Messer.

  40. Katie says:

    Hooray for Hotch and Beth! They’re wonderful and we Hotch fans love seeing him happy and smiling too! : )

  41. Anonymous says:

    Ausiello, with all due respect, can you please quit dropping Cuddy’s name to sell your articles? You could have easily quoted Shore without bringing up the elephant in the room. I’ve seen many people, myself included, getting annoyed with invoking the character’s name. Cuddy’s fans are trying to move on, as well as general fans of the show. So, please stop. Thank you.

    As for the show, I understand what they are trying to do but it may already be too late. Whatever this finale will offer I think will fall short no matter what. No true foundation has been laid this season that can completely justify any supposed transformation in House. Wilson having cancer all of a sudden and House caring for him I feel were aspects that were too rushed. Had time been taken to explore everything thoroughly and slowly, this arc may have been more poignant for me. This process of not throughly exploring stories seems to have been a downfall for me in the past few seasons. Everything seems rushed and implied in order to get it over with and, as a result, does the show a disservice when the producers and writing team do this. At this point I feel the current “Wilson had cancer” arc is just a way to force drama down the home stretch. That is truly more tragic than the story itself, in my opinion.

    • olivia says:

      Oh you Huddy/Cuddy/LE fans are all to funny, you are complaining everytime someone mention Cuddy in the media “to sell their articles” *cough* but in the next step you jump on Shorez twitter and complain why he hates Cuddy so much or why he dared to mention Cameron`s current job (Head of the ER in Chicago * yes, Cam rocks* ;)) and not Cuddy, though he did several times directly or indirectly in the former episodes in the season, hm yeah whatever.
      A few minutes ago i had the pleasure to read TV-Megcrappys Maya (avid Huddy) reviews of the recent House episodes to read weekly take of misogyny on “House” the TV-show. At the beginning of the season i found her reviews annoying but now i find them utterly amusing. They are well written but anyway ridiculus (BTW i`m a woman & don`t suffer from low-esteem,sorry). I have seen the last two episodes and someone who hates the last episodes and didn`t get some blurry eyes must be cold-hearted,sorry. It was a beautiful,very touching portrayal of two screwed up heterosexual men who have nothing else or no one else than themselves in their lifes. They support each other in the worst and most embarrassing situations in life unconditionally no matter what. These episodes were incredible great bittersweet & better than most episodes i have seen for a very long time with outstanding acting by both Hugh Laurie & Robert Sean Leonard. I don´t think this arc was rushed because it is how life is, you have some awkward symptoms, go to the doctor, he is doing some tests and then you get your diagnosis.Unfortunately Yes, it can happen the doctor tells you that you have cancer. i´m not sure what kind of built up to this arc you are expected. It is how it is, to be or not be. Sure you can say it is all now “The End of Show Melodrama” but i have the feeling ausiellos spoiler here and the promotional pics is indicating something i speculated for a very long time and this Unique Show is ending with a huge KaBoom ,haha…and i bet Cuddy will be back, too, i don`t worry about that , with all the love in the world :) (it might be that even Aussies scoop above & the mention of cuddy,who has seen the screener is a hint) *Chin up, this show “House” gave us all a great, unforgettable ride. I´m sad to see it ending, i will miss the show.

      • Jill says:

        Thank you THANK YOU OLIVIA, you have said it all so beautifully. This show is not going to go out with BOOMS, it is going to go out with grace and diginity. To the true House fans here. How lucky I mean HOW LUCKY have we have been, to have a show that has lasted 8 years. Telling us the story of one man, that being Greg House. I have been watching TV a long time, OK I am 50. I have never been in love with a show ever as much as I have loved this one and this character. Again how lucky we are. Now its ending, sad yes, but Houses story is ending! or is it begining? we will have to watch the last ep for that. I love each and every one of these characters past and present. Heck I will really miss this show.

      • D says:

        Well I watched the last two episodes and didn’t cry and I’ve cared for 2 relatives who went on to die of various forms of cancer. Does that make me heartless? I don’t think so- it’s just not ringing true. For sure, HL and RSL are pulling out all the stops, but the material is forced and ridiculously unrealistic. This IS the real problem with the House writing staff and has been for years. They don’t empathise with their characters and don’t bother to do proper research, so the scripts come out half-baked with some painfully ‘on the nose’ dialogue, and when they do get it right, it’s buried in a sea of hookers and other completely pointless scenes that lessen the impact.

        Unoriginal gimmicks have also been a massive problem this season. Like the doll they lifted from ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ and the ‘spread you legs for cancer’ line they pretty much took from ’50/50′. It’s good to know that they’re fans of indie films, I am too, but a little bit of originality wouldn’t go amiss.

        Anyway I can see where this is heading and although I know that House was always based on Holmes, it’s amusing that Shore is probably going down the ‘fake death’ route when a certain British showrunner has already done it so well. Good luck on not being called out on that DS!

        • olivia says:

          I´m sorry for your relatives. I guess mostly everyone had a cancer relative in their family and had to go through it. The medicine was sloppy but it was NEVER realistic and i stopped caring for the medical incorrectness. Which show on TV is realistic? This episode was outstanding and touching b/c of the bond between house/wilson and how they deal with fear, death, lonelyness,pain, self lies and desperation and the writers showed very well how they emphatize with the charcter. That was fairly realistic and beautifull acted. How anyone cares more about the mistakes has a problem or simply doesn`t like the show and its characters. Like i said above,No idea why it was forced,sorry. Furthermore i only know “Lars & the Real Girl” ,the other movie is unknown to me and sorry i doubt that the generall audience or even the majority of the fandom remembers them and even less can quote lines from them. It is ridiculus to be annoyed about that and BTW references to other movies or other shows is not new. It was part from the narrative from the beginning,sorry. You are not different than Maya who is analysing the episodes to death and try to make everything look bad b/c they want it to be bad since Cuddy is not there anymore. The problem is you misses the heart of these episodes and is propably the reason you weren`t sad watching someone is struggeling with death b/c you are too busy finding mistakes & inconsistencies.

          Last note: This british showrunner copied Sherlocks fake death from Arthur Conan Doyle too, how unoriginal,right? ;)

  42. jane says:

    Yay for the Rachel Berry I love. Determined, talented and focused on something other than Finn.

  43. Hannah says:

    TVD…”The scene/moment/twist you’ll be talking about Friday morning involves a flashback.”
    I’m guessing we find out who really killed Elena’s parents.
    GossipGirl…Blair and Chuck are hot. But Chuck is an ass to Blair sometimes. I like her with Dan too.

  44. Huh says:

    I hope Elena’s choice is a guy and not a copout choosing herself situation.

    And I hope the promo is somewhat misleading because this season made me love love looove Dair, and I think he is Blair’s equal and they should be together. Plus a repeat of Nate/Serena and Chuck/Jenny is just so lame, don’t the writers have any new ideas?

  45. JoJo says:

    My heart will absolutely break if Blaine and Kurt break up. :*( I have a feeling by AA’s comment that it’s going to happen.

    • maisie says:

      i read somewhere that if they break up it will only be because they cant handle a long term relationship

  46. Hojana says:

    Reading the comments the Chair’s seem to hold a weekly gag fest…You are weird sick sick people! Get help.

    Enough of this Chair being shoved on us.

    • JBS says:

      There actually are SANE Gossip Girl fans

    • Milou says:

      Yes! Dair makes me sick.. I can’t watch them.. It’s weird because I Serena and Dan are sort of brother and sister, allthough Lilly and Rufus were clearly never legally married now Bart is alive, but I liked them together. But When I watch Blair and Dan it’s really feels like watching a brother and sister kiss.. No chemistry at all. Liked them as friends, but they both shouldd be with the ones they where meant to be with imo BC and SD. Chuck may have done bad things in the past, ,but he is a changed man.

  47. colleen says:

    I’m so sick of Erica Messer and her lies. She’s already ruined season 7 and Criminal Minds for many of the Hotch/Prentiss fans. Most of us have now become indifferent to her machinations and the series in general, and her many broken promises like those written in previous TVLine columns. It won’t be the same after Paget Brewster is gone anyway. Messer’s taken most of the joy out of Criminal minds with the bad writing and the focus on the unsubs. Her continued stabbing H/P fans in the back has become sport for her and the writers. My Criminal Minds obsession was already muted by the introduction of the Beth character. Her continued ramming her down our throats even during Paget’s last two episodes is hard to stomach. After Paget leaves, it will be a good time to do some serious channel surfing.

    • MarySue says:

      This is because Ed said they’re an essential pair, since S7 they’re not anymore. Change come with new producers and writer… Don’t get why Young has to be in the final. Beth is just a friend right? At least that’s how Hotch introduced her to his son. Hotch plain lied to his son? However, it’s good Messer is happy.

    • Michael says:

      She had a choice make 3 or 5 people happy (H/P shippers) or the real Criminal Mind fanbase and she choose us why because when Shippers get what they want they leave the show they quit and go on to the next one

      • Scott says:

        Michael what are you saying? Everyone which doesn’t share your opinion, is in your own perception simply not a real fan of the show? If so, that’s what I call ignorance. A sort of “Flame wars in the fanbase”. To the topic; hope Matthew signs his new contract and I really can’t say I care for Beth I’m kind of unaffected by her and this is just my own little opinion.

        • Michael says:

          No Scott what I am saying is shipper are not usually fans of the show they are fans of ONE character

  48. holla says:

    Oh, Eric McCormack, you.

  49. Sue says:

    Blair and Dan have no chemistry plus if ur a true gg fan since the beginning this pairing is totally absurd
    And yes chuck has been bad but if you’ve watched he’s changed and it’s because of Blair they made each other better and they undeniably belong together

  50. JoshJacksononOnceuponatimefan says:

    I hope Graham can come back. I love Graham/Emma and Belle/Rumpel-Gold pairings. Need more of them.