Which Grey's Doc Rocks? Was Wee Snow White Fairy Great? A Perfect Pierce? And More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we’re going to lob at you, from shows including Once Upon a Time, Game of Thrones, House, Ringer and Community!

1 | How wonderful was it to see Bobby again on Supernatural?

2 | Did Once Upon a Time magically nail it with the casting of Bailey Madison as a young Snow White/Ginnifer Goodwin, or is there some new CGI trick out there that we don’t know about?

3 | Who allowed a downright sunny daytime scene into The Killing‘s Season 2 premiere?!

4 | So, Mad Men simply Daphne Crane’d January Jones? And how is it that detail-obsessed creator Matt Weiner didn’t notice the glaring lack of continuity with Betty’s pearl necklace during her tea date, or Don’s  collar during the rock concert scenes?

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Castle, Bones, Revenge, Sons of Anarchy, Psych and More!

5 | Has Andrea Bowen (Julie) returned to Desperate Housewives as a much stronger, more convincing actor than she was in the show’s earlier seasons?

6 | Who else got excited when they saw that yet another Skins cast member, Hannah Murray, was on Game of Thrones? She and Chris Joe Dempsie now just need to share a scene.

7 | Did America reject Charlotte Sometimes — who gave arguably the best performance during The Voice‘s Monday-night live show — based solely on the unpleasant edit she got during Battle Rounds? Conversely, how did Jermaine Paul advance after his brutally labored rendition of “Living on a Prayer”?

8 | Is the same General Hospital regime that courted One Life to Live fans by absorbing characters like John McBain now in turn mocking them by giving the LPD detective a sister that, it has been rather well-documented, never existed?

9 | Smash‘s Ivy and Karen should drink-and-duet more often, don’t you agree? And regarding such Times Square scenes, how do you suppose NBC really feels about the free advertising it gives to other networks’ wares (e.g. Fox’s ginormous The Finder billboard)?

10 | Before the series ends, will House‘s team realize that it is almost never, ever sarcoidosis?

11 | Good Morning America host Robin Roberts probably didn’t have the most relaxing vacation this week, did she?


12 | New Girl‘s Schmidt and Cece are fast becoming TV’s cutest-couple-that’s-not-really-a-couple, right? And how strange was it seeing 30 Rock‘s Katrina Bowden in actual clothes, speaking multiple lines of dialogue?

13 | Is it just us or is Ringer actually getting pretty darn addictive during these final weeks? The latest twists are starting to seem earned and less like shocks for shocks’ sake.

14 | Is there a name for Justified dirtbag Dickie Bennett’s hairstyle? And is that name “Wretched”?

15 | What magic face cream are they using on One Tree Hill? The finale flashed forward to Jamie in high school, but his parents and their pals hadn’t aged at all! That one creative decision aside, on a scale of Perfect to Impeccably Perfect, how would you rate the series finale?

16 | Could Kim be the smartest, most strategic (new) player we’ve seen in at least three seasons of Survivor?

17 | Didn’t Happy Endings‘ season finale feel like a season finale, even though it wasn’t supposed to be one? And while we’re all for a good TV love triangle, wasn’t the Dave/Penny/”I love you” thing so out of left field? Also, is Skype-ing into weddings really a thing?

18 | Can we just get more Bent instead of NBC’s Best Friends?

19 | With Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips respectively tackling their second Whitney Houston and Phil Collins tunes in the last few weeks, is it time for American Idol to institute a ban on doing more than one song per artist per season, to ensure the show doesn’t become American Cover Band?

20 | Who on Grey’s Anatomy was more awesome: Derek, for letting Lexie know where Mark stood, or Karev, for (albeit coldly) forcing Morgan to face her decision? But you know what, Grey’s — could those new pager thingies make any more annoying a sound?

21 | Has Community‘s Pierce ever been more palatable than when covered head-to-toe in pillows and rendered largely inaudible?

22 | How did Awake luck out and get one of TV’s precious few non-annoying teenage sons?

23 | Target’s “Alouette” commercial has overstayed its welcome and then some, wouldn’t you say? Speaking of TV ads: Really, Lisa Rinna? Depends?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sam says:

    Karev was awesome. It would’ve been easier for him to keep things the way they were but he did the harder thing for Morgan’s good. She needed to hear the things he said, she needed to step up and start making decisions on her own for the sake of her son. I do feel bad for her for being in that situation but it’s unfair for her to keep depending so heavily on Alex and wanting him to make the tough decisions for her.

  2. ed says:

    Yea i didnt like the whole penny and dave thing on happy endings. I see penny and dave like brother and sister so i really hope that they dont start dating because that might ruin the dynamic.

    • CJ says:

      There was another episode several weeks ago that hinted at “feelings” between Penny and Dave, though they didn’t follow up on it then.

  3. matt says:

    #22…I would add 2 more non-annoying teenage sons on TV: “The Good Wife”, Zach played by Graham Phillips and “Missing” Michael played by Nick Eversman. Both give solid performances and are “non-annoying”

  4. Saxyroro says:

    Wait. Cassie is there too and Chris from Skins on Game of Thrones? I have to go rewatch that.

    • wordsmith says:

      Yeah, I loved that. And they’re even sort of in the same part of the world, so who knows, maybe they might end up sharing a scene…

      • Mike says:

        Gendry just left King’s Landing. Gilly is north of the Wall. They are most definitely not “even sort of in the same part of the world” they are thousands of miles away from each other.

  5. DreamRose311 says:

    1. So so wonderful! Tears when he called Dean an idget… *sigh*

    2. Bailey Madison is something else, in the past couple of weeks I’ve seen her in Don’t be Afraid of the Dark, Brothers, and OUAT. Definitely well casted for a young Snow too

    13. Thank goodness for the cast, otherwise I would’ve given up after three episodes and missed out on the COMPLETE AWESOME HOOKS IT HAS DUG INTO ME NOW

    18. Yes, Please.

    22. Magic. I really like the awkward-but-getting-better chemistry between him and his dad

    23. I was hoping that once I graduated high school and stopped taking french 9 years ago that I’d never hear that song again. It just gets so ingrained in my brain… and that poor bird! Stop plucking it! AHHHHHHH

  6. Amber Louise says:

    The casting of Bailey Madison was AMAZING. She was so good!

    • Kim R says:

      #2. Wee Snow = brilliant casting.
      #3. Finally! We were starting to mold.
      #11. Thought the same thing. Katie was fantastic!
      #14. Dickie’s hair…..no adequate words available. :)

  7. Jeff Spence says:

    You couldn’t be more on the money about the Target commercial. It’s working my last nerve!

  8. Rduffy30 says:

    #9 They spent the money to CGI in a billboard for Uma Thurman’s character’s latest movie, but they didn’t bother to cover ads for shows on other networks? Hm, oh well.

  9. Agree 100% with Ringer, so good now

  10. malissa says:

    I am such a fan on Justified and Ringer. I had to LOL regarding #14 the Dicky Bennett hair cut. That’s an Edward Scissorhands Special #2 AKA A hot mess. As for as Ringer, I love this show and it keeps me on the edge of my seat. I love that the writers manage to shock me with unpredictable events nearly every week.

  11. gordonholmes says:

    Penny and Dave wasn’t out of left field, they’ve hinted at it at other times. Off the top of my head I’m remembering the end of the romantic comedy episode and her non-sexual sex dreams about him.

    That being said, I’m against them being together.

  12. SLS says:

    I love that the Target commercial seems so jaunty and happy-go-lucky, when in reality the song is about killing and cleaning the “gentil alouette” (nice bird). I feel like there’s some kind of subversiveness about it that most viewers and Target shoppers have no idea about.

  13. John says:

    22) On the money. After watching last night, the first thing I thought was “now there’s a kid who I hope doesn’t get killed by an alien (2010’s “V”) or eaten by a dinosaur (“Tera Nova”)

  14. Alex says:

    The son on Awake should give the son on Smash acting lessons. Leo is veering into Ellis territory of BAD.

  15. John says:

    Ringer has become an AMAZING show. So addictive and engaging!

  16. Jaime says:

    On Charlotte not being voted through I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it has nothing to do with her vocal talent. She has a strong voice, but that’s only half the battle of being a singer. People have to like you and except for the “is Denny’s hiring” line, I never really cared for Charlotte Sometimes. It’s kind of sucky but that is how it works. If people don’t like you, they’re not going to want to listen to your music or support/vote for you.

    • Meg says:

      I would also like to add that maybe “America” didn’t vote for Charlotte because there were other vocalists that were better Monday night – Adam was right to call her out on being flat at times. I don’t think she had the strongest performance. I think Erin Willett, Chris Mann (though I realize he is not everyone’s style) and Jesse Campbell (though I find his personality more annoying that Charlotte’s) all performed better than Charlotte.

      • Rduffy30 says:

        I’ve known about Charlotte Sometimes for a couple of years. If you like her, buy her CD. It’s pretty good.

  17. Jan says:

    Please please please don’t knock Depends. You’ll see as you get older that there are a lot of problems that a product like Depends solves. I think you crossed the line.

  18. scifi451 says:

    Totally agree on Bailey Madison, she was amazing as a young snow white.

  19. Ringer is a great show and it just keeps getting better. I think it is one of the most underrated shows on TV. I hope the CW gives it another season. More happens in one episode of Ringer then in some shows all season.

  20. Carmichael says:

    12 | New Girl‘s Schmidt and Cece are fast becoming TV’s cutest-couple-that’s-not-really-a-couple, right? And how strange was it seeing 30 Rock‘s Katrina Bowden in actual clothes, speaking multiple lines of dialogue?
    Wow, twelve questions before there was something I could comment on. Yeah, they are quite an interesting pair. And it’s always fun to see Katrina Bowden no matter what she’s wearing.
    17 | Didn’t Happy Endings‘ season finale feel like a season finale, even though it wasn’t supposed to be one? And while we’re all for a good TV love triangle, wasn’t the Dave/Penny/”I love you” thing so out of left field? Also, is Skype-ing into weddings really a thing?
    It did kind of have that feel yes, I think because we’re used to last year’s finale. As for Dave/Penny, I don’t think it came out of left field, but I think we could do without it honestly. As for Skypeing weddings, I’ve not seen anything like that but I was at one last year where the bride’s sister called in.
    18 | Can we just get more Bent instead of NBC’s Best Friends?
    I’d be all for that. Except no more Kyle Bornheimer.
    21 | Has Community‘s Pierce ever been more palatable than when covered head-to-toe in pillows and rendered largely inaudible?
    You forget zombie Pierce
    23 | Target’s “Alouette” commercial has overstayed its welcome and then some, wouldn’t you say? Speaking of TV ads: Really, Lisa Rinna? Depends?
    It did very quickly lose what little charm it had, but I’d still rather see it than the Kit Kat ads or this new 7UP ad with Ce Lo Green or however his name is spelled.

  21. Dee says:

    LOVED seeing Bobby again. How awesome that they kept his return a secret and didn’t vomit the news of his return (unlike another gues-star) all over the place?

    The little girl was super-duper amazing on OUAT. Loved all of her beautiful dresses, especially the last one they showed her in, which looked spot on (except the color) to the one she wears in the Disney cartoon.

    Ringer is great. Such surprises at every turn. I loved seeing Siohban clutching that tchotchke like a stake! I really do want to see Bridgett and Andrew together.

    • Ruby says:

      I can see why they leaked Misha’s return on SPN though…the fandom melt down was unlike anything I’ve ever seen and I’m sure they leaked it for damage control. Those Misha fans are friggin’ NUTS and not in a good way.

    • Sarah says:

      Definately want to see Bridget and Andrew together! They are an amazing couple, but I think when he finds out, things are going to implode! :(

  22. ginny says:

    It’s great to have Julie back on Desperate Housewives! The relationship between Julie and Susan has always been one of my favorite aspects of the show. In my opinion she’s always been one of the strongest actors on the show even as a child but even more now as an adult.

  23. rod says:

    That was Happy Endings season finale, the episode that didnt air was ep 21, last wednesday´s was the 22nd

  24. jamie says:

    I love that cassie and Chris from skins are on game of thrones I was so excited! I love em both! Gendry is starting to become my fav character!

  25. GM2K says:

    #2 – I rarely comment on an actor/actress’ performance but she was so good I commented to my mum (who watches the show with me) how good she was and she was just about to say the same thing. Almost my exact words were “Did Once Upon a Time magically nail it with the casting of Bailey Madison as a young Snow White/Ginnifer Goodwin, or is there some new CGI trick out there that we don’t know about?”. She had the mannerisms, movements down perfectly and the casting directors picked someone with perfect facial structure. I was seriously looking for some CGI hints because I was thinking there’s no way it was possible :p

  26. Crystal says:

    18. Seriously! The Best friend was so freaking annoying, I barely got through the episode. Love Amanda Peet. I say bring back Jack & Jill! I loved that show.

  27. Ana says:

    The mini-Snow White was brilliant! The casting could not have been more perfect. Not only does she genuinely look like Ginnifer, but her acting was superb.
    About Smash, that show is going downhill fast. The duet on Times Square did not feel organic at all and there is no chemistry between Karen and Ivy, period. They should leave the musical numbers for the stage. This breaking out in music anywhere is not working.
    About Greys, Alex was a douche, yet again. But he told the truth and Morgan was beginning to annoy me. So, as much as I like that Derek gave Lexie much needed counsel, I think what Alex did really took some chops, so kudos to him.

    • Whimsical says:

      I could not disagree more. What is not working is trying to force people into having a logical reason for singing (Kareoke, bar mitzvah, street performance, even freakin Rock Band)- it is annoyingly labored and forced and makes the show seem like its ashamed to be a musical.

      We need much more “breaking out in music anywhere” and much less trying to make sure it’s logical that people are singing. Its a musical show- that’s all the reason you need to have your characters break into song.

  28. Angel says:

    10 | Before the series ends, will House‘s team realize that it is almost never, ever sarcoidosis?

    I was actually wondering if they’ll ever get a case where it IS Lupus!

  29. L says:

    2. The casting was amazing! It was like seeing Ginnifer as a child! At first I thought that the actress was her sister or something like that.

  30. wednesday says:

    1. LOVED, LOVED LOVED seeing Bobby again! OMG followed by tears of joy. Oh Bobby how I have missed you. It hasn’t been the same without you.

    2. The casting of Bailey Morgan was dead on. Felt like I was watching a mini version of Ginnifer Goodwin. She did a great job.

    8. I never watched OLTL so the John back story really doesn’t bother me. I am ecstatic that they have brought Michael Easton to GH because I loved him on Port Charles. He and Kelly were great & had amazing chemistry that has carried over even after all these years. I hope they don’t waste that chemistry by trying to have them related to one another because it would be a real shame.

  31. Mimmie says:

    Karev’s was great this week. His character has been on a very captivating arc throughout the whole series. I like that this story line, on the surface, seems like his typical jerk behavior, but now we see him struggling a bit to be the mean guy. It’s obvious that he cares, and it was satisfying to see his character make a conscious decision to be distant and cold because he knows it’s the best thing for Morgan and her baby.

    That said, I wish Shonda would give us more Karev! He hasn’t had very many interesting or memorable story lines since the Izzy debacle. I’ve loved watching him get into Peds and grow as a person and as a more compassionate doctor, but I am dying for something more interesting with him.

  32. ericherr says:

    My sister got married last summer and they skyped the ceremony for the groom’s 90 year old grandpa. Loved it. My sister did “dance” with him as well.

  33. cj says:

    12) Touche, TVLine. Touche.
    18) BFFs made a better first impression than Bent, but the actors in Bent are better. I’ll just take both, please, thank you.
    23) No! Never! How dare you!

  34. juan says:

    I loved both alex and derek in last nights episode, but christina throwing that bowl of cereal on owen was the best scene for sure, it was a great episode. This season has been amazing. Also I don’t like the Penny/Dave thing that much either as I like Alex/Dave. Finally increadible casting of Snow White kid.

  35. Lacy says:

    15.. I so totally agree lol! What has it been like 10 years? Haley had long hair? Like wow haha but it was a great episode

    • Melissa says:

      Well, have to remember they had Jamie when they were 18 so they’re only like 34 – 36 in the finale epilogue since Jamie’s in high school and probably 16 – 18. Really don’t think they needed the make up since they were really playing their ages. Maybe they needed some different hair especially since Nathan was sporting the same buzz and 5 o’clock shadow that he was the whole ep. But overall this was a devine way to wrap the series and I’m going to miss the OTH gang!

  36. Amanda says:

    Bailey Madison was freakishly well cast as Snow White. BUT…she was so precocious that I ended up liking Snow White much much less and Regina more. Maybe that was by design…..

  37. Leah says:

    17. I don’t really care about the Dave and Penny thing being out of left field. I would so much rather have those two together than Dave and Alex. Alex gets on my nerves a little bit more every episode. And yes, that was very season finaleish.

  38. nick says:

    Love Ringer! It needs to keep going! Always keeps me on the edge of my seat and each episode has surprises and twists and turns and it is the greatest show i have ever watched!

  39. Mary says:

    Thanks for the picture of Dempsey and his hair! While Derek and Alex were both awesome, I give it to Karev as he had a much more difficult job to do than Derek.

  40. Ruby says:

    I can honestly say in all my years of TV watching, I have NEVER been happier about a character returning to a show than I was about Bobby on SPN. I love him and I love Jim Beaver and there’s just something about that guy that makes me feel warm and happy. I just hope they don’t end up having to kill off his ghost though, because that’s a storyline I have no interest in seeing, and that could actually be the one thing that could ruin the series for me.

  41. #jc says:

    I’m definitely up for more Karen and Ivy dueting and them getting along! Those scenes were fun and I definitely think they have good chemistry together. It was nice to see Ivy not being a complete misery for a change, and ironic it was Karen who cheered her up! Hilty and McPhee are apparently really good friends irl and i think that showed on screen <3 Shame it no doubt won't last and they'll be back to hating each other soon enough. I was loving the Casual Day 2 billboard which was pretty amusing!

  42. gcem says:

    I’ve been a big fan of Bailey Madison for quite some time now. I think the first time I saw her was on an episode of House as a 6-year-old with precousious puberty. This kid is phenominal and so intelligent. You should catch her sometime on a talk show. She can definitely hold her own. Going to be interesting watching her grow as an actor.

  43. 1.It is obviously good to see Bobby back again. But, come on, except that 2 minutes rest of the episode was crap.

  44. justjack says:

    #10 FTW

  45. Angela says:

    #5: Yeah, it’s nice to see Julie back. Still one of the most levelheaded people on the show, despite the personal chaos with her baby.
    #19: I’m all for that. Absolutely a good idea. There is TONS more music out there they could pick from.
    #21: YES! It was really great to see Pierce just simply having fun. Especially after all the recent offscreen drama. I hope all that’s been sorted out and he’ll stay and keep that lighter attitude.
    (Also, last week’s “Community” episode was fantastic. I absolutely loved it.)

  46. guest says:

    #2: yes! I actually went online to see if they are related…
    #1: yes. so glad Bobby is back. that’s going to be interesting.
    #10: a friend told me about her moms sickness which is one of those rare things that the house crew guesses at least once a month. My first thought was “oh, I know something..” no, wait..that was House.

  47. Kat says:

    So thrilled to see Bobby back on Supernatural! I hope he sticks around to help the boys! Plus, if you take live Bobby know-how and mix it with ghost Bobby’s proximity to other ghosts and angels I am wondering if Bobby will be the key to curing Cas. It would also be great if Bobby could find a way for other ghosts to “visit” the boys. I’d love to see John come back and I think Dean and Jo still have unfinished business!

  48. Brandy says:

    #2 perfect #15 was great # 23 totaly, especialy with the meaning of it

  49. maggie says:

    2. It was such perfect casting that I went to IMDB to see if the young “Snow White” actress was related to Ginnifer Goodwin. Bailey Madison is a very talented young lady.

    23. No problem with the Depends commercial, but wonder how hard up Lisa Rhinna and Harry Hamlin are for money.
    The commerials that annoy me are the Geico commercials that have people taste test insurance companies. The premise makes no sense, and isn’t funny.