Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Castle, Bones, Revenge, Sons of Anarchy, Psych and More!

Will a bit more time on the couch lead Beckett into Castle‘s bed? Will Sons of Anarchy‘s Gemma stray? Who on Bones will get melancholy about the past? Read on for those scoops plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

Castle | If you’ve been following Ask Ausiello – and really, why wouldn’t you be? – you know that Michael Dorn will soon be resurfacing as Beckett’s therapist, whom we last saw in November. So what’s the hot topic at Beckett’s next shrink session, airing April 16? “The catalyst,” series boss Andrew W. Marlowe told me, “is Beckett coming to grips with Castle’s behavior” in the wake of him discovering — unbeknownst to her — that his partner lied about remembering her shooting. “It’s also,” Marlowe continued, “about her coming to grips with what she wants, and what she’s ready for.”

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Sons of Anarchy | Season 5 is many months away — shooting doesn’t even begin until May — but I just spent some quality time with show boss Kurt Sutter, so let’s field a tweet from TVLine fan Gustavo, who requested “some Tig scoop, please! Preferably Gemma/Tig.” Is Gus suggesting what I think he’s suggesting? That the close moments between Clay’s old lady and his No. 1 might evolve into something more? Sutter acknowledges “there’s a bit of an energy” between Tig and Gemma, and that the MC world “is an incestuous one.” However, he said, “I don’t know that it will ever come to fruition” — epecially given the season-ending events that demoted Clay both in SAMCRO and in his marriage. “It would be a bit too obvious,” says Sutter. “I’d rather play the dynamic between Tig and Clay…. That’s a more interesting relationship to me.”

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Awake | Could it be that “red” Michael Britten will submit to his wife’s desire to move to Oregon, while his “green” self stays in L.A.? (Is such a “commute” even allowed by the rules of his dual existence? ) Laura Allen, who plays Hannah, told me the possible move “is going to be a recurring topic… until it’s not,” due to a development in the second half of the season. “There’s something that’s going to throw a wrench in our plans,” she teased. Allen also shared that Hannah, who earlier in the season learned of her late son’s motorcycle hobby, soon will meet Emma, the girl he was sweet on. “And for that afternoon… it’s like Rex is in the room,” she said. “There is a joy and kind of a resurrection she gets to experience.”

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Bones | Worry not, the Jeffersonian’s cases won’t suddenly be kid-friendly now that two tots are cooing down the hall in the daycare center. For one, the back half of this season will involve the grisly aftermath of an explosion and “10 floors’ worth of splatter,” says EP Hart Hanson.” You can also expect to see a corpse “cemented to the back of a live graffiti artist” – yet that icky-gooey twosome will pave the way for some introspection by Angela. “It brings up some things for her,” says Michaela Conlin. “She feels a bit of distance between who she used to be as an artist and wild child sexually free to do what she wants, now she’s got this husband and baby and job.” That said, Ang will put her mad artsy skills to the test when she must reconstruct a face working off only the intact nose! (Anyone else flashing back to Woody Allen’s Sleeper?)

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Revenge | This ABC sudser resumes its run on April 18, but the I’m rather curious to see the May 9 episode that takes place entirely in flashback. Visiting the circa-2002 characters, you’ll see differences in personality, yes – “There’s an edge to [Amanda],” fresh out of juvie, says Emily VanCamp, while Madeleine Stowe teases a “more playful, more fun” Victoria. But admit it, it’s the cosmetic throwbacks you’ll be talking about. “Nolan is pulling out his best ‘Sal’s Boutique’ — aka Salvation Army duds, as we did in the ’90s,” says Gabrielle Mann. “I like to tease it as the Starsky & Hutch episode, because you’re going to think you’re in the ’70s, but you’re really in the ’90s by way of 2012 by way of 2002…. It’s Revenge‘s greatest hits… a Revenge lover’s smorgasbord.” Consider our bibs on.

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Psych | Season 6 draws to a close next Wednesday, but for Gus there is this to look forward to: The USA Network series is casting the recurring role of Rachel, a “spunky, beautiful and charming woman” whom Dule Hill’s alter ego falls for. In fact, Gus fancies this femme to be his perfect woman… until he discovers that she comes with certain “baggage” that will force him to question how deep he wants to dive into the romance.

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