Bones Brass Issue Ominous Finale Warning: It's 'Going to Scare the Crap Out of People'

Bones David Boreanaz Emily DeschanelLife will never be the same for Booth and Brennan when their little bundle of joy arrives on Bones on April 2 (Fox, 8/7c). No shock there. But the degree to which motherhood affects Emily Deschanel’s tightly-wound alter ego will be surprising.

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“She is now a big, open bruise because of another human being, and she will find that very disorientating,” creator Hart Hanson shared during a conference call with reporters on Tuesday. An upcoming episode involving a child victim triggers an unfamiliar reaction in Brennan. “[She] turns to Booth and says in a very shocked way, ‘I find I have a great need to go see [our baby] Christine, and it makes no rational sense.’ She’s just shocked that someone has gotten so deeply into her heart.”

But despite the new addition to the Bones family, one thing will stay the same. “We’re a murder show. That will not change,” maintained executive producer Stephen Nathan. “But when we do go home, they have a new arrival, which changes their lives.” Added Hanson: “The balance won’t change, but the content will.”

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As such, Brennan will be back to work just a short eight weeks after giving birth and will have to deal with the struggle of leaving behind her little one for the first time in the April 9 episode. As the new parents get immersed in solving crimes once again, don’t expect bureaucracy to get in the way of Booth and Brennan’s unique partners-in-life-and-work dynamic. “We’re not planning a storyline in which the FBI says, ‘You can’t be partners,’” assured Hanson. “It may come up from time to time, especially from Sweets, that it’s odd to have a couple working together. But it’s not the oddest thing in the world.”

Other highlights from the call:

BONUS TREATS | There’s still no airdate for the four additional Season 7 “bonus” episodes that Fox ordered. “They’re more stylized than we normally would do,” said Nathan of the standalone installments. “We were able to tackle stories that we might not normally have tackled.”

FUTURE PLANS | If the show gets renewed for an eighth season, expect to see some storylines that got put on the backburner because of this year’s shortened episode count. “We weren’t able to give some of the other characters that we love – Hodgins and Cam – more extensive arcs,” revealed Nathan. “We will be doing that if we get picked up.” Also look for “more Booth family stuff,” added Hanson.

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A TERRIFYING END | “Pelant’s going to scare the crap out of people in the season finale,” teased Hanson, while Nathan warned that the baddie will “turn the series on its head for a little bit… He has much more power than any of our serial bad guys have had in the past.”

BEST FRIENDS FOREVER | Need some quality time with BFFs Angela and Brennan? Good news: There will be lots of scenes between the pals later this season, including an episode that finds the two playing hooky. And in the season finale, “the audience will get a very good feeling for how close Angela and Brennan are,” previewed Hanson. “In some ways, Angela knows Brennan better than Booth does.”