Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Castle, Bones, Revenge, Sons of Anarchy, Psych and More!

Will a bit more time on the couch lead Beckett into Castle‘s bed? Will Sons of Anarchy‘s Gemma stray? Who on Bones will get melancholy about the past? Read on for those scoops plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

Castle | If you’ve been following Ask Ausiello – and really, why wouldn’t you be? – you know that Michael Dorn will soon be resurfacing as Beckett’s therapist, whom we last saw in November. So what’s the hot topic at Beckett’s next shrink session, airing April 16? “The catalyst,” series boss Andrew W. Marlowe told me, “is Beckett coming to grips with Castle’s behavior” in the wake of him discovering — unbeknownst to her — that his partner lied about remembering her shooting. “It’s also,” Marlowe continued, “about her coming to grips with what she wants, and what she’s ready for.”

Castle Exclusive: Battlestar Galactica‘s Tahmoh Penikett Cast in Pivotal, Top-Secret Role

Sons of Anarchy | Season 5 is many months away — shooting doesn’t even begin until May — but I just spent some quality time with show boss Kurt Sutter, so let’s field a tweet from TVLine fan Gustavo, who requested “some Tig scoop, please! Preferably Gemma/Tig.” Is Gus suggesting what I think he’s suggesting? That the close moments between Clay’s old lady and his No. 1 might evolve into something more? Sutter acknowledges “there’s a bit of an energy” between Tig and Gemma, and that the MC world “is an incestuous one.” However, he said, “I don’t know that it will ever come to fruition” — epecially given the season-ending events that demoted Clay both in SAMCRO and in his marriage. “It would be a bit too obvious,” says Sutter. “I’d rather play the dynamic between Tig and Clay…. That’s a more interesting relationship to me.”

Jimmy Smits Joins Sons of Anarchy For Major Season 5 Arc

Awake | Could it be that “red” Michael Britten will submit to his wife’s desire to move to Oregon, while his “green” self stays in L.A.? (Is such a “commute” even allowed by the rules of his dual existence? ) Laura Allen, who plays Hannah, told me the possible move “is going to be a recurring topic… until it’s not,” due to a development in the second half of the season. “There’s something that’s going to throw a wrench in our plans,” she teased. Allen also shared that Hannah, who earlier in the season learned of her late son’s motorcycle hobby, soon will meet Emma, the girl he was sweet on. “And for that afternoon… it’s like Rex is in the room,” she said. “There is a joy and kind of a resurrection she gets to experience.”

Exclusive: NBC’s Awake Gets Two-Hour Season Finale Date

Bones | Worry not, the Jeffersonian’s cases won’t suddenly be kid-friendly now that two tots are cooing down the hall in the daycare center. For one, the back half of this season will involve the grisly aftermath of an explosion and “10 floors’ worth of splatter,” says EP Hart Hanson.” You can also expect to see a corpse “cemented to the back of a live graffiti artist” – yet that icky-gooey twosome will pave the way for some introspection by Angela. “It brings up some things for her,” says Michaela Conlin. “She feels a bit of distance between who she used to be as an artist and wild child sexually free to do what she wants, now she’s got this husband and baby and job.” That said, Ang will put her mad artsy skills to the test when she must reconstruct a face working off only the intact nose! (Anyone else flashing back to Woody Allen’s Sleeper?)

Bones Brass Issue Ominous Finale Warning: It’s ‘Going to Scare the Crap Out of People’

Revenge | This ABC sudser resumes its run on April 18, but the I’m rather curious to see the May 9 episode that takes place entirely in flashback. Visiting the circa-2002 characters, you’ll see differences in personality, yes – “There’s an edge to [Amanda],” fresh out of juvie, says Emily VanCamp, while Madeleine Stowe teases a “more playful, more fun” Victoria. But admit it, it’s the cosmetic throwbacks you’ll be talking about. “Nolan is pulling out his best ‘Sal’s Boutique’ — aka Salvation Army duds, as we did in the ’90s,” says Gabrielle Mann. “I like to tease it as the Starsky & Hutch episode, because you’re going to think you’re in the ’70s, but you’re really in the ’90s by way of 2012 by way of 2002…. It’s Revenge‘s greatest hits… a Revenge lover’s smorgasbord.” Consider our bibs on.

Revenge Sneak Peek: Is There a New Suspect in Tyler’s Murder?

Psych | Season 6 draws to a close next Wednesday, but for Gus there is this to look forward to: The USA Network series is casting the recurring role of Rachel, a “spunky, beautiful and charming woman” whom Dule Hill’s alter ego falls for. In fact, Gus fancies this femme to be his perfect woman… until he discovers that she comes with certain “baggage” that will force him to question how deep he wants to dive into the romance.

If there’s a show you’d like the Inside Line on, email mattmtvguy@gmail.com, and maybe it’ll get some love the next time around! (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Anna says:

    Thanks for the SOA scoop. I know Tig is a totally trashy douchebag but he’s one of my favorite characters.

    • Ava says:

      He’s not just A trashy douchebag, he’s OUR trashy douchebag.

      • Anna says:

        I guess that’s true. :) My dad and stepmother watch SOA and I always tell them Tig is my favorite and they can’t understand why I like him so much.

  2. Mari says:

    Oh God Beckett is really ready and She’s been ready for a while. Uh I can’t wait to see Caskett together!

  3. Winnie says:

    Aww! Can Gus ever get a stable, non-homicidal/manipulative/sane/guilty woman in his life? At the same time, barring Scandal, I would love to see the beautiful Kerry Washington again…

    • I’m guessing she has a kid.

    • Lauren says:

      I was just thinking that. I would love for Gus to get a proper, long-term love interest. (You know, other than Shawn)

    • I would SURELY like to see Gus get a good relationship… Or Lassie… Or anyone else that gets us LESS of the Shawn-Jules time-waster!

      • Michael says:

        lassie has a GF and how is Shawn and Juleit a time waster this is it NCIS and Tiva

        • Callie N. says:

          If Tiva is such a time waster, how come Tony and Ziva are way more affectionate than Shawn and Jules have ever been? And, it just takes some people more time than others to realize they belong together. Everyone has their own opinions, but Tony and Ziva are NOT a time waster. Just ask the twenty million people that tune into NCIS every week.

          • Mac says:

            Shawn and Juliet is easily the best ship on TV and if you have watched the show since the beginning you would not make such a ridiculous comment, it is easily the best written ship on any show and a prime example of how two leads getting together should be written. It is perfectly balanced and the focus has not shifted off Shawn and Gus at all. TIVA is non-existent whereas Shawn and Juliet are actually a couple. Also Psych is a cable show, it will never have 20 million viewers, and out of those 20 million that NCIS has, my guess is that maybe half (if you are lucky) ship this non-existen TIVA thing. I myself see much more chemistry between Ziva and McGee.

          • Callie N. says:

            Mac, I was not trying to offend anyone. I completely respect everyone’s opinions, but because mine have been so rudely disregarded, I feel the need to defend my position. Tiva is MOST DEFINITELY existent. In fact, I could list episodes, if anyone is looking for proof. Tiva gets so much flack because it’s something people love to hate, and no, they are not a couple, but if you know NCIS as you are saying you do (Ziva and McGee chemistry?), you would know that is because of many factors, including Gibbs’ rule number twelve, but also, like I said it takes some people more time than others. I simply believe that Shawn and Jules do not act as much like a couple as I was hoping they would (yes, I have rooted for them since the beginning, as I am most definitely a “Shules” shipper). I do not believe I offended anyone, and I enjoy both shows very much, so I find it insulting that my comment was dubbed as “ridiculous”, as I am all for people stating their own opinions (as I said). I don’t find it very nice that I am unable to state mine without an insult.

      • DL says:

        I agree with Michael! We’ve been waiting for seasons for Shawn and Juliet to finally hook up, and now that they have, it’s actually being handled well! It’s a great example for all the shows that are afraid to put their two leads together and proves that not every on-screen pairing after a will they/won’t they (I’m looking at you Castle/NCIS/NCIS:LA/etc.) has to fall into the Moonlighting trap, which is largely a myth anyway, as the show suffered from numerous problems that led to its decline.

        • Michael says:

          Just a FYI the reason Shawn and Juliet work is because Juliet is it one of the main star of the show and the Moonlighting trap is it a myth look what it has done to CSI and NICS

        • ej says:

          I love Shawn and Juliet, but I don’t like the way Jules always acts like Shawn is stupid and silly now. They really don’t display any affection, spark, or chemistry and I hate that.

  4. Daveddt says:

    When is FX, replaying Season 4 of SOA ?

  5. SLS says:

    Michael Dorn ftw! I would happily see Beckett in therapy forever if we can have more Michael Dorn!

  6. Linderella says:

    Sure wish there was some scoopage about a second season for Awake. Here’s hoping the powers that be at NBC love Michael’s column as much as I do and will read this message: Please Renew Awake!!!

    • I second that! Love Awake, think it is one of the best new series on TV, and hope it gets renewed! For people here who haven’t watched it yet, please give it a chance! It’s kind of like the U.K. version of Life on Mars meets Fringe, but a bit more based in reality than those shows, so you don’t have to be a Sci-Fi fan to like it,

  7. Linderella says:

    Sorry, Matt – I went right to the details and never read the byline. My deepest apologies…you are totally awesome, too!

  8. Carmen says:

    Personally, Tig/Gemma is more interesting to me but I’m glad it won’t come to fruititon… yet? There’s mutual care, respect, and definitely lust there. But they’re also my favorite “friendship” on the show and I wouldn’t want to see that get ruined by them hooking up all the way.

    Now what is all this bs of “Tara as Queen.” That’s laughable. No one could ever fill that role as fiercly as Gemma does/did. I don’t buy this whole “Tara morphing into Gemma” thing they’ve got going on. :/ That was the thing that bugged me the most about season 4.

    • I'mnotwritingmyrealnamehere says:

      I know this was posted ages ago but I agree 100%. I really, really hate the whole Tara as Queen thing, it’s really the only thing annoying me about the show. I adore Gemma, and although I’ve never cared all that much about Tara, I much preferred her in the earlier seasons. Nobody could or should replace Gemma, if they really play on that I think I’ll find it tough to watch. After all, Gemma put most of her life into taking care of those guys and suddenly Tara is supposed to be in charge?! *grumble grumble*
      Also agree on the Tig/Gemma thing, their relationship is fascinating and even if they don’t get together, their interactions are always great and they really do have chemistry.

  9. Jay says:

    Awesome castle, bones, and psych scoops! Can’t wait for more castle/bones Mondays lol and I can’t wait for psych to return after the finale!

  10. henry says:

    I just hope they don’t screw up Caskett like the House crew did with Huddy, or something so anticlimax like in Bones with Brennan and Booth…

    • Nikita says:

      I’m quite a skeptic myself but I honestly don’t think they’ll screw them up. House and Cuddy were doomed from the beginning, the writers and such kept insisting there was no way they could last and still have House remain the same person. B & B crashed with the Hannah plot and sank with Brennan falling pregnant before the audience ever witnessed them as a couple. I understand they had to kinda go with the pregnancy thing since ED was expecting and as cute as they are as now, it was just completely rushed and so much of their joureny, as a couple, went unseen. It’s been a slow season for Castle but there’s plenty of room for them to redeem themselves and I think they will. Beckett has finally (on screen) acknowledged she has feelings for Castle and wants to do something about it. I’m remarkably sure that C&B are Ausiello’s Blind Item concerning ‘a popular network couple having sex for the first time’. I really can’t see C&B being one of those couples that has sex one episode and then contemplate moving in together, the next; there’s a lot of obstacles they need to overcome, so I think they’ll take their time with things.

    • M. says:

      Huddy was awesome-a one of a kind onscreen pair. I remember so many people liked them when I watched that show. They were just really enjoyable and real and not sappy. I think they were my favorite ship of all time back in the day. Too bad the people behind the show decided to do what they did with them. But that’s all moot at this point, so no need for me to dwell, I guess.
      I like B & B but I never got any other vibe than brother and sister from them so I’m not so disappointed as some were by the ship. I am still watching “Bones” and enjoying it, however, and I think Hart Hanson is doing a very good job handling the hookup of his leads, in spite of the feared “curse” from one TV show in the 80’s that has sent many a grown man/show boss trembling. I admire that he had the guts to go there and proved if you handle it right, it can be done.
      “Castle” has made me very happy this season and I’m very much looking forward to the final three episodes of the season. Glad to hear Michael Dorn is coming back. Matt always gets some of the best scoop! Thanks, Matt! :)

    • Tom says:

      FWIW I think “Huddy” was another sad example where the writers waited too long to play the relationship card. House was already in serious decline by the time they got around to Huddy. It just became a “hail Mary” to save the show — and it failed. That seems to be the typical pattern: tease a relationship until fans get fed up and start to bail. Then quickly write a relationship into the script to halt the ratings decline. Then over-do it and make the whole show about “the relationship” and forget about the other things that brought fans to the show. Then scratch your head and wonder why the death spiral only intensified after writing the relationship into the script. Then blame the Moonlighting curse and look for a new job. It sure seems like Castle is following that same strategy of doom. We’ll see. If done well the Caskett thing could work well. But after this season of Castle, I don’t have a lot of confidence it will be handled well.

      • @Tom says:

        I think Marlowe will pull it off. I think Hanson did a good job with what he had to work with, with ED getting pregnant. But I think it would serve him well to throw a little fluff in there for the people who feel like they missed out on it with the whirlwind courtship. Another show I know that could easily pull it off is that mega hit, “NCIS” with their popular couple, Tony and Ziva. Glasberg has proven himself a good show boss and the show is stronger than ever right now. They know how to balance character’s lives out with the procedural and the time is right for where their characters are at this point in the series.

        I think there’s some truth to what you say regarding House and Cuddy. They did wait too long and as a result they lost a chunk of viewers. I knew people who left in season six when they threw Lucas into the mix because they were tired of waiting. I also agree that “House” was starting to show signs of decay by the time they got around to it. They had still had some really good moments but not nearly as many as before. So by that time, one of the best things they had left on the show was House and Cuddy and their relationship, which was always a great strength of the show.

        But as for some mysterious “curse” surrounding TV series if they get their leads together, to me, and I’m not superstitious mind you, it’s a load of bunk. Anything can be done on a series, in a story with the proper writers and show boss. You just have to know your fans, know what they like, keep true to the story, and keep your product high quality. I can understand fear of changing the dynamics of the show and whatnot, but you have to change to some degree or stagnate, risk growing boring. Let the characters grow but don’t change the procedural part and don’t let it take over the show.
        I remember “The X-Files”, when it came out I loved the show and Mulder and Scully had a fantastic dynamic. But their characters grew and their lives evolved and the show was still good. I remember Chris Carter at the beginning of the show didn’t want or intend to get Mulder and Scully together. But he did. He did it for his fans. I was there along with him at the beginning, not wanting to risk the dynamic. And if, in season 2 or 3, you would’ve told me that Scully would end up pregnant and it was Mulder’s, I would’ve laughed my a^^ off and told you it sounded ridiculous and that the show would’ve obviously jumped the shark by then. I would’ve been wrong.

        Carter put his leads together and made sure he kept true to the show and its mythology, he did it without compromising the show’s core (even though I would’ve thought it couldn’t be done, it could be and it was) and he made it interesting, fulfilling and true to the characters. To this day Mulder and Scully and his show are icons of television. Anytime it comes up in a conversation with fans anywhere there is a deep respect and love for the show. “The Closer” is another show that got Brenda and Fritz together and eventually got them married and did it right. It can be done. You just have to do it with the right timing, balance out the procedural part with the ship, don’t let it overtake the show but don’t ignore it either. It’s all about balance and a good show boss who’s not afraid to do it, that knows his fans and what they like and finds a good way to do that and still keep true to his show.

    • henry says:

      Yeah, I mean, Huddy had intense chemistry and the House staff waited far too long for them to decide “OK, let’s make ’em a couple” and then the writers just made a hot mess out of their relationship, even though I really enjoyed them together and then it just ended because House just refused to change. I like House, and I still keep watching but seriously I think House needs to grow up or maybe a hug. I used to like his character but now it annoys me. I feel like there really has been no character development at all. Always acting the same. With B & B, it was so blah… I mean, gaining momentum more and more and you see that the time is coming and they are going to acknowledge the feelings for each other and then you just see Tempe pregnant and skipped on the journey they had to take to get there, it just felt so rushed, that you just scratch your head and try to fill the blanks. Thank God this season has been great and at least you can see their dynamic as a couple. It feels a little weird at times but I’ll buy it… So far they’re managing the relationship well, at least that’s what I think…

    • Jillian says:

      I think B&B are awesome. I didn’t care for how they got together, but I love their interaction in that last episode and I love baby Christine. I don’t care what happens with Castle and Beckett. I think they have good partner/friendship chemistry…but I definitely don’t think they have that “once in a lifetime love” chemistry…but I hope it works out for all the fans that ship them.

      • @Jillian says:

        I think C & B have better chemistry, as in hotness, but I like B & B too and I think both couples have that once in a lifetime vibe. Honestly, I like both shows and couples. The only reason I compare them here is because that is what everyone is discussing and it’s interesting. :)

        • Jillian says:

          I agree. I just started watching Castle, and I’m happy either way, if they stay friends/partners or get together right now, but they could grow on me. I don’t think there is anything wrong with comparing both show and couples. I like both shows too.:)

          • luzmelain says:

            See if you’re still happy with Castle once you get to season 4. The first two seasons are brilliant, though.

  11. dave says:

    how is it that psych is already over i feel like it just came back like a month ago :( i hope we dont have to wait until October 2012 for season 7 agreed?

    • Jules says:

      agreed. My poor shipper heart. And I heard there was a HUGE cliffhanger to end the season. we can’t wait too long, now can we?

    • Michael says:

      I THINK they are coming back in July

    • ej says:

      Thats because it did only come back about a month ago. Love USA but Jeez, could you possibly make the seasons any shorter? come on!

    • Psych is renewed for another season. They did this during the first half of the season. James Roday and Dule Hill revealed it on youtube before announcing it to the press. The season felt short because of the break. It was the standard 16 episodes.

  12. audrey says:

    Woohoo! Dr. Burke, the shipper is baaack. Come on, Caskett, behave like you should ;)

  13. Kristina says:

    Those who slay together, slay together which means are Clay/Gemma are endgame. END OF STORY. I love Tig but all I see between he & Gemma is a friendship. Working out the Tig/Clay dynamic this season should be interesting.
    Kurt Sutter is my king.

  14. Kate says:

    Thanks for the Castle info. I really can’t wait for the last few episodes of the season. The last few episodes have been brutal to those of us who love to watch Castle and Beckett together. I hope I’m not wrong in expecting big things before the end of the season!

  15. Renata says:

    Thanks for the Psych scoop :)

  16. Lauren says:

    Bones <3 I love castle too but I'd love for all the castle fans to stop bashing Bones. both shows are awesome :)

    • Jillian says:

      Yes! Thank you! There are some people who fans of BOTH shows and don’t it like when people bash either show.

  17. Jake says:

    Revenge is pathetic…it should get AXED

  18. luzmelain says:

    Mostly, I’m waiting for Beckett to get her bleeping detective skills back. Are you really expecting us to believe that the ace detective can’t figure out Castle heard her for five freaking weeks? And that it takes a therapist to maybe, just maybe put that idea in her head? The same plot could have been serviced without making her an idiot — she still might not know what to do about it. So instead of having Beckett take a month to screw up her courage up to say ‘yes I want you’ we get a month of ‘gee, I don’t know what’s happened’ and ‘hey Lanie should I tell him I like him while he’s acting like a d^ck?, and the whole thing will be resolved by shrinkus-ex-machina in two and a half minutes?

    God, when I think how good this season started, I could cry for what a load of bollocks it’s turned into. The dullest, most illogical, most cliche ridden choices imaginable, and every spoiler that comes out just sounds worse and worse. At this point, I don’t like either character any more, they look like they’d be a Huddy-proportion disaster together, and there’s no part of watching two people torture each other because the showrunner won’t let them have a freaking conversation that’s fun. So, since clearly nothing is going to redeem this mess this year (and no,a shipperbone kiss or a roll in the hay cannot undo this level of damage, particularly not in 42 minutes) and it looks like next year is going to be just more stalling tactics, I actually can’t see any point in watching another ep while Marlowe is at the helm. He took what had to be one of the most dynamic pairings on TV and killed it stone dead.

    Now, if ABC gets wise and fires his hack ass, it might be worth coming back.

  19. bamafan1321 says:


    You’re dragging the relationship out too much… people I’ve talked to are tired of watching and waiting on Castle and Beckett to get together. Do it now before you start losing your audience!!!