Castle Boss: Rick's Behavior 'Weirds Beckett Out,' in Stepping Stone to 'Very Emotional' Finale

Castle fans should be prepared to thank “The Limey” – and Lanie – for giving Beckett the kick in the well-tailored slacks she needs in tonight’s episode (ABC, 10/9c), possibly nudging the lady cop into ‘fessing her feelings for the newly disenfranchised Rick.

Ask Ausiello: Scoop on a Castle Comeback and the Season 4 Finale

Whereas past Castle episodes injecting a preternaturally attractive interloper have served to rouse jealousy on one side or the other of this Will They/Won’t They couple, here the presence of a handsome Scotland Yard detective (played by Neighbours‘ Brett Tucker) — and how he doesn’t ruffle Rick’s feathers — convinces Kate something is amiss.

“We handle [this third party] significantly differently,” series creator Andrew W. Marlowe tells TVLine. “It’s not designed to be a love triangle, as we’ve seen in some of the other episodes. Instead, he comes in as an outside influence, and forces Beckett to come to terms with some of Castle’s behavior.”

Namely, how the usually irkable author doesn’t launch into protective mode. “Whereas normally Castle would be jealous and competitive, [this time] he’s not – and that weirds Beckett out,” says Marlowe.

Especially since Kate is already curious about her partner in crimesolving’s demeanor coming out of last week’s episode, in which – unbeknownst to her – he learned that she does in fact recall everything about her shooting, including his profession of love.

Marlowe maintains that despite the few clues afforded her last week, Beckett has not pieced together Castle’s discovery. Instead, “At the beginning of this episode she’s trying to figure out why the change in his behavior.” To that end, she has a(n overdue!) conversation with gal pal Lanie, “Who’s like, ‘This guy cares about you and you keep him at arm’s length,'” Marlowe previews. “It really forces Beckett to confront what she wants and whether she needs to declare her [own feelings].”

Castle Hot Shots: Beckett Glams Up for a Case… and a New Man?

As one might surmise, “The Limey” portends to be an important episode, “a stepping stone along the way to the finale,” says Marlowe. And how is the show boss characterizing the Season 4 capper (airing May 7)?

“It’s a very emotional finale, one where we put a lot of our cards on the table,” he promises. “Our characters have been talking around stuff and not dealing with some things for quite a while, and this is a finale in which circumstances really force them to confront it directly.”

Hmm, sounds to us like “Caskett” fans might finally get at least a portion of what they’ve been waiting for….? Marlowe declined to take that bait, only teasing: “We’ll see!”

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  1. Jules says:

    Snoozefest. C’mon this show needs to step up it’s game. Same ol’ junk over again. Not impressed with S4 so far…

    • A says:

      How can you not be impressed with season 4? It has been the best season with the best criminal cases and the best casket story line

      • classiCastle says:

        Episodes 10 through about 17 were unnecessary and head scratchers in terms of both cases (WWIII? really?) and relationship issues. Where was the forward movement?

        • DL says:

          Regarding “WWIII” I actually thought the Jennifer Beals episodes were pretty entertaining, and the insight into Castle’s relationship with her (as well as a teaser on Castle’s father) provided enough “forward movement” for my taste.

      • Allison says:

        Not so much.. until last week’s episode, we barely moved forward from last season’s finale. A few tidbits here and there of Beckett at her psychiatrist’s office, sure, but then episodes and episodes of no movement whatsoever with their relationship. Last season, we got a little something at the end of each episode at least – a nice moment like the lottery conversation – and then a whole lot of awesome in the second half of the season leading up to the finale. This isn’t a bad show this season, but it’s a letdown after season 3.

    • JAA says:

      So far, I’m loving this season, it’s all about the journey, and I wouldn’t want to miss it just because some people are pretty obsessed with Castle and Beckett getting together already, we’re almost there anyway. Tonight’s episode sounds interesting. I can’t wait to see it.

      • luzmelain says:

        It is indeed all about the journey. I have all the patience in the world, but not for making Castle an arse and Beckett an idiot, which is how the end-season is playing out. And that after boring me to death the entire winter.

        Frankly, I’m quite happy not to have them together at all, ever, at this point, if this is the only way Marlowe can think of to do it. I’m finding both characters (who I used to adore) increasingly unpleasant to watch.

      • Allison says:

        A very uneven journey, though. It feels like they’ve been at a standstill, and now suddenly everything is happening. It would have made more sense to stretch out the good moments over the whole season, instead of having these boring procedural eps that didn’t move the overarching plot forward.

  2. I’m so tired of waiting. Either they should be together or not, at this point. There is only so much dancing around it they can do.

    • I’m afraid i’ll be just as disappointed as the Booth/Brennan story. I was really hoping they would get together, but when they did it was just underwhelming. And now i just don’t care at all.

      • Tarc says:

        The issue with Booth/Brennan was they waited so long, I no longer cared. In fact, I was already starting to watch less and less. I don’t watch Bones anymore because of it, and I honestly could not care less about the baby (and Bones used to be one of my favorite shows).

        • DL says:

          For me it’s just that Booth/Brennan don’t have as good chemistry as Castle/Beckett. Both couples have great banter, but B&B never really brought it with the kind of smoldering, romantically-charged eye contact that Castle and Beckett bring to the table. I know that wouldn’t fit the Brennan character as much, but I find that aspect of their relationship lacking nonetheless.

          I haven’t seen more than a few episodes of “Bones” this season so I don’t know if it’s changed, but I also think Booth should have started to call his better half by her first name, even just occasionally. I know “Temperance” or “Tempy” is more cumbersome than “Bones” but still calling her “Bones” while she’s carrying his baby doesn’t do much to amp up their romance. Meanwhile, when Castle calls Beckett “Kate” during heightened moments, it adds an extra emotional charge.

          I think when Castle and Beckett finally do get together (hopefully at the end of this season), it’ll turn out much better than Booth and Brennan, because Fillion and Katic just have more raw heat between them onscreen.

          • John says:

            Didn’t fit with the current Brennan character, the rather damaged Bones; but the Bones in the pilot just having ended a shack up with a guy? The one who recognized a booty call when she saw one? Now that character would have been good a fine emotional fit for Booth. The writers painted this corner themselves.

  3. Kim R says:

    I’m an avid fan of this show & enjoy all the character’s etc. BUT dragging this out too long is going to make me tune out. This has been going on long enough. They are grownups for goodness sake. It is frustrating as a viewer and I am hoping that the PTB don’t leave it dangling in the air yet again at season’s end. It’s ridiculous that someone hasn’t said something at this point. They’re not teenagers! :)

    • katey says:

      Totally agree, it’s getting ridiculous.

      • CastleLove1120 says:

        Everybody chill; they’re so much more than likely getting together in the season finale… It’s called ‘Always,’ for God’s sake. And it’s not as though every TV show doesn’t do this. Castle is great and people just need to be patient for, what, three more episodes. Simmer down, please!

        • luzmelain says:

          It’s the journey, isn’t that what everyone keeps saying? Only this journey has been limping along with flat tires since Kill Shot. That’s what has people pissed off, not that they haven’t done it yet. The time to do it is before it’s stretched too far, whether that’s three seasons or seven. And having to make them into a pair of idiots who can’t see the coffee cup on the desk, or have an adult conversation is stretching too far.

          The Marlowe Trust is bankrupt. I don’t believe a word that man says anymore. I guarantee you, we’ll have lovely Caskett for maybe an ep at most before he rips them apart so we can spend all of next season watching him pull out the same old tired roadblocks.

          Oh, except I won’t be watching anymore.

        • Ndaktana says:

          Always — FRIENDS !!!!

  4. Susan says:

    Quickly losing interest in this show. These new tidbits are not keeping me interested. Also, is it just me or is Nathan looking horribly bloated/old this season; he’s not aging really well. I hope they get Caskett together soon because Stana is gorgeous but Nathan’s got a short shelf life going by the way he looks. Get them together before they become seniors.

    • Jane says:

      I agree I love Nathan but this season he looks really tired /old and chubby.He is only 41 but he looks 50 . Here you have one of the reasons why the show is doing poorly with the young demo.

    • baroquett says:

      Funny, everybody always talks about how gorgeous Stana is and I don’t really find her that pretty or sexy. Never did. She looks average to me. I actually find Lanie much sexier and the girl who plays daughter much prettier. Don’t know why, may be has something to do with me being a straight girl and all haha, but I don’t see anything special in Beckett. About Nathan I agree he needs to slim down. He’s the only sexy guy on Castle to me though, still (and I’m 25 so I’m in that demo). Don’t know, I don’t like Espo and Ryan is just a cutie you want to cuddle. Nathan is the only man there, thin or not. btw don’t think he ever been slim on Castle except may be half of season 1. And yeah, this season is the worst, nothing happens and characters act weird, like they lost their core traits or something. I don’t even ask for Caskett, just for characters to stop acting dumb and start making sense.

      • DL says:

        I’m a 26 year old guy and I have an enormous crush on Stana. For my taste in women she’s just exquisite, totally gorgeous. She’s my #1 TV crush for sure.

  5. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    The comments on here are hilarious. They are complaining that the show isn’t making progress in the relationship…meanwhile that is EXACTLY what is happening! Kate is getting the kick in the pants she needs to finally confront her feelings for Castle, it’s a step forward kids!

    • Samara says:

      x3. That’s the point of this episode. I know that Marlowe is coming through for us. I’m enjoying the ride till we get there. I’m sure this and Castle’s little secret are going to come out and be dealt with this season and what of the promise of something that will make us happy but we wouldn’t expect it re: Caskett. If shows do ships I like them to do it right not too fast, not to give too much too soon (I do want more progress this season. I just know we’ll get it, so I’m not worried). I’ve seen ships go both ways. The best ones are the ones who don’t give too much or too little balance and pacing are very important. So far, I’m satisfied with the pacing Marlowe has set. Looking forward to not only this episode but the rest of the season and season 5. :)

    • Audrey says:


      I’ve been loving this season..

    • Allison says:

      I’m psyched about recent developments, but they didn’t need 20 episodes to get there. What was the point of the first half of the season?

    • shirley says:

      I agree that Kate has been getting the kick in the pants. I love the pair together. she has been leading him around because she knows he care as does she. being able to admit to something and make a committment may not be her strong point. The writer have put the ball in her court to make a move. Lets hope it’s soon. Comment by shirley April 4,2012 at 2:15 pm

  6. Jane says:

    I think Mr Marlowe is not going to give us caskett this season . They let us believe that at the paley center but now in his interviews is very clear that he changed his mind. It´s sad because I don´t want to stop watching the show (I love the actors) but I also don´t like to waste my time in a series in which nothing happens , 4 years of waiting is too much.

    • Nerwen Aldarion says:

      Have you seen the title for the finale? It’s “Always”

      Me thinks something BIG is going to happen if the finale is named for Castle and Beckett’s version of “as you wish”…

      • Jane says:

        Yes , I saw that but I don´t want them together for 5 minutes and then something happens (Castle´s secret , JB case, etc) and they keep them apart.I want some resolution.

        • A says:

          But they also said that JB case comes back on season finale, and that we’ll start getting some answers…

        • Samantha says:

          Speaking of JB case – I think it’s become to conspiracy based and big. Personally I liked the info. that we got in 1×05 (A Chill Goes Through Her Veins) – JB was killed and it was random.
          Now we have police corruption and political ties – it’s just too much. Just my little opinion through.

      • Tara says:

        we may not get caskett as a defined relationship. it truly could just be them finally getting it all out, laying it on the table and then saying that they need to start fresh. there’s been some trouble in their relationship and so they need to clean the slate and start like they don’t have all this baggage.

    • maryploppins says:

      I am just as frustrated as everyone else, but I have zero idea where you would have gotten the impression that Marlowe has “changed his mind” on Caskett after PaleyFest. I’m pretty sure all the episodes would have already been written at that point anyway.

      • Jane says:

        they are still writing the finale according with Marlowe´s wife.

        • maryploppins says:

          They had to at least have had the basic story arc planned though. The finale is titled as “Always” so I still don’t understand what it was that Andrew said that would have indicated that he changed his mind on getting them together.

      • Samantha says:

        Just an FYI: They hadn’t written the season finale as of the night of Paleyfest. Probably an outline of what the story points would be though, just my guess.
        As of March 21st (per Terri’s tweet) they (she and Andrew) were still writing the season finale.

  7. Katherine says:

    Has everyone forgotten this is only the 4th season and 3rd full year of Castle’s run? I think the pace of their relationship has been great considering what we see on a lot of other shows. People always claim it’s not realistic but, a) it’s TV so they have to drag it out somewhat; and b) people don’t communicate in real life either. I’m happy with how things are going.

    • Nerwen Aldarion says:

      THANK YOU!!!! The voice of reason ladies and gentlemen!

    • Mo says:

      FINALLY!!! Thank you!!

    • Jessica says:

      agreed! & when Beckett and Castle finally do get together, people will be complaining anyways about how it has ruined “the dynamic” or it was too soon! Ugh, so many complainers, thank you for having a different and realistic opinion!!

    • JAA says:

      well said

    • Nev says:

      I agree as well. Everyone who is complaining that the chemistry has been dragged out too long would also have complained that the writers put them together too soon. I look at it this way: the fact that the writers are giving these characters the opportunity to work out their feelings towards each other in their own minds, means that when they do finalyl confess their feelings to each other, the result will be that much sweeter and they’ll have a very solid foundation to build a relationship upon.

      And to all those who think Nathan is looking fat, check out the pic of him in the Green Lantern t-shirt from the “Geek God” cover that came out a while ago. He ain’t looking fat there! It’s just the button down shirts they give him to wear. But if that’s the best excuse you all can come up with for why you all of a sudden hate the show, then I’d say Mr. Marlowe has little to worry about. How petty can we all be?

      • DL says:

        Nathan had most definitely gained some weight (though the shirts don’t help), but actually in the past several episodes he looks like he’s been slimming down again. You can tell by the jawline. ;)

        • Duckyblonde says:

          He’s getting ready for all those love scenes …. ;)

        • Linda says:

          Last certifiable prejudice in this country is weight………he’s adorable, I don’t care what he weighs……….there’s about two people in every hundred that weight exactly what they want to – and the judgements about it……….so unimportant.

          • RoadSinger says:

            Agreed and I’ll even admit that I like a guy with a few extra pounds. He still looks good.

    • @Katherine says:

      Best post here. Reasonable and patient. It’ll come. I have faith.

    • Tarc says:

      Then I think you are in a increasingly shrinking percentage. It’s time, and waiting much long and you’ll get the same loss of viewership that Bones is suffering. Hart waited way too long on Bones.

    • Jackie says:


    • Allyson says:

      I’m with you here 100%. This is much more realistic than a lot of the other relationships I’ve seen played out on TV, and frankly I think the pace has been perfect. No show is without flaws, and I don’t pretend that Castle is an exception, but what flaws there are are completely overshadowed by the genius and creative writing that is Marlowe and Co. Some people are just impatient and think everything gets tied up in neat little packages with bows in a 43 minute time frame–not even close to reality.

  8. Samantha says:

    “It’s a very emotional finale, one where we put a lot of our cards on the table,” he promises. “Our characters have been talking around stuff and not dealing with some things for quite a while, and this is a finale in which circumstances really force them to confront it directly.”

    Doesn’t this sound like the same thing Marlowe promised in the season 3 finale (Knockout)? They’d lay their cards on the table – what did we get last time? Castle and Beckett talking about how they don’t talk about anything? The didn’t talk about the big pink elephant in the corner, just that they *don’t* talk about it.
    Sounds like the same BS to me. Hoping it’s not but not holding my breathe for anything anymore.
    This show is like banging your head against the wall with absolutely no result but a damn headache!
    I’m no fans of Bones but I find it funny that Marlowe thought he of all showrunners had the nerve to critique Hart Hanson. His leads are like a bunch of adolescents, actually I shouldn’t insult teenage relationships by comparison, they don’t talk about anything! The relationships on Pretty Little Liars are far more mature than that of Castle and Beckett. Their in love? I don’t see it anymore and it’s a shame bc Nathan & Stana have amazing chemistry.

    • Mo says:

      First of all, the chemistry is not gone: THEY’RE (as in they are) still very obviously in love – they’re just oblivious to the other person’s feelings. Secondly, comparing Castle (who, while in Season 4, have technically only had three and a half seasons including the initial half season) and Bones is unfair. Bones fans literally waited almost a decade for that which Castle friends get now. It’s a Mars and a bowl of soup comparison, here, people. ;)

      • Mo says:

        *has technically

      • Samantha says:

        I hate the Bones v Castle thing as well but Marlowe furthered this ridiculous “rivalry” by throwing out his opinion and taking a shot at Hanson’s progression of his leads. Again, he doesn’t have room to talk.
        What has he done that’s so much more different than Hart where it pertains to Castle/Beckett? Marlowe just doesn’t tell his audience to screw off and this is my show and I’ll do with it what I please like Hanson. Marlowe is not corning the market on the Will They/Won’t They market … he’s using the same plots, tricks, roadblocks as every other showrunner has in the past.
        If he really wanted to be different than break the mole and put his leads together already. As much as some reading my comments might not believe – I think Marlowe and his team are talented and capable enough to do it. They have something going for them – Nathan and Stana. They have some of *the* best (as much as Marlowe & Co try to stifle it) sexual chemistry/chemistry period that Ive ever seen on primetime (shared only, current, with Maggie Q and Shane West “Nikita”, Past by Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz “Buffy”). USE IT!

        Marlowe said audiences want to be frustrated (which I hate, don’t tell me what I like. TV is an escape from real life, last thing I want is to be frustrated with entertainment too) but I’m sure he didn’t mean to the point of tuning out! Which, FYI, has happened this season – just take a look at the ratings 18-49 the most important! Just saying!

  9. Karen says:

    I cant wait and remember what stana and nathan said that caskett shippers would be happy at seasons end do I think they will get together? no i don’t but i wouldn’t mind a conversation to see where they both stand

  10. Linderella says:

    I agree as well. This is not high school. Speaking of acting like a grown-up, Lanie could use a lesson herself. Marriage is not a four-letter word and Javier is not the enemy. If Castle and Beckett don’t get their acts together, this will be my last season of watching.

    • Yet how many grown-ups actually act ‘like grown-ups’? I for one know plenty with commitment issues, communication issues, etc., and plenty who do think marriage is a four letter word. Frustrating in real-life too, but there it is.

  11. Samantha says:

    Comment on another board that I agree with:
    …..”interested in his comments about {British guy}, it seems clear that Castle will simply not react overtly and this gets Kate thinking..why not? And you know that really annoys me because it further shows her in a poor light for me. She clearly likes him acting jealous when she’s with some other guy (even if it’s not strictly “with”), it’s like a boost to her ego, she’s already got Rick by the b***s on her terms just waiting for something which may never happen to occur and yet she’s only really ticked off and suspicious when he doesn’t act the jealous aggressor and start making a fuss over the man she’s on the arm of? That doesn’t please me I have to say, it’s just seems really manipulative on her part. It’s like she just enjoys having Rick as her wind up toy for general amusement. I hate what Marlowe appears to be doing to these characters, especially to Kate. I’m getting to dislike her apparent modus operandi in relation to this relationship with every passing episode.”

    Couldn’t have said it better.

    • JAA says:

      Since when does Beckett like making Castle jealous? Have you missed this season? She’s in love with him, she’s been all love eyeballs over him since Rise, she doesn’t want to hurt Castle, that’s why she’s trying to make herself a better person, because once she goes there with Castle she wants their relationship to work, she’s a one and done girl.

  12. Monica says:

    At this point I´ve already lost interest in caskett but what I want is that they bring funny and witty Castle (the character) back. I spent the weekend rewatching season 1 and 2 and he was a lot of fun but now he is boring as hell.

    • Samantha says:

      Season 1 and 2 (where Rene Echevarria was co-showrunner FYI) was fantastic! Castle was fun and witty. Now he’s just a puppy dog being lead around on a leach by Beckett. Make no mistake his b***s are firmly in Beckett’s leather jacket pockets.

      Being in love doesn’t turn you into a totally different person, for the worse, at least not in my opinion. If this is how Castle acts when in love than give me season 1 and 2 when he liked Beckett and they had fun with each other.

      Now he apologizes before he even gets out a thought with just a look from Beckett. She insults him but it’s supposed to be “funny”. Im season 1 and 2, she did that but the difference? He gave it right back to her – he gave as good as he got – and that was fun and funny. I miss that Richard Castle immensely!

      • John says:

        Agreed: the passive aggressive sniping and throwing blondes in Beckett’s face simply validate what may be a concern she has: that at his core he’s still a skirt chasing jerk.

        IMHO with his reaction to her revelation it may very well be true: instead of the confrontation to work it out he went sullen and childish.

  13. Meg says:

    I guess I don’t get why people can’t just enjoy the ride… It’s like listening to my three-yr-old “I want it NOW! B/C I do and that’s why!” It’s just a TV show, guys….

  14. Tom says:

    I think they’ve lost me. Just reading this I realized I don’t care anymore. This sounds like just about every other episode this season. Just one never-ending Caskett tease. Castle used to be a fun show. It’s stale. The writing used to be witty and the actors looked like they were enjoying themselves. This season Fillion in particular has looked bored. The rest of the regular cast also look like they’re in it mostly for the paycheck. I’ll watch the remaining episodes of this seasons, but honestly, I think they should end this show and not do a fourth season. I fear next season is going to be a slow painful death for this show.

  15. George2k says:

    guess I don’t get why people can’t just enjoy the ride… It’s like listening to my three yr old crying “I want it NOW!

  16. Ashley says:

    What’s wrong with you people!? What’s keeping this show alive is the fact that these two people who desperately love each other have to face challenges, just like every relationship. These two are just in special circumstances because of Beckett’s issues with accepting her feelings and finding courage and it’s taking a little longer.

    Marlowe has specifically stated so many times that these two are going to end up together – that was his ultimate plan. So why can’t you just enjoy the moments these characters have? In my opinion, the longer the build up, the greater it’ll be when it finally happens.

    How many of you out there can say that you’re not going to be bored the second they get together? When you’re not happy with them apart, you want them together, then they’re together and you’re bored. Pick a side, stick with it, stop your complaining. If YOU, personally, hate the writing, move on, but don’t diss a show that has fantastic writers, a genius cast and a bright future ahead when Caskett does eventually get together. Trust in the writers, please.

    • jonstewart4president says:

      Some of us don’t find the storytelling organic with how these characters are getting together, or not, as the case may be.

      And I don’t see that these people have relationships like real people do…at least people who aren’t in middle school. The last two seasons have seen obvious stalls in the stories and personalities of the characters, which don’t make sense from one episode to the next, and for no other reason that the show wants to drag out the WT/WT stuff.

      I won’t get bored by the minute they get together, if the show does a better job or writing them together, than they have done thus far artificially keeping them apart. Other shows have managed to get the leads together, and not fall apart. The only so-called “Moonlighting Curse” that really exists, is the one where the show’s writing has suffered overall to the point that the only thing left, is putting the leads together. But when that’s the only thing left to watch for, of course once it happens, people will stop watching.

      The show used to be fun overall, and yes moving towards Castle/Beckett becoming a couple, but doing so with better banter and wit. And there is the fact that the show decided not to really show more of the secondary characters and make the show more of an ensemble. Bits of Ryan/Esposito during the case, and bits of Jenny/Ryan or Esposito/Lanie, don’t count. So they don’t even have that to take some of the pressure off of the Caskett romance.

      Why should I trust in the writers, when they have given nothing to trust them by? I judge them by what they actually produce, not closing my eyes and wishing for something better.

    • RoadSinger says:

      The side I’m picking is that I will not be disappointed when they get together (unless they make us wait another season!) because I think the writers can maintain the chemistry even if they are a couple. With that in mind, I was really disappointed with tonight’s episode. I felt really sad that Beckett tried and Castle blew her off — again. And then she calls Scotland Yard?? I just wanted her to go home and — think about what she’s done (!), maybe take a hot bath and cry a little, retrace her steps, make a little “evidence board”/timeline…OK, I’m getting carried away.

  17. lame says:

    Continuity is the problem. It started to vanish in season three and now in season four it is but a mirage, that we see glimmering in the in the far corners of almost ever episode.
    If you were to run episodes 4×01-4×02-4×05-4×07-4×09-4×12,consecutively you would see continuity. The other episodes stand alone with no connection whatsoever to the aforementioned. In fact you could run all the other episodes in with season three you would not notice the difference.
    I’ll have to wait and see if 4×19 thru 4×23 will follow the six I have mentioned. If so that would make eleven of twenty-three to tell the continuous story we have all been following. With a real effort [ I don’t believe story telling is easy ] we could have gotten the continuous arch this entire season.

    • Allison says:

      Totally agree. I swear sometimes I watch and think they’re purposely putting filler episodes in between to stretch out the good stuff.

  18. MiKayla says:

    When two people keep secrets from each other, this is what happens. Honestly, they are trying to work through their problems, let em do it; wouldn’t it be better? I’m absolutely pro-Caskett 100% so don’t tell me I’m vein unreasonable. Yes, WE know both sides of their arguments but THEY don’t. They need the time to sort themselves out, but, in my opinion, they are getting closer (: slow and steady wins the race, no matter the attraction.

    • Jackie says:

      I agree. As a viewer, when I get frustrated by the amount of time that has passed, I have to remind myself that we’re not watching in real time. Four months didn’t pass between Beckett being shot and then being rushed to the hospital. What is four years to us is not necessarily four years to the characters. Give ’em time.

  19. jonstewart4president says:

    I miss funny Castle the character, and witty Castle the show. So that even if Caskett weren’t together, at least the show would be fun to watch in the meantime.

    And I like, but don’t need Caskett to get together, per se, other than that they are ruining the characters and the show, just to avoid putting them together.

  20. Audrey says:

    Ugh! All these complaining are just impatient people doing their thing. People, if you go back and look at the past seasons and compared them to this season, then you’d see there are lot more going on this season. Yes, characters have been doing irrational, illogical, drama-inducing things, but it’s far more believable if you see yourself in the character’s shoes. They are human. They don’t get to see what a third person see (that’s us). And they make choices that sometimes make us want to jump in our television set and knock some senses into them. Yes, it was a bit of a shameless stalling on the writers’ part to make the characters react the way they did in “47 seconds,” but that’s just TV business. These characters are flawed human beings. They doing read minds. They do stupid things. Get over it, and be happy that Castle is still on our TV every Monday nights. Gzz!

    • Audrey says:

      I would like to add though, as the commenter above mentioned, I also miss the fun, playful Rick. And no, I’m not talking about the playboy Rick. I’m missing these kinds of exchange:

      Castle: What?
      Beckett: Nothing. It’s just that I’m so used in seeing you act like a 12 yr old all the time, it’s refreshing to see you as a father.
      Castle: Makes you want me, right?
      Beckett: ..And there’s the 12 yr old again.

      We need more banters between them!!

  21. Niki says:

    This post contains !!!!!SPOILERS!!!!!

    I can’t wait for the last four episodes with the spoilers in mind I did in my head come up with what is going to happen in each episode:

    Episode 20 (tonight): (like sad in the article) Kate thinks Castle is acting weird and tries to figurs our why, at the end of the episode she finds out that he heard her say that she remembers.

    Episode 21: Rick goes on a case with a other partner, Kate does not like but understands why, at the end he gets hurt, Kate gets made at Castles new partner, he says something in the like what do you care she says something like I love you you idiot of course I care, maybe they kiss.

    Of episode 22 and 23 I read almost none spoilers so its just what I think

    Episode 22: Castle realize he needs to tell Kate about his involvement in her mothers case, he tells her she gets mad.

    Episode 23: Kate is still mad at Castle for his involvement in her mothers case, but the get a new lead on the case so they decide to work to getter and they get the dragon, at the end of the episode Kate tells Castle she needs time to figure out who she really is with her mothers case solved, but say something that when she gets back she really wants to try and be with him. (because in don’t have fate in the fact that this summer they will be together and I don’t really want them to be because than we will miss the beginning of the relationship just like with B/B (on Bones) best of course would be if they do get together but the next season just picks up where they left up with out the 3 month time jump, but also don’t really see that happening)

    Ok this was a really long post but just wanted to say all of this! :D

  22. John DeMayo says:

    Guys, it’s pretty obvious that they’re building towards Castle and Beckett hooking up in the season finale. There is nothing else they can do in the finale that could possibly live up to last year’s episode.

    This season has very clearly been about the “secrets” that both Castle and Beckett are holding against each other. Anything short of a resolution of these secrets would be a let down, and I’m sure the producers know this.

    • Vannesa says:

      Agreed…but I don’t think it will be that long. As he’s been harbouring the secret about Kate’s Mom and Castle finding out that his father was a CIA agent this season…will prevent Castle from expressing his true feelings to Kate in order to protect her.

  23. Anna says:

    I’m glad castle is finally doing something. He’s just been a doormat for Beckett the whole season. He’s just been like a loyal puppy at her side waiting for her to acknowledge him and putting his life on the line numerous times

    I think it’s about time Castle stopped being totally selfish and put his relationship with his daughter over a possible future relationship with Beckett. And if Beckett really loved him she’d understand.

    I’m probably going to get copious amounts of flames with my opinion but that just happens to be how i feel about it.

  24. NotGushing says:

    I am happy for all of the people who are satisfied with the show, but I no longer am. This isn’t about impatience. I am more than willing to wait if there is good believable storytelling going on, but when my intelligence is being insulted and I am being pointlessly manipulated, I get fed up. I can easily flip the example of an impatient three year old who wants what they want right now to describe some viewers acceptance of substandard writing and lack of respect of their time and intelligence as something only a three year old would tolerate.

    Yes, this is just a TV show. Who said otherwise? That doesn’t change the fact that the quality has dropped and it is disappointing. The reason it isn’t possible for me to just sit back and enjoy the ride is because the ride isn’t going anywhere – just round and round in circles. I don’t care if I don’t know the exact route but I need to believe the people driving have a plan and will competently see me to the destination. I don’t think that anymore. .

    The writers have turned well-defined believable characters into buffoons. Kate, formerly sharp, tough and great at her job now has trouble holding onto her gun – people keep taking it from her. And, she can’t solve even the most obvious elements of any of her cases without Castle. She has been stripped of her power. And she has the emotional maturity level of a teenager. The writers have made her a weak mess, and Castle hasn’t fared any better.

    Witty and charming he is now just depressed.( Nathan Fillion looks completely miserable). Emotionally, Castle is too cowardly to express his feelings – and now from the promos for the next episode he is apparently knee-deep in a truly pathetic done-to-death mid-life crisis featuring his Ferrari and a flight attendant. Really? I am embarrassed for all involved. The actors and viewers all deserve better. This is bad enough that I will never get involved in another series that Marlowe has anything to do with for fear of being sucked into another pointless vortex.

    After a while you stop reaching for the carrot being dangled and ripped away because the outcome is predictable.

    • Christy says:

      This. And I would add that Beckett’s mother’s case has become more and more fantastical so that if/when it is solved it will not be believable. Already it is a stretch for me. I don’t mind being frustrated or “enjoying the ride” but i am not an idiot and i refuse to believe that the characters have the emotional maturity of three year olds…..whatever they’ve been through in the past.

  25. Anna says:

    P.S Is anyone else sick of the Beckett’s mum’s murder storyline? They’ve dragged it out for SOO long I just don’t give a crap who’s behind it. And beckett getting pissed at castle for hiding info about it has been done to death. Move on Andrew.

    • jonstewart4president says:

      Part of what hurt the show for me, was how big and convoluted the murder mystery about Beckett’s mother has gotten. I loved the X-Files, but part of that show’s problem with it’s mythology, was that they made it so big and twisted and kept on changing it, that they essentially wrote themselves into a corner.(which Chris Carter than proceeded to mess up even beyond any of that)

      I think Castle has done the same thing here, and what’s more, they aren’t really good at it. So that their attempts at shadowy mysteries and corruption, is just a huge, illogical and silly mess.

      I wish more for a resolution for the Beckett mom murder mystery, than I root for anything to move forward Caskett.

      • Anna says:

        Exactly. They should’ve lie it die with Montgomery. Just popping in the season opener felt like a lazy & desperate attempt to maintain conflict between Beckett and castle.

  26. Anja says:

    I’m actually loving Bones with Booth and Bones finally together. I’m not bored if a couple is together. I really like Castle. But I’m tired of waiting. It’s just the fact that Kate knows for almost a year that Castle is in love with her and sorry but I don’t understand that she still hasn’t told him that she is also in love with him. Because she is a cop and knows that they both are in danger every day and they are in their mid-thirties. You can’t waste any time. I knew from the moment Kate said the thing about ‘not putting things off anymore’ that nothing will happen in this ep. Again!!! And Castle acting like Kate and staying silent. I just don’t get why he didn’t say anything. In my opinion he should have exploded into her face. A good Caskett fight. That would have been great.

  27. tlc19 says:

    I’m so disenchanted with fans saying that they are disenchanted, lol. I think it’s our microwave, fast food, give-me-it-now-or-I’m-out society. Yes, I’m blaming it on society. It’s almost like people are incapable of waiting on something good – good things come to those who wait didn’t become a cliche because it’s a false statement, people. Cliches become such *because* of their truths. I don’t know… I’m just loving my Monday nights as I have been for the last 4 seasons, enjoying the progression (small as it may seem – hey, I’ve been in that relationship. The end result is pretty good, if you ask me), and hanging out for however long the Castle ride goes. It’s been a while since I’ve had a favorite show – I’m thankful for something to look for to on Mondays! I’m interested to see how this season ends – really, Mr. Marlowe can’t possibly get more sad than leaving for the Hamptons just as Kate’s about to tell him her feelings or Kate on the ground, dying from a gunshot wound, can he? I’m hopeful for some feelings to be told out loud, some discussion to be had, but I’m sure it won’t be wrapped up in a tidy bow at the end of the season. That’s television – that’s who-shot-J.R. and all the best cliffhangers… they leave us missing our characters over the summer and anticipating their return. But wait, that requires waiting… and an attention span. Some of you may be out of luck.

    • NotGushing says:

      And I am disenchanted with people interpreting thoughtful criticism of genuine failings of the show as nothing but childish impatience. The characters are not behaving in a way I find believable — they are being manipulated to move the storyline along in a lazy rdiculous way. This is bad writing.

      No amount of patience will make it better. And, the payoff at the end doesn’t repair the damage.

      • JAA says:

        the thing is what you don’t like may be what others love. The Johanna Beckett’s murder conspiracy is my favorite plot so far, so I’m hoping they add more twists and mysteries. I don’t want it to be resolved until the end of the series.

  28. tahina says:

    Ohh, I want it soo much, but dont want to go through Huddy’s bombshell all over again with these two to regret it. :(

  29. valezza says:

    ‘Irkable’ is not a word.

  30. Castleellen says:

    Ok people, seriously! Just enjoy the show. That’s what I do! I would love for castle and Beckett to get together, but imam just enjoying how it goes. Personally I think the best last episode of the season would be castles daughter goes off to college and Beckett comes over because castle is really sad, and then somehow they get to talking about castles past and ex-wife’s and why he got divorced-his fault or not? And ect. Then, ( this is completely unreasonable because it is spring,) but a huge blizzard comes in and Beckett has to stay the night. Then they show her laying bed thinking about castle, and castle thinking about Beckett. Then the episode ends with castles door knob turning, and the door opens but we don’t actually see Becketts face and then the episode ends, thus keeping the tension and making viewers want to see what the season premiere! Perfect huh?!

  31. Dan says:

    Just watched the episode…
    Sooooo bad…
    Really sad about the decline in the quality of writing on this show. Yet again Castle is boning some bimbo and Beckett is off to get her rocks off with a random guest star. Completely ignoring that they are adults and not silly teenagers… I thought they were past this? And the amount of secrets between them and her mothers case are just so silly now. Don’t they ever talk?
    This is just as bad as Bones, I moved on from that show after season 4, guess it’s time to do the same for Castle? :(

  32. Izzy says:

    I love this show, I adore the craziness and charming chemistry of the cast, but…What the heck has happen to the hard nose policewoman that Beckett once was? I understand Nathan is tall and Stana needs heels, but stiletto is not exactly most comfortable shoes let alone possible running after baddies. And then her hair! Good grief, no one in real life can achieve that alone, everyday for under an hour, and why is she getting blonder and blonder? I love her rich dark brown hair. Stana is a gorgeous woman, let’s not turns her into a generic Hollywood Barbie doll, please?

  33. Jennifer says:

    I’m really hoping the writers are gonna come through soon with these two otherwise just make it about the case. I know this show is alot about Beckett and Castle but I was also really hoping for a better explaination as to why Lanie and Espo are no longer together, that weak-ass excuse she gave Beckett was pure crap!

  34. Symce says:

    Tho I’m a shipper, I don’t see the big fuzz. It’s indeed the journey that should matter here. I for one like the slow buildup. The fact that both Castle and Beckett never really adress the issues, or even the building tension right now I’ll chalk up to them both being comfortable with the way things were before.

    A relationship complicates things, especially if it would fail. Now add that to the fact that Castle feels completely betrayed by knowing that Kate lied to her teeth about not remembering anything about when she got shot (including his I love you to her) and ofc he’ll go back regressing to the boyish guy with a bimbo on each arm. It’s like he’s trying to prove to himself that he doesn’t care, and that he can move on without her. The whole thing just really stung.

    Let’s not even get into the fact he’s hiding things from her as well (we’ll get to that bombshell in the finale I’d presume, which apparently is a two-parter, so take a guess)

    As long as the finale doesn’t end up with Beckett and Castle being apart/not in a relationship most of the episode, and then have Beckett’s last line be “I’m Pregnant, Its yours.” A-la the horribly bad season 6 finale of Bones (which made me stop watching completely) I’m good. AM has done a good job so far, let’s please give him some leeway.

  35. rachelle says:

    jesus god, i wish everyone would stop complaining! the show is awesome and well-written. people complain that Beckett and Castle are taking too long to get together, but you guys would be complaining if they got together too soon. i think 3 and a half seasons (considering season 1 had half the episodes of a regular season) is not a crazy amount of time to wait for them to get together. also, and i stress this, their relationship is not 100% of the show. if that’s all you’re watching for, then you’re missing out on everything else. while that aspect really entertains me (i’m a huge caskett fan!), i also love the relationships between kate and castle and ryan and espo and martha and lanie and alexis. i like the cases and the humor. i LOVE the emotional episodes where the actors really get to show their acting chops, the ones that break my heart or reach me on a level that makes me sad/cry, basically make me feel something. the show is so much more than beckett and castle’s relationship!

  36. Mari says:

    Tonight’s episode? OMG My heart. It hurts!

  37. KrisF says:

    Season four has a big disappointment. Cops and Robbers was outstanding, but most of the eps this year have been middling. (I found the second part of this year’s two-parter just awful.) The character progression has stagnated, the cases of the week have been weak, and honestly, I’ve been losing interest in a show I once really loved.

    I know Mr. Marlowe has a plan, but when this plan but at this point, I drawn out ‘roadblocks’ are beyond ridiculous and to the detriment of the characters. Castle has regressed to an immature, unlikable character. Beckett is now an idiot instead of the smart, kickass cop we’ve seen and been told she is. This season’s ‘journey’ has made the characters unlikable to the point that I find I am rapidly losing interest and don’t care anymore. I so wish that wasn’t the case. I used to love the show and the characters. Now, I can’t even watch it anymore.

    I don’t believe the audience should be satisfied with the sub-par storytelling and lack of character development this season. (And no, {Marlowe} this isn’t a hardcore ‘shipper’ speaking, this is someone who misses the characters and who they used to be- smart, not-perfect, but people I cared about and rooted for,) It hurts because we know the show could be so much better than it has been (Cops and Robbers was fantastic.) Or at least it used to be…

  38. James says:

    Wow, that ending! Why is it that Beckett STILL hasn’t learned her lesson? She’s so worried about how Castle is acting and what she feels for him, she’s having a “girl talk” moment with Lanie. Then at the end, she’s calling up another guy that hit on her for drinks. So, I’m ask again. Why hasn’t she learned her lesson?! Beckett had been extremely annoying lately.

    I really don’t get Marlowe & Co. Don’t they realize this isn’t 15 -20 years ago. Back when people were o.k. with being strung along year after year with the possibility of a tv romance. The audience has seen it too many times before.

    Hey Marlowe! Remember back when you said, that you knew at some point you would hit a wall on believable obstacles you could put in-front of Castle and Beckett’s relationship and remain believable? You’ve now hit that wall. Any more delays past season 4 would not be believable. It would at that point look like a bad fan fiction. Plus, you’ll look like a tool. Tip, listen to Stana. Is she the only one with any sense?

    Just saying…

    • Allyson says:

      I’m gonna play devil’s advocate here. Because even though I don’t like that Beckett called Hunt, I think we’re ignoring the reason why she did: in her eyes at this point, Castle had changed his mind and given up on her. He moved on with that blonde bimbo. She tried to talk to him, and he blew her off for another date with Jacinda or whatever her name was, and left Beckett there alone. Keep in mind that she initally turned Hunt down, because of Castle. But if I were her, madly in love with a guy that just walked out to meet another woman…the last thing I’d want to do is sit around alone and mope. I’d have preferred that she called up Lanie or maybe even her dad–but there is (almost) nothing wrong with calling up Hunt and taking him up on his offer. It’s not a for sure thing that getting drinks means a hook-up or something. The fact is, both these characters are at fault here. Castle for being an immature, petulant child when it comes to having his feelings hurt, and Beckett for hurting them in the first place by keeping a secret that she shouldn’t have kept, as good as her intentions might have been.
      I agree that Marlowe is getting close to hitting that wall, and it should happen soon: if not in the finale, then at the beginning of season 5 But I also don’t think it would be believable to have them clear things up three episodes before the season finale. That would really leave nothing for the finale to bank on, and would lead to three pointless episodes to give us a 23 episode season.

  39. stuartnz says:

    Tonight’s episode was annoying – I thought season 4 was slowly getting better, then in the last 2, Marlowe jumps us back to juvenilia with the tired old cliché – one step forward, 2 back. AND he can’t even bothered hiring an actual LImey to play “The Limey” – that Oz accent was so thick you could cut it with a chainsaw.

  40. M3rc Nate says:

    Wow this episode …kinda sucked. I am a HUGE Castle fan, dont get me wrong. But i am getting sick and tired of this game. I watched Chuck, and got a bit tired of it then, but never were they so….blatant about the game they are playing, maybe because chuck had better main plots (Castle stories aka crimes are just average from a crime novel crimes)

    I actually verbally said “OH COME ON!” when at the end of the episode she calls the Brit to go out for drinks. And holy crap i am getting TIRED of Ryan and Espisito walking in at the PERFECT moment to stop them from actually having a conversation (usually from Beckett saying anything).

    Then lastly..theres the fact Beckett is supposed to be this Big independent woman, smart, best detective in the precinct, yet can she catch a clue that he was there as saw her “I remember everything!” speech? no. Can this WOMAN (supposedly not a girl, supposedly this tuff cop with balls) tell a guy how she feels?

    I also think it was kinda lame writing to have Castle fall into another floosy. Maybe it fits perfectly, but i IMO watching it, its lame, and the easiest thing to write in the word (Boy likes girl, founds out girl isnt into him, guy hooks up with first pretty dumb girl he meets). Real original.

    Overall all i can S4 better not end with her telling him she loves him, him telling her “his secret” and her being betrayed and cliffhanger..will they or wont they be together next season.
    It better end with he tells her, she in the final 2 or w/e is able to see past it, or understand or love him still or w/e, and last 5-10 minutes before fade to black is them being in love and going out, or having sex, or something relationshipy.

    • Allyson says:

      I agree with a couple of your observations here. First of all: the INTERRUPTIONS! Ryan and Espo, I love you guys, but GO AWAY. It was funny and frustrating in a good way the first time or two, but when it happens EVERY EPISODE? Give it a rest, boys.
      and with Castle and the blonde bimbo: I can get the whole “The woman i love lied to me and doesn’t feel the same, so I’m gonna move on,” thing. That happens. But: 1. It doesn’t happen a week later. and 2. He’s being really childish about it, going from simply going out on dates with someone new, to flaunting her in front of Kate in (maybe a subconscious but maybe a purposeful) attempt to make her jealous or hurt her feelings. I feel like that is really contrary to Castle’s character.
      I already posted about Beckett’s call to Hunt, so I won’t repeat myself, but as much as I don’t like it or agree with her choice, I can almost see why she did.
      Honestlyy, the more I think about it and the more I see about the end of the season, I think Caskett is either going to happen in the finale, or something will happen in the finale that will lead right into Caskett happening in the premiere of season 5.

  41. Kate says:

    I LOVE this show! I have since the first episode, but even I have to admit that tonight’s episode was kind of hard to watch and enjoy. I’ve always wanted Castle and Beckett to be together and I am pretty sure that all of this is a set up to make that happen in the season finale (Always?!?!?! How could it mean anything else?) I can’t wait to see how they do it. While watching tonight, a few things occured to me. As much as I look forward to seeing C and B together as a couple, I really missed just watching them just be them the last couple of episodes, and I’m guessing that will continue until the finale. I hope that after they are together the dynamic between them will continue to have sort of the same feel that they’ve always had. Also, given the reaction (whether positive or negative) that I, along with apparently many others have when it comes to this show, the writers clearly have created characters we care about. This is a good thing. When we stop caring, that’s when the real problems begin I guess. For now, I still care a whole lot which means I guess it makes sense to continue to trust the writers. Finally, as someone who watches the ratings, I’m totally freaked out about what the numbers will be tomorrow. This particular episode plus the basketball game could make for some scary ratings, especially when we’re still wating to get confirmation on that renewal…

  42. Maddie says:

    Did you see that tweet from Andrew Marlowe tonight? I have faith that he won’t let us down. And I love that quote. Very true.

  43. RoadSinger says:

    I’m always surprised with the Bones comparison. It was one of my favorite shows for awhile but I lost interest long before they got together. I didn’t find them to have believable chemistry.

  44. mr2boynz says:

    A couple of you sound like you are Chuck fans, well I am and so if those that followed Chuck will know what I am talking about. I really enjoy Castle from both the ‘shipper’ between C/B and also as a crime procedural. Not that I want to compare Chuck and Castle as I think they are two totally different types of shows but one thing I think there is similarity is the Castle/Beckett relationship and the Chuck/Sarah relationship. We Chuck fans went thru a lot of ‘shipper’ issues especially in the middle of Chuck Season 3 and I think it is very similar to the current season of Castle or at least right where we are after 4.20. the fans response to Andrew Marlow was no different to fans response to Chris Fedak after 3.08 of Chuck. Don’t get me wrong, I am a shipper myself, just like with C/S, I am a C/B shipper too. But what I am getting at is, we need to trust the writers and producers of the shows and given the interaction of the Castle crew with its fans, they will certainly listen to us. And as with Chuck, the writers and producers certainly did and in the end they gave us Chuck fans what we wanted in terms of the C/S relationship (some probably won’t agree with me in terms of the series ending, but this is not the place to debate that). So I think we should be optimistic about the C/B relationship and just enjoy the ride because I am (even though it can be frustrating at times) :-)

  45. Ortoxidis says:

    I do think Castle, both as a TV series and as a character, was much more irreverent and funny in the first two seasons, particularly the first one, but I believe they probably had to adjust the tone and “mainstream” it a bit more to avoid cancellation and since then it has become much more formulaic.

    I also think that Nathan’s “physique” has become an issue and he should be made to lose weight between the end of this season and the beginning of the next one. Mind you, perhaps he is bored to death doing the show and chooses to eat his way through it!

  46. The thing is, whenever you have a male/female duo going through more than 4 seasons of eyes*xing and such you know that there’s only much that can happen before it happens. I think that the idea of Beckett remembering the whole thing is what’s rushing this whatever between the two and my personnal opinion on this is that that shouldn’t have happened. Now I just want them to finally kiss and mean it and see where the fun will lead (I just REALLY hope it’ll be funny and not just serious…. come on Nathan needs to work with funny-ness!)

  47. James says:

    honestly people need to calm down, and let this thing play out. I agree that it is getting increasingly frustrating, but by the finale it will be worth it. I’m honestly pissed don’t get me wrong, I have sided with castle on this whole thing, Beckett has been a scared little baby and now she is paying for it, at the same time Castle needs to stop acting like a 12 year old, grow a pair and confront her. Beckett needs to stop messing about and let him know how she feels. all of which by the looks of it will be dealt with in the finale. I admit I hated the ending of The Limey, it was frustrating and is begining to tempt my patience, and ability to suspend belief. I’m more pissed at ABC though for making us wait 2 weeks to find out what happens. All in All this has been one of if not the best seasons so far I agree with the Chuck comment we just need to trust the writers and enjoy the ride. I guarantee most of you would complain even more if the show were cancelled, count your blessings. (let the trolling begin:))

  48. Tom says:

    This show has gotten “frustrating” — it’s just bad. The plot is stale. The writing is awful. There’s no continuity (I loved how Beckett who was shot in the chest last season can wear a low cut gown and there isn’t even a hint of a scar). The acting is dismal. The actors look bored. All the things that made this show good are gone. It doesn’t matter to me if Beckett and Castle ever become a couple — just pick a direction and stick to it. This show used to be a fun, witty, well written crime whodunit, now it’s nothing more than a never-ending will-they-or-won’t-they tease. It’s boring. I found myself fast forwarding through the Beckett/Limey dance scenes — Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers must have been twirling in their graves (and probably doing it more gracefully than those two clowns trying to dance). I couldn’t help but think in past seasons I used look at my watch and think “wow, is this show over already?” Watching last nights’ debacle I was checking the DVR and thinking “how much longer?”

    This show is sinking fast. They ought to just end it this season and go out with decent ratings.

    • Allyson says:

      I hhave to comment on this scar thing again, because from my vantage point in “Kill Shot,” the scar on Beckett’s chest was much farther down than where the dress was cut in “The Limey.” I see people complaining about it all over the place, and really I think it’s something as simple as where people think the scar actually is. Something as big as that is something that wardrobe wouldn’t purposely let slip, and honestly I don’t think Stana would have let it go either, because she seems like she really pays attention to her character. Just IMO though.

      • Tom says:

        But Beckett needed emergency surgery to save her life. As I recall they said the bullet was somewhere near her heart — which implies, if it were real life, they would have had to open her chest cavity and possibly put her on a heart/lung machine. You just can’t do that stuff and leave a teeny-tiny barely noticeable scar. It’s major emergency surgery, and I doubt any doctor would have been thinking about minimizing the scar so Beckett could wear a low-cut dress at some point in the future. This would have been a life/death situation. So I think it is a legitimate continuity problem.

        • Allyson says:

          But in “Kill Shot,” they showed the bullet scar low on her chest, and then the long scar along her left side. they didn’t open her up from the front, they went in from the side, which was covered by the dress.

  49. JB says:

    I have a novel idea.. Why not wait until the finale before judging what you simply don’t know? At that point, you can vent in anger or gloat in glory. One way or another, some people will be satisfied and some people will be disappointed. I’ve watched plenty of shows where the relationship dance is done and if it’s not done correctly, the show gets completely ruined. I think they are doing a fine job of building to a crescendo here with this finale.

    From everything I have read, seen and heard, I believe there will be resolution in the finale to where Castle & Beckett both come clean with their feelings and the next logical step is that they will go for it, there is no other scenario when those cards are on the table and still keep a show. The real questions are, what are the events that will lead for this to happen? Remember, Ausiello’s teaser about “a character we haven’t seen this year” appearing in the May sweeps, which if we actually go by May means it will be the finale. Who will it be and what will it involve in the dynamic?

    Things will be coming to a head this season, and I for one will sit back and enjoy the ride. I have faith in the writers and the production staff. Always.

  50. Lea says:

    We have to have faith in the writers! They have to do a big lead in to the finale and Stana Katic, possibly the biggest Caskett shipper of all, says shippers will be happy with the finale. It will happen! The amazing thing about Castle is that one minute you’re laughing and the next you want to pull out your hair in frustration, it keeps us on our toes! Marlowe hasn’t steered us wrong yet, we just need to trust that he has a plan! As for the “character we haven’t seen this year” maybe it could be Josh? Even though he was in the season premiere. Or Ashley? Honestly I can’t remember if we’ve actually seen him at all this year, I got a bit bored with that story line. Or maybe Demming?!? haha That’s a long-shot, but I actually liked him! Either way, the finale is sure to be fantastic!

    • Nicole says:

      I was thinking about who it might be too and i started to wonder how becket would react if it was her mom…. lol. frankly i wonder how i would react too… O.e

      • asdfasdf says:

        It’s been announced already, if you care to google it. There’s a definite connection to Beckett’s mom (of course).

        I’m starting to form a theory about why Gates hates Castle so much. What if she KNOWS about Mr. Smith. What if she realizes that Castle is keeping Beckett from investigating her mother’s murder, and that is why she wants him out. When Beckett realizes, she’ll feel utterly betrayed (even though Castle did this for her sake, and even though Gates has interfered with the investigation herself).

        Definite twist that makes Gates more likeable. There’s been signs that there’s more to her than meets the eye.