Castle Recap: Sinning By Silence

ABC’s Castle on Monday night dropped the first shoe.

In an episode that otherwise was about the bombing of an anti-Wall Street protest, another bomb was dropped: Rick discovered that Kate in fact remembers everything about her shooting, his profession of love in the aftermath included.

“I was shot in the chest, and I remember every second of it,” Beckett told a suspect in the bombing who was claiming post-traumatic amnesia — all while Castle, unbeknownst to her, looked on through the one-way glass.

“All this time…. You remembered?” he said to himself, crestfallen. Gut-punched. Defeated.

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But rather than confront Kate with his possession of this information, the show shamelessly bought itself some time and instead had Rick slip away, to instead vent to his mother and deduce that Kate didn’t want to embarrass him by saying that she didn’t return his feelings.

Martha questioned her son’s willingness to rush back to work with the woman who hurt him so, but Rick maintained — echoing words expressed by Alexis earlier — that he wanted to be involved in something that “matters.”

Mom, though, warned him that “love is not a switch…. You can’t work side-by-side with her and not feel anything.”

Rick’s response: “Watch me.”

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And from there, Castle cooled around Beckett, who (somehow!) failed to put two and two together despite his rather conspicuous choice of words when chiding the captured bomber.

“That’s what your friend ….would call ‘sinning by silence,'” he told the [groan] overly ambitious news reporter. “It’s not smart. It’s not brave. It’s just cowardly.”

Beckett raised an eyebrow and shot him a sideways glance, but… that’s all. Moments later, when she prompted him to revisit a serious-sounding conversation he had started pre-bombing, he deferred, figuring that ship had sailed.

All together now: Ugh.

Fortunately, as shown in the promos for next week, quality girl talk time with Lanie — coupled with some wine — seems poised to give Beckett the kicks in the tailored slacks she needs.

“He’s different… It’s like he’s pulling away,” she shares with her bestie. “You think I should tell him how I feel?”

Um, yeah, Kate. Sounds like a plan. Because as Martha said, “Nobody’s tomorrows are guaranteed.”

What did you think of this first toppled domino in Castle‘s season of “secrets”?

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