Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Vampire Diaries, White Collar, Fringe, Smash, Secret Circle & More

What’s up with Vampire Diaries‘ Bonnie? What’s the good news for Smash fans? Will White Collar‘s Neal plant roots in paradise? Read on for those scoops plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

The Vampire Diaries | We start this week off with a dip inside the reader mailbag, and a question dear to many a TVLine editor’s heart, courtesy of Marilla: “Do you have any Vampire Diaries/Bonnie Bennett spoilers?” Right? We expressed our own curiosity about Bonnie’s storyline in last week’s 20ish Questions column. Let’s see if Julie Plec can sate our thirst. “Bonnie hits her emotional threshold this week, but don’t despair,” the exec producer tells the Inside Line. “She finds a nice bit of hope when she gets closer to Jamie and takes him as her date to the Decade Dance where he gets a glimpse of Bonnie the hero in action.” Works for us!

The Vampire Diaries‘ Joseph Morgan: ‘No One Is Safe!’

Smash | I spoke with Brian D’Arcy James about the next episode, in which Frank gets wind of Julia’s affair with Michael Swift, and one bit of good news coming out of that imminent marital imbroglio is that you can probably kiss the clunker of an adoption storyline bye-bye. “That’s safe to say,” James concurred. “It definitely becomes not high on the list of things to take care of, after the [husband/wife showdown] is in full bloom. We’re heading down a rocky road.” Not that we wish marital strife on anyone, even fictional peeps, but this one is for the greater good, yes?

Smash Producers Weigh In on Season 1 Backlash and the Plan to ‘Correct’ Any Mistakes

White Collar | Can you plant a white picket fence in sand? Because when we asked Matt Bomer about the start of Season 4 – guest-starring Mia Maestro (Alias) as a local girl who on-the-lam Neal will be involved with – he indicated that the charming con is looking to emulate that which his FBI handler has. “Neal admires Peter’s picket-fence existence and thinks that maybe in his new life he can have that for himself,” Bomer shared. “Mia’s character is a key component in that because she is a girl who is a local but who has a really good head on her shoulders. She’s someone he sees a lot of potential in.” Hmm, but will Sara get a vote? That’s the question.

White Collar Makes Tracks for Sunny [Spoiler] in Season 4 – Plus, Who’s Hunting Neal?

Fringe | So… if Peter’s been home all this time, and it’s everyone else who will gradually have their Sideways Lost epiphanies, where will that leave alt-timeline Lincoln Lee, who in the regular world isn’t part of the Fringe team? Seth Gabel, for one, holds out hope that his alter ego will keep a toe in the mix. “Towards the end of Season 3, Lincoln [Prime] and Peter did have a conversation where he said, like, ‘Feel free to come back one day,'” Gabel relates. “It was left open for Lincoln to become a part of that world because now that he knows about it, he’s either going to get killed by the government or they’ll let him in!” Do you want Our Lincoln to officially join Fringe? Or is alt-Lincoln enough? Sound off in Comments!

Fringe: Scoop on More Walters, ‘Meana,’ the Top-Secret Episode 19 and Two Finale Plans

Private Practice | When the show returns on its new night – Tuesday, April 17, at 10/9c — Erica’s medical condition will rapidly worsen, leading Cooper and Charlotte to do their best to prepare Mason, who’s still in a bit of denial about losing his mom. But when the time comes – and it will – is Charlotte truly ready to assume a full-time parental role in the lad’s life? When I ran that question by KaDee Strickland, she paused for a moment to think, then offered, “I, Kadee, do believe she is. [And as an actress] I love it and I want more of it.” Especially seeing how far the once-prickly doc has come since Seasons 1 and 2. “It’s so surprising to see [Charlotte] really just open up to this,” Strickland marveled. “Who would have thought this would have been where she would go? And I think it’s great.”

Secret Circle Boss on Blackwell’s Intentions, Retribution for Charles’ Crimes and More!

The Secret Circle | If anything about the CW freshman suspends disbelief, it’s that drop-dead sexy Faye would ever be lacking for a love life. And yet she does, and in this week’s episode she and gal pal Melissa use a bit of hocus pocus to help themselves out in the hook-up department. According to Phoebe Tonkin, “Faye and Melissa are helping out Adam, who’s doing this party for the hockey team, and they’re both being flirty when Melissa decides to get Adam to help her impress some guys” – by helping herself to a magical upgrade. Faye quickly cries foul, saying, “Hang on — I’m the one who’s usually getting the guys without even using magic! So they both set out to try to one-up each other.” And on that note, I quickly Google directions to Chance Harbor… because I love a good hockey party.

If there’s a show you’d like the Inside Line on, email mattmtvguy@gmail.com, and maybe it’ll get some love the next time around! (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I love Lincoln Lee. He’s so endearing. He’s been a great addition to the Fringe team. I didn’t even know something was missing from this show until Lincoln showed up.

    • Ana says:

      I love Lincoln, both versions of him! the more the merrier. But I do feel bad for him, he was so obviously into Liv and now that Peter is back and everything is as it should be… he’s left being kind of the third wheel.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        I like Lincoln a lot as a character, but i am not a fan of the Lincoln+Olivia possible storyline. Give him alt (redhead) olivia or something, but for the rest of the show i want Peter and Olivia officially together…no “one foot in, one out” or love triangle or anything, i want them TOGETHER. Lincoln is free (and welcome) to stay, as long as they dont write him as pineing after Olivia for the next season (if Fringe gets one)..they need to write for him to accept it, get over her..and maybe him and Astrid fall for each other. That would be awesome.

        • cj says:

          I’m starting a Lincoln-Astrid ship. Both characters are astronomically likable, but neither get enough attention on the show, so they should probably just get together and live happily ever after.

          • Kay says:

            I like the Lincoln-Astrid idea too. They are great characters that need more screen time.

          • Gilda says:

            I’m so glad I’m not the only one who sees the potential for that! Both are extremely loveable, underused actors and characters! And with all this talk of love on the show, Astrid and Lincoln shouldn’t have to stay lonely! I think they’re sweet personalities would mesh well, and it will give them both more screen time.

        • Ken says:

          I could not agree more,my sentiments exactly.

        • Ken says:

          I could not agree more,my sentiments exactly.

    • Ken says:

      This is the most stupid thing i have ever read.

  2. Tom says:

    No Lincoln. He is SO boring. The original Fringe team is more than awesome.

    • Sam says:

      He single-handedly almost made stop watching. He’s such an insufferable character! He hasn’t added anything to the team and has messed up the chemistry.

      • Ken says:

        I agree,Lincoln is boring and a dork,and should never have been added to the”fringe”team. I
        too almost stopped watching the show because of him. Now that Peter and Olivia is back together
        (as they were ordained to be) it is time for them to get rid of Lincoln instead of having him pining
        after Olivia like a puppy dog,knowing full well that she is in love with Peter, and have never showed him anything but friendship.
        Comment by Ken-April 3rd,2012 2:10pm

  3. Tory says:

    I know the actresses are old enough in real life, but it’s a tad creepy to say you’re going to the town where the 2 high school girls are looking for guys…

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      That’s a fair cop; the joke has been amended.

      • Sg.Grant says:

        Pfft. What was the original joke? These are grown women. You are allowed to hit on them. Hell, the girl who plays Melissa is 28 years old and had done several nude scenes in movies (see 50/50).

        • Chelle says:

          It was where he said: on that note he googles directions because….he loves a good hockey party. Took me a minute to even figure out what show they were referring to. A little specificity in comments wouldn’t be bad at times when the article covers more than one show…unless it’s blatantly obvious…like Lincoln.

  4. sweetiepie1019 says:

    If they can come up with something for Lincoln to do other than pine for Olivia and do Peter’s job not quite as well as Peter does it, then great, he can stay. I don’t mind the idea, because I love Alt-Lincoln, and I want to like our Lincoln, too. But if things keep up as they’ve been going, with Lincoln being the Fringe division’s vestigial organ (he had a point once, but now he’s just sort of there), then cut the cord. We have more than enough characters that I’d like to spend more time with, Alt-Lincoln included. Lincoln served his purpose of introducing the audience to the new, Peter-less world, and it was a good idea at the time, but give him a new, interesting, useful purpose, or stop wasting the screen time.

    • Rachel says:

      THIS! Lincoln has definitely been acting as Peter-lite this season, and I don’t love it (although it is necessary). I hope he sticks around, but he’ll need to have at least a slightly different role, because three’s a crowd!

    • Ken says:

      I total agree with you, Lincoln as served his purpose,it is a waste of screen time and time for him
      to go. With Lincoln gone this would mean a drop in the show financial cost which is what the network executives are looking for, this in turn would give us a better chance of getting a next
      All of those out there who are pushing this Lincoln should try to remember this.

  5. Alex says:

    I feel bad for the Lincoln character that they haven’t really had a good use for him this season…hopefully either prime Lincoln or alt-Lincoln will end up with alt-Livia!

    • rubytu says:

      I think he played a pretty good part this season, really, he’s been in the show a lot, being as cute and lovable as Olivia’s partner. I do miss Charlie, though, really liked him, and there is a satisfactory alt-Charlie.

    • Ella says:

      Yes please! I loved that would-be alt-couple last season almost as much as I loved blue-verse Peter and Olivia. Lincoln (all versions) is just too handsome and charming to never get the girl!

      • Ken says:

        If you think a shorty homely dork like Lincoln is handsome (Olivia is taller than him) then i could
        sell you the Brooklyn bridge.
        When Peter (who is much more handsome) stands beside Olivia, she as to look up to him because he is much taller and represent a more manly figure, this is part of why they have such
        hot chemistry between them and look so good together.

  6. R says:

    oh please 4square too once u reach that Witch party at chance harbor … if Faye’s on the lookout, here I come!! :P

  7. Anon says:

    Loving the TVD and Secret Circle tidbits! Glad Bonnie is having something coming up. All of us knows she needs a storyline of her own…after almost three seasons now.

    Also, if that earlier sneak peek for The Secret Circle with Adam, Melissa, and Faye proves anything, tonight’s episode is going to be AWESOME!

    • lorna says:

      TSD is so horrible. I am not a Bonnie fan, but felt bad for her in tonight’s episode. Poor girl needs a break. Also, Rebekah’s worn out her welcome, quit whining over Damon and do something.

      • Vanny says:

        Same, Not a Bonnie fan. Her face is so miserable all the time. I feel sorry for her character, but cannot take the miserable expression anymore.

  8. Emily says:

    Sara better have a vote on White Collar! Hopefully Mia’s character is left behind on whatever island Neal has run off too. Sara is a much better choice.

    Not looking to start an argument. Just my opinion, people.

  9. Ray says:

    NO LINCOLN! he is annoying and pointless, the alternate version is more than enough already. he just doesn’t fit to the fringe division, plus he looks like he’s always constipated. I also hated that they gave way more screen time to him than to Astrid, who’s been with the team since day one.

    • Ken says:

      Ray-I concur, when are they going to wise up and get rid of Lincoln, this annoying, pathetic
      person is pulling the show down and to compound this bad situation, this person is completely
      devoid of acting skills. Being among actors with tremendous acting skills, he stands out like a
      sore thumb

  10. Cynthia says:

    I’m still not thrilled about Neal’s new love interest…

  11. Clarissa says:

    I was hoping the good news was going to be that they were getting rid of the Ellis guy on Smash.

  12. Patty says:

    I like the Lincoln in the alt-originial world, he is confident and so easy on the eyes :) I wouldn´t mind that he stayed, but in a better role. He should be given better storylines.

  13. Ellen Robbins says:

    I’ve really come to love Lincoln Lee! Hopefully Fringe will be back for season 5!!!!!

  14. Candygirl says:

    Jamie and Bonnie as a couple is already an epic fail, why do they keep shoving them down our throats!!

    • wednesday says:

      Agree with your comment about Bonnie. Was so happy to finally hear about something concerning Bonnie till they mentioned Jamie in the same sentence. Please tell me why the writers HATE her! Why?

    • Manie says:

      I second that! LoL I too was happy to see her face and then I was like “We saddly already know of that boring Jamie plotline! Is that all there is?! Meh, I guess we are back to square one; great character, amazing potential, bad storyline!”

      Seriously, if they took half the talent they use to come up with Damon’s lines, Bonnie would have a pretty good storyline. For a character that was supposed to be at the center of everything Original this year… We haven’t see much of her this season!

  15. jennifer says:

    My main concern for Fringe is that we get an official word soon on whether it’s renewed. As far as Lincoln is concerned-if Fringe gets renewed-I’ll be so happy I’ll take one ,two or more Lincolns! Seriously though I have not had a problem with Lincoln,however,I do tend to agree that Astrid(even though she had that doppleganger episode) needs to involved more. I know she basically works with Walter ,but, whenever she’s given more to do-that’s good. Also,Broiles (not sure if I spelled it correctly) should also be seen more. I do understand though:with Fringe being only a one hour program-it’s hard to fit everything in. Between the cases,the universes,the Olivias,Peter,Walter, Lincoln,Astrid,Broiles, I can understand how it’s difficult to give everyone extra time. I appreciated the episode dedicated to Astrid.It was one of my favorites this season & really touched my heart. You gotta hand to the writers of Fringe.They somehow balance all of these complex ideas on Fringe & still manage to make us fans feel something when we watch-I am sure it is not as easy as they make it seem,but,it is nicely done.Fringe is very-well put together. Anyway,my fellow Fringe fans (& I know you’re out there) here’s looking forward to a fifth season of one of the best shows on broadcast television,PERIOD!-in this or any universe! Thank you.

  16. polerus says:

    I just want Fringe to have another season! I seriously do not mind Lincoln Lee being a part of the team and actually think he serves a better role than the underused Charlie Francis.

  17. Meg says:

    The two Lincolns could disappear from Fringe.

  18. cj says:

    I would feel bad for Lincoln, the actor and the character, if he was suddenly relegated to strictly Alt-version status. I think we can all agree that adorkable Lincoln is just as, if not more likable than Alt-Lincoln. Even though he hasn’t been in every episode this season, I feel like he HAS become an important piece of the Fringe team. Maybe he’ll get over Olivia and him and Astrid will hook up! OOOH!

  19. Mcat says:

    I LOOOOOOOVE Alt-Lincoln but just can’t get behind dorky!Lincoln. Maybe it’s because he just feels so pointless or… personality-less? I say – get rid of him, and have way more Alt-Lincoln.

  20. Jane says:

    I’m so excited for The Secret Circle tonight, thanks for the scoop!

  21. Lauren says:

    LOVE your TSC scoop! Can’t wait for the episode tonight!

  22. Brandy says:

    Does anyone know when the next new secret circle after tonight airs?

  23. Sara says:

    Lincoln should pair up with Astrid!!

  24. -Bob says:

    So, what happens to Peter’s child in the Alt universe if everything is as it was? Is Walternate still intent on destroying the opposing universe?

    • rubytu says:

      I would think they get their memories, back, but I don’t think that the child can suddenly pop up out of nowhere. At least I hope not! But, then, why would the writers write in a baby if it was just going to disappear? Darn, I hope they decided to write him out with the Peter-never-existed storyline.
      A baby is way too much complication for a scifi show.

      • Ken says:

        This is the problem with this board,too many people who are not really “Fringe” fans, watch a
        few shows then give there opinion without understanding what they saw ,like you for instance.
        Did you not see when Peter entered the observer mind and was shown the baby, and he said
        “I have a son” and the Observer said ” you had a son” past tense, the child also was erased
        with Peter, the baby is gone period.
        The Observer also said “Child was born of the wrong Olivia” and to set every thing right, a child
        will be re-born with the right Olivia and Peter, our Olivia.
        Also what is complicated about a child being in a scifi show ? does the characters stop being
        humans. This also showcase your ignorance for this show (like many others) this child will play a
        very important part in the future. A 5th season would deal with all this.

        • rubytu says:

          A child would tie Fauxlivia and Peter together. That’s a complication I’d rather avoid.
          And, btw, I don’t go around insulting people, because I’m not ignorant enough to think it’s a good way to deal with arguments. I state my point, and let it stand or fall on its own merits. Calling people ignorant is just Ad Hominem. You don’t know my reasons for what I said, so you are only showing your own ignorance in calling me names. Next time, try asking why I think that rather than assuming you know.

          • Ken says:

            You keep going back to Fauxlivia and the child ,that is a moot point.The child was erased along
            with Peter. Because this child was born of the wrong Olivia,the continued existence of this child
            would have cause irreparable harm to the time line, as stated by the Observer. That is why when
            the child is born of the right Olivia, all thing will be set right. Again as stated by the Observer.
            I would strongly recommend that you get a dictionary and look up the definition of the word
            ignorance, i think you will find that it means “Lack of knowledge” which does apply to you on this

          • rubytu says:

            You know that ad hominem attacks don’t make you look better than, or right, or big. They don’t win ‘arguments’ and they don’t win you friends.

  25. Lily says:

    GREAT, no more adoption’s crap. And if they can getting rid of Frank, Leo AND especially Ellis and bring back Michael it would be super :)

    • vissy says:

      This would be perfect, Frank and Julia don’t have any chemistry and the kid is just plain boring (plus can’t act). I need more Will Chase/Micheal Swift on my screen, his rendition of “Lexington 52nd street” gave me chills!!

      • Lily says:

        Yeah a BORING couple -___- I don’t want that on my screen, I WANT MICHAEL AND JULIA, And yeah Michael was terrific as Joe DiMaggio, he need to be back ASAP

    • Angel says:

      This Smash scoop is the worst of all, can we have a spoiler about Ivy, Karen, Michael or Derek please? We don’t care about Frank, and Lily you’re right, bring back Michael please and thank you

    • Cami says:

      I hope they ditch ALL of Julia’s private life. Get a divorce, send the kid off to boarding school and have Julia start all over again. And while we’re at it, drown Ellis in the East River.

  26. jennifer says:

    @Brandy, secret circle is all-new next week ( April 5th) .

    • Brandy says:

      Really? Tvguide says repeats for two weeks so does my cable/dvr guide. Im dying to see episode 19 where we find out who the other blackwell in the circle is besides cassie

  27. jennifer says:

    Actually,Brandy I may be wrong-I think it is April 19th-sorry. It’s just I saw somewhere next week,but,I think now it’s April 19th (next new Secret Circle).Sorry Brandy- I also like Secret Circle – having another hiatus totally sucks!!!!!

  28. Brandy says:

    No apologies needed

  29. Mindy says:

    I love Lincoln Lee. I love Alt-Lincoln the most. Er, the Lincoln on the Alt-Fringe team. He doesn’t feel like an Alt character since he is the one we met first and he is the one we know the best. I think he is a really fun character. And I credit that character for getting me to buy into the Alt Universe and actually care what happened to it.

    But, I also like Prime Universe Lincoln Lee. I am all for him sticking around. If only because it would be nice for Peter to have a friend. They seem to get along so well. Well, they did before this Lincoln started falling for Olivia. But, hey, if all their memories of this timeline will disappear, maybe he won’t even remember falling for Olivia? Ah, wouldn’t that be nice? He wouldn’t even remember getting his heart crushed. Though, it does seem a bit ominous that Lincoln always seems to fall for Olivia in any timeline/universe. Destined for unrequited love? That is sad.

    I am still hoping that maybe Alt-Lincoln can win Fauxlivia. I like them together.

    • rubytu says:

      I don’t like fauzlivia – ewwww. She’s just tacky. Do you remember the episode where she killed a guy and then was kissing peter on the couch with the body hidden behind a door? Or the way she flirts with every man she comes in contact with. Just ugh.

  30. Rachel says:

    HATE Sara!! There’s no chemistry and never has been. He had more chem with Alex and Kate.

    • Sunny says:

      I always felt that. Bomer had mad chemistry with the chick who was the thief. I wish they could bring her back. There is absolutely none between him and Hilarie Burton.

  31. robinepowell says:

    Of course they should keep Lincoln Lee, though it begs the question, where is he in the “real” world? He’s never been mentioned, so it’s hard to say where he would fit in.

    The only downside he likes Olivia and there would a three way love fest between him, Olivia and Peter. :)

  32. Samantha says:

    Let Lincoln stay, please!!!

  33. Sam says:

    Lincoln is the most pointless character ever and boring to boot.

  34. ola says:

    I don;t want Neal to become Peter, where is the fun in that?

  35. Ashrah says:

    Willing to give Mia Maestro a shot. I never saw ANY chemistry between Bomer & Burton. I really would love to see Gloria Votsis back as Alex though.

    • Maggie says:

      I’m not really liking the Neal/Sarah romance on White Collar either. I don’t unterstand why they made her a series regular.

  36. John says:

    Thanks for the Fringe dish. I can see how this universe can right itself (sort of), but what about the alt-U? Besides Peter’s child with Alt-Liv, what about Alt-Browles? That guy was toast thanks to Walternate.

  37. Anj says:

    Am I one of the limited few who just finds Bonnie annoying in VD? Not really bothered about a story line for her. I am fine with her showing up every now and then to perform the necessary magic.

    • lorna says:

      Agreed. I think Kat Graham is very talented, but I am not a Bonnie fan, hoping Kat leaves the show bc her career is taking off!

    • Paula says:

      Agree, too. Kill her off already – Kat is whining about her role everywhere and all the time – good luck with the singing, she’ll need it ; )

  38. Cami says:

    Why should Sara get a vote? She’s not his wife or his current girlfriend? She’s just an ex with whom he had a brief relationship (and zero chemistry).

  39. Ken says:

    they should get rid of Lincoln Lee, he serves no purpose now that Peter is back

  40. Mommy says:


  41. Ken says:

    No more Lincoln Lee, we die hard “Fringe” fans, those of us who as been here since
    season one know that it is time for them to get rid of this dork Lincoln Lee now. All he does
    is upset the balanced dynamic of the fringe team (Peter,Olivia,Walter,Astrid )

  42. marcy says:

    I love neal / Sara relationship!!! one billion votes for them