Vampire Diaries' Joseph Morgan: 'No One Is Safe'

Vampire Diaries Claire Holt Joseph MorganYou know The Vampire Diaries is getting scary if even the Originals are shaking in their boots! Now that Stefan and Damon have discovered some leftover white oak tree (thanks, Wickery Bridge sign!), they’ve got a stash of deadly weapons. But Klaus is prepared to fight back to save himself and his siblings — but mostly just himself. Well, maybe Rebekah, too. Below, Joseph Morgan previews the lengths to which his bad, bad hybrid will go in tonight’s episode and dishes about missing Stefan and wooing Caroline.

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TVLINE | What’s Klaus up to in tonight’s episode?
Klaus is really going to be all about trying to break this spell that binds him and his siblings together. He’s used to looking out for number one. He’s done it for the last 1,000 years. But what he’s really frightened of deep down is the fact that he’s tied to his siblings now. They’ve scattered across the country, so he has to find a way to break this spell. It’s the only way that he’ll be safe, and [so will] Rebekah, who is the sibling that he obviously cares about the most. So he’s going to be split between her and securing that bloody bag of stakes that’s out there now. I don’t know how many. I think it’s 12 stakes in a bag, all of them capable of killing an Original. So yeah, he’s really going to want to get his hands on that bag as quickly as possible.

TVLINE | How worried should we be about the safety of the Originals?
Very worried, because there are five of us, and they have 12 stakes. They are out to kill an Original. We should be extremely worried. Klaus is certainly taking the threat very seriously, as are the other siblings. And also, let’s not forget, in TV terms, we’re building toward the end of the season. We’re really at a point where no one is safe. So, yes, it’s a very real threat.

TVLINE | Finn is back this week. Will there be a bit of sibling rivalry?
Absolutely. The funny thing about Klaus is, you’d expect him to be furious at Finn as soon as he saw him, because they are completely at crossed purposes. But the one thing we’ve learned about [Klaus] is that he is a master manipulator. So if he needs Finn in order to break this binding spell, then he’s going to use him in any way he can. He’s going to manipulate him. He’s going to be friendly with him. He’s going to emotionally blackmail him, use whatever tools he has in his box to bring Finn around. But then the other side of that is, he and Klaus go back a thousand years. … He knows his brother, and he knows what he’s capable of, so he’ll be ready for what Klaus has to throw at him. We’re going to absolutely see those two [go head to head].

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TVLINE | I have to admit, I miss the twisted Stefan/Klaus bromance from earlier this season.
Stefan is the biggest thorn in Klaus’ side, because if it comes to it, [Klaus] will kill Damon. … So I really think that there’s a little bit of him that still thinks his friend might be coming back. He’s still not willing to give up on The Ripper. That’s the biggest weakness that he has at the moment. He doesn’t believe who Stefan is now is the real him. He believes the real him was him back in the ’20s, and he still really wants his friend back. He learned so much from Stefan in the ’20s, even though he was a great deal older than him. It’s a bromance I think he misses as well.

TVLINE | Going from bromance to romance, Caroline has been rebuffing Klaus. Will he give up on her?
One thing he’s learned over a thousand years is a bit of patience. If at first you don’t succeed, you’ve got to try, try and try again. There’s no way he’s going to give up on her. She’s the first person to catch his eye in centuries. He really is fascinated by this girl. And he really genuinely believes that he can show her a world that she deserves to have that is her right as a vampire. He wants her to embrace the creature that she has become. He believes he is the person who can help her do that. I think he’s not going to give up. He may have to wait a year or 10 years or a hundred years. But if he’s focused on that, he’ll find a way to get it. He’s not used to taking no for an answer, that’s for sure.