Secret Circle Boss on Blackwell's Intentions, Retribution for Charles' Crimes and More!

Secret Circle Season 1Daddy’s home! And not only is The Secret Circle‘s John Blackwell back, but he’s sticking around Chance Harbor to stir up a whole cauldronful of trouble — and maybe even bump somebody off? Executive producer Andrew Miller tells TVLine that, yes indeed, we’ll see a major character go bye-bye in tonight’s installment (The CW, 9/8c), and, scarier still, there will be “more after that”!

Also on tap for the new batch of episodes: There will penance for Charles, Ethan’s secrets will be revealed, and, of course, the Adam/Cassie/Jake love triangle will get “more complicated,” teases Miller.

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TVLINE | Let’s start with romance. Where is Cassie’s heart at in the upcoming episodes with regard to Adam and Jake?
Cassie’s heart is with Adam right now. Her heart wants to be with Adam. His gesture on Valentine’s Day really pushed it in that direction for her. The only thing that’s stopping her post-Valentine’s is the reappearance of her father. Adam’s seeming mistrust of Blackwell has driven a wedge between them. When we pick them up [tonight], she wants to be with him. They both want to see if the “written in the stars” thing really means something. Adam is now far enough away from Diana that he can concentrate on Cassie. They want to make a go of it. It’s just that damn Blackwell.

TVLINE | There’s also Jake. Will he just stand idly by?
No, Jake does not stand idly by. His feelings for Cassie are just as they were, and he’s struggling. He had a dalliance with Faye that was probably more out his frustration over not being able to be with Cassie than it was [about] his desire to be with Faye. We’re going to see Jake make a little bit more of an effort toward Cassie. He takes this really interesting position, because whereas Adam mistrusts Blackwell, Jake responds very strongly toward Blackwell. That’s going to make things more complicated for their triangle.

TVLINE | Blackwell told Cassie that he’s more or less powerless. Should we take his word for it?
He seems very trustworthy to me. I don’t know what to tell you. He’s got very soulful eyes. He seems like he’s telling the truth. All I can tell you is he’s a complicated man, and his version of reality is unique and all his own. It’s hard to say what the future holds for John Blackwell. [Laughs]

TVLINE | What ramifications does Blackwell’s return have for Dawn, Charles and Ethan in light of their shared history?
For all the adults – and ultimately all the Elders – his return is a shock. [It’s] not as much of a shock to Dawn, as we’ll find out in this next episode, but for everyone else, we’ll see — one by one — how they react to him. Like [for] the audience, the man who he appears to be is completely different from the monster they were expecting. That creates some confusion and knocks them all back a little. The idea of John Blackwell, even in death, it’s like the Boogie Man. The reality upon his return is so different. It’s very hard to reconcile those two things. You’re asking if he’s lying or not about his power, but the people who really have something to lose are much more interested in whether that’s true or not.

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TVLINE | Blackwell does seem to have some beef with Ethan and the Conant family.
In the next episode, that’s going to be explored a lot. Ethan has some secrets that he and Charles alluded to that we’re going to dig up.

TVLINE | Does John Blackwell know that he has a second offspring?
I can’t answer that, much as I’d love to. But I promise that it’s a question that will be answered.

TVLINE | Is the identity of the other Blackwell child something you plan to reveal before the end of the season?
Oh yeah.

TVLINE | Charles did quite a number on Jane. He also killed Amelia and Nick, and no one really knows about it except for maybe Dawn. How long can he get away with it?
Not long! Not long at all. [Laughs] He’s like a ticking time bomb. His offenses are piling up, and they affect everybody. He’ll have to pay the piper very soon.

TVLINE | Will the circle and the adults start to catch on to each other?
Yes. As the story moves forward, they’ll have no choice. Out of necessity, one group [will find itself] turning to the other for help and out of desperation… Ultimately, their paths will cross. They each have their reasons for staying quiet about everything, and those reasons will become moot in a few episodes.

TVLINE | How are you feeling about the chances of a second season?
It’s so beyond my level of smartness that I can’t speak to it. We have an incredibly supportive network and studio. We’re all collectively very excited with how the show is moving forward. We’re just trying to keep making the best episodes we can and really fulfill and satisfy what our fans and characters need from the episodes. I’m hopeful, because I think we’re really putting together a good show. So hopefully people continue to watch it, and we’ll be around for many more years to come.