CSI: Miami Preview: Calleigh's Life-Changing Decision Prompts Delko to Make a Proposal

Tonight on CSI: Miami (CBS, 10/9c), sure, Horatio digs up a bit of political scandal and Malcolm McDowell puts in an encore as ruthless legal eagle Darren Vogel. But the beating heart of the episode belongs to Calleigh Duquesne, who pulls the trigger on what promises to be a life-changing decision — and one that prompts Delko to go out on a limb himself.

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The catalyst for this storyline was planted earlier in the season, when Calleigh helped a pre-teen boy and his sister with the transition to foster care after she put their father in prison. When Calleigh, while working a case with Delko, crosses paths with young Austin again, she takes a look at the lad’s life and how it might be better, as well as what’s missing from her own.

“[It’s] really a modern woman’s problem,” Emily Procter shared with us during a visit to the Miami set. “I think Calleigh’s probably starting to notice she’s always in the lab, she just only works.”

And upon seeing what Austin’s been up to, “She finally realizes if he’s going to be in the foster system, she’d rather he be with her,” says Procter. As well as his sister, too. “She decides she’s going to adopt both of them.”

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Calleigh, though, may wind up with yet another addition to her life once longtime coworker and sometime flame Delko gets wind of what she’s up to. “My curiosity’s piqued,” says Adam Rodriguez. “And when I find out what’s happening, I offer to take on that responsibility with Calleigh — if she wants me to.”

Um, “take on that responsibility with Calleigh”? Does that mean what we think it means…? “There’s no marriage proposal – yet,” says Rodriguez. “But it’s definitely along the lines of, ‘I’m willing to commit to taking this on with you, if you want me to.'”

Again with the “if you want me to”! So, does Calleigh “want him to”? “How could she not?!” Procter answers. “Look at him! He’s beautiful. He’s sweet….”

Surveying his CSI’s motivations, Rodriguez notes that Delko has always been game for romance with Calleigh, while she has expressed reservations based on past relationships gone sour. “He sees an opportunity here to be something more than just a boyfriend,” says the actor. “His willingness to take on that responsibility is an indication of how much he wants this relationship.”

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However this shakes out — the story further develops in the yet-to-be-renewed crime drama’s Season 10 finale, airing in two weeks — Procter and Rodriguez are just both enthused to see movement on the personal front for this pair.

“I always thought it would be interesting to see what it would be like to work with someone you’re married to,” says Procter. “We have been [CSIs] together for 10 years, so it would nice to see that familiarity at work and then to have a relationship along with it.”

Adds Rodriguez: “I’m hoping that it goes somewhere, that it’s not what we’ve typically done in the past, just nibbling at things and never really taking a bite. I hope we’re actually going down the road and see what there is to see as opposed to just imagining it.”

But it’s perhaps the ever-patient Delko/Calleigh ‘shippers for whom Procter and Rodriguez are most excited.

“I like to think of us as the Downton Abbey of broadcast television,” Procter says with a laugh. “It’s like, ‘Will they or won’t they?’ — and I’m always as drawn in as the people who watch the storylines. And now we’re kind of smushing back together!” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Will they? Wont they? Cut the crap & just do it already. Put D&D back together & leave them be. Using Calleigh’s words from 7.12 ” Until I actually hear you say the words ” I aint believing squat until I see it. CSI Miami take it away as quickly as they give it, Ok Im done.

  2. Cherie says:

    How I wish the showrunners handled this TV romance differently. The on again/off again tomance turned off a lot of fans. I hope tonight’s episode will somehow give us Delquesne fans sone semblance on what the status of their relationship really is because we have been second guessing long enough. We need to see at least one more season to give us fans a good wrap up of our favorite characters & a farewell worthy of a long running show.

  3. Robin says:

    Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Calleigh and Delko? Delko? Are you serious? She’s a tough, strong woman, he’s a whiny, pouty, horn-dog. I really don’t get the attraction here. The character of Delko is AWFUL.
    Keeping these two together is an abomination and a distraction. Besides, if they do get “together” or married or whatever, doesn’t that mean they can’t be on the same CSI team?

    • Vanessa says:

      Clearly you have no sense of who Eric Delko is if you think he’s nothing but a “horn-dog”… to quote your crass word for it. He may have been something of a womanizer for the first few seasons, but he hasn’t been that way since season 4.

  4. Janet Wilson says:

    Worst news I ever heard for Miami. This storyline has been done very badly,sorry E/C fans but Miami has been horrible with the writing of this romance.
    I’m truly sorry that it’s returning.This back and forth should have been done and settled a long time ago.

    • Vanessa says:

      I see the handful of haters are at it again. They haven’t addressed Eric & Calleigh for almost 2 seasons and the first hint of something brings you people out. But you are right about one thing… this should have been settled, for the positive, a long time ago, and stayed that way.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Either do it or don’t but please shutup about it already! I don’t particularly like them separate or together anyway, no chemistry at least none that I’ve ever seen, but God almighty, ENOUGH! I’d actually like to see Walter and Ryan get more screen time now that Natalia is leaving. Some viewers actually want to watch the CASE get solved. I know I’m in minoriy but I’d rather watch Horatio (who I actually like) solve a case then watch Eric and Calleigh make cow eyes at each other.

  6. India says:

    I think it’s great that the writers have finally come to their senses, I just hope it’s a forever thing and they don’t break it off. Calleigh and Eric are amazing together, they belong together <3

  7. Krystle says:

    I am looking forward to tonight’s episode. I just wished we hadn’t had to wait this long. It’s nice to see we Hiphuggers are finally getting answers and seeing movement in E/C relationship. I for one am thrilled to see E/C’s long awaited reunion. I hope we get one more season to bring closure to these characters I have watched over the past ten years. We fans deserve a proper sendoff for our beloved show! :)

  8. Mayra says:

    FINALLY WE Get a Good interview! THAnk you Matt! . Eric and Calleigh deserve to be together I don’t know why the writers keep messing with us. We’ve waited 10 years, TEN FREAKING YEARS for them to get some what together. Hopefully this episode shows us what we have been waiting for. I Really hope CSI Miami gets renewed so we can have a proper closure for these to characters. and not only them but the rest of the cast :)


  9. denise says:

    I hope if there is another season we aren’t going to a whole season of “will they or won’t they”. That would truly be a waste of what could be a great and exciting end to the series.

  10. Leah says:

    Finally!!! You are right- we are the ever patient Eric & Calleigh fans. We’ve been waiting for far too long & we deserve to get a “happy ever after” with this couple. I just wish some fans of the show would be considerate with their comments. This is the ONLY reason I am watching CSI Miami until now.

  11. This is great news. I have loved this show from the beginning and Eric and Calleigh are big reason why. Ever since episode 2 of season 9 I’ve been asking myself “What the hell happened?” I do think the writing of this relationship could have been better from the start but I’m sooooo HAPPY that we will finally get our EC back. I can’t wait for tonight’s episode and I’m praying that we get a season 11. I want to see ALL the character’s get a proper send off with nothing unanswered. EC love all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Cody says:

    I hope CBS would give the show a chance to give us fans a good wrap up of the series. I’m a big H fan but can’t deny that Delko & Calleigh’s relationship are a huge part of the show. It’s good that the writers have decided to revisit this storyline & give the fans something to look forward too.

  13. Vanessa says:

    Awesome news! I can’t wait to see Eric and Calleigh back together again. However, I feel that the constant back and forth between them, and the way it wasn’t addressed for almost 2 full seasons – between 9.02 and 10.18 – is one of the reasons the ratings for this show have dropped. Some long time fans of Eric & Calleigh quit watching, and I doubt they’ll be back. Shame really – but this could have been avoided if this had been done better. I however am one of those fans that didn’t give up and I most certainly will be watching tonight.

  14. Jean TenBrook says:

    I’ve watched this show religiously since the very first episode aired. I have always wanted E/C together since the very beginning and am quite frankly pissed that CBS has strung us along all this time. It’s truly heartbreaking to think how much more enjoyable the series could have been had this storyline been written properly. CBS has done a huge disservice to the E/C fans, so the only way they can make it right is to give us a S11, get E/C together ASAP & keep them together, and give all the characters on the show proper closure. We damn well deserve it!

  15. sasha says:

    i personly think that horatio calleigh should be togather in csi miami plus i rather think he should take care of here and he did call here sweetheart in season five of csi miami going under i onisly think they should be togather in csi miami i mean he wach out for here he loves here he nows best of evething in the world for here horatiocalleigh
    belong togather they need each other right now. Duqcaine means love in miami

  16. Steph says:

    Such great news, can’t wait to see this storyline pan out, but please no more to-ing and fro-ing just put them together and keep them that way. It’s nice to see some personal storylines weaves into the show and this romance is a good one. Let’s hope if there’s a season 11 all the characters get a storyline too as that keeps the audience interested.

  17. the old proofreader says:

    “’My curiosity’s peaked,’ says Adam Rodriguez.” Or piqued, even. Copy editors? Who needs copy editors?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Yeah, I’m usually the first person in the world to catch that common mistake; it has been fixed.

  18. Beth says:

    lol @ the Horatio/Calleigh comment. Give UP on that. Also, can we stop the negativity? I’m a HAPPY EC fan, even if we had to wait a while. :)

  19. Denise says:

    Equating this cartoonish POS show to “Downton Abbey”? Seriously??

    • Vanessa says:

      Apparently you didn’t read the article that well… she wasn’t comparing CSI;Miami to Downton Abbey, she was comparing a relationship on that show to that of Eric and Calleigh…. that “will they or won’t they” get together thing.

      • Teddi says:

        “I like to think of us as the ‘Downton Abbey’ of broadcast television”

        She seems to be making the comparison!

  20. linda2009 says:

    Quote: ““I like to think of us as the Downton Abbey of broadcast television,” Procter says with a laugh.”

    Last I looked, saying something WITH A LAUGH meant it was a joke. I’m pretty sure that still holds.

    I’m excited about this. I just started watching CSI: Miami a few months ago, but have caught up on almost all the back episodes now. I love Adam Rodriguez and Emily Procter together–I think they have bucketloads of chemistry. I hope this really is the start of something concrete for my little Eric-Calleigh-shipping heart. I won’t be able to see it tonight, because Mad Men comes back, but as soon as I get home tomorrow, I’m heading straight for the DVD recorder!

  21. We could have had this settled along time ago if they would have gotten some better writers and gotten the story line together in the earlier seasons. But they have done what they set out to do. I’ve always said most TV shows only last 10 seasons at best if they are lucky, and now here we are! Season 10! Now they will drag it to the end to see if they have the ratings to make another season! If we have season 11 what will we get? Probable Eric and Calleigh engaged till the show ends then they will have a big CSI Wedding and gun them all down and leave us hanging and then they’re will be know more show and we will never know who lives or dies and they won’t even be married because it all came down before they say I do! Lol! And Why would they do this to us again! Because my dear friends that is Miami Style ! HAHAAHAHH!

  22. dee123 says:

    WTF did she do to her face?

    • Jennifer says:

      Emily was pregnant during one season and it wasn’t written into show. She puffed up like a blowfish from weight gain and looked like she needed to sue her collegen injector.

  23. bad kevin says:

    Emily Procter is such a sweetheart and love that “southern accent” but I don’t know what CSI: Miami’s fate will hold up when the season or series finale airs two weeks from tonight.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I have been waiting to hear about them for 2 seasons and I know I’m speaking for every E/C fan out there….it’s about TIME!!!!! I don’t care what you other haters say…if you don’t like them don’t watch it. Because some people actually like them together and if you don’t that is your opinion. So, why put it on a website that is for the people who want them together? I know its a free country but why bother looking at our positive comments on them if your just going to respond with negative ones; no offense but grow up. Anyways, I am really happy to see these two finally patching things up and I do hope down the road, once they get settled, that maybe they can add additional little tan green eyed babies ;)! Thanks CBS!

  25. ej says:

    I have always thought that Calleigh seemed too old for Delko. Just saying.

    • Robin says:

      What?! I have never thought that. Actually I was surprised to find out Emily Proctor’s age…I think I found out last year… To me she appears younger. I’d estimate both of their ages to be early to mid 30’s. Just my opinion..though. Even though I don’t agree with yours I respect it.

  26. Robin says:

    I just watched last night’s epsiode, and as a long time Calleigh and Eric fan I was pleased. You could just see the wheels turning in his head after she left…I wonder how or even if this will be addressed in two week’s at the season finale. It seriously must be addressed…They couldn’t end the season without some closure…especially with the fate of the show being up in the air…This makes me want another season even more so than I already did…Please Please Please tv powers that be…let it be so!!!

  27. Alison says:

    I think this is the perfect way to end CSI Miami in my opinion… it’s on the verge of being cancelled anyways, like said people stopped watching because Eric and Calleigh were moving nowhere… i think that is the best way to end it… I hate to say that, but if this show gets reneweed for a new season then my beloved CSI NY will be a goner :/

  28. ericaltrini says:

    The writers messed up Cal and Eric relationship from day one, it was so simple just to have them together and not messing with them, they could just have them married and be happy, so other fans of other characters wouldn’t of think they are focused on them alone, now we will never know what, where, how they end up, all we know Calleigh got the children and thats it……so sad

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  30. Blanche morse says:

    I would love to see delko and callie married