CSI: Miami Finale Shocker: [Spoiler] Will Destroy Horatio's Team!

Raquel Welch is more than just a pretty face, folks. In fact, the big, bad momma she’ll be playing on CBS’ CSI: Miami (Sundays at 10/9c) could be deemed a downright dangerous beauty — in that she is poised to trigger the beginning of the end for Horatio’s band of crime-solvers.

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Guest-starring later this winter as the Navarro family matriarch — aka mother of Diego (Carlos Bernard) mother and grandmother to “Miami Taunter” suspect Esteban (Kuno Becker) —  “All the roads of murder lead to her,” executive producer Marc Dube tells TVLine. Thus, when her path ultimately crosses with that of the CSIs, “We wonder if she’s involved, is she covering things up…? Or is she really trying to help us clear her good name? It’s a mystery throughout.”

One thing seems for certain: The Navarro clan, which has dogged H & Co. in Season 10, will have the very last laugh.

“[That storyline] is going to peak at the end of the year, when they hire a high-priced, high-profile law firm that’s going to wind up separating our team,” Dube reveals. “They find loopholes in the law and basically get the CSI team reassigned, so we’re going to see some friction there.”

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And exactly how will CSI: Miami viewers be left hanging at season’s end? Will they wonder which team member has landed where? “We’ll see where the chips fall,” Dube answers. But until Season 11 — if the crime drama is renewed — “you’ll be left to imagine how they get picked up again.”

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