What to Watch Today

Bachelor and HIMYF Finales, Young Rock and Mr. Mayor Return, Phoenix Rising and More

  • Hulu
    How I Met Your Father

    Season 1 finale (Part 2 of 2): Sophie receives advice from a familiar face; Jesse, Val, Charlie, Hanna and Sid make big decisions. (Previously renewed.)

  • Hulu
    Promised Land

    Joe is determined to investigate a murder; Marta helps Lettie and Margaret with a coverup; Antonio makes a shocking discovery.

  • ABC
    The Bachelor

    Season 26 finale (Night 2 of 2): Clayton returns to face the three women he fell in love with during a live, two-hour event. (Read Night 1 recap.)

  • NBC
    Young Rock

    Season 2 premiere: In 2032, Dwayne reflects on fatherhood; in 1984, Dewey vies for Rocky’s attention; in 1987, teenage Dewey arrives in Nashville; in 1996, adult Dwayne struggles in the Canadian Football League. (2032 nemesis cast!)

  • NBC
    Mr. Mayor

    Season 2 premiere: Neil takes Orly (and Arpi) to the DMV for her permit test; Tommy and Mikaela fight to keep Jayden off the chopping block.

  • BET
    The Oval

    Victoria gets the last laugh; the Vice President must form new alliances to stay alive.

  • HBO
    Phoenix Rising

    In this two-night docuseries event, domestic violence survivor Evan Rachel Wood co-authors and lobbies for the passage of The Phoenix Act, legislation that extends the statute of limitations for domestic violence cases in California.

  • NBC
    This Is Us

    The latest Big Three trilogy commences with a Kevin-centric hour in which Kev takes the twins to the cabin in hopes of proving himself as a father.

  • NBC
    The Thing About Pam

    Pam becomes a source of support not only for Betsy’s family, but for law enforcement and the D.A. as they build their case.

    On March 15, 1977, the family drama Eight Is Enough premiered on ABC — but Abby wasn’t the original (step)mom. Read how the series dealt with a cast member’s passing.