What to Watch Today

Ms. Marvel Finale, Everything's Trash, South Park and More

  • Peacock
    Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem

    In Episode 3 (of five), DiMera Enterprises prepares to host a party overseas, while Ben and Ciara contend with Hope’s choices.

  • Netflix
    D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?!

    The docuseries delves into the mystery of the infamous skyjacker who parachuted off a plane with a bag of stolen cash in 1971.

  • Disney+
    Ms. Marvel

    Season 1 finale: Kamala fights to save her friends from the clutches of Damage Control. (To be “continued” in The Marvels, in theaters July 2023.)

  • Hulu
    Solar Opposites

    Season 3 premiere (all 11 episodes): The Solar Opposites have repaired their ship, and they’re totally returning to space this time! Maybe.

  • Paramount+
    South Park: The Streaming Wars

    In Part 2, a drought has brought the town of South Park to the brink of total disaster — and Randy has gone “Full Nuclear Karen.” (Watch trailer.)

  • CBS
    Big Brother

    Ahead of Season 24’s first elimination (on Thursday), the houseguests compete for the Power of Veto. (The Challenge: USA follows at 9 pm.)

  • Fox

    Chef Ramsay challenges the remaining chefs to create a top-notch vegan dish. (Get Fox fall premiere dates.)

  • Fox
    So You Think You Can Dance

    The top four dancers from last week pick their partners and dance in random genres; a double elimination narrows the field down to six contestants.

  • The CW
    Wellington Paranormal

    In the penultimate Season 3 episode, a meteor strike gives superpowers to a neighborhood watch group. (Get CW fall premiere dates.)

  • Freeform
    Everything's Trash

    Series premiere (two episodes): Creator Phoebe Robinson (2 Dope Queens) plays an outspoken, thirtysomething podcaster attempting to navigate her messy life. (Watch trailer.)