What to Watch Today

Insecure Ends, Curb Finale, Letterkenny Season 10 and More

  • Paramount+

    James, Shea and Thomas butt heads over an important decision; Elsa begins a flirtation with a cowboy. (Series premiere earned an average grade of “A-.”)

  • Hulu

    Season 10 premiere (all seven episodes): McMurray and Wayne “do some dickering,” the Hicks attend a sausage party, and the Hockey Players and Skids partake in a video game battle. (Watch trailer.)

  • Paramount+
    Mayor of Kingstown

    Kyle and the Kingstown PD attempt to make sense of the crime scene, as Mike takes matters into his own hands.

  • Fox
    TMZ's Merry Elfin' Christmas: Bye, Bye 2021! 

    WWE’s Becky Lynch, Chrishell Stause (Selling Sunset), Joel McHale (New Year’s Eve Toast & Roast), Howie Mandel (America’s Got Talent) and Nene Leakes (Real Housewives of Atlanta) appear.

  • Paramount Network

    In the penultimate Season 4 episode, Jimmy makes an important decision and Jamie realizes that Garrett’s past might affect his own future. (Read Ep. 8 recap.)

  • TNT

    Two episodes: Desna launches her new Mary Kay-style Oxy operation. Later, Desna & Co. learn that someone is reselling their pills under a different label.

  • Epix

    Season 2 finale (two episodes): Joe is forced to put loved ones at risk. Then at 10 pm, the traitor’s identity is at last revealed and an old foe pays Reuel a visit.

  • Showtime
    Dexter: New Blood

    Dexter fights to survive a deadly confrontation at the abandoned summer camp; Harrison is torn between two very different father figures; Angela makes some disturbing discoveries. (Read Episode 7 recap.)

  • Starz

    Season 2 finale: Jackie lets something critical get away; Ray’s plan to get his job back hits a snag; the Great White operation is cracked open. (Not yet renewed.)

  • HBO

    Series finale: Issa reminisces on how she got to where she is, as she and her friends try to make time for each other no matter what. (Read Ep. 9 recap, post mortem.)

  • Showtime

    Taissa leads a last-ditch effort as starvation looms; in the present, the Yellowjackets are forced to come together. (Psst… hear the good news?)

  • HBO
    Curb Your Enthusiasm

    Season 11 finale: Larry gives unsolicited marriage advice and hosts an event for an American hero; the city council holds a vote. (Not yet renewed.)