What to Watch Today

Episodes Series Finale, Madam Secretary and Funniest Videos Return, XL Last Ship Finale and More

  • ABC
    America's Funniest Home Videos

    Season 28 premiere (new time): Segments include mishaps in the great outdoors and dogs saying “I love you.” (#PeakTV!)

  • CBS
    Wisdom of the Crowd

    New footage of Jeffrey’s daughter is uploaded to SOPHE, recorded five months prior to her death. (What did you think of the series premiere?)

  • Fox

    Leroy and Max take Jermaine trick-or-treating, only for him to be infected with a zombie-like virus by a demonic cat. (Thoughts on Ep. 1?)

  • TNT
    The Last Ship

    Season 4 finale (two episodes): The Nathan James strategizes to battle Lucia’s three ships; Chandler faces the enemy in a final showdown. (Read preview.)

  • Hallmark
    Chesapeake Shores

    Season 2 finale: Trace and Abby ponder their future after Mark Hall offers Trace’s band the chance to tour internationally. (Not yet renewed.)

  • ABC
    Shark Tank

    Time slot premiere: Pitches include an additive to improve the taste of coffee and a way to increase focus while alleviating stress.

  • Epix
    Get Shorty

    Season 1 finale: Miles must confront his past, present and future after a final reckoning with his family. (Get renewal status.)

  • CBS
    Madam Secretary

    Season 4 premiere (new time): Elizabeth falls victim to a “fake news” story claiming she was responsible for a diplomat’s death; exec producer Morgan Freeman returns as Chief Justice Wilbourne. (Read preview.)

  • Showtime

    Series finale: Sean and Beverly learn Matt has passed on their pilot script; Carol has a life-changing encounter. (The Season 2 finale of Dice follows at 10:30 pm.)

  • HBO
    Curb Your Enthusiasm

    36 minutes: Larry gets in touch with a familiar face, and gives fashion advice to a hotel guest. (Read premiere recap.)