Fox's Ghosted Premiere: Grade It!

Fox on Sunday transformed a mall cop and a disgraced (former) bookstore employee into heroes… in training.

The series premiere of Ghosted took viewers all the way to the bottom of the government rabbit hole, to the top-secret agency responsible for investigating all manner of paranormal shenanigans. The latest shenanigan — the disappearance of one of the Bureau Underground’s top agents — is where Ghosted‘s story picks up.

The only clue to his disappearance is a pair of names: Max Jennifer (played by Adam Scott), who lost his job as a Stanford astrophysics professor after being deemed “crazy,” and Leroy Wright (Craig Robinson), a former LAPD detective now working as a mall cop. Neither guy is eager to assist the BU, especially after it kidnapped them, but the prospect of getting their old jobs back is too good an opportunity to pass up.

While the mission requires a few abilities that Max and Leroy already possess — detective work, science jargon, etc. — it also forces them to do things outside of their skill set, like improvising dialogue, fixing copy machines and dodging gunfire. It’s between these moments of chaos that the odd couple begins to bond; Max opens up about his wife’s abduction, and Leroy reveals that he left the force because he got his partner killed.

Though the mission “ends” before the agent is located, Max sees enough to know that his time with the BU is far from over — including his missing wife!

Stray observations:

* Did that headless baddie give anyone else Sleepy Hollow flashbacks?

* And did anyone else get Felicity Huffman vibes from Captain Lafrey?

* Your thoughts on the show’s ’80s undertones? Appropriate or forced?

Will you see Max and Leroy’s mission through to the end? Grade the series premiere of Ghosted below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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