What to Watch Today

Big Sky Returns, QAnon Docu, mixed-ish Season 2 and More

Big Sky Season 1, Episode 6

On TV this Tuesday: Big Sky returns from winter break, The Resident operates on one of its own, and mixed-ish, The Misery Index and To Tell the Truth kick off new seasons. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar; all times are Eastern.

  • Fox
    The Resident

    When Cain tries to be a hero at a crash scene and winds up struck by a car, the doctors are forced to put aside their personal issues to try and save his life.

  • ABC
    To Tell the Truth

    Season 6 premiere: Panelists include Jimmy Kimmel, Andrea Savage and Sherri Shepherd.

  • NBC
    Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

    For Zoey, choosing happiness proves easier said than done; Mo and Max face their first challenge as business partners. (Fall behind? Read Episode 3 post mortem.)

  • ABC

    New night and time! When the power goes out in the neighborhood, Dre enters survival mode, as Junior searches for a place to charge his phone. (First Look.)

  • CBS

    The team searches for a young girl whose abduction may be tied to a skeleton in her family’s closest; Maggie learns that Nestor hasn’t been completely honest.

  • The CW

    Jared attempts to sort out the truth about Wade and is confronted by a dangerous new arrival. (Flash return delayed — but for how long?)

  • ABC

    Season 2 premiere: Rainbow is mad when she discovers Johan has been pretending to be a different race.

  • ABC
    Big Sky

    Jenny and Cassie team up to track down Ronald; Merrilee grapples with how little she knew about her husband; Helen learns more about her son’s recent activities. (Need a refresher? Read Ep. 5 post mortem.)

  • Vice
    QAnon: Shadows and Lies

    The three-night docuseries event explores how a fringe group rose from the darkest corners of the internet to influence an attempted coup on the U.S. Capitol.

  • TBS
    The Misery Index

    Season 3 premiere: Teams attempt rank hilarious and miserable real-life events — from getting fired to accidentally sexting your grandfather!

    On Jan. 26, 2003, Alias‘ Sydney and Vaughn shared their first kiss, after 35 episodes. Watch it here, and review more of TV’s Longest Awaited Kisses.