black-ish's Dre Rolls Into the New Year Prepared — 2021 FIRST LOOK

blackish season 7 episode 9 photo dre toilet paper

All of those people who hoarded toilet paper at the start of the coronavirus pandemic have nothing on black-ish‘s Dre, from the looks of this exclusive photo from the show’s winter premiere.

When the ABC comedy returns from hiatus on a new night and at a new time — Tuesday, Jan. 26, at 9/8c) — the episode will find the Johnsons’ neighborhood experiencing a power outage. Anthony Anderson’s Dre, a man who is no stranger to running purely on emotion, will dive into survival mode, stockpiling essentials like the fortress of toilet paper on which he sits in the exclusive photo above.

The other members of the family, of course, will have less hysterical approaches to their circumstances. Junior will spend the episode (titled “black-out,” naturally) desperate to find some way to charge his phone and contact Olivia (ah, young love), while Bow will focus on helping their neighbors.

In October, soon after its season premiere, ABC issued black-ish a six-episode back order. The additional installments brought Season 7’s total count to 21. A throughline of the current season has been life during the pandemic, starting with the season premiere, which focused on Bow’s work as a doctor in an overtaxed hospital.

Check out the photo above for a good laugh, then hit the comments: What would you like to see happen on black-ish in the new year?


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